Reborns are very realistic life-like dolls sought by collectors and doll lovers around the world. The baby begins as a disassembled baby doll or a vinyl kit consisting of a head and four limbs. They are firstly bathed in a bubble bath to remove any factory residue. Once dried, the work begins, bringing each baby to life! 

I use high quality acrylic (air dry) paints on all my babies as opposed to Genesis paints which have to be baked on in a harsh oven. First, delicate veins are applied in all the right places, along with blue undertones where the skn is naturally thin, to give the baby the most realistic base possible. Skin tones are applied in many layers using realistic flesh and blush tones. Storkbites, capillaries, newborn skin mottling are all details that are added for realism. Birthmarks, freckles, etc. can also be added insuring each baby is as individual as you and me!

Color is carefully added to lips, moistness or tears are also added to the eyes, and a baby manicure and pedicure is added for those just clipped baby nails. Blushing is added to cheeks, palms of the hands, soles of the feet, all contributing to the amazing realism that can be achieved. Each crease is painted and feathered, no detail is left unattended.

The babies hair is micro rooted with a very fine needle, using top quality Angora Mohair. This process takes the most time as each hair is rooted only a few strands at a time. Hair can be rooted sparse or thick and can be combed and styled just like real hair.

Finally the baby must be assembled. A custom made fully poseable body and limbs are filled and weighted with ultra fine glass granules to simulate the weight of a real baby. Sand is never used in any of my reborns so that they can travel outside of the US and around the world.

Lots of time and love go into each and every baby from the first layer or paint down to the outfits and accessories that go home with them. I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into the reborn world. It is truely amazing to watch each baby come to life from their beginning to end.