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Miles Williams Mathis  born 9-17-63
in Amarillo, Texas                Son of
Phillip Miles and Mary Nell Mathis.


 The Spirit and the Muse. By request, I dive into risky waters here, with my usual abandon.

Many of my readers have asked me for more commentary on spiritual matters. Up to now, I have been mostly silent on these things because my Muses have told me to be. I have been told that it is not proper to speak of such things, or that it is unseemly to say you know what you cannot know.  

I want to start with a broad observation, one gifted me by my Muse. Talk of spiritual matters has historically been couched in unnecessary mystery, complexity, nebulosity, and mumbo-jumbo. 

As with science and some other fields, anytime anyone has anything to say about spirituality, he feels the need to go cloudy, approaching every question from the side in great circles of fluff, instead of simply and directly. 

Even Jesus spoke in parables, though we are never told exactly why. Nothing has caused more confusion over the millennia than religions. Just as I have tried to cut through the lingo of science, I will try to cut through the lingo of religion, simplifying things as much as possible for easiest comprehension - after three millennia or more some of these questions could use a good scrubbing.  

I am advised that there is no reason we can't speak plainly and sensibly about these matters. I suspect that in trying to get to the heart of the matter here,  religious commentary so pointedly avoids being pointed I am also not interested in turning religion to black and white. 

In fact, it is the true colors I am most interested in: the ones veiled or muted by brown patina after brown patina. In Buddhism, we are taught that the meaning of this life is to escape it through perfect renunciation. Only in perfect renunciation can we achieve Nirvana, and avoid infinite rebirth. 

It is not hard to see the perversity in that idea, especially when it is stated so baldly. It is illogical on the face of it. Why would our spirit be placed here, and then be instructed to renounce everything? If we should renounce anything, shouldn't that be only the bad things? Why renounce the good things? 

Yes, this life is corrupt, but it seems a wise person would renounce only the corruption. This life is also beautiful and miraculous, so why renounce that? Shouldn't we embrace that? What could we possibly learn as spirits by renouncing the good and beautiful? No, it won't do. 

But the reason I think Buddhism is seductive and widespread is that it is partially correct. This life IS very corrupt, and we should renounce the corruption. Life is indeed a sort of test, and that is part of it. And the goal of this life IS to escape it, in a way. 

The goal is to transcend the corruption and to find or create a better existence. This you can do only by passing the tests that are put to you in this life. But your reward for that is not Nirvana (bliss in the lap of God or something) or Heaven (perfect and easy existence of some sort), it is your spirit being passed to the next level. 

In this way, the Earth is a sort of testing ground for mid-level spirits. from the point of view of somewhat richer spirits, the Earth is simply a step on the ladder, one that all spirits have to take at some point. 

It would seem that most spirits spend many lifetimes here, getting it wrong. I now assume most get it right eventually, moving on to the next level. As for the time tables, none of us are privy to them. It helps to look at it from the point of view of the next level. 

Imagine a planet not too far away—it could be in our own Solar System for all we know, hidden from view. This planet is the next step in the ladder. Well, those folks don't want your corruption. They have a system that works very much better than ours, and they don't need us there clogging it up. 

So until we prove we can live there without causing mayhem, we aren't welcome. If we insist on being nasty, we can do that very well here. And why do I believe this? Have my Muses told me so directly? No. I am not claiming divine inspiration of any sort. I am not channeling an entity. I come to it from my own experience, though I think part of this experience is a schooling by the Muses. 

I feel constantly tested in just this way. Some of the tests I have failed and some I have passed. I continue to fail, and I continue to pass. I am in no hurry. I am not claiming I will pass at the end of this life: I probably won't. 

But I am confident I am moving forward. I am not moving backward and I am not just spinning. That is the thing. I can tell you that the main reason I am optimistic—despite my growing awareness of the corruption around me—is that I can hear the instruction and follow it (for the most part). 

I don't need to read religious texts, because I can hear the instruction directly from the source. I know when I have done wrong, and I have the discipline to stop doing it. And I know when I have done right, and I have the courage to keep doing it. May that courage continue for the larger tests that are sure to come. 

