My Goals


 Hello, my name is Leo, and I'm going to tell you the reader a little bit about myself. After I have completed my high school education, my plan is to go to college for four years to enter my major. MY choice would be to go to University of San Francisco because of their medical reputation. Then I would get my masters degree, and finally get my PHD on medicine, yet to accomplish all of this I have to be a great student in high school.

 As I have have already told you, some of my desires are to be a great scholar in college, but as you may know all of this is not just given to you, it has to be earned,and that’s why I have set my goals to accomplish all of this.

 First of all, when I get to high school I want to get into clubs that teach me something about medicine, but also to go to many others, because the colleges are interested in students who are in many activities. Other thing that I want to do is take AP classes on biology and chemestri, those classes will help me on what I want to do. On another hand, to go to college I need to pass two exams that you may have heard of, the CAHSEE and the SAT. Both of them are challenging exams so I have heard, so my plan to pass these two exams what I'm going to do is take prep classes and these classes will prepare me for those exams.

 So that is all I have told you all about my plan and my goals, I thank you, the reader, for your time.

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