Leonardo D. Epstein

Foto: Yanira Tala

Leonardo D. Epstein, PhD
Professor  of Statistics
School of Business, Universidad de los Andes
Santiago, Chile


Leonardo Epstein is professor of statistics at the Business School Universidad de los Andes (UA), Santiago, Chile. He received his Ph.D. (and MSc.) in Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University, and previously studied mathematical engineering at the University of Chile. 

His current interdisciplinary research interests follow three lines: first, problems at the interface of statistics and operations research. Second, methods and models for the evaluation of marketing and sales promotion campaigns, and third, biostatistical methods. In the field of operations he is developing inventory models for re-usable and rented items. His research on marketing campaigns uses data collected from videos captured at stores and develops models for the effects of a campaign. In biostatistics his current collaborations concentrate on severe climate variability and the health of human populations, and on the effects of diarrheal episodes on the growth of children.  Leonardo Epstein has a versatile range of abilities and interests that have allowed him to collaborate with researchers in fields as diverse as Marketing, Operations Research, Health and Public Policy, Epidemiology and Inmunolgy
His current statistical methodology research interests center on models for recurrent events, time series analysis of non-normal observations and bayesian approaches for regression with non-normal data. 

In addition to core probability and statistics course, professor Epstein has occasionally taught introductory statistics and statistical prediction modules in Business Analytics Diplomas, basic statistics in Project Evaluation programs, and Quantitative Methods in MBA programs. 

Selectively, professor Epstein chooses to consult with companies and government agencies.

Contact Information:
Telephone (work): 
+(562) 2 618 1239

at uandes dot cl 

Personal: please send request to my institutional

Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales 
Universidad de los Andes
San Carlos de Apoquindo 2200,
Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.

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