Maps, plans and aerial photos

The key document which controls the management of Le Roys Bush is the Management Plan. Click here to access it. 

The Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trust has published a new version in Nov 2018 of its Kaipatiki Explorer booklet updated to inform the public about how to avoid the risk of spreading Kauri Dieback.
A link to the new version of Kaipatiki Explorer can be found at

Here for reference is the 2015 track numbering map:

Here is a selection of aerial photos of Le Roys Bush  (if you cannot access these photos, please email us).  

Le Roys Bush is the general name usually used to refer to three areas of bush reserve:
  • Le Roys Bush Reserve
  • Little Shoal Bay Reserve
  • Lutners Bush

The reserve runs from Highbury shopping centre in the north-west down to the beach at Little Shoal Bay.

The following map is taken from the old NSCC's web site. The council's GIS system is a useful way to explore the reserve boundaries, streams and walkways.


For more information about the history and geography about Le Roys Bush see Plants-and-history-of-leroys-bush-lsb

Other references:

Click here for an old link to a Google Map of Le Roys Bush which shows the entrances and tracks of Le Roys as maintained by the Le Roys Bush Management Committee. This map was a subset of maps being developed for walking and cycling in the Kaipatiki Local Board Area on Auckland's North Shore. This mapping project was discontinued due to the innaccuracy of info in Google Maps. 

Subpages (1): LRB Management Plan 1997