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Rat, possum and stoat control

Rat Blitz  2016 - next blitz phase - Spring 2016

Friends of Le Roys Bush and Beyond the Fence have been controlling rats in Le Roys Bush reserves and adjoining private land for over 5 years.
People tell us that they appreciate the increase in native bird and gecko life since the rat programme began.

But there's still more to do. With spring around the corner, it's time to have another blitz to try and stop the critters before they breed and invade your house or shop.

  • Remember we can also help you with possum or stoat control too as well as advice about pest plants - please email us. Click here for info about wasp control.

If you are already a rat blitz volunteer - thank you

  • We will communicate with you direct by email or via your local area coordinator.  If you haven't heard from us or your coordinator, please email us at - we'll pass it on to your coordinator.

  • If you are not sure which bait type you should be using or have other questions, click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are not a rat blitz volunteer but would like to be

  • Details of our rat blitz programme are outlined below - we'd love to have you join us

What does the programme offer you

 (a) Bait stations - free on loan for properties backing on to Le Roys Bush or $19 for other properties 

 (b) Rat Blitz bait blocks (two types to "blitz" the vermin - free for an initial period for properties near Le Roys Bush; at cost for others) 

 (c) Advice and assistance with weed control and possum/stoat control

What volunteers are asked to do 

  • Follow child and pet safety guidelines
  • Top up bait in the stations in 4 ‘blitzes’ as outlined in the schedule below for May, September, November and February
    • Click on our FAQs for more information about how to use the bait and for photos of the bait block types
  • Report how much bait is being taken so we can monitor and refine the programme - you'll be given a recording sheet to help with this.





February - March

Bait type

DITRAC - Diphacinone

CONTRAC blocks – Bromadiolone.

DITRAC - Diphacinone

DITRAC - Diphacinone


Check every 1/2 days for 3 weeks

Check every 4 days for 3 weeks 

Check every 1/2 days for 3 weeks 

Check every 1/2 days for 3 weeks 


Refill bait if it gets taken.

Refill bait if it gets taken.

Refill bait if it gets taken.

Refill bait if it gets taken. See notes below.

Notes re DITRAC (Diphacinone – first generation bait ): 

  • DITRAC is less pervasive in the environment with little or no secondary poisoning effects. 

  • However, you need to be aware that with this toxin, the rats need to feed on it over successive nights for it to be effective.
    This means that your bait station can’t go empty during this blitz. 
  • So while using this bait, please check your bait station every 1-2 days for the two week rat blitz, and keep it topped it up as necessary. 
  • If little/no bait has been taken after the blitz, remove the bait; otherwise leave in place until it is gone, or until the next rat blitz when it should be replaced with fresh bait. 

Please email us or talk to your local co-ordinator if you have any questions. 

How do I sign up? 

Email giving your first and last name, email address, street address and phone number  

More information about the programme

How to ask for help or more supplies

  • For all questions and requests, please email - your email will be forwarded to your local coordinator
    (or a backup if the normal coordinator is away)

Reporting on your bait station

  • To monitor and improve this programme, we collect data about how it is going.  We ask all participants to report back to us.
  • If you haven't been given a recording sheet, please email for a copy
  • After each pulse, please update your recording sheet:
    • pass a photocopy back to your coordinator  OR
    • email a copy of  your spreadsheet to   OR
    • write an email listing how much bait you've used (give info as on form eg: date, station number, number of blocks eaten, number added, comments)

Our sponsors
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Help keep our birds, geckos and all our native heritage free from rats and other predators.