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Leonardville Receives Annual Allotment for Parks

The City of Leonardville has recently been allocated $11,680 for city parks improvements.

Recently the Riley County Park Advisory Board met to make their annual allotment of funds to area community parks. Since 1986 the city has received over $56,000 for improvement to our parks. That sounds like a lot of money, but equipment and materials do not come cheap. Others receiving funds were the cities of Ogden, Randolph and Riley, Keats and Fairmont Parks.

The PRIDE Group has been discussing the last few months about several park projects. Two projects receiving the most attention are installing new playground equipment to replace old equipment and building a walking path in the park. Before any action takes place, plans will be brought to the City Council for final approval.

But... WE NEED VOLUNTEERS... Since labor is an expensive part of any building project, PRIDE members will be volunteering their time and efforts to get these improvements going, but are also in need of any and all community people to come and lend a hand... As the old saying goes, MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK... Please keep your eyes and ears open for announcement of times come and help.

The next meeting of the Leonardville PRIDE will be Monday, March 15 at 7:00 pm in the Leonardville Community Building. Any and all community people are always welcome to attend.

See you there!

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Leonardville City Park Pictures

Leonardville PRIDE talks about community projects

Improvements to the quality of life in the Leonardville community has been on the discussion block of the Leonardville PRIDE. Many possible ideas have been shared and one project in which many people have expressed an interest is making improvements to the Leonardville City Park. So the PRIDE has been having extra meetings, besides their regular monthly meeting, to discuss this and other improvement projects.

Currently the City Park offers a large concrete area with a tennis court and basketball court, two small covered picnic areas, a variety of playground equipment, two horseshoe pitching courts and a public restroom (unheated, warm weather only.)

Do you ever use the City Park? Would you use the City Park if some additions or changes were made? What kind of additions or changes would you make to the City Park? These are some basic questions being asked to begin this process. The PRIDE group will begin to develop a list of possible improvements, seek ways to involve the community in the planning and explore methods to help fund improvement projects.

If you are interested in helping with this or other community projects you are always welcome to the PRIDE meetings. The next regular monthly meeting will be held on Monday, March 15 at 7:00 p.m. at the Leonardville Community Building.

The group will hold special meetings just for the purpose of discussing and planning community projects. Volunteer your time and effort to help make a difference in our community.

Leonardville is a member of the Kansas PRIDE program, a volunteer, grassroots effort to improve the quality of life in local communities. The goal of PRIDE is to help communities development local projects by encouraging all groups and individuals to coordinate and work together for community betterment.

"Making Our Community a Better Place To Live"

The Leonardville City Park

75th Anniversary  --  1935-2010

In 2010, the Leonardville City Park celebrated it's 75th Anniversary. The City Park was created from a portion of the land from an abandoned railroad right-of-way and land given to the city in memory of George W. Peterson, by his wife Bettie in November 1935.

The Memorial reads:

"As a memorial to her
husband, the land for
this park was given
 to the city by
Mrs. G.W. Peterson

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Aerial View of the Leonardville City Park



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