So we are not damned spirits, and we are not “dumped” here. There is no such thing as a damned spirit. There are only unpassed spirits. Yes, unpassed spirits can feel damned, but that is why they are unpassed. To pass the blame for their own actions, they claim the gods have cursed them. 

But the gods have cursed no one. The gods simply don't pass the unworthy. Remember that. You belong here (for the time). If you didn't belong here, you wouldn't be here. None of us are too good for the Earth. This is our current level, which should be a cause for 

Which is not to say there aren't differences. Some spirits here are very near being passed and some are very far from being passed. I would say the Governors are very far from being passed, since they aren't even aware of the rules of life anymore. 

They seem to think they get extra points for piles of cash or for 20-car garages or for titles. While in truth they are simply stacking up demerits for those things. The Governors expect you to play by their rules, but they forget that they themselves are bound by rules. 

And while their rules are arbitrary and false, the higher rules are true and immutable. They know this, since we are all born knowing the rules. True morality is like language: it is innate. It doesn't have to be taught. . . it has to be untaught. 

Most of your vulgar modern education is an unteaching of this 
innate morality, to make you more pliable for the Governors. Your innate knowledge is a nuisance to them, and so they try to squelch it. . . just as they have squelched their own. 

We all have our hills to climb, but just imagine the hill in front of a rich man. He has not been given the easiest test, but the hardest. Who knows what he did to deserve such a test, but we can be sure he does deserve it.

He must find a way to force the camel through the needle. We see the famous rich failing the tests in spectacular fashion, falling down the hill in the ugliest manner possible. Some of them are so wretched by the end I suppose they don't even qualify to be reborn here on this beautiful Earth. 

They have to go back a step. And I don't mean being reborn as a dog or something. I suspect dogs and other animals are not back a step from us. More likely they are forward a step. I mean the rich must go back to the planet beneath the Earth, wherever that is. 

Of course I mean all these things figuratively. I don't know where these planets are, or even if they are planets. I am stripping this all down for the easiest comprehension. Now, what of the Devil, or devils? I have said I don't believe in Satan, and don't even think the most evil 
Governors qualify as Satanic. 

What do I mean by that? I mean that the idea of an evil god is illogical. Who knows at what level your spirit, being passed many times, becomes godlike, but we may assume you don't get there by being evil. 

Being evil is what keeps you from being passed. But that doesn't mean there aren't fallen spirits. If you can move a step up, you can also move a step down, and devils are simply spirits that have passed to the next level, then been thrown back to our level. 

But since they are now at our level, they aren't gods by any stretch of the imagination. They are no more powerful than you or me. And if they stick to their bad ways after the step down, they aren't as powerful as you or me, since they are continuing on their way down. Which is precisely why the “evil ones” are so pathetic. 

They exist almost entirely on bluff, since they aren't gods and aren't praying to any evil gods. There are no evil gods, by definition. So these fallen spirits aren't tapped into any dark force. There is no dark force. You are either tapped into the light, or you are untapped. 

If you are untapped, you are on your own, since the Muses cannot help you. The Muses only have good advice or none, so there are no dark spirits from a higher level helping these people. If they are talking to dark spirits, those are dark spirits like them—at this level. 

Which isn't to say they cannot cause major trouble. Spirits even at our level are quite powerful, though they are nothing like gods. As such spirits, they are capable of major mischief. You yourself are capable of major mischief, much more than you know. But that is not why you are here. 

If you would move up, you are here not to destroy, but to create. And that brings us to the next major point. To prove yourself worthy, you don't renounce life. That is only a sign of weakness or inversion, and they have no need for that at the next level. No spirit advances on weakness. Spirits expand by taking on more light. In this way they grow and become more powerful. 

As larger light bodies they have more strength. So that, as a reversal of Buddhism (and in some ways a reversal of Christianity), you advance by embracing the good things of this life. Some have thought that because this life is corrupt, the spiritual thing to do is flee it, keeping your eyes on the next life, the next step, or the next incarnation. No. Yes, you do flee or fight the corruption, but part of your test here is how much you help your fellow beings. 

