• Footwear: La Sportiva trail running shoes
    • Favorites: Fireblade, Raptor, Crosslite
  • Light Daypack: With water hydration bladder
  • Water bottles: Ultimate Direction hand holders for versatility¬†
  • Clothing: standard running garments (non-cotton), extra fleece layer, fleece beanie, rain jacket, gloves¬†
  • Illumination: Petzl headlamp and LED keychain
  • Essentials: Including camera, first aid, sunscreen, sunglasses
  • Nutrition: bars, gel shots, peanut butter sandwiches, jerky, dried fruit
  • Electrolytes: First Endurance EFS drink mix
  • Optional: gaiters, extra pair of socks
  • Rope, Crampons, Ice Axe, etc. (if necessary)

View from Austera Peak, July 20, 2005