Welcome to Friends of Le Roys Bush

 Welcome to the Friends of Le Roys Bush website

Le Roys Bush (Wai Manawa) is a beautiful complex of reserves with streams and walkways running from Birkenhead Village (Highbury) down to Little Shoal Bay beach

Kauri dieback: 
To protect our kauri, vulnerable tracks in kauri reserves will be closed - visit our Kauri dieback page to learn where you can walk and how you can help - volunteers wanted to help with the protection and information programme

You are invited to these 2019 activities 
  • You are cordially invited to join us at these events and activities:
    • The upper wetland and waterfall tracks are closed for track renewals work - the track is likely to be closed till late June/early July.  In the meantime we are working with Council to get the balance of the tracks fixed to minimise muddy patches - to reduce the risk of kauri dieback spores being spread through the reserve - if you'd like to help with this, please get in touch
    • Moth Plant and Woolly Nightshade Hit Squads - Feb-June - email  LeRoysBush@gmail.com if you'd like to help report and/or remove weeds
    • Regular Monthly working bees - see the news page for details
    • Please email LeRoysBush@gmail.com if you want to be included on the invite list for these working bees
    • See our news page for details of these events
  • You are also warmly invited to help with these Pest Free Kaipatiki campaigns
      • PFK Predator Blitz targetting rats and possums
      • PFK "Dirty Duo" hit squads targeting Moth Plant and Ginger 
      • For more info, go to 
  • Thanks to all who have helped out over the past year 
    • Special thanks to our sponsors and supporters - the Kaipatiki Local Board, Auckland Council, The BIrkenhead LicensingTrust, Pest Free Kaipatiki and others

      Many thanks to the very helpful staff at  Auckland Council, the Kaipatiki Local Board and the Council's Parks, Biosecurity, Biodiversity & other departments & groups who help us.

  • Track upgrade programme
    • Stage 1 of the Le Roys Bush track renewals programme is currently scheduled to finish around the 2nd week of July
    • Stages 2 and 3: We have been meeting with Council staff and consultants about stage 2 of the Le Roys Bush tracks renewals programme. Watch the news page.

  • Beyond the Fence 

Rat bait blitz  - see Rat Blitz programme  - to learn how to join next blitz 

For news and photos see our news page