About the Artist

                                        Leorah Parker      

I was born in Washington, D.C., grew up in Maryland and had a Studio/Gallery in Northern Virginia for 14 years. I moved to Jacksonville Florida in 2007 then made Aliyah (Immigrating to Israel) in 2010.

When I lived in the United States I went by the name Linda Parker and the name of the Gallery I was part owner of was called "Creative Brush Studio". It is still open for business and now solely owned by Artist Mary Reilly and is still located in the Historic District of Old Town Manassas, Virginia.

Since making Aliyah I use my Hebrew name Leorah and I now live, paint and teach in Jerusalem, my paintings are signed L.Parker.

I have been painting professionally in Oils since 1989 and learned to paint from private teachers in Virginia. Additional Studies: “The International School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture” in Umbria, Italy

       "The Master's Class"  at “The Jerusalem Studio School” Jerusalem, Israel.

In my artwork I hope to express the beauty of the things that touch my soul, and excel in the craft of the "Masters". May you find in them a place to visit, to meditate and connect. Whether it be scenes of the Land and People of Israel or other subject matter such as: Landscapes, Lighthouses, House Portraits, Historical Sites, Steam Trains, Interpretations of Master’s Works, and Virginia Farm Scenes. (additional work to be added to the website)

Many of these paintings have been made into prints and are available for purchase, and are available for wholesale.

I hope you will find a painting on this website that you love and want to add to your collection or have one created for you as many have already done. There's also the opportunity if you're in Jerusalem to join a painting class, workshop, or outdoor painting trip!   

Leorah Parker


Or Phone in Israel: 054-615-7935   Outside Israel: 972-54-615-7935 

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