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ESSA... Every Student Succeeds Act
Replaces... No Child Left Behind
ESSA... A New Day for Music Education
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6-1  Frances Drake 4th Grade Play 6:30
6-2  Frances Drake Spring Concert at City Hall 6:30
6-4  LHS Graduation at Doyle 
6-7  Frances Drake Spring Choral at City Hall 6:30
6-11  Leominster STARBURST at Doyle

~ ~ ~ Recent Events ~ ~ 

5-30  Veterans... Memorial Day Svcs 8-1pm
3 Cemetaries , Parade & Carter Park

5-27  Veterans... White Cross Memorial Svc.

5-26  Elementary Chorus at LHS 6:30

Middle & LHS & Strings & FSU Orchestra

5-21 Marquis NPTG Concert

         4-16  Marquis Group at Bull Run ...Video Coming

               Bands in the Round at Samoset Video LINK

Featuring... Worcester State University Chorale

    Assignment Earth Grade 2 Frances Drake Video LINK 

                     ALL City Musical Comedy "HONK"                                          ...a great success & will be seen again                                              on DVDs, Order through Landry


              4-3 "Music" FutureStars Showcase 2016 LINK                  Videos available call City Music

                       LHS BandsHighlights Video LINK                                           LHS Bands Day 1 Disney Video LINK                                       LHS Bands Day 2 Disney Video LINK                            LHS Marching Band Day 3 Disney Video LINK         LHS Jazz Band Day 4 Disney Video LINK

                   Baby Dragons & Friends Video LINK                    Violinists, Sky View, Samoset

     Good Morning Boston - Frances Drake Video LINK      Happy & Kindness Day - FrancesDrake Video LINK

               Leominster Icicle Ball is a Night on the Town                 with Food, Dinner, Dancing to Live Music

Feb 6... Berklee High School Jazz Bands, Best in US

Jazz Depot & 21 Musicians Showcase at Bull Run
SEE 3 Hours of Video on Leominster Public TV 

Sky View Winter Carnival

LHS- Disney Calendar Raffle WINNERS !
December Date         Winners
          1st               Paul Higgins
          2nd              Mr. Stills
          3rd              Stephanie Lanciani
          4th              Michelle Swift
          5th              Marie Dio
          6th              Robert Shaw
          7th              Mary Joslin
          8th              Joyce Cote
          9th              Russell Burdett
          10th            Tracey Cavaco
          11th            Mike Ballas
          12th            Jodie Carbonello
          13th            Joan McGuffey
          14th            Eydie King
          15th            Emma Morelli
          16th            William McMahan
          17th            Juliana Pompei
          18th            Parth DelVadia
          19th            Sherry McDermott
          20th            Sherry McDermott
          21st            Rod Schaffter
          22nd           Kristin Laler
          23rd            Jill Patella
          24th            Joan Beaulieu
          25th            Margaret Sargent
          26th            Laurie Morelli
          27th            Kathy Sargent
          28th            Cheryl Martineau
          29th            Travis Mills
          30th            Christopher Long
          31st            Karen Peters

Nov 11 Veterans Day LHS Band Video LINK

Nov 7 Day 1-2 of Taekwondo Championship
for some LHS Band Members!

micca Competition Finals

Story on Sentinel Newspaper FRONT Page !

Sept 10  LHS Marching Band

Sept 3  LHS Marching Band

Sept 2  LHS Marching Band
LHS Football at Doyle
Johnny Appleseed Festival 2015
22nd Annual  9-5  Sept 26th

LHS Band Camp
LHS & Samoset & Sky View
New: Members & Marching Formations & Music

Leominster (Summer) Jazz Camp
July 27 - August 7  ~  8am to Noon
ALL Musicians & Singers Welcome
Parents & Students
10 Winning Scholarship Student Essays on:

Southeast Music Spring Concerts

Southeast BAND Video LINK 

Southeast CHORUS Video LINK

Chorus + Strings + Sky View + FSU Orchestra

June 13  Starburst
FREE - Doyle Field
****Extra BIG Fireworks****
to Celebrate Leominster 100th Birthday

2015 Starburst Videos Below

May 7LHS Band Gala

April 25 Mark Marquis Group
at Bull Run 7:30

April 17  Annual Rotary Dinner for
Samoset & Sky View Music Programs

April 15  LHS Spring Concert

April 14 Bands in the Round

"NUTS Musical" with music, dance & costumes

March 22 - LATV Award Banquet
Russ Davis gets "Education" Service Award

March 21 & 22 & 27 & 28 - Mary Poppins MUSICAL
Evening 7pm - Day 2pm  at LHS Auditorium
Video for DVD ...in Review by Landry

Jordan Hall - Boston - Free

March 29 - WIN this Fender Guitar
at FutureStars Showcase !

