The owner of the Leontic Studio and the Leontic Academy is the stylist Vaska Leontic. Vaska Leontic was born on 11 August 1970 in the city of Istanbul in Turkey. When she was four years old, she moved with her family to Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. She finished elementary school in “Koco Racin”, and the first two years of her secondary education were provided in USO “Koco Racin”, where she studied for fashion designer, and the last year she attended USO “Dimitar Vlahov” in the group for professional hairdressers and cosmeticians. At the same time, during her formal education, she attended salon practice. After completing her education and practice, she worked for seven and a half years. During that period of time, she attended various seminars and lectures, and she also took part in her own independent fashion shows and hairstyle competitions (she has won first place within Macedonia, and tenth place within Yugoslavia). Vaska Leontic was and still is an active member of the Hairdressers’ Club in Skopje and she has participated in all fashion shows and events organized by the club. After eight years of work experience, she opened her own hair studio.


About the development of Studio Leontic

Studio Leontic was opened in 1994, on as little as 22m². During this period, she developed her profession at the world’s metropolises through attending training seminars, presentations and fashion fairs for hairdressers, cosmeticians and makeup artists in England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia etc. Over time, Vaska Leontic has expanded the activities and the services of the studio.


Cooperation with magazines

In the course of her work, Vaska Leontic started cooperating with various magazines for the covers of which she has made hairstyles and makeup (“EKRAN’, “FORUM”); she has given hairstyle and makeup advice in various magazines (“LIK”, “MAK TIN”), as well information regarding fashion (“VIP GALA”, “SEMEEN MAGAZIN”, “TEA MODERNA”, “UTRINSKI VESNIK”, “DNEVNIK”, “VEST”, “Fashion Avenue”, etc.. The cooperation with various magazines and newspaper continues successfully in many fields.


Cooperation with TV broadcasters

Vaska Leontic has been cooperating with a number of TV broadcasters. She has provided information regarding care, hairstyle and makeup in the programs of TV SITEL, MTV, A1, KANAL 5, TELMA. She has also made hairstyles and makeup for the presenters and TV hosts on for television  MTV, SITEL, TELMA, A1 and KANAL 5, NAŠA TV, SKAJ, MRTV and many other public organizations.


Beauty pageants

Because of the prestige of her salon, she was selected a member of the jury of “Miss Macedonia” competition, “Miss Metropolitan” competition, Ford competition etc.


Presenting professional companies

Vaska Leontic individually or together with Studio Leontic and Leontic Academy has been a presenter of the following professional companies:

  • MaxFactor – presentations of the latest collections of decorative cosmetics by doing makeup throughout Macedonia (1994, 1995, 1996, 1997);
  • Dixon – presentation of their products together with the hair studio “501” and “Sasho Friz” throughout Macedonia (1998, 1999, 2000);
  • O’rising - education through presenting their products for problematic hair and skin of the head (1998, 2000);
  • Tricoligo – presentation of their professional products through working techniques at MODEST (2001, 2002, 2003);
  • Keune – presentations of their products through working techniques throughout Macedonia and MODEST (2003, 2004);
  • Korff – presentation of their decorative cosmetics and the way of using it through working techniques at MODEST (2003);
  • Lady B – presentation of their decorative cosmetics and the way of using it through working techniques (for 12 years at MODEST and throughout Macedonia);
  • Pullana – presentation of their face and body cosmetic collection at the Cosmeticians’ Club (2005).


The idea for opening courses for professional hairdressers, makeup artists, cosmeticians and masseurs

Over time, due to the quality of her work, many began to ask for training for future hairdressers and makeup artists from Vaska Leontic. Hence the idea for opening courses for professional hairdressers, makeup artists, cosmeticians and masseurs. The concept of the courses as a whole and the program for each level separately is being changed, upgraded and enriched depending on the changes in fashion and the new trend in the given area.

Leontic Academy organizes courses for professional hairdressers, makeup artists, cosmeticians, masseurs and spa treatments for trainees who do not have any previous experience and for professionals with work experience. After the courses, Leontic Academy affirms the trainees through various events which are organized by Leontic Academy, presentations throughout Macedonia, hair and makeup shows, theater performances and shows with broader scope. 

