Project Partners

The LGR-Project was funded from 2012 till 2014 by the
 'Leonardo da Vinci Programme' of the European Commission
Since 2014 till 2017 it was funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.

LGRP is a self supporting non-profit organization whose purpose is to study, demonstrate and communicate
 the possibilities of building acoustic and classical guitars from non-tropical woods. 

The LGRP Partner Group consists of lutherie schools, independent luthiers, researchers, experts and organisations
in the field of musical instruments

New Partners since 2018

Laboratoire d'Acoustique de l'Université du Mans / LAUM

Association Professionnelle des Luthiers artisans
en Guitare et autres cordes pincées / APLG

European Guitar Builders association / EGB

Jacques Carbonneaux
Project manager for manufacturers of musical instrumentsFounding Member and Vice-President of the APLG - Professional As. sociation of Luthiers in Guitars and Plucked Instruments
Active Member,  APLG Representative, CSFI - Chambre Syndicale de la facture instrumentale. Founding member of the EGB - European Guitar Builders. Chief editor of

Bernard Michaud
Forestier d’origine, Bernard Michaud recherche aujourd’hui, les bois qui seront utilisés par les luthiers.
Il a à cœur de toujours faire le chemin entre la forêt et l’établi du luthier : comprendre ce que cherche le luthier, comprendre ce que produit la forêt.

Cmb / Belgium
Centre for Musical Instrument Making
LGRP Coordination 

NEWARK College (UK)
College of Further Education

CVO Rivierenland / Belgium
Adult Education Centre
Centrum voor Volwassenenonderwijs

French guitar maker and musicologist
with training in Cmb. He received the
Golden Fingerplane 2011, an award for excellent instrument makers.  
IKATA / Finland
Arts and Crafts School
Ikaalisten käsi-ja taideteollisuusoppilaitos

Chris Larkin / Ireland
Irish guitar maker, for almost 40
years specialising in the use of non-traditional and locally sourced woods