April 14 - Bands in the Round
at Samoset

April 25 - Mark Marquis Group
at Bull Run ...8pm

March 12 - Southeast Chorus & Friends MUSIC
City Hall at 6:30pm  + Sky View Jazz Band !

5:30 to 10:30 Ball in 2... 1hr Highlights Videos

at LHS Auditorium

Sky View Winter Concert .Video


Our Choruses & FSU Orchestra

Patriots... Work Hard at Your Passion & Job
4th Win at 6 Super Bowls = Never Give Up!

Jan 31 Berklee High School Jazz Fest
Hynes Auditorium - Boston

Marching Band - City Hall

Nov 8... Marine Corps Ball
Jazz Band - Monty Tech

Jazz Band - City Hall

Oct 31... LHS Football + Band & Halloween at Doyle

Oct 18 UMass Band Day ~ Gillette
3000+ High School Band Members
+ UMass Band ~ are the Half Time SHOW
Q5 ~ UMass Band Performs for High School Bands
LHS at Band Day Q5 video soon

21th Annual JA Festival
Saturday ~ September 27, 2014
Downtown Leominster
FREE Admission ~ 9am - 8:30pm
   Major JA Sponsor

JA Fest Videos
View on a Full Size Screen or Create a DVD
with “Windows DVD Maker” software
LHS Band STAND Newspaper Letter to:

Aug 14 ~ Redstone & Caponi

Aug 11-16
Videos below - Download & Burn to DVD

LHS Band Camp 1st Performance – Download LINK

Summer Jazz Camp

July 28th – August 8th
Monday – Friday   8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

All Musicians/Singers, Middle-High School Welcome
Jazz Camp ...Day 10  1st Performance video LINK

Jazz Camp 2014 …Day 8 Highlights ~ video LINK

Jazz Camp 2014 …Day 8 Interviews ~ video LINK

Jazz Camp 2014 …Day 7 video LINK

Jazz Camp 2014 …Day 6 video LINK

Jazz Camp 2014 …Day 5 Highlights ~ video LINK

Jazz Camp 2014 …Day 4 Highlights ~ video LINK

Jazz Camp 2014 …Day 3 Highlights ~ video LINK

Jazz Camp 2014 …Day 2 Highlights ~ video LINK

Jazz Camp 2014 …Day 1 Samples ~ video LINK

Jazz Camp 2014 …Day 1 Intro ~ video LINK

Jazz Camp 2014 …Sectionals ~ video LINK

Jazz Camp 2014 …Interviews ~ video LINK

Camp Instructor Marquis …Rockin’ Gig ~ video LINK

WHY Music Students Succeed in Life ~ details LINK

How Jazz Camp Benefits Your Brain ~ video LINK

Reference Jazz Related Channels NOW

Leominster Jazz Camp - YouTube Channel LINK

Mark Marquis Concerts - YouTube Channel LINK

Berklee Jazz Festival – YouTube Channel LINK

Jazz Video Guy - YouTube Channel LINK

Thurs Pro-Band* Concerts Schedule LINK

at Carter Park 7-9  with Food Vendors

 July 31 is Rob G & Mr. C  

Mark Marquis Group …Carter Park Concert LINK

1 of the Best from Carter Park Thursdays

6/17 Southeast Spring Choral Concert 6:30pm City Hall

Starburst 5-8… Veterans Chorus YouTube LINK

Download LINKS coming...

5/26 LHS Memorial Day

5/21  Samoset Evening of the Arts

May... Wrestling - Boys & Girls Club Fitchburg & Leominster Wrestling 1-2 YouTube Video LINK
4/30  Taste of Leominster 6-8:30pm (City Hall)

4/15  Bands In the Round at Samoset

Bands in the Round Viewing Video LINK

Sneak Preview Band Videos
LHS Bands in Action Video LINK

LHS at Samoset Video LINK

LHS at Sky View Video LINK

LHS Band at Disney Video LINK

LHS at UMass Band Day Video LINK

LHS: Chorus, Jazz & Concert Bands !

