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Why You Should Play Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a fun game that is open to a wide range of ages. Both men and women can play together. Ultimate Frisbee fosters teamwork, inclusion, and good sportsmanship. 
Even if you have never thrown a frisbee in your life, come out and play! Everyone can learn and is welcome to join in the game. If you are in Leonardtown, come join us! If you are in St. Mary's County and want to play Ultimate Frisbee, come join us!
The beauty of the game is that it is highly adaptable. We can make teams as small or as large as we need to and we can modify the field to accomodate those around us. Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact (other than incidental contact) game, so you should not need to be afraid to play. We enjoy the beauty of the day that God has given us while we run around and have fun!

What's Best About Our Club?

The Leonardtown Ultimate Frisbee Association is always open to new people joining in the game--whether you are an advanced frisbee player who can teach us some new things or a beginner who just wants to learn. Just come with the goal of having fun and enjoying the game.


What should I expect at the games?

We usually start throwing a frisbee around about 10 minutes before games are scheduled while people take time to warm up.  Teams are selected randomly, so we are always playing with different sets of people. We say a prayer of thanks before we start.  Depending on the weather, we take at least one water break in the middle of the game.  Most of the time, we don't keep score...it's just for fun!