Music Students Succeed BECAUSE:

Band & Chorus ...Provide How To Succeed Training
-  Learn how to contribute, with your own skills & efforts
-  Perform a clear role on a winning team
-  Provide a service for community
-  Develop success disciplines
-  Have fun & good friends
-  Better SAT Score

See & Understand How in this 4min Video 
Music Training Can Change Children’s Brain Structure
...& Boost the Decision-Making Network.
Wesleyan Brain & Cognition Study Details LINK
Jazz Training Enables Better Response to the Unexpected a level Better Than Classic Music Training. 
 Band & Chorus ...Opportunity Details
1. Secure Growth Environment
    Youth growth requires finding purpose, place, membership,
    opportunity & constructive support. Band activities provide: place, purpose & adult supervision 
    ...extended family & team member operation
    ...parental mindset & responsibility as the guide
2. Learning Skills Development & Practice
    Skills include: personal contribution, team & social interaction.
    We practice the personal disciplines necessary for: listening,
    learning, work & performance in life, family and community.
3. Life and Workplace Success Training
    Success in "Today's" Life & Workplace requires: 
    ... Ability to learn, being disciplined & creativite. 
    ...Simultaneous learning, change & performance.
    ...Well practiced skills to deal with life complexities.
    ...Creative thinking, adjustment & leadership:
        - Machines and computers now do the ...How 
        - Leaders Determine the ...What, Why & When