Technology Training

I have developed various technology training programs for librarians. Tech Tac Toe is an online professional development series delivered in the spring of 2014. PLUS Tech is an online training program that targets technologies aligned with CCSS with a gamification layer and digital badging. The Great Google Sites Cook-Off provides training on how to create a Google Site while leveraging gamification elements and a vendor partnership.  Project ELITE is an intensive, four-month program that provide transformational technology training that encompasses four student technologies, various librarian productivity and pedagogical technologies, and weekly reflective journals.  Participants meet weekly in face-to-face and online sessions.  Project UPLIFT provides modular technology training on specific technologies, including wikis, glogs, digital storytelling, animation, and Google tools.   Another project I have developed and maintain is CPS Mobilary, a collection of best practices, recommendations, and training materials on the use of iPads and other mobile technologies. Within this larger program, are two major programs, "iPads in the Library" and the VITAL grant, both programs I conceived and implement.  Also, during the 2012-13 school year, I managed CPS KINECT, a pilot program for the use of the Xbox KINECT system in the schools.

In working with CPS Ed Tech, I also created and have developed online training modules related to the DETAIL program.   I also periodically provide training to CPS principals as part of the Illinois Administrators Academy.  See training videos and materials on Google Apps.