Pre 2018 Johnny Appleseed Highlights  ...30min
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2018 = Bigger & Better!

13mins from 20hrs of 2017 JA Fest!
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2018 Biggest & Best
JA Fest 25th Year & Open to All
 Main Stage will be LIVE on TV ALL Day !
 Johnny Appleseed in Year Round Network 
 of Free Family & Community 
 Entertainment Events! 
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Online Year Round 24x7, Plus
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 2018 JA Fest... Seen & Recorded HERE as it Evolves 
20+hrs of Fest Video Video
Selectable by:
- Live JA Fest Multi-Camera Video from 9am-5pm 
- Individual Music & Stage Performances
- 1hr Highlights ALL of Fest
Available to/on:
- Leominster Music Videos "YouTube Channel"
- ALL Surrounding Towns Public TV
- Multiple Facebook Accounts