How can I help?

 Depending on where you live and the time and resources you have available, we would welcome you to help with some of the following projects and activities.  

How to join or contact us

You become a Le Roys Bush friend or volunteer simply by emailing saying "Please subscribe" and giving your name(s), email address and address and optionally your home and mobile number. Your information will only be used by committee members to contact you about Le Roys Bush related activities. If you want to help in any particular activity please let us know.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please email and we will get back to you by phone or email as you prefer.  If you need to talk to someone urgently please phone or text Keith on 021-240-9414

Planting days and working bees  

Our regular activities include bi-monthly working bees as well as an annual glow worm walk.   In addition some projects have ad hoc working bees - contact the voluntary project manager if you would like to be advised when these occur.

To see details of these events click here: Coming events

Projects around Le Roys Bush 

There area a number of projects going on around Le Roys Bush and Little Shoal Bay reserves.  We'd welcome your input.

Good neighbour projects

Weeds know no boundaries - weeds on your property are a potential problem for the reserve and for your neighbours.

Weeds on the reserve and on your neighbour's section are an ongoing problem for you.

What is the solution we suggest?  A good neighbour programme bringing together neighbours and the council to collaboratively tackle weeds.

Contact us to find out how you can participate:

Little Shoal Bay Wetland

While the NSCC has a programme which employs a contractor to control pest plants throughout most of the reserve, this does not cover the Little Shoal Bay wetland.  One of our main projects is to raise the funds to employ a specialist restoration specialist to undertake the very difficult work in the deeper parts of the wetland to control the pampas, wattle, honeysuckle and other weeds invading the raupo.  Volunteers work around the reserve margins where the work is more manageable controlling weeds and planting natives to reduce the risk of pest plants invading the wetland.

Working bees are listed on the Coming events page.  

East of Highbury

In the top of the Le Roys Bush behind the Highbury shops, a small group has been working for over four years to clear weeds and replace invasive pest plants with suitable natives.  If you are interested in helping with this project please email

Over 1000 natives were planted by Le Roys volunteers during 2009 with hundreds more each year since.  The North Shore City Council has also planted a large number of carexes around the Le Roys Bush stream to prevent erosion.

The NSCC purchased a property on Birkenhead Ave to land bank for a future development at the top of the reserve and more recently has purchased the back of two Hinemoa Street properties to create a walkway from the waterfall up to Highbury. This project will be part of the Kaipatiki Connections walkway network.

Rat Control and Kauri Dieback programmes

We would welcome your support with the rat, stoat and possum control programmes - to prevent these pests from destroying our birdlife and vegetation.

And you can help protect Le Roys against Kauri Dieback by helping to refill cleaning stations and keeping children and pets to the tracks.

New projects and ideas?

Do you have an idea or a project you would like to see happen?  Please let us know.

Committee and Communications

Le Roys Bush Management Committee 

We would welcome you to join our committee.  This group plans events, planting bees and future planning.
The committee meets monthly at a members home and, as available, helps coordinate events.

Publicity and Communications

We would welcome assistance also with publicity, communications and our new website:

Donations and Covenants

Are you interested in donating towards a Le Roys Bush project? or covenanting the bush on the back of your section?
Click here for more details: Donating and Covenanting