About Me

Hello,  this is Yang (Leo) Li. I really love my nick name, Leo :-).
My email is leonpardlee@gmail.com

Welcome to send me anything about game development. 
It is my pleasure to have a chance to talk with different you all over the world.

I have been developing video games since I was 17 years old. 
About 1/3 of my life have focused on making games! Definitely, will have more and more~

You know there will be a lot of troubles to make a game, 
but I must tell you that that's one of the most Amazing things in the world.
Now I am studying for my master degree, Computer Game & Programming Skills at the EAE department, University of Utah. 

It's hard to say which one is my favorite game, but the action, strategy and emotion expression are the most interesting/exciting elements for me. 


C++, C#, Direct3D/OpenGL, Unity3D, HLSL/GLSL, GameAI, 3DMath, Simple Game Physics, Lua, UI, XML, Collision Detection, Unreal4, 3dsmax/Maya plugin, MPI, Lua, Python, MFC, Design Thinking, HTML5, Javascript, ArchLinux, svn/git, multithreading…

Since I have worked my many different projects, including Prototypes, Jobs, Thesis, Personal, Student Assignments... From those experiences, I have learnt not only the techniques, but also the key points to cooperate with others and find out the answer

If give a sentence to describe myself, I will say that: 

I am a team-first game developer who really learns and solves problems with both solid skills and devoting efforts. 

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