They are on the same ladder you are on, but you cannot advance by pushing them off or ignoring them. As you help them, you help yourself. This is because in order to help them, you have to create or channel more light. That channeling is not a loss of light for you. You do not lose what they gain. 

In learning to channel more light, you become larger at the same time. Now, I want to say something about sleep, not only because it ties in here, but because it is far more important than most people understand.

As is obvious from the things I have said above, I believe in a real spirit. I see (and have discovered myself) lots of scientific evidence that the spirit is a real thing, made of real photons. It really does inhabit your body, just as the religions have taught. The body is not eternal, but the spirit is. 

Light, like matter, cannot be destroyed. It can only dissipate or expand. Not only will your spirit maintain itself after death, it can free itself from your body anytime it likes. In fact, it does so every single day. Or night. 

Scientists admit they don't understand why we sleep, but it is quite simple: although the spirit requires a body to do some of the things it must do, including being tested, it cannot abide being trapped in a body for very long. 

After 16 or 20 hours, the trapping becomes intolerable, and it must escape. So it puts its body to sleep and leaves. Where does it go? I don't know. Maybe it just flies through the air for hours, thrilling in its freedom. Maybe it joins the cosmic charge field and sighs. 

But I would assume it has things to attend to, and those things may be more important than what goes on here. The Natives believe that your life in sleep is more important than your waking life, and I would say that is probably true. There are some things your spirit can only achieve with a body; but, likewise, there are other things it can only achieve without one. 

Likewise, the body cannot stand the spirit for too long. Yes, the spirit animates the body, giving it a single direction, but it burns too brightly. The body tires. Like the spirit, it must return to a ground state every day. 

The exception is the mind, which is electrical signals. It has to remain on, as the link between the body and the absent spirit. So the spirit leaves behind just enough energy to keep the mind going—which is, in part, what we call dreaming. You would think this would be a very precarious situation, and in a way it is. 

But remember that the spirit, being made of light, is a very fast being. It can return in a split second if you need to wake up for any reason. Just think of how fast the internet is. When I upload a new paper with Flezillai, I don't have to wait any time at all for it to appear. 

It is up in a split second, even if my server is on the other side of the world. A photon moves 300,000km/s, which means it can circle the Earth 6 times in a second. Your spirit could be playing on the Moon when someone shakes you to wake up, and would still be back in just over a second. 

So you see how it is. But why do I mention it? Because most people don't treat sleep with the sanctity it deserves. It is the first part of spirituality, because it is the first rule of spiritual health. It is also the first rule of bodily health, since a tired spirit will cause a tired body. 

Those who want to be healthier or live longer should look at 
their sleep first. Yes, food is hugely important, but sleep is even more important. Food feeds the body, but sleep feeds the soul. If you don't sleep long enough, it means your spirit has been starved of its quality time; and if your spirit is starved, your body is starved to the same extent. 

When I wake up too early, I feel like I have a hole in my spirit. It is as if part of my spirit is still out there, trying to drink the last few drops of freedom. When I wake up, I feel as if I have just returned from a long journey, probably because I have. 

I don't meditate because I don't need to: I get all my sleep. I am not trashing meditation, understand. I assume it is quite useful for those who don't sleep long enough or well enough. It acts as a partial substitute. But in my opinion they would be better to fix their sleep. 

Your spirit can fly much further away during sleep than during meditation. If you are awake too long, your spirit starts to eek away bit by bit, leaving your body without its normal fire. The body makes up for that by burning itself, which causes tiredness and eventually premature aging. 

But it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to look bad beyond 50 or 60. Some people look quite good at 60, and you can be one of 
them if you take care of yourself and get all your sleep. But you have to start early and keep it up, everyday. 

In fact, it is not one of the things you can do, it is one of the things you should do. Or, to say it another way, it is not optional, it is required. You weren't assigned this body so that you could pollute it and mistreat it. You were assigned this body as a caretaker. I am constantly amazed this isn't taught as primary knowledge. 

