Introduction to the artist's work


I take the liberty to send you this document in order to better introduce my work and myself.

My artistic career started 50 years ago and I showed my work in Belgium and abroad with up to 40 exhibitions per year. After Paris, Berlin, Boston, I have been selected for the XXIX Contemporary Art International Prince in Monaco. For that prestigious event, chaired by the Princess Caroline of Monaco, I was proposed by the famous art critic Philippe Cruysmans. The price honored writer like Jean d’Ormeson and Marguerite Yourcenar as well as musicians and painters. Other guests of the exhibition were painters like Carzou, Botero, Folon, and the sculptor César.

My present proposal is to paint on demand. You choose the subject, the size and even color schemes and I will paint it my way. I successfully filled orders from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Korean multinational Deawoo, the German Hoechst, the French Soprema, The Norwegian Hydro, the Belgian Atab, various pharmaceutical companies, executive search consultants, SME’s and many famous families.

How does it work? During our first meeting I sketch a preliminary draft who shows my understanding our your expectations and reflects the wishes you express. It can be strictly personal or reflecting your company’s spirit. Of course, I will take in account the philosophy of the buyer or the image he likes to give to his company.

When that base is well established I make a project that can already give an idea of the final artwork. If you agree on the project and its price, you confirm your decision by signing a contract and paying a first installment of 30% of the budget.

The work in progress will be reviewed and discussed ass often as necessary to succeed in fulfilling your wishes. Final payment is due the day of delivery.

You can have a look at my work on the dedicated web-site or in the book I bring along when visiting you. By this way, you can have a visualization of my work.

Looking forward the pleasure meeting you , I remain

Sincerely yours

Paul Leroy