The Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Lens is hosting a two half days meeting on the afternoon of the 17th and in the morning of 18th of November 2016, in the framework of the GDR "topologie algébrique et applications" and the Fédération Nord-Pas-de-Calais. It is a continuation of the previous meetings of 2015, 2014 and 2013.

The list of invited speakers is
  • Anthony Blanc (MPIM Bonn)
  • Grégory Ginot (Paris 6)
  • Wendy Lowen (Antverpen)
  • François Petit (Luxembourg)
  • Marco Robalo (Paris 6)
  • Vladimir Verchinine (Montpellier)
 Titles and Abstracts List of participants
If you wish to attend, please contact one of the organizers Y. Frégier or Ivo Dell'ambrogio. There will be a conference dinner on the 17th. We should be able to cover it for you if you contact us sufficiently early.

There is a possibility of funding for the members of the GDR. Please contact Geoffrey Powell in that case.

To know how to reach the LML, have a look here. The talks will be in P108.
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