Dr Leonhard K. Lades

EPA Research Fellow in Behavioral Economics (EnvEcon)

Adjunct Research Fellow (University College Dublin)

Contact: EnvEcon, Priory 11 Office, Stillorgan Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Email: lklades@gmail.com

I am a behavioural scientist researching on time preferences, temptation and self-control in everyday life, and soft paternalism. Since September 2017, I am working at EnvEcon and apply behavioural science to environmental topics in Ireland. The project website is here.

I am a member of the Dublin Behavioural Science and Policy Research Group.

Information about the IAREP / SABE Conference 2019 on Economics Psychology and Behavioural Economics that we organise in Dublin on September 1-4 is here.

The pictures are from the Scottish Highlands.