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From: 1-7 Cameras & 1-4 Camera Operators with Services, for Customized Public Events
For:  Video Services Results delivered on Internet, Cloud, DVD & TV ...see:
       Leominster Music Videos YouTube Channel                  Leominster Music Vimeo Channels                                                                    
We do 90% of Live Music Events on Leominster TV
                                       Generic Videos offered to 20 Surrounding Public TV Stations

                                 800+ Music Videos... Arranged by Playlists on Channel LINKS below:
                                               Playlists make it Easy to See "Your Interest" Videos

- References... Musicians, Event Managers, Music Directors, Leominster TV & Mayor Mazzarella
- Experience... 10years: Record-Edit-Publish, Live Public-Music Events Videos on TV & Internet
- Equipment...  $20,000: Cameras-Control-Motors-Monitors(Wire-Wireless), Computers-Software
1) Bull Run Video Examples

a)  Players Showcase... Annual Documentary with 20 local musicians. Video Packaged for Public Sale
b) Mark Marquis Group... 5 Jazz Musicians in a Jazz Concert.  Marquis Video Sample LINK
c) Koivu Piano Recital... Annual 38 Students doing Recital Solos, Video on DVD for Performers
d) FutureStars Showcase... Annual, 9 Bands,sponsor is City Music - Video for Bands & Business Promo

2) Icicle Ball... Annual "Night On The Town" ...Ballroom Photo at Leominster DoubleTree by Hilton

Social Hour + Dinner + Dancing & Silent Auction
- Live Band(s) Music from 7 to 10:23
- Includes a served DoubleTree Dinner

3) Starburst & Johnny Appleseed Festivals: 5 Cameras, 3 Operators & 5-8+hrs of Video on TV & Internet
Starburst Festival Highlights Video LINK   5hrs of Video & 8,000 in audience on upper Doyle Field
Starburst OnLine Program Guide LINK   = to Printed Guide: available 24x7 on Phone-Tablet-PC &
                                                                   has Interactive LINKS in Sponsor Ads-Descriptions !    
Normally Publish Videos of... Performances & 1hr Highlights for TV, Internet & Library

4) UMass Band Day at Gillette Stadium      HalfTime Show at Gillette Video LINK
- Video since 2008... Patriots now treat us as "the Leominster Video Guys" for Band Day at Gillette
- Always a Thrill... UMass & the 3,500 member band: Practice, HalfTime Show & Q5

5) Berklee Jazz Fest at Hynes Auditorium        Leominster Jazz Band Video LINK
- Video since 2010... Similar to UMass Band Day but: Indoors & 150+ Jazz Bands, 3 Floors at the Hynes
- 150+ Best Bands generate... Excitement & Enthusiasm that float the crowds flowing, between performances

6) Wavelengths Studio in Leominster Video Examples
From Simple Video... 2 Cameras & 2 Operators Capture Trio, Publish for TV-Internet   Guitar Trio Video LINK
To Complex Video... 7 Cameras & 4 Operators Capture 11 Musicians. ...Published on a Private DVD. 

7) Summer Concert Examples... New Band Every Thurs for 2yrs    See "Good Video" at a 10 Post Gazebo!
Video below: 5 Cameras & 3 Operators in All weather   2 Motorized Cameras on Poles, Operator behind Gazebo
Williams Brothers Band Video LINK ...with Dancing      Ned Lucas Band Video LINK    ...Video in the Rain   

8) Leominster School & Community Events... 10yrs of Video 2016 through 2006
- LHS to Elmentary Schools, Public Community & Music Events: Concerts, Memorial Day etc.
- 90% Leominster School & Community Events are: Video, Edit & Publish at No Charge
- 50x Performance Videos per year: indoors & outdoors from City Hall to Gillette 
- Public Performances Videos range from dozens to thousands of people
- Some Theater Plays & Private Performances on DVD & not Online

Example Videos...