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From: 1-7 Cameras & 1-4 Camera Operators with Services, for Customized Public Events
For:    Video Services Results delivered on Internet, Cloud, DVD & TV ...see:
       Leominster Music Videos YouTube Channel                  Leominster Music Vimeo Channels                                                                    
We do 80% of Live Music Events on Leominster TV
                                       Generic Videos offered to 20 Surrounding Public TV Stations

                                 800+ Music Videos... Arranged by Playlists on Channel LINKS below:
                                               Playlists make it Easy to See "Your Interest" Videos

- References... Leominster TV, Event Managers, Music Directors, Bands & Mayor Mazzarella
- Experience... 10years: Record-Edit-Publish, Live Public-Music Events Video on TV & Internet
- Equipment...  All Cameras-Motors-Monitors, Control(Wire-Wireless) & Computers to Record & Publish.
1) Bull Run Video Examples

a)  Players Showcase... Annual Documentary with 20 local musicians. 
     Video Packaged for Public Sale with Commercial Duplication Services.
b) Mark Marquis Group...    Jazz Concert Video LINK      Rocking Guitars Video LINK
c) Koivu Piano Recital... Annual 38 Students doing Recital Solos, Video on DVD for Performer.
d) FutureStars Showcase... Annual, 9 Bands,sponsor is City Music - Video for Bands & Business Promo.

2) Icicle Ball... Annual "Night On The Town" ...Ballroom Photo at Leominster DoubleTree by Hilton

Social Hour + Dinner + Dancing & Silent Auction:
- Live Band(s) Music from 7 to 10:30.
- Includes a served DoubleTree Dinner.

3) Starburst & Johnny Appleseed Festivals: 5 Cameras, 3 Operators & 5-8+hrs of Video on TV & Internet
Starburst 25th Year Preview Video LINK     Preview: 11min Highlights of the Starburst Experience.
Starburst Festival Highlights Video LINK   5hrs of Video & 8,000 in audience on upper Doyle Field.
Starburst OnLine Program Guide LINK      Copy of Printed Guide: available 24x7 on Phone-Tablet-PC.
                                                                  with Interactive LINKS in Sponsor Ads-Descriptions !    
Videos of Performances & 1hr Highlights for TV, Internet & Library.

4) UMass Band Day at Gillette Stadium      HalfTime Show at Gillette Video LINK
- Video since 2008... Patriots now treat us as "the Leominster Video Guys" for Band Day at Gillette.
- Always a Thrill... UMass & the 3,500 member band: Practice, HalfTime Show & Q5.

5) Berklee Jazz Fest at Hynes Auditorium        Leominster Jazz Band Video LINK
- Video since 2010... Similar to UMass Band Day but: Indoors & 150+ Jazz Bands, 3 Floors at the Hynes.
- 150+ Best Bands generate... Excitement & Enthusiasm that float the crowds, flowing between performances.

6) Wavelengths Studio in Leominster Video Examples
From Simple Video... 2 Cameras & 2 Operators Capture Trio, Publish for TV-Internet.   Guitar Trio Video LINK
To Complex Video... 7 Cameras & 4 Operators Capture 11 Musicians. ...Published on a Private DVD. 

7) Summer Concert Examples... New Band Every Thurs for 2yrs    See "Good Video" at a 10 Post Gazebo!
Video below: 5 Cameras & 3 Operators in All weather ~ 2 Motorized Cameras on Poles, Operator behind Gazebo.
Williams Brothers Band Video LINK ...with Dancing      Ned Lucas Band Video LINK    ...Video in the Rain   

8) Leominster Community & School Events... 10yrs of Video 2017 through 2007
- Public Community & Music Events: Concerts, Memorial Day, LHS to Elementary Schools etc.
- 80% of School & Community Events are: Video, Edit & Publish at: No Charge or Costs.
- 50+ Videos per year: indoors & outdoors from City Hall to Gillette Stadium.
- Public Performances Videos range from dozens to thousands of people.
- Some Theater Plays & Performances are on DVD & not Online.

Some Example Videos...
       - Leominster Summer Jazz Camp Video LINK                          - LHS Band(s) at Disney Video LINK 
            - Leominster Memorial Day Video LINK                            - Mass Marching Band Finals Video LINK