On-Site Search Engine Optimization

On-site Search Engine Optimization

On-Site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will assist a landing page to be positioned at the top in Google SERP through the optimization of relevant keywords to enhance a website's ranking. SEO is the tactics, procedures, and methods use to expand the measure of visitors to a website obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page in the search engine.

Title: Coca-Cola Singapore
Meta Description: Coca-Cola Singapore
Keywords: Coca-Cola Singapore

Google Trends
Google Trends is an open web facility that shows how frequently a particular search-term is searched on Google Search. By using Google Trends, a website can determine the keywords to be optimized to increase its site's pertinence in Google SERP.

The following keywords, "Coca-Cola", "Soft drink", and "Can drinks" are extracted from Coca-Cola's Meta description to determine their relevance to Coca-Cola's website. The keyword "Coca-Cola" is the most noteworthy search term among the 3 keyword in August. I will also be explaining further each keyword and analyse them by searching the keywords on Google search below. 

Keyword 1: Coca-Cola

By searching for the keyword "Coca-Cola" in Google Search, an whole page of landing pages that are relevant to Coca-Cola are shown on the first page of Google SERP. This means that Coca-Cola has correctly optimized the keyword "Coca-Cola" in SEO, as it shows everything that is related to Coca-Cola. As mentioned under SEM, they do not have to use Google Ads to place their page rankings on top because the brand itself is already very well-known internationally. Also, the first search result displayed on Google SERP redirects visitors to Coca-Cola landing page, hence the keyword "Coca-Cola" is most relevant. In addition, every search results on the first page redirects visitors to their associated websites as shown below. Furthermore, the landing page is directly on the most popular spot on the heat map.

Keyword 2: Soft drinks

By searching for the keyword "Soft drinks", the result reveal that Coca-Cola has done well for their SEO as their webpage results can be found on the first page, the 4th link on the SERP. The first few organic result is the definition of soft drinks, and at the same time, Coca-Cola is such a popular soft drink that they even show images of a glass of Coca-Cola as an example of a soft drink. In addition, an image of Coca-Cola was also shown in the search results of images. Therefore, Coca-Cola has sucessfully optimized the SEO using the keyword "Soft drinks" as Coca-Cola is the first soft drinks company to be shown on the first page of SERP.

Keyword 3- Carbonated drinks
By searching the keyword "Carbonated drinks", it can be seen that there are no brands of drinks that are at the SEO section. However, there are images of Coca-Cola and some other beverages. This shows that Coca-Cola put some effort in adding the image in showing the presence in this keyword relevance. No beverages company appeared in this particular keyword search on the first page of the SERP. The results are mostly definitions. However, there are some images of Coca-Cola when "Carbonated drinks" is being searched. This means that Coca-Cola has done the most effort to optimize their keyword relevance compared to other beverage companies.
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