The body, like the Earth, is a temple, and it is to be treated as such at all times. Any failure to do so is a failure of the test. At the next level, such failures will not be tolerated. I know that sounds kind of military, but there it is. But when we add up the hours of sleep, we don't just look at how much rest the body has gotten. We look at how much time your spirit has spent in the spirit realm, away from the corruption, and in the perfection that is the raw charge field. 

While there, the spirit can reorder itself. It may be there that it speaks most directly to what I am calling the Muses. All spirits, great and small, crisscross the ether in their various errands, and we may assume help is there if you seek it. 

So in my opinion, these small spirits from the Families who are always talking about living forever are on the wrong track. First of all, no one lives forever, and the wise do not wish to. But if they wish to age more slowly or look better, it can be done. But not with drugs and other fads. 

As usual, the answer is much simpler than most humans make it: more sleep, cleaner foods, plenty of water, daily moisturizer, no drugs, smoking, alcohol. And, finally, avoidance of corruption. The cleaner your spirit is, the fresher your face will look. Evil shows. 

Your first face you are born with, your second face you have to earn. Meaning, your bad deeds will imprint on your face and body. If you are an evil bastard, you will soon look like one. 

The spirit always shines through. Which is why watching these sad spirits from the Families talking about reversed aging is doubly pathetic. Because they are bad eggs inside, they look like crap by the time they are 30 or 40. 

By the rules of the game, it will take many lifetimes to reverse that. You can't clean up your spirit by tweaking the DNA of the body, you fools! The only way to do that is to make better decisions, and by the look of it they won't be doing that this lifetime. 

Another problem we face here is that many of us don't like the body we have been given. Much spiritual rebellion stems from that alone. In some cases, it is understandable: it is clearly part of the test, and a difficult part. But it happens to even the beautiful and hale, who seem to be as prone to dissatisfaction as anyone. 

They purposely refuse to care for their bodies, for whatever reasons they have. This is always a failure of the test. Your job is to do the most with what you were given, and some are given more. Some less. In extreme cases, this discomfort causes gender dysphoria. 

We may suppose the spirit was not given the gender it wanted, or was accustomed to in a past life. Again, understandable. As spirits, we are all dysphoric in the body to a lesser or greater extent. But I would assume the sexual assignment was done for a reason, and was part of the test. 

And I would assume that refusing the assignment is the best way 
to fail the test. I say that because I trust the gods. I do not think they made any assignments just to be cruel. As I said above, I don't believe in evil or cruel gods. 

I only believe in evil or cruel people. There are a lot of things I don't like about my body. I would change any number of things immediately if I could. But I consider the possibility that these things are outward manifestations of my spirit. If I were a more beautiful or perfect spirit, I would have a more beautiful or perfect body. 

So I strive to deserve it. When I pass to the next level, maybe then I will have fewer bad hair days, straighter teeth, better legs, etc. Who knows? But what I do know is that trying to radically change my body won't work. It will only make a bad situation worse. As is clear from watching other people like movie stars, it is a guarantee of a spiral down into some sort of misery. 

My job is to care for the body I have been given, not to remake it. In the same way, blaming the gods for my test won't work. Rather than assume they are cruel, I should assume I have been given this test for a reason. I should assume I dug my own hole, and that they have given me a large enough shovel to dig my way out, if I dig right. But let us return to the spirit. 

If the spirit maintains its form with or without the body, it should have a memory of its own. This explains a lot of things that were previously unexplainable—as I have said in previous papers—but it also begs many questions. One of those is why the spirit's memory is wiped or partially wiped at birth. That is not hard to answer if you think about it. If your spirit carried all the memories of all its lives into its newest life, it could never get on. 

It would be crippled by nostalgia, good and bad. Even in this short life, the spirit clings to recent memories, and by the time we are 60, most of us will be wellnigh overcome by good and bad memories. The past daily threatens to swamp us with sadness. Just think if you had thousands of lifetimes of that in your head. You would do nothing but cry a puddle of tears all day long. 

You couldn't learn or do a thing. Which explains why the spirit needs to flee the body, and why it needs to return to a body. It needs to flee because despite the sadness, it is defined by and connected to its past. The spirit needs its memories, to remind it who it is. 

