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A wonderful 17 page history of Edward Le Roy (born 1865, died 1947) has been compiled by Margaret Peacocke in March 2016; she is a great-grand-daughter of Edward’s brother Albert Le Roy.

The following photo has been given to the Le Roys Bush Management Committee by Bruce Whillans of the Whillans Realty Group (Ray Whites).  He was given it by Mrs Le Roy in 1985 when the Le Roy camping goods shop in Upper Symonds Street was sold.  It had hung in the shop for many years.  Mrs Le Roy thought the photo was taken in the 1920s. 

We would welcome any feedback on the location of the photo or the identity of people in the photo.
The photo below was taken on an iPhone.

On 19 October 2019, the Ania and Greer at Birkenhead Library organized an event to unveil a digitised version of this photo.  A presentation was given by Margaret Peacocke which she has written up with illustrations in this PDF ​​​​High Praise and High Tea-web (PDF 2019-10-19) (942k)

The photo will be on display at Birkenhead Library for a while. A label to describe the photo will be added.

The Le Roy House at 3 Glade Place

The Le Roys house ("Eversleigh") at 3 Glade Place originally had the address 33 Hauraki Street as Hinemoa Street was then known.
The house was constructed for Alfred and Susan White and transferred to Edward Le Roy on 2 October 1918. 

In the mid 1930s, it was sold to an All Black Eric Tiki Leys  - he and his family lived till the 1970s. See the history link above for more details.

Notes from other sources

Ada Le Roy's mother's was a member of the Rendell family. Ada went to St Cuthberts College while living in Birkenhead. [JHS 31Jan2009]

Other notes

 Kathleen Barlow passes on this information about Edward Le Roy, of E. Le Roy Limited, sail, tent and cover makers in Auckland for many years:

During the depression years when many men had to be put off from their jobs, Mr  Le Roy had such empathy for his valued employees that he paid them to develop the area into what we know now as Le Roy's Bush.

My father Alan Clark was one of those men - a sailmaker.  My father continued to work for Mr Le Roy until retirement - how's that for loyalty - only working for one concern all one's working life.

Photo of 4 men and a Le Roys tent in Le Roys Bush (to be attached)

A plant list compiled by Edward Le Roy in 1923 can be found here: LeRoy Plant List 1923 - 4 pages scanned via LH 2018-04-06.png

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