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posted 20 Sep 2013, 14:08 by Leon Annett
This week the learners have been working on One Note.
I have grouped the learners into 4 groups and their task was to begin working on a business project as part of the Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training.
Firstly, we had to ensure all of the learners had a Microsoft account so that they could access their SkyDrive.
The learners then all worked on individual laptops in their groups on the same project on the same OneNote. The feedback was very positive. Some learners were formulating ideas via audio recordings, some were pasting web clippings on market research whilst others were beginning to edit and put the document together.
None of the learners had any experience of OneNote or had used a SkyDrive, even though the majority already had a Hotmail account.
As I am keen to use Moodle as our central 'hub' I have created links to their projects via their course homepage, which will obviously allow me to grade their work.
OneNote has proved to be very popular amongst my learners and they are now keen to see how far the technology can be pushed in order to improve the quality of their business project in the coming weeks.