Random facts about Lenore Ramm

    • I was born in Durham, North Carolina, on December 7, 1975, but I have lived in Hillsborough, since December 6, 1989. Hillsborough is a quaint little town, was founded in 1754 and is a little over 9 miles north-west of Duke.

    • I am now working for the Duke Office of Information Technology, in the Enterprise Internet Services department, on the Identity Management team. I do programming, design, technical support and some system administration.

    • I worked for the Duke Center for Instructional Technology for 4 years. I did technical support, integration, testing and development for the campus Blackboard system.

    • My favorite candy is dark chocolate covered orange peel.

    • I worked as a software engineer for IBM - Software Group - Tivoli Software, in Research Triangle Park, NC for five years. I did software development for four years and technical support for one year.

    • I graduated from Duke University in 2000, majoring in computer science.

    • My non-artistic interests include, but are not limited to: developing software, blogging, reading, swimming, amateur radio and obfuscation. I don't read as much as I'd like and I haven't been swimming in years. In 2003 and the spring of 2004, I spent inordinate amounts of time designing and making plans for various details of my house, which was built by Kent Scott. I moved in on May 28th, 2004. I love it! I've been spending so much time cooking in my wonderful kitchen, as well, of course, as washing dishes and doing laundry.

    • I really enjoy going out to eat. Here's a list of my favorite restaurants.

    • I don't eat red meat and dislike mushrooms.

    • If you missed it earlier, I paint and make jewelry. I have had a lot more time for making jewelry than painting these days. In fact, I make a lot of jewelry. I do have a dedicated studio now and I'm hoping to get back into painting someday. I was a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI) for many years.

    • One of my hobbies is amateur radio. My callsign is KF4PAB. I'm a member of Orange County Radio Amateurs and the Durham FM Association. One of my favorite weekends of the year is the annual Field Day , which is the last weekend in June. Ham radio operators all over the nation camp out for 24 hours straight and try to contact as many other stations as possible.

    • I have dog named FIFO. He's a Weimaraner. If you don't know what that is, imagine a grey, short haired, 85-90 lb, floppy eared, and hyper dog. FIFO only weighs 74 lbs. He's fairly small for a male Weimaraner. I used to have as many as four cats, but now I just have the one dog and he lives with my parents.

    • My favorite color is yellow. All other bright colors, except for orange and pink, are a close second. I really dislike most shades of orange and pink.

    • My favorite flavor of ice cream is peppermint.

    • I'm a little too fond of earrings.

    • I was a member of Womancraft, an artists' cooperative between 1994 and 1998. They sell crafts made by their ~56 members and approximately 15 consignors and have been in business for over thirty years. Members all work one shift per week as well as take care of duties such as cleaning, accounting, and display. There I sold my botanical paintings and my sterling silver and gold-filled beaded jewelry.

    • I have never eaten a Twinkie.

    • In college I was a member of the Duke Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). I was vice-president sophomore year and president the next. Senior year, I only wanted my involvement to consist of attending the meetings and eating pizza. I was an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for several different computer science courses. It's a great experience and I highly recommend it. One summer I worked for IBM in their Global Services division, in an office located in northern Durham. I had a wonderful time! In summer of 1998, I worked for DROOL at Duke, writing a tool in java that parses and displays L-Systems.

    • In the summer of 1983, Chapel Hill hosted a Dr. Who convention, featuring Jon Pertwee and Elizabeth Sladen. Pertwee came over into the audience and kissed my hand. I still haven't washed it.

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