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If you have any questions or would like to become a Le Roys Bush friend or volunteer,
If you would like to make a donation or covenant a piece of your land, see How can I help?

Pollution, vandalism, emergencies or criminal activity 

  • To report an accident, emergency or crime in progress phone 111
    • Here are some other police contact points if you have concerns:
      • The Local Community Constable Office: 09-443-8039
      • Or send any local information to this email that you think might be important, or just a local or neighbourly concern, all information is good information: 
      • Or go to ( includes online message form)

Who's Who

Friends, volunteers and good neighbours

Volunteers include local residents and supporters from further afield who are keen to preserve the bush from invasive weeds and to enhance the quality of the reserve by planting appropriate natives during the planting season. 
We always welcome new volunteers and are happy to provide information and assistance.
Volunteers usually bring their own gloves, boots and garden tools. We can supply some tools and also bottles of a herbicide called Vigilant.
Many volunteers enjoy the company of other like-minded people and learning more about how to tell invasive pest plants from desirable natives. Some have developed a keen interest in the natives in their own gardens.
Some of our working bees involve collaborative work around the reserve margins to work on weeding and planting on both private and public sides of the reserve boundary.  This cooperation recognizes that weeds know no boundaries and that they need to be addressed on both public and private land.   If allowed to spread, weed control becomes expensive for both private property owners and for ratepayers (via our rates). 

Le Roys Bush Management Committee

The Le Roys Bush and Little Shoal Bay Management Committee meets monthly except December to discuss plans for preservation and restoration of the reserve and to liaise with the Parks Department of the North Shore City Council over planting days, weed control, and other matters.
The committee coordinates working bees and also manages project with contractors.

Le Roys Bush Charitable Trust

The Le Roys Bush and Little Shoal Bay Management Reserves Charitable Trust raises money through donations from public bodies, charitable trusts and private individuals for the benefit of the reserve.

Beyond the Fence Project

Beyond The Fence is an initiative of the Le Roys Bush Management Committee.  It is a group of local volunteers dedicated to enhancing our community so that we feel safe and connected and live in a beautiful healthy landscape. Many of its projects involve private land adjacent to Le Roys Bush.

Auckland Council Parks Department

The Auckland Council has a number of Volunteer and Biodiversity Coordinators; there is one for the North Parks area who liaises with the management committee and provides resources, advice and contacts to help promote the needs of the reserve.  The coordinator attends committee meetings and visits sites around the reserve to plan activities   and also liaises with the local parks officer.

Other links

Here are some links to external websites of other community groups in the area:

Here are some links to valuable resources on native restoration, biodiversity and related topics: