Distance Ed

I have extensive experience in various distance education technologies.  While serving as a distance learning coordinator/librarian at Von Steuben High School, I helped oversee the remote site of a videoconferenced Latin class with Payton High School.  I also arranged educational videoconferences with various museums, guest speakers, and international classrooms.  Sites we connected to, often repeatedly, included Japan, France, Costa Rica, Italy, England, Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Mexico.  We connected to interact in other videoconferences, such as the live, open-heart surgery from the Museum of Science & Industry; a diver from the bottom of Lake Michigan; and Senator Dick Durbin from Washington, DC.

I am experienced in working in various virtual worlds, including Second Life.  In this capacity, I helped develop the CPS Virtual Library and numerous professional development events for ISTE SIGMS, including such speakers as Will Richardson, David Warlick, Joyce Valenza, Doug Johnson, and David Loertscher.

I also have experience as an online instructor for the American Library Association - Allied Professional Association in technologies for the library. I developed the curriculum and instructed online for three cohorts during 2009 - 10.

Distance Education—Certificates

Professional Development Certificate in Distance Education

Dec. 2001—University of Wisconsin-Madison

Certificate in Distance Education

July 2001—Indiana University, School of Continuing Studies

Collaborative Videoconferencing Certification Program

July 2001—Texas A&M University, The Center for Distance Learning Research (videoconferencing)