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FakeSMC and SMCITEController and Chameleon

posted Aug 31, 2010, 3:40 AM by Zane Jocelyn Chua   [ updated Aug 31, 2010, 3:55 AM ]
Seems that Chameleon is being a bitch about permissions. I am not too certain on this. For example, i install a package with VoodooHDA and the preference pane with it. Removed LegacyHDA kext and i rebooted. Then i got that PCI Root blah blah again. Annoying. Booted into Windows and removed VoodooHDA. Then rebooted and i booted into OS X. Reinstalled VoodooHDA with Kext Helper. Rebooted and booted into OS X Fine. Tsch @ Chameleon.

On another note. The reason why boot kept hanging was because FakeSMC wasn't present.

Explanation by Aziz on VoodooProjects.
FakeSMC.kext is that one kext that everyone needs!
That was your main problem; there are some binaries on some OS X apps that are encrypted, this guy takes care of that. On Leopard and older we can still use the old AppleDecrypt.kext or the even older dsmos.kext. If this kext doesn't load you'll never see this on the kernel log:
Aug 31 03:19:05 AziLandz kernel[0]: DSMOS has arrivedboot hangs waiting for Dont Steel Mac OS X.kext .

So thats why OS X was refusing to boot. After that i figured i did give it another go at FakeSMC and SMCITEController. I installed both again and got PCI Root issue again. Removed both and decided to try one first. Tried FakeSMC and booted with verbose, i got a kernel panic due to the radeon plugin inside FakeSMC.
So i decided to try it with the Radeon Plugin removed from the plugins folder in FakeSMC. After that, i reinstalled FakeSMC with SMCITEController and there we go. It works fine. However in iStat Nano i only get CPU A and CPU B. I wonder if thats a limitation with iStat Nano. Will do more research. I've attached two pictures regarding the Kernel Panic and PCI Root issue.

EDIT: On checking Hardware Monitor. I do get 4 CPU Readings. I guess the new FakeSMC is doing its job.
Zane Jocelyn Chua,
Aug 31, 2010, 3:52 AM
Zane Jocelyn Chua,
Aug 31, 2010, 3:49 AM