Save Time & Money with Local: Free Events & Business Purchases
1) Attend Public Events on this website                    98% of City & School Events are FREE
       Public Events & Dates LINK                                   125+ Family EVENTS per year
              Starburst, Johnny Appleseed, City Strolls, Carter Park Concerts etc.
2) Save Time & Money = Buy Local !                        Local Business Supports Free Events
    - Business "Sales" ...Saves You $                        "             "       Donate Time & Products
    - Save Time-Gas-Car Expense $                  "             "       Fund Raise for Good Causes

       Leominster Rotary Club  LINK                              Band/Music Breakfast & Dinner &
                                                                                             ringing Salvation Army bell, etc.
       LHS Music Boosters  LINK                                       Sponsors Support Fund Raising LINK                                         Sponsors on Website
       Starburst Program Guide Interactive LINK                     Sponsors in Program Guide LINK     Sponsors: Website & Newspaper
       Summer Concerts at Carter Park Facebook LINK         Sponsors: Facebook & Web