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Beyond the Fence - communities working together to restore our native bush

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We're in this together!

Beyond the Fence is a group of local volunteers dedicated to enhancing our community so that we feel safe and connected and can live in a beautiful, healthy landscape.

The focus of Beyond the Fence is around the outside of the Le Roys Bush Reserve.

Much of the bush and wetland adjacent to Le Roys Bush Reserve is privately owned but weeds and pests don't recognize boundaries so these areas need to be looked after too!

We put on educational walks, seasonal community festivals, and help locals to manage their pest plants and animals in conjunction with the Le Roys Bush Management Committee.

The model of Beyond the Fence is to help people with our expertise but leave it to each group (or neighbourhood “cluster”) to plan how they work. We're here to advise, get you started and then be there when you need us. Get in touch if you would like to see if there is a neighbourhood cluster near you, or if you would like to start one.

We figure that if the weeds just keep coming into the reserve from the private land (our gardens) then weeding will be a forever job.  To us this is kind of like that saying "the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff". We think it is more useful to support and encourage residents around the bush to remove the weeds in their gardens. It's one thing to have someone tell you that you need to remove weeds however and it's another to work together with your neighbours (and share tea and cake afterwards). Some people are really surprised they have some nasty environmental weeds in their garden. Others do know but haven't got the time or energy to tackle them. We can help in all these scenarios!  If your land joins the reserve (or very nearly does) and you are keen to meet and/or host your neighbours we can help you start a neighbourhood weeding cluster. It's much more fun this way too.   

Some people ask us who we are.  Are we council?  No - we are just people that live next to the bush and want to ensure every volunteer hour used to weed in the reserve or in backyards around it is not wasted AND that it results in better relationships in our neighbourhood.  

Beyond the Fence also runs a rat control programme in conjunction with Le Roys Bush Management Committee. Our aim is to have a “halo” of rat control around the reserve so get in touch with us if you would like to know more.   

Find out how we started

Talk to us!

Please email us at connect@beyondthefence.org.nz and we will get back in touch by phone or email - whichever you prefer - to arrange a time to visit.

What else do we get up to?

Guided Walks

We've led guided walks on bats, plants & birds in Le Roys Bush and are keen to lead more - ask us if you want to get together with your friends or neighbours and we'll happily organise a walk. We can also run kids walks that are lots of fun.  

Like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/beyondthefencebirkenhead/ to see when the next guided walk will be.  

Wine & Weeds

Our signature event - combining meeting neighbours and helping the local biodiversity by talking weeds - identification, control and restoration. Get in touch with us if you would like to know when the next Wine & Weeds event will be.

Future Events

Check the website: http://beyondthefence.org.nz/ or like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/beyondthefencebirkenhead/ for details on upcoming events.

Contact us

To contact Beyond the Fence please email connect@beyondthefence.org.nz