Some experimental shoots

All images © Leon Aguilera Radford 2006

Centruroides sp, ca. 2004

Kodak HIE, ISO 10, Flash ilumination

I received this Centruroides as a gift from one of my workplace security men. This photo, not one of the best of the series taken at the wee hours of one Saturday is, however, the only one extant and useful of all of them. It was difficult to keep the arachnid still, as I refuse to freeze my specimens, restrain them or to use dead ones.

Clouds at 1.0K metres above sea level

These shots were taken with a Nikon F camera, a 28mm 3.5 Nikkor lens, from a KLM 747 window when returning from Europe.

Kodak HIE, ISO 10, available light.

Bitch, Panajachel, Guatemala, 2005

After a day shooting models for a fashion catalogue, in a hotel near Lake Atitlan, we were walking at easy when I spotted this medium sized mongrel which, it seemed to me, was resting after looking for some food for its puppies.

Kodak HIE, ISO 10, available light.

Clouds, 2004

As this image shows, the combination of a Wratten 87c filter (installed BTR) with a polarizing one, yields deep blacks while keeping some detail in the highlights. However, only experienced photographers, it seems, find this photograph interesting.

Kodak HIE, ISO 10, available light.