Leonardo Caffo, Philosopher and Curator. B.A and M.A in Logic and Philosophy (Milan), PhD in Philosophy (Turin), is Professor of Ontological Design at Politecnico di Torino and of Philosophy of Visual Contemporary Arts and Design at NABA: New Academy of Fine Arts (Milan). Is a member of Research Centre at La Triennale Milano where is also the Curator of Public program. He has been Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics (2011-2013), Post-doctoral Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Turin (2015, Intesa San Paolo Scholarship; 2016-2019 Prima Spes Scholarship), and Visiting Scholar of Jawaharlal Nehru University (2015, New Delhi). He has also been Chief of Seminar (Animal Philosophy) with DAAD (2013) Program at the University of Kassel and Visiting Professor at Politecnico di Milano (2015), at Art House (2016, Shkodër, Albania), at Universidad Nacional Colombia (Bogotà 2017) and at SUPSI (Switzerland 2018), and in several European and American institutions. He is a columnist for ‘L'Espresso’, 'Domus', and ‘Corriere della Sera’, radio host at Radio 3 Rai, former editor of Rivista di Estetica and of Ardeth: Architectural Design Theory; he is also Co-director of Relations. Beyond Anthropocentrism and of Animot: l’altra filosofia. Was the founder and past-director of Animal Studies and the Rivista Italiana di Filosofia Analitica Jr and he is also the Director of Research and Curatorial Platform “Waiting Posthuman Studio”. Leonardo Caffo has worked in the field of social ontology and realism, human animal studies and posthumanism (is also invited member of EACAS), effective altruism, future studies and philosophy of anarchism and architecture. Attaching is name to the theory of “antispecismo debole” (weak antispeciesism) and "contemporary posthuman"; he won the “Premio Nazionale Frascati Filosofia” (2015). Since 2017 is also Guest Professor of Non-creative writing at Scuola Holden of Turin and since 2018 is Visiting Professor of Ecology of Design and of Aesthetics at Made Program of Academy of Fine Arts of Siracusa where is also Faculty Member. Since 2019 is Professor of Sociology of Animal Studies at Università degli Studi E-Campus of Roma. Leonardo Caffo is also co-founder and Artistic Director of Walden Milano, hub and space for events, art, food and books-culture.

Current AOC. Leonardo Caffo's primary research is focused on AP: Animal Philosophy - in the sense of a possible philosophy outside the human atmosphere. In this framework has worked and is working on: simplicity, relation between form of life and space for life (philosophy of architecture), ontology and individuals vs. ecology and relations, a new concept of posthuman and antispeciesism, and philosophy as a practice of life.

LEONARDO CAFFO <leonardo_caffo@docenti.naba.it>

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for paper correspondence: Prof. Leonardo Caffo, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano, via Carlo Darwin 20.