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Student Interactions with Win 8 Apps

posted 4 Oct 2013, 07:06 by Leon Annett   [ updated 4 Oct 2013, 07:07 ]
At my college we have been looking at implementing some new strategies based around teaching, learning and assessments. Robert Powell has been providing the basis for these strategies.
So as i am improving my own knowledge and skills around the Windows 8 platform, i am also keen to see how learners interact with the device and specifically what apps can be used to improveteaching, learning and assessment.
The apps i have used this week have been used as assessment tools.
The first i used was an app called skitch. Skitch allows you to annotate using your finger or stylus. The learners found this quite fun and it was a good method to assess prior learning. There is a paid version which will allow you to annotate on an uploaded picture which would be better for certain subjects. 
Flash Quiz
This app is basically a digital flash card set. You can create a number of sets with as many questions as you want on them. It was used well and it was another good method to assess their learning at the end of the lesson. It could also be used as a plenary activity recapping on the previous lesson. Learners have also been creating their own flash card questions which has increased their knowledge further.