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Report dumped rubbish, pollution, pests, wasps, people/pets off track & other problems

... illegally dumped rubbish?

  • Call 0800 NO DUMP (0800 663 867) for an urgent response

... pollution being discharged in the stream?

If you know the person responsible for the pollution and you feel comfortable talking to them, please do so.
Otherwise you can contact the Council to follow up:
  • You can report suspected pollution events – call the Auckland Council’s Pollution Hotline 09-377-3107 as soon as possible.  Council officers will need to know the exact location of the pollution event and a description (what it looks like, any smell, where you think it’s coming from).  Time is of the essence as water pollution has a habit of not staying in one place, making it very hard to trace it back to source. If you have photos or a photo map to send, the email address is  
  • Look out for things in streams like soapy suds, large amounts of oil (that coalesces when you poke it with a stick, there is a bacteria that produces a oil slick that breaks up with poking), muddiness in the water when there hasn’t been rain for more than a day, eels and other fish in distress and the sewage smell (and associated particles like toilet paper!).
  • A very common pollution occurrence in the Le Roys neighbourhood is people washing their cars on the street or driveways with the detergent making its way along the gutters and into the drains that connect to the stream.  Detergent is often chock full of phosphorus that can adversely affect freshwater life.  Often all people need is a friendly reminder of the consequences of their actions – this is what the pollution officers do every day so utilise their skills!

... sewage being discharged in the stream?

  • For issues relating to faults in any sewage system, phone the C.C.O. WaterCare on 09-442 2222
    or submit a request on their OnLine Enquiry web page (no email address available):
We are told that the sewage system is inadequate to manage major storms - so the sewer overflow each time there is a major downpour. Please report all overflow incidents - this means that Watercare will come and clean up the overflow, signs warning of health risks should be posted, hopefully the sewage system will be upgraded!

Sewage overflows can occur as a result of drain blockage (from fat buildup from restaurants etc, tree roots, etc) or from breaks in the pipeline. If you see any traces of sewage overflow, report it immediately - it could be the beginning of a more significant problem.  Council officers can check that local restaurants have proper processes to trap fats and dispose of them to commercial collectors. 

... vandalism or graffiti in a bush reserve?

  • To report vandalism in Le Roys or Little Shoal Bay reserves or to make enquiries of the council:
            ring the new Auckland Council contact centre 09-301-0101
       or  if it is not urgent, you can still email the
                                     (feel free to copy us in on for our information)

  • If you can, please send a photo of the problem and a description or the coordinates of the location
    and we let us know if you are happy that we list the item on the page Some events reported

... fireworks, smoking, etc?

  • Every November, Little Shoal Bay wetland is at risk from idiots with fireworks - if there has been a long dry period, the raupo can be like tinder and fire will race through the reserve until it reaches less flammable material.  Keep a watch out for any signs of fire and call the fire brigade at any sign of risk. 
  • Regional reserves are now no smoking areas.  The Kaipatiki Local Board is (as at Nov 2011) doing a feasibility study of making reserves smoke free.  Given that many smokers these days just throw their cigarette butts on the ground without stubbing them out,  bush reserves and wetland areas would be safer without being at risk from burning cigarette butts.  Also the nicotine in butts is a major water pollutant and the plastic filters are non-biodegradable. 

... Kauri Dieback or Myrtle Rust?

... maintenance required (eg broken steps, signage, walking hazards) or wasps

Parks has released a new web form for you to report any maintenance required at one of our parks, walkways or beaches.

However: If for wasps and broken walkways where the issue is hazardous and requires urgent attention, please phone the Auckland Council call centre immediately on 09 301 0101 (24 hours, 7 days).

They will respond to you directly or refer your query to the appropriate person within three working days. Specify that it is a Health and Safety issue to get faster attention.

As at January 2020, Council released a new system called:
You can also track progress by reporting the problem using the myAUCKLAND online system.(if you keep your reference number).

... overgrown paths, rubbish, blocked drains, broken steps and boards or damaged mesh

  • We have a few volunteers who are doing a wonderful job to complement the Council's track maintenance programme
  • We would be pleased to hear from any volunteers who'd like to help with this work.
Please feel free also to post the issue on the Le Roys Bush Facebook page to warn other bush users.

... dogs off leash or people/pets off track

To protect the fragile native biodiversity, Le Roys Bush is classified as an "on leash" and "on track" reserve. It's important that people and pets stay on track and out of the bush and streams.
There are tiny beautiful geckos and growing whitebait in the streams which could be harmed by people and pets entering the pools or bush.
Also particularly, people and pets going into the bush increases the risk of spreading kauri dieback.  
Note that a minority of dog owners believe that it's their right for their dogs to roam uncontrolled - be very circumspect in addressing these dog owners. 
Some people tell us that they have spoken to dog owners who are unaware that the reserve is an onleash area. The "dogs on leash" signage is often missing at many entrances. If you see that a sign is missing or i
f you see some other "off track" incident that you think needs to be reported, please 
phone the Auckland Council call centre on 09 301 0101 (24 hours, 7 days)

To see some items that have been reported for Le Roys Bush, go to the page Some events reported. If you would like your issue reported on this page, please email

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