2009 Q4 Back Office v3.2112

The Excel spreadsheet lists the changes in this release.  The table below displays the information for your convenience.

You may download the sheet to your local computer to enable you to view, print the summary of enhancements and make comments if needed.  Note that if you unfilter the Release column to display (ALL), you will be presented with all releases in 2008 and 2009. 
To do that, simply click on the EXCEL Release column (it will be a small down arrow) and choose (ALL).  Or if you prefer, you can choose a specific release to view the changes in that release.  
Release Module Description Sorted by Module WITHIN Release
3.0.2112 General  Enhanced the connection string to support an I.P. address.
3.0.2112 General The data path can now be modified without generating error 
3.0.2112 General Fixed the incomplete download package during updates.
3.0.2112 General The Database backup can be successfully performed with SQL Server through the Utility or  Admin Menus.
3.0.2112 Company Profile The Auto Backup will continue to attempt every 5 minutes (up to 5 attempts) if initial backup has failed.
3.0.2112 File Maintenance Users can successfully add a Buyer, Seller, Seller's Attorney or Buyer's Attorney to a transaction without a syntax error when the last name contains an apostrophe.
3.0.2112 File Maintenance When the Apply Max Cap is initiated on the Manager's Override,  the Resource selected remains initiated
3.0.2112 File Maintenance Condition Values have been restricted to one character.
3.0.2112 Letters Totals on all Letters now display in the appropriate format.
3.0.2112 QB Integration When an agent is integrated to QuickBooks V.2010 or 2007 and under as a Vendor for the first time the "Vendor eligible for T4A" will automatically checked as a default.
3.0.2112 QB Integration quick!TRS is now compatible with QuickBooks® 2010 Canadian and US versions.
3.0.2112 Transactions Transaction Record reports can now be opened without error.
3.0.2112 Transactions When closing a transaction, .01balance will no longer be recorded in the Trust Account in error as excess funds.  
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