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Volunteering part time for local people

If you live locally and want to make a contribution to your community, you can volunteer in a number of ways:
  • Scheduled events:  Come along to our planting days and working bees as listed on our What's Coming Up site
  • Your patch: Volunteer to look after a part of Le Roys Bush in your own time - you would take part in a brief familiarisation course
  • Call out team:  Add your name to our list of people who are happy to be called at short notice when there is work on
Send us an email to outlining your interests, your preferred areas to volunteer and when you are available.  Please include your name, phone, email address and address.  If you have any disabilities or constraints on the sort of work you can undertake and would prefer not to mention this in an email, please ask us to call you back.

Volunteering for Groups

  • We have twice hosted a volunteer day for a major bank - one day with 50 workers another with a smaller group.
  • We would be very pleased to arrange planting days, weeding bees or track clearing bees for groups or businesses. 
  • Organisers are invited to contact us at

Volunteering for people wishing to gain experience

  • Assist our experts:  Occasionally some of our experts can supervise people who are keen to develop expertise in environmental topics.  At present this is only available occasionally and on an adhoc basis.  if you have a general interest in conservation we ask that you contact  If you are keen and have a specific interest in Le Roys Bush and Little Shoal Bay, please write an email outlining your CV, your interests and when you are available. Please also indicate your ability to work with or without supervision as well as any disabilities or special needs.

Kaipatiki Local Board and Community Facilities Trust - 2015

Volunteering for international visitors

  • Our group is run by a small group of volunteers.  We are not unfortunately in a position to host international volunteers.
  • We recommend that you contact
Encouraging Volunteering and Community Engagement
  • We are always keen to receive offers of help and to assist other groups where we can.
  • Since 2009, we have been part of the Kaipatiki Restoration Network group which is working with the KLB and Council on the new Pest Free Kaipatiki project due to launch June 2016. 
  • The PFK project steering group is looking at ways to foster more community enagement.  Council has recently appointed "Community Empowerment Brokers" whose role is to facilitate communities to get involved with improving the place they live in. The benefits of such programmes should be to improve the local environment (with a spin off for the neighbouring environments) and to increase community connectedness and resilience.
  • We are always keen to work with Council to ensure that local enthusiasm is not undermined by large contractor operations which lack local knowledge and expertise.
  • One concept that we've been told about is the Lyttleton Harbour Timebank - a a way of trading skills in a community. It received an award in 2015.
  • If you know of others, please be in touch.