Welcome in Lens!

The Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Lens is hosting, with a financial support from the GDR 2875 of Topology and Applications and from the Luxembourg University, a meeting starting on the afternoon of the 22nd and ending the morning of 24th of mai 2017. It is a continuation of the previous meetings of 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013.

The list of invited speakers is 
  • Hongyi Chu (Lille)
  • Olivier Elchinger (Luxembourg)
  • Benoit Fresse (Lille)
  • Camille Laurent-Gengoux (Metz)
  • Daniel Robert-Nicoud (Paris 13)
  • Martin Saralegi-Aranguren (Artois)
  • Vladimir Salnikov (Luxembourg)
  • Boris Shoikhet (Antverpen)
  • Yannick Voglaire (Luxembourg)
  • Sinan Yalin (Angers)
  • Ping Xu (Penn State)
  • Marco Zambon (Leuven)
 Titles and Abstracts List of participants
If you wish to attend, please contact one of the organizers Y. Frégier V. Salnikov or M. Saralegi-Aranguren. There will be a conference dinner.

To know how to reach the LML, have a look here. The talks will be in P110.
If you are in Lens, you should take this opportunity to visit the Louvre-Lens