4/3  8th Grade Open House 6:30pm (LHS)

April 4th & 5th All City Musical

April 5  Marquis Group at Bull Run

 ~ ~ ~ Recent ~ ~ ~ 

March 1  Icicle Ball 2014

Samoset 6:30pm ~ with Samoset & Sky View Chorus

Feb 15th Beatles For Sale - Energy Concert
 at Leominster City Hall

A Day at Jazz Fest... Video Coming
Photos Coming

Northwest... Ms. Braman
Johnny Appleseed... Ms. McHugh
Fall Brook... Mrs. Russo
Southeast... Mr. Zuaro

 2013 Video You Have Not SEEN !  

UMass Band Day Video LINKS

31 Days & Chances to WIN
$100, $50, $25

Dec 18  Southeast Band & Chorus Holiday Concert

12-7 Winter Stroll Video
- - -
Download DVD Quality Video for BigScreen or DVD

Band... Marso & Chorus... Gale

Band & Chorus... Landry

Nov 28  LHS & FHS Thanksgiving Football Game
LHS Band Alumni at UMass
Minuteman Band will hit TV screens at 11:24 am ET
during NBC's live parade broadcast. Don't miss it!

LHS Band & Santa

Nov 11 LHS Band - Veterans Day at City Hall soon
at Lowell's Cawley Stadium
Director Bob Landry

Oct 17 LHS at Veterans
LATV Video LINK here when Available
ALL CITY Band Students Invited... to SIT IN !
High Schools - Marching - Open to Public
  Just Released - Never Seen before:
2 Hour Performance Here NOW
On LATV Next Week
Leominster Music World - Directors & Musicians
are Preparing for Johnny Appleseed
Sneak Preview
Oct 12  LHS in UMass Band Day at Gillette
3,000+ Member Band does Football Halftime Show
Oct 18  LHS Football & Band FRIDAY Night
ALL CITY Band Students Invited... to SIT IN !
 ~ ~ ~ Last 12 Months Highlights ~ ~ ~ 
Sept 13  LHS Football & Band FRIDAY Night
ALL CITY Band Students Invited... to SIT IN !
 A WOW Summer of "Band Events !" 
Aug 29 Leominster Summer Concerts
FREE Country Concert ...Carter Park
AJ Gaudette & Bruce Cornelio
Aug 22 Leominster Summer Concerts
FREE Rock Concert ...at Carter Park
Dianne Redstone & Art Caponi
6-8pm Thursday
Aug 12 to 17 = LHS Band Camp
~ Great News ~
Russ Davis will do LHS Band Video this Year
Russ Kruger is Website stuff & Backup
~ Instructors ~
Mr. Landry, Mrs. Marso, Mr. Pierce, Mr. Caudill
Mrs. Delaney, Mr. Zuaro, Mr. Marquis
Get Ready for Week 2 Aug 5-9!
Videos below:
Aug 15 Carter Park Free Concert 6-8pm
Country & Southern Rock Band
Aug 8 Carter Park Free Concert 6-8pm 
Williams Brothers Country Band
August 1 Carter Park ~ Free Concert 6-8pm
"North Street Revival Band" Rock & Blues 
- This is 21st Consecutive Year ~ Here for this Band
- Leominster Jazz Camp Students Should Attend
- Performing: Marquis, Group, Lizzy & Friends
- See & Here How the Pro's Do It !
- Get a Free DVD of July 11th ! 
See Lizzy Marquis Perform !
see Parade & LHS Marching Band
May 27  LHS Band - Memorial Day
May 9  LHS Bands GALA ...at the Elks
May 2  LHS Marching Band Open House
April 26  Middle Schools Music ~ Fund Raiser
at Vachon's Wildlife Sanctuary
- Complimentary Wines
- 5 Course Dinner
- 99 Tickets !
- $90 Each
Call Freda 978-537-5032
or Rotary Members
Beauty and the Beast Play
Cast Party April 23 ~ Samoset 3-4:30
Play Photos LINK       send Photos to:
April 6-7 Guitar Raffle
Click On Ad Below
April 6  Marquis Group at Bull Run
Email Photos to
April 5-6  Beauty & the Beast ~ Monty-Tech
Leominster Middle Schools+
March 2 ~ Berklee Jazz Fest
Fall Brook, Johnny Appleseed, Northwest, Southeast

  Starburst COMING 

  in June  

    Sneak Peek May 1st      OnLine 

 New Music 

 New Events 

 Citizens of the Year 

Starburst Last Year