The quality teaching at Leontic Academy is due to Vaska Leontic’s experience who, on the one hand, recognized the quality in teaching in the region, as well as the shortcomings and failures, and on the other hand, she used the experience gained abroad in the training in the region.

Club Planetarium

Vaska Leontic has been trying hard to make the employees at Studio Leontic and Leontic Academy improve themselves constantly in the country by organizing various workshops, organizing visits of stylists from abroad, or visiting foreign countries and attending various lectures, seminars, fairs, workshops, private lessons etc. By doing these activities, Vaska Leontic was making an effort to fill the emptiness which could be felt at a certain period of time after the activities of the Hairdressers’ Club in Skopje waned. For this purpose, in 1998, she founded the club Planetarium in which she linked various stylists (hairdressers, cosmeticians, makeup artists, and fashion designers), actors, dancers and singers from all over Macedonia.

This club organized many performances, presentations and stage appearances. After Leontic Academy was founded, the club Planetarium was closed and all its activities were transferred to Leontic Academy which intensively and actively continues with the public presentations, seminars, fashion presentations etc.


Cultural events organized by Vaska Leontic

Vaska Leontic has been the manager of cultural events which she herself has prepared and which have been many, and we will mention only the most significant: the project “Woman through the Centuries” at the home of culture Marko Cepenkov in Prilep, the project “Fashion through the Centuries” at the Skopje Drama Theater, Annual fashion shows at the Academy etc. In all these activities, she has been involving the employees at the Leontic company, the trainees from Leontic Academy, many stylists, fashion designers, actors, dancers, ballet dancers, singers and beauties from the Republic of Macedonia (Prilep, Stip, Gostivar, Kocani, Kicevo, Kumanovo, Bitola, Ohrid). Moreover, Vaska Leontic has been organizing performances, individual hair and makeup shows in which she has included her employees and the qualified trainees. Each year, she took part in MODEST, and in 2004, Vaska Leontic became a partner of “FASHION HOUSE”. Vaska Leontic continues to make an effort to actively involve the employees and the trainees in cultural events.


Vaska Leontic’s vision

She has always strived to pass her knowledge and experience to the young, the clients and her associates. For that reason, she has established the educational center Leontic Academy and formed a professional team to which she has been handing down her experience and she has been actively involving them in all the projects and developing programs and plans. The educational center of Leontic Academy updates the curriculums each year and brings freshness with the innovations which would introduce the trainees to the world’s latest achievements and to a perfect technical creativity. Their goal is to give you the key of success, and they are convinced that education is the key to a successful and progressive career. Such education is what Leontic Academy is trying to provide with its diverse courses.

Vaska Leontic’s vision is, through quality work, services and activities, to create a distinctive and original work style which would create a unique style for the clients, and at the same time to leave behind quality projects and personnel.



Studio Leontic is a reputable studio which offers quality services in the field of hairdressing, makeup, cosmetics, massage, and a studio which has introduced the spa and wellness treatments and thereby applies professional products from well-established companies in the world, tools, utensils and working appliances of top quality and the latest working techniques. All services at Studio Leontic are of a recognizable quality and are equally asked for by the young and the adults, women and men, clients from the country and abroad. Our own experience and knowledge of the world’s standards of quality and professionalism, as well as meeting the needs of the clients who come from Macedonia and abroad, have contributed to a constant expanding of the types of services in order to meet our customers’ requirements.

Due to its high quality services in which individual approach is used, primarily in order to create an appropriate image and style, Studio Leontic was appointed to manage the appearance of many public and media persons (for example, for the presidential campaign in the Republic of Macedonia in 2000).

The completion of the past work with long-term programs is the relocation of the company into their own premises after changing three different locations so far.

The new premises are located in the center of the city, and are consisted of three levels with a total of 400 square meters. This workspace meets all world standards.



Leontic Academy is a renowned private course for professional hairdressers, cosmeticians, masseurs and makeup artists who are beginners and do not have any previous experience, as well as for professionals with a number of years of experience in these fields willing to improve themselves. Leontic Academy, based on Studio Leontic’s many years of experience and the latest learning methods, in a very short time, has managed to train a lot of trainees who successfully work at Studio Leontic, Leontic Academy, many other salons in Macedonia and abroad, and a great part of them work independently and successfully run their own salons. These courses have made possible the realization of the dream of many young and mature people to get closer to the world brands, to their style and work setting, and that way of life to become their reality; and for those who have lost hope of ever finding a job, to be able to start working and earn for a living.

