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Welcome to Leonardville

There is a spot in Kansas, most beautiful to see,
Where there's a thriving village, good enough for you and me.

This spot nestles in the bosom of Riley County fair
Where we hear the birds a singing and enjoy the Kansas air.

Welcome to this spot, ye travelers here today.
For is is Leonardville, Kansas, U.S.A.


This poem appeared in The Leonardville Monitor newspaper on November 11, 1909.

It was originally printed on cards and handed out by citizens of Leonardville to motorists participating in the

Manhattan Motor Club's Sociability Run on November 5, 1909.


Let’s be neighborly in our automobiles and go on a "Sociability Run"

As cars became popular in the early 1900's, automobile associations or "motor clubs" were formed to further promote automobile use.  These motor clubs planned "sociability runs" or tours.  Sociability runs were taken to bring neighboring communities closer together.  They also afforded automobile owners a great opportunity to see new places and even promote their city or upcoming special events.

"Making Our Community a Better Place To Live"

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