But it also needs the body to give it relief and respite from those memories. It knows the wiping is a partial blessing. Only within the limitations of the living can it continue to progress. You will say there is far too much death, misery and unfairness on this planet to assign to humans. The gods must be perverse to allow such a place to exist at all. 

But in saying so, you underestimate the human capacity for mistakes, and overestimate the responsibility of the gods. It is not for them to ride in and and solve all your problems for you. No one learns anything from that. As a spirit, you are responsible for your own actions, and your own level of advancement. 

As I said, if you are here, you can be sure you deserve to be. This should tie you to your fellow Earthlings if nothing else does. Actually, the gods are far kinder than they might otherwise be, since it is easy to imagine some scheme of things where they left us with no oversight or help at all. 

They have their own lives to attend to, after all. And yet they do take the time to be Muses or Guardian Angels or whatever you wish to call them. No, they don't ride in and take over, since that would undercut the entire ladder and entire hierarchy. You can't grow if they do everything for you. 

But they are there to give you limited amounts of good advice, supposing you ask for it and supposing you listen. So this blaming the gods really doesn't fly. If you wish to pass to the next level, it is the first thing you should knock off. 

I don't know that it makes them angry, since they probably have better things to do than get angry with us. But it is, how shall I say, a first disappointment. I don't see the gods screaming at us, but they may roll their eyes at this primary stupidity. 

I know I roll my eyes whenever I hear that argument, and I am just a stupid human myself. Some will still not see the point. Why should smaller spirits become larger ones? Why not have all spirits the same size from the beginning? Why have spirits at all? Why have anything? I don't know. 

I am just a little spirit. Ask a bigger one, though I don't think you will get an answer. It is one of the things you must learn on your own. But if I had to guess, I would say it is because growth is more interesting than stasis, and the biggest gods like to keep things interesting. 

Some will say, “Well, on this plan, after a long enough time, all spirits would be gigantic gods, and none would be little. Which is also illogical”. Again, a question that is basically too large for us little humans, but if I had to guess, I would say that while some spirits are growing, others are diminishing, keeping a supply of spirits at all levels. 

And are the largest gods the creators? Well, we are all potential destroyers and creators. But yes, the greatest spirits are the greatest creators. I doubt that they can create things like photons, since that would imply a sort of self-creation. But it would seem logical that they can create things from photons. 

In that sense they are more builders than creators. If that is true, then who made the photons? I don't know. And I don't know why the photons should want to coalesce rather than not. Again, I suspect you will have to ask a much much larger spirit. 

It is not necessary for you or me to know these things. What we need to know is HOW THINGS ARE and OUR PLACE IN THE WORLD. Once we have advanced another thousand steps or so, we can re-ask that question with the hope of some meaningful answer. 

OK, I have outlined a few basic things here, and with them we can look again at some of the new-age ideas being promoted. Like, say, the Star Wars pseudo-religion. Although George Lucas claims the Star Wars mythology/religion was created simply as a comic-book foundation, it has taken on a much greater import than that—and I have to think that was no accident. 

Star Wars didn't just accidentally balloon into a culture-wide phenomenon across four decades—promoted by Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers, and many others. As a creation of Hollywood and the Families, we should ask what role it was meant to play. Star Wars is very seductive precisely because it includes a lot of truth. It borrows heavily from the old religions and updates them in some creative ways. 

First among these borrows is The Force, which my readers can now see was just a tag for the Charge Field. A tappable source of energy/spirit that underlies all existence. The films also borrow a Manichaean mythology from Zoroastrianism, whereby this world is a battle between good and evil. You will say my spiritualism is also Manichaean, but strictly it isn't, and we are about to see why. 

Despite its nods to the truth, in my opinion Star Wars has been 
another arm of the Theosophy project, meant to displace the old Western religions like Christianity and Judaism. Harry Potter was yet another example of that. And while neither is obviously Satanic, both Star Wars and Potter vastly oversell the dark side. I say they aren't Satanic, because in them the dark side loses. 