The style and the spirit which Vaska Leontic puts into her work are recognizable, resulting in each technique to be unique and special.



The idea of opening a private secondary school was born ss a result of many years working with students who attended the training courses and classes at Studio Leontic.

From the first-hand experience in working with students and the direct cooperation with the parents, we realized that it was necessary to establish a multi-year educational system for meeting their needs. That was the only way of responding to the most frequently asked questions by the students and parents: For how long can the students attend training?

A couple of months of training (courses) is not a sufficient period of time for everybody to be trained to independently perform the operations related to providing personal services. The time period needed for training is determined according to the distinct characteristics of each student, taking into account, of course, the age, interests, abilities and skill for adopting the techniques, since for most of the students more classes with practical work are needed, not only in order for them to master the working techniques, but also to gain the necessary self-confidence.

For some students, working with clients, the tasks given and the new working habits, obligations and duties meant, at first, a great effort and resistance to work.

Because of these reasons we believed that by opening a private vocational school, with a training which lasts three to four years, depending on the chosen vocation, we would meet the needs of all interested individuals.

Thus, in 2008, THE FIRST PRIVATE VOCATIONAL SCHOOL LEONTIC ACADEMY began operating. It is the fourth year since the school has been visited by students who acquire skills for carrying out activities related to the chosen vocation: hairdresser, masseur, cosmetician, and makeup artist, and they also adopt broad knowledge tailored to their age.

The organization of the educational system itself offers the opportunity for equal representation of practice and theory. Modular training, practical learning of the appropriate techniques and practical salon practice represent 50% of the educational activity, and the other 50% of the classes in the school year are dedicated to studying the general subjects, which are of great importance for the students; subjects which will further serve for the development of their own business and the development of their own career.

The training which the student receive during the practical classes at Studio Leontic and is part of the vocationally-oriented education, will allow them to gradually find themselves in the part of the program in which they want to develop their training, to acquire working habits, to adapt successively to the salon work and practice.

Such training will enable them to gain self-confidence, to be able to adjust easily to the clients’ characters and to deal with numerous situations while working with clients.

After the experience with the first generation of high school graduates in the hairdressers’ profession, we can say that the students with three years of training master all working techniques, gain self-confidence and enormous experience in the salon work, as well as in field work (organization, preparation and work on fashion shows, and other public appearances such as seminars, presentations, media etc.)

Many of those who finish their education at the private secondary school Leontic Academy immediately start their own business and career; they open their own salon, and some of them work at their parents’ salons, while those who believe that are too young to immediately start their own career, work at other salons and institutions.

The first vocational school, Leontic Academy, within its actions, will work on developing various modules and programs with a single objective: to revive extinct techniques and crafts and everything related to manual work.


Vaska Leontic TODAY

After eight years of experience at the master Ance Panovska and 20 years of work experience gained through development of her own career, Vaska Leontic, with the same devotion and love, still actively works in the field of personal services. She consistently follows all the new and modern trends in the cosmetic industry, she has not abandoned following the novelties and education in the field of styling techniques, she always applies the latest tools for hairdressing, cosmetics, massage and makeup. Her greatest virtue is that she unselfishly shares her knowledge with her clients, advising them what is best for them, and she also proved herself in the role of a real educator who gives away all the secrets of her craft to her students: the working techniques, the process of the development path towards achieving success and transforming into a brand.

Realizing the need for more educated staff in the field of personal services, Vaska Leontic took the next step in her development path and she opened a vocational school. During the last five years, she has been learning how to manage vocational education; she plunged into the secrets of the educational system with a single objective: the vocational school Leontic Academy to become a tradition. Of course, the help she receives from all the public institutions must be noted: the Ministry of Education and Science, the Bureau for Development of Education, the Vocational Education and Training Center, the National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility. A significant part of her managerial work for the vocational education are the many European projects in which she actively takes part and still learns how to find a partner and how to promote her country and the school through the realization of these projects. With her dedicated work and selfless commitment, she shows her students the way to success, actively involving them in all activities in order for them to acquire the necessary skills and habits, and to become familiarized with working in many European companies and institutions, where they have the opportunity to get to know different standards of work. All this allows the students to develop much faster and to get the initial picture of what is happening in the world. Moreover, they get the opportunity to be involved and active in institutions, companies and schools outside our country, which to many is the dream of their life, thus through these projects the students make the dream which they thought to be unrealistic come true.

