Night Photography

All images © Leon Aguilera Radford 2006

Ciudad Tecún Umán, 2006

A beautiful vista from the hotel, taken at 23:00 hours. The calmy night seemed to invite for a long walk but the streets were crowded by small groups of inmigrants who, looking to continue their journey to the US, and lacking money to pay for a room, stayed all night long in the outside without taking any sleep. I forced my return to the hotel.

Fuji Provia, ISO 100.

Volcano, 2005

Velvia, ISO 50, available light.

A typical nigh landscape as seen from my kitchen's window.

San Francisco Temple, 2006

A typical urban landscape under the full Moon. This beautiful temple inspires heavy metal like fantasies in my feeble imagination. Besides, the not so ugly former Police building, at its side, with its horrible history of housing the most brutal violations against Human Rights in Guatemala during its Civil War, fuels these ideas further.

Fuji Provia, ISO 100.

Telgua Building, 2006

During daytime this complex is rather dull and architecturally insignificant. At night, however, it glows with a pleasant atmosphere of its own that this shot tried to capture, with a certain degree of success.

Maco, ISO 50

Abstract Building, 2004

EfkeR25, ISO 25; Velvia, ISO 50; available light.

El Globo Building, Guatemala, 2005

Velvia ISO 50, available light.

This is by no means one of the ugliest edifices made in Guatemala, built to house the headquarters of the El Globo Ferretería, one of the oldest hardware stores in the city. Finding a reputable angle was a very hard task, fullfilled, after several hours of searching, at 03:00 o'clock in the morning.

My Main Street, 2005

Velvia ISO 50, available light.

I have seen this environment almost every insomnia night from a window, while Prensa Libre people load their cargo for morning distribution that same morning.

Selfportrait, 2004

Fuji Velvia ISO 50, moonlight.

Homage to Annubis (FullMoonPortrait), 2004

Fuji Pro ISO 100, moonlight.

Edificivm, 2004

Another insignificant building, from the designer's viewpoint, becomes spectacular under the full Moon and the perspective rendered by a Nikkor 16mm lens.

Fuji Pro ISO 100, moonlight.