Real Satanists would be promoting mythologies where the dark side wins. What we see instead is the Families making excuses for themselves with these pathetic morality plays, by making it seem the dark side is much more seductive than it really is. A sort of “the devil made me do it”. 

If the devil made them do it, much of their own responsibility for their actions evaporates, you see. While the truth is, no devil made them do anything. No dark side seduced them. They simply failed the test. They came to a fork in the road, and they took the wrong turn. And when their Muse took the time to land and advise them they had taken the wrong turn, they freely chose to ignore her. 

You can see the difference between that and being seduced by a devil. They weren't seduced by a devil, they failed to be seduced by an angel. I hope you see the difference. Some will say, “That is just your experience. 

You haven't experienced devils. We have”. Possibly. One of my friends said, “You don't experience devils because your Muses are too strong. They take care of you”. Possibly. But although that may be partly true, you will forgive me if I don't see it that way. 

As a spirit, your relationship with other spirits is a two-way street. So if my Muses are present, it is because I did not fail to be seduced by them. I welcomed them and listened to them. And if devils don't much bother with me, it is because they know they are not welcome. They know I will not listen. In fact, I have had experience with devils. 

You saw it last year and see it on a continuing basis. They no longer try to seduce me, since they know there is little chance of that, but they are constantly attacking me in their petty ways. It is from these attacks that I know my enemies. I know they are not powerful devils come down from higher worlds, for if they were they would carry signs of that. To be blunt, I would have no chance against them. 

From their attacks, we see they are petty devils from this world, continuing on their way down into the abyss. As such, they do not worry me too much. I daresay if you reorder your relationships in the spirit world, you will be bothered by them as little as I am. I suppose I can tell you now that I have in fact been shadowed by a ranking Luciferian in the past few years, who attempted many times to recruit me—with absolutely no success. 

The last time I saw him I was forced to throw him out of my house. So the demons have long been aware of my presence. If they do not more often approach me, it isn't because they don't know my address. Notice how my lesser theogony explains what was previously unexplainable: how could the gods allow evil spirits to come down from higher levels and mess with you directly? 

As I just said, you would have no chance against them. It would be a test you could not possibly pass. You cannot battle evil gods or spirits from higher levels. It is absurd. It is why none of the movies that include this idea make any sense. It is why none of the stories from the major religions that include this idea make any sense. 

If the gods allowed such things, they really would be perverse and unfair. But they don't and they aren't. You only have to deal with demons on your own level, my friend. Though these “demons” may wear black robes and make scary threats, they are just bad people. You are never overmatched. 

You always have the tools to win, but you have to do the right thing. The first step in that: ignoring the bluff. I don't fear having to face the tests of devils. I fear my own weaknesses. I fear the next big test of the gods, which may be too big for me. You will say I just said they always give us tests we can pass, which is true. 

But we can also fail. We have all failed many tests, or we wouldn't be here. We all make bad decisions, and I make them daily. If I blow the little decisions, will I pass the big one? I shouldn't call it fear. I actually welcome the tests. They are fascinating, even in failure. But I have to admit my spirit is chafing at the corruption. 

It would prefer to move on. It would prefer to pass. In the first instance, that is a good thing, because if I didn't chafe so much at the corruption, I wouldn't resist it and couldn't ever get beyond it. But seen from another angle it is also a failure. Failure to fully accept or embrace the current assignment. If I weren't meant to be here, I wouldn't be here. 

So it is no good wishing to be elsewhere. Some will say that is a call for resignation, but I don't like the term. If I were a Muse, I wouldn't like it —let me put it that way. Why not? Because the term resignation implies a sort of grudging acceptance of your fate. 

No one wants your grudging acceptance of anything. That is not the goal. The goal is your joyous acceptance of your assignment, you see. Not a grimacing thank-you-sir-mayI-have-another. No, rather a gracious and grateful receipt of your current incarnation. If you can manage that, the Muses will always be on your side. 

Which of course brings us back to my problem with Buddhism. Buddha seems to have completely missed this joyous acceptance of assignment. He mistook a renunciation of corruption for a total renunciation of the Earth. But a total renunciation is a failure of the test. It will not win you Nirvana, it will only guarantee you another lifetime here, so that you can learn that. 