Vaska Leontic does not stop her own education either: thanks to the National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility, through the European projects, she learns how to revive the extinct crafts in order to establish training centers afterwards particularly for those activities. She believes that unless it is done now, we will not have who to learn those crafts from since the number of masters - lecturers who truly know these techniques in the world has been significantly decreased.

In 2013, Vaska Leontic is going to start her specialization studies in London, at the UK WIG SCHOOL, in order to master the techniques of making wigs manually: classification of hair, division of hairs by their quality and everything on the natural hair.

In the school year 2012/2013, Vaska Leontic began the realization of the project of public interest – free education for orphans and children with special needs, with the approval of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, which many consider to be an ambitious and bold move. Not only will the students from the specified category have the opportunity to learn directly from the best, but after graduation they will also be employed.

The project could not be realized without the help of the volunteer teachers. Driven by their wish to help, they have been directly contributing to the completion of the educational process. With them, the students have the opportunity to realize themselves according to their own abilities and needs.

Vaska Leontic says: “So far, nothing has fulfilled me so much as the love of these nine little children, who know how to respect all that we do with them, know how to listen and be friends. This project is the highlight of my career, and I am also pleased to announce the next project for children with mild disabilities and the opening of a training center for them.”

The Private secondary school and the Private training center Leontic Academy is a modern institution which follows all the novelties in the field of education, both in terms of teaching and in terms of achieving results through involvement in European projects. The regular classes include the general subjects and the practical training in private institutions, and the European projects allow the students to adopt the new programs for education and mobility.

Special attention is paid to the study of English as the most widespread language in the European Union, but not less to the other European languages – German, Spanish, and Italian. Apart from the regular English classes, the students are given the opportunity to attend English language courses for faster and more quality acquisition of the language rules and enriching the vocabulary so that they can be prepared for explicit communication within the countries of the European Union. The acquisition of the English language or extending the knowledge of English is also provided for the teachers who are involved in the project activities. The satisfaction from this activity felt by both students and teachers is obvious, and they accept the classes with great love and immense joy.

Accepting the realization of projects at the Private secondary school and Private training center Leontic Academy is a benefit not only for the students, but also for all entities included in the projects. Everybody who is involved gets the opportunity to see the new tradition and culture of living, the new standards in our country and in Europe. The students benefit from being involved in learning new skills and working techniques; they acquire new work habits, and everybody involved gets the opportunity to make new friends and contacts, to enrich their resume, opportunities for getting recommendation for a future job and opening new perspectives. Through the European projects, not only the students, but also the tenure and visiting teachers, as well as the masters of practical training get the opportunity for advancement through training and mobility, individually or together with the students.

Through the cooperation with the National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility, PSS Leontic Academy has already realized the projects for 2012/2013 Program for Preservation of the Traditional Hairdressing Crafts VETPRO, with two teachers visiting London, and the project New Hairdressing and Cosmetic Standards in Europe IVT mobility, which provided for 10 high school students and one teacher to visit Ljubljana, thereby getting the opportunity to prepare new educational profiles for the vocations which are dying out and have not been used in our country for a long time. This creates the possibility of emergence of new generations of master-lecturers who would learn the new skills, apply them in their practice and convey them to the generations that follow.

In its mission, PSC and PTC Leontic Academy aims to find partners for mobility and training in institutions which apply the services from the vocations which are not present in our country, thus there is no possibility for practical training for these vocations. In its vision, the Academy recognizes the benefits of the practical application of the acquired skills (direct treatments, offering services and possibilities for adopting the techniques) and their conveyance to the young personnel who are willing to acquire and master them in that way, thereby quality staff on the market would be created, competitive for self-employment or working in other companies throughout Macedonia.