Welcome to Friends of Le Roys Bush

 Welcome to the Friends of Le Roys Bush website
Le Roys Bush (Wai Manawa) is a beautiful complex of reserves with streams and walkways running from Birkenhead Village (Highbury) down to Little Shoal Bay beach

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Kauri dieback: 
To protect our kauri, vulnerable tracks in kauri reserves will be closed - visit our Kauri dieback page to learn where you can walk and how you can help - volunteers wanted to help with the protection and information programme

You are invited to these 2019 activities 
  • Upcoming working bees and events:
    • You are cordially invited to join us at these events:
      • 13 Feb 2019 - upper wetland and waterfall tracks will be closed for track renewals work - the track wil be closed for three to four months 
      • Moth Plant and Woolly Nightshade Hit Squads - Feb-March - - email LeRoysBush@gmail.com if you'd like to help report and/or remove weeds
      • Possible track working bees will be held in Feb-March 2019 to bring tracks not covered by Council contracts up to safe kauri hygiene standards - email LeRoysBush@gmail.com if you'd like to help with construction
      • Friday    2 Mar -  10am to noon - working bee - see news page page for details 
      • Sunday 24Mar - 10am to noon - working bee - see news page page for details 
      • Please email LeRoysBush@gmail.com if you want to be included on the invite list for these working bees
      • See our news page for details of these events
  • You are also warmly invited to help with these Pest Free Kaipatiki campaigns
      • PFK Predator Blitz targetting rats and possums
      • PFK "Dirty Duo" hit squads targeting Moth Plant and Ginger 
      • For more info, go to 
  • Thanks to all who have helped out over the past year 
  • Special thanks to our sponsors and supporters - the Kaipatiki Local Board, Auckland Council, The BIrkenhead LicensingTrust, Pest Free Kaipatiki and others

    • Many thanks to the very helpful staff at  Auckland Council, the Kaipatiki Local Board and the Council's Parks, Biosecurity, Biodiversity & other departments & groups who help us. 
  • Thanks also to Birkenhead Trust, Lion Foundation and all our other sponsors.
  • Track upgrade programme
    • We have been meeting with Council staff and consultants about stage 2 of the  Le Roys Bush tracks renewals programme. Watch the news page.
  • Beyond the Fence 

Rat bait blitz  - see Rat Blitz programme  - to learn how to join next blitz 

For news and photos see our news page