Thanks to our sponsors

Special thanks for the assistance we've received from

 The Kaipatiki Local Board for the Small Improvement Projects funding they have provided to complement voluntary work in Valley Road and  to our local ward councillors
 The Birkenhead Licensing Trust who have been generous to us directly and via Pest Free Kaipatiki
  Pest Free Kaipatiki  see
  The wonderful staff at Auckland Council in the Pest Free Auckland, Parks, Biosecurity and Biodiversity departments and in the Kaipatiki Local Board offices   
  The Bank of New Zealand for the wonderful volunteer assistance as part of the Closed for Good programme
 Many thanks to the wonderful volunteers who have supported us in so many ways.  Particular thanks to 
  • Laurie Wesley for his expert work on tracks and drains
  • Rebecca Stanley, Linda Tisch, Mary Stewart and Beyond the Fence for their work in the halos
  • Richard Gallen for coordinating the rat control 
  • Carol Hosking for her expertise in looking after our accounts, 
  • EcoScience Ltd, the Pest Free Kaipatiki programme, the Kaipatiki Restoration Network, the Kaipatiki Project, the KCFT and many others for their support in many different ways, 

Many thanks to the staff and elected representatives of the Auckland Council and the Kaipatiki Local Board:

In particular we acknowledge gratefully the following support without which the Le Roys Bush Reserves would not have made such significant progress over the years:
    • funding from the Environmental Improvement Fund (EIF) from 2011 to 2015 for the ongoing management of pest plants in the Little Shoal Bay Wetland
    • ongoing support from the Parks Department in terms of native species to plant (3300 in 2013), ecological weed control, equipment and expert advice
    • moral and practical support from the Kaipatiki Local Board through the Kaipatiki Restoration Network supported by the KCFT including support from their KRN SIP funding
    • advice and support from other Council departments including Environmental Services, Stormwater and BioSecurity Services
    • volunteer assistance from the Bank of New Zealand under their Closed for Good programme

Many thanks to the staff and elected representatives of the old territorial local authorities now part of the Auckland Council:
      •    The Auckland Regional Council’s CEF (Coastal Enhancement Fund) for the grant which has supported the development of a restoration plan, the monitoring of native fish (inanga and kokupu), and  the control of willows and wattles in the Little Shoal Bay Wetland and the EIF (Environmental Initiative Fund) for the grant towards the East of Highbury project.
      •    The Northcote - Birkenhead Community Board for their support and contributions
      •    The Parks Department, North Shore City Council for their major assistance in many ways with our projects 
      •     Also the Environmental Services and Water Services Departments, North Shore City Council

    Thanks also to the Birkenhead Licensing Trust and the Lion Foundation

    for their generous grants which supported the control of pampas grass and other weeds in the Little Shoal Bay wetland

     And thanks also to our most valued workers and supporters:

    • Thanks to the Edith Winstone Blackwell Foundation and the McPhee family for their very generous donations
    • Steve Cook of EcoScience for his excellent, professional work around the reserve and also his generous advice and assistance with various projects (Mail to:
    • North Shore Branch of Forest and Bird for helping us with applications for funding and with the free cabbage trees
    • Richard Tippett of Expert Garden Services for voluntary assistance with weed control
    • Kit Hustler, Northcote College - research into native trout and invasive gambusia in Le Roys Bush reserve 
    •  Conservation Volunteers NZ ( for a number of working bees - including members Bruce Eade, Sandra Maclean and 7 keen young men and women from Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Italy who have already cleared a large area of punga from strangling vines behind the NSCC owned shops on Birkenhead Ave 
    • Darkholme Properties and Stephen Wong for generous assistance with clearing around the car park at 65-67 Birkenhead Ave
    • Russell Webb, of Tree Fellas for their very generous assistance and competent work in assisting around the bush and deliveries of mulch (See
    • All the volunteers who have worked in the bush over many years (including the Prickett family of Maritime Tce and Forest and Bird who raised funds to buy the reserve in 1947, the members of the old North Shore Scenic Board in the 1970s and 80s, David, Adrian, Rod and Ray who worked tirelessly for years in the 1990s on the willows and wattles)
    •  Teachers and students at Birkenhead Primary and Northcote College for assistance with planting bees
    •  The Kaipatiki Project for advice, assistance, supply of plants and the load of tools
    •  Richard Hursthouse (Forest & Bird) for sharing resources and documents and advice
    •  Paul Turner, of Liner Plants NZ a horticulture export company, who donated over 2000 flax bushes
        as well as some toetoe, ribbonwood and akeake to our projects
    •  Don & Julia at Ashore Fine Food & Wine on Birkenhead Ave
    •  David Wong and family
    •  Tony Holman for donation of flax towards the restoration programme 2009 and coordinating the purchase of the property behind the Birkenhead Senior Citizens hall
    •   Rod Taylor and family for helping to maintain Rod's Island
    •   Ian McHardy, David Barrett, Kae Condon (Birkenhead Town Centre Committee)
    •   Ray Tomes - use of photos
    •   Stephen Matthews for his donation of trees 2008, 2010, 2011
    •   Darren McShane at 2008-2009
    •   Paul Taylor at Opus 3 Productions who watered plants and helped with pest plant control 2008-2009
    •   Dale Campbell and the Northcote Baptist Church Youth Group who donated their time in working bees 2008
    •   Paul Woodard - for his expertise on native fish   2008-2009
    •   Caren Shrubshall for her input on replanting and co-leading a walk to view the glow-worms  2008
    •   Ewen Cameron of the Auckland War Memorial Museum for leading a walk 2008
    •   Russell Adair who donated 90 cabbage trees for planting at Little Shoal Bay
    And the many other un-named volunteers and contributors
    •  the generous family neighbouring the bush who have covenanted their backyard
    •  local residents who are already maintaining their backyards and the adjacent bush and reserve boundaries
    •  local residents who help maintain the reserves or come to meetings

    If we have missed anyone, please let us know 

    Presidents and members of the Le Roys Bush and Little Shoal Bay Management Committee (and its predecessor committees such as the North Shore Scenic Board)

    • Janet Watkins
    • Leanne Catchpole
    • Margaret Paine
    • Neil Sutherland
    • Peter Nagels
    • Ray Marshall
    • Rod Taylor
    • Terry Gill
    • David May
    (please let us know if you can supply further details about past helpers)