2011 Summer Jazz Camp

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July 25 to Aug 5th... 8am to 12noon Mon-Fri
- Daily Lessons: Scales & Soloing & Camp Songs
- Instructors: Landry, Marquis & Zuaro
- Students: from 6th Grade to High School Seniors
Summary... Music Knowledge Learned Applicable to All Music
                   Having Video as a Reference is a Learning Bonus 
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Camp Day 10B           2-2 Aug 5th Parent Performance Demo
Camp Day 10A           1-2 Aug 5th    "                 "             " 
Camp Day 9B                   Mr. Marquis with all students
Camp Day 9A                   Mr. Landry with all students
Camp Day 7B                     Mr. Marquis with all students
Camp Day 7A                     Mr. Landry with all students
Camp Day 6A                     Mr. Marquis Coaches the Advanced
Camp Day 5C                    Rehearsing & Tailoring Jazz Camp Music
Camp Day 5B2                  Student Solos - All Skill Levels
Camp Day 5B1                  Optimizing Solo Performance Delivery
Camp Day 5A                     Scales, Practice & these videos
Camp Day 4B                     Soloing with Student Teacher (MIKE)
Camp Day 4A                     Scales & Practice with Mr. Landry
Camp Day 3                         Summary of Jazz Camp Day
Camp Day 2                          "                 "          " 
Camp Day 1                          "                 "          "