Noteworthy Leonardvillains

"An  Elite  Group"

Over the last 125 years, there have been hundreds of people who have lived in and around Leonardville;  the first ones homesteaded here, many were born here, many have moved here, many have left here, some have moved back here, many are buried here, and some of us remain here.

The first post office in this area was named "Alembic."  It was established in February of 1881.  When the city was first platted in September of 1881, the city was to be named "Leonard" in honor of Leonard T. Smith, president of the Kansas Central Railway.  When the railroad was built through here in October of 1881, the railroad station was named "Leonard" and the city applied to the U.S. Postal Department for the name of the post office to be changed from "Alembic" to "Leonard."  

BUT... the Postal Department said that the name "Leonard" was too often confused with "Larned" and the application was denied.  So, in June of 1882, the name "Leonardville" was adopted.

Now, not everybody was happy with the "new name."  In April of 1884, the first editor of The Leonardville Monitor, Preston S. Loofbourrow, wrote about the "ville" added to the name.  He called the "ville" an "unpropitious superfluity."  What was that, again???

Well, according to the dictionary, the word "unpropitious" is an adjective meaning "unfavorable or unkindly" and the word "superfluity" is a noun meaning an "overabundance or excess."  So to him, the "ville" was an "unkindly excess"  and anyway, "no one here would want to be known as Leonardvillain!

But...  Leonardvillains we became!

In one aspect we are a highly elite group, because  a very, very small fraction of the world's population has ever been a Leonardvillain.  Some may say we are more of an "insignificant" group, rather than "elite";  but I like to think of us as "elite". It's all a matter of perception.

On these pages I plan to introduce and tell about some "Noteworthy Leonardvillains." Some you may have known, some you may have heard of and some you may never have heard of, but all have been at one time a member of this elite group of Leonardvillains. The only two criteria for inclusion here are, (1) they have lived around here and (2) they are no longer living.

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Links to these Noteworthy Leonardvillains:

William H. Sikes

 W.H. lived 77 of his 98 years in Leonardville,
started one of the first general stores
that was in business for 95 years.

Read all about W.H. at the above link.


Preston S. Loofbourrow

<> Started the first newspaper in Leonardville. <>


Isaac C. Moon
<> Was editor of the Leonardville newspaper for 23 years. <>


Lambert Erpelding
<> One of the founding fathers of Leonardville. <>


Jonathan C. Ford
<> Another of the founding fathers of Leonardville. <>


Albin K. Longren
<> Early aircraft designer and aviator born near Leonardville. <>


Roy M. Daniels
<>  Long time rural mail carrier in Leonardville area. <>


Rev. Ada Dickson

<>  Long time pastor at the Methodist Church in Leonardville. <>


Rev. Carl John Algott
<>  Pastor at the Swedish Mission Church in Leonardville. <>


Myrtle Nanninga Myers
<>  Early educator and help organize the high school in Leonardville. <>

Lewis A. Laflin

<>  First Mayor of Leonardville. <>