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Applications for Fitness

posted 27 Sep 2013, 04:02 by Leon Annett

The focus this week has been on applications for Windows 8.

A lot has been written about the poor range and quality of Windows 8 applications when compared to their nearest rivals. I looked at a few apps that I could use with the learners that would be engaging and interactional.

The first app was a blood pressure app which could record up to 5 users at any one time. The data and the charts were of good quality and could track health measurements over time which could be very useful. The disappointment was that the data or charts could not be exported into something you could embed or print.

We then used an app which would calculate whether you were a first, second or third class marine, or in fact if you did not make the grade! The learners have to complete fitness tests as part of their module so this seemed like a good way for them to put more effort in! It is quite a quirky little app which was fun and enjoyable to use.

Lastly, we used a reaction time app. This became quite competitive between the learners but a better way to test reaction time when compared to the old-fashioned ruler drop test.


I will be looking to find other applications that have a wider use in the coming weeks.