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Hello friends and other visitors,

This website is only for my ramblings - it's a fun site.  There is a more staid site for my writings on anything and everything. You could check that out - lots of previously published stuff and text of seminars and talks I have given. http://les.dgama.googlepages.com


That's the family of five completely different natures living under the same roof. Beatrix, aka Betty, my wife and (in her words) the housemaid, is the one who keeps things going. From left to right : Lorenzo (8), Leonardo (9) and Christabel (11).
No prizes for guessing the man in blue at the back. 
Photo dated April 27, 2008.

For those who came in late, here's a brief list of the kind of things I have dabbled with over the years ... what never fails to surprise me is that there are so many people out there who are so similar .. Jacks of All Trades, Masters of a few, not all.

I am a teacher of English Literature by academic degrees, a Corporate Trainer by Professional Qualification and, to earn a living, I do a lot of Training and Development both with Teachers and Executives.

I have also made money out of Photography and Video, Music (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboards), painting (posters, mainly), writing for newspapers and magazines, Computer programming (ah, the good old days) and teaching Mathematics to middle school kids!  It's all there somewhere ...

And, now with a certain air of confidence, considering my three kids, giving talks on Parenting too.

BTW - the first time the word Versatile was used to describe me was when Dr Guy Blackburn of the Oakland Schools, Michigan, was conducting a workshop on teaching methods at the USIS. He asked us to write a single adjective describing ourselves on a PostIt and stick  it onto our shirt pockets. I wrote "versatile" and he commented, "I am going to remember that, but it's more important that you remember that for a long time!"

Have fun, scrap me on Orkut, find me on Linked In .. whatever, just send some feedback.

Leslie D'Gama [there's a whole story about that apostrophe]