2009 Q2 Front Office 3.53

Summary of Enhancements

Automatic Update enables to download Commander 5

Commander 5, a new version of Web Access is now available for download. Authorized offices are able to download this program the same way and at the same time as when updating quick!Office Commander Front Office.  Tools / Check for Updates feature provides authorized offices with a Commander 5 Upgrade button. When selected, the system downloads the latest version of Front Office and installs Commander 5. The files of the existing Commander 4 will be  overwritten. A pop up warning allows the installer to continue or pause the installation to call Leading Edge with any questions.
Messages sent to a Dedicated Group
When a Sales Representative is moved to the Terminated Phone List, you don't have to remember to remove their name from Dedicated Group(s) to which they belonged.  quick!Office Commander now generates messages only to agents included in the Sales Representative Phone List. If the messages for active agents within this group are still forwarded to a terminated agent, the messages will be created but not sent.
THIS EXCEL spreadsheet lists the changes in this release.  Below is the same information for your convenience.
Release Module Description Sorted by Module WITHIN Release
3.53 09-Q2 General Datapath and time can be changed now within the Autobackup Failed Warning
3.53 09-Q2 General Tools / Check for Updates / quick!Update by Web includes "Commander 5 Upgrade" button for clients authorized to download Commander 5.
3.53 09-Q2 Import Messages imported from Answering Service are attached to names included in Sales Representatives Phone List only.  The import ignores duplicated records left in the Terminated Phone List.
3.53 09-Q2 Import Username and Password are not removed from the Board folder during the update process
3.53 09-Q2 Install New feature supports automatic update to download Commander 5.
3.53 09-Q2 Msg Sales Representative's name in Phone List / Messaging / Forwarding section / To field can be removed using the delete button and/or <Clear Entry> option. Both options clear the database allowing the user to re-select and save the proper name.
3.53 09-Q2 Msg Messages sent to a Dedicated Group will no longer be sent to members of this Group that were terminated, but their names were not removed from the group.  If the messages for active agent within this group are still forwarded to a terminated agent, the messages will be created but not sent.
3.53 09-Q2 RPTS APPT. ANALYSIS / Top Ten Showings report displays information on the first page
3.53 09-Q2 RPTS LISTINGS / PRINT / Picture Centered Feature Sheet displays now the full company name, if the name doesn't exceed the width of the page.
3.53 09-Q2 RPTS MGT Reports and MESSAGING Reports / Answering Service reports display only Sales Representatives and their messages that were imported from .xml file received from the Answering Service.
3.53 09-Q2 RPTS Time out has been increased to 2 minutes to retrieve data for MGT. Reports / Messsages / By Support Staff report.

3.53 09-Q2 SF Showing Feedback and E-mail notifications sent to Listing Agent display the phone number of the branch with which the Listing Agent is registered.

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