I don't remember, but I suspect I know that from experience. I was probably a monk of some sort in a past lifetime. I know that such renunciation will get you nowhere. So let's take all that back to Star Wars, and Manichaeism. But first a short detour. Manichaeism has been called Gnostic, and most people think Gnosticism is anti-Christian. But the truth is, Christianity is mostly Gnostic itself. No, it doesn't worship a demiurge or believe Satan or Lucifer created all matter, but otherwise Christianity borrows the same foundational dualism. 

In the New Testament, we find spirit is good, matter is bad. That idea is also primary in Manichaeism and Gnosticism. Since that idea is more fundamental than any of the others, I would say the similarities are more important than the differences. In constructing a day-to-day morality of how to act and how to make decisions, it doesn't really matter who made the Earth. 

But it matters a lot if you believe matter is evil. If you believe the material world is evil, you will have little problem raping the Earth or anything else. The Earth is material, so why not plunder her? That woman is material, so why not plunder her? You see, it makes it very hard to build a morality for the living on a religion like that. 

Logically, it really can't be done. You can't teach that material is evil and then try to teach respect for the human body or for the Earth. Which is why I have said before that all the religions are flawed at the ground level. They start with basic contradictions and are therefore rationally and spiritually unworkable. 

So my spirituality isn't Manichaean, Gnostic, or Judeo/Christian. I know that matter is not evil in any way. Matter is an embodiment of spirit, and as such is just as sanctified, holy, and worthy of veneration. In fact, spirit has been charged with tending and husbanding matter, as a husband tends a wife or wife tends a husband. 

It is not something spirit can do, but something it must do. Those who have followed my physics papers will understand why this is so: spirit and matter are really the same thing. Spirit is real photons, and matter is spun-up photons that have taken certain permanent patterns and forms. 

So although I believe in some dualisms, I don't believe in this one. It is false. Spirit and matter are not two things, they are two manifestations of one thing. So one cannot be good and the other evil. But this split of spirit and matter is not just false, it is pernicious. 

I would say it is among the most pernicious ideas ever promoted, since it is not hard to see how it would lead directly to the rapine of the Earth and all its resources. I have said that the Jewish trillionaires are ignoring their own scriptures as they plunder the world, but in some way they are just following scriptures. 

The major religions have tacitly given the nod to such plunder, by downgrading the material world into a commodity. It is not spiritually important, so why not buy it and sell it with no concern for its sanctity? I would guess you cannot pass to the next level while believing matter is evil, so this is of primary importance. It is something you have to learn here. 

As long as you are tied to any of the major or minor religions, it is doubtful you will learn it. Which is also probably not an accident. Those who are enriched by your struggles probably invented all these religions—or later infused and polluted them with these bad ideas—to keep you confused and off-track. It is not a coincidence that all the major religions are so similar in this regard (and others). 

We have seen the Governors playing all sides, controlling all opposition, and manufacturing all stories, so you should find it odd that no religions stress what I am stressing here. You will say Materialism bows before the material, but it really doesn't, does it? 

In Materialism (modern science, for instance), the material doesn't become holy, does it? No, just the opposite. In Materialism, spirit is jettisoned, but the material realm doesn't take its place. Rather, the material realm is also stripped of all meaning and veneration. In Materialism, everything is dead, and therefore plunderable. 

So, although a physicist, I am the opposite of a Materialist. I know that everything is alive, even rocks and raw atoms. This is why Nietzsche 
reinvented classical Greek spiritualism, the Apollonian and Dionysian, you know. He was trying to fill that void. He wanted give a spiritual weight to love of the material. 

Love of the body and the Earth. But he wanted to do that without using old polluted religious terms (like “spiritual”, which he would not approve of). I would say he was only partially successful, since as usual he overcomplicated the problem. 

But he lodged an arrow in my head at least, which he admitted was the point. He wasn't talking to the “stupid Germans” of his time, he was talking to a few oddballs in the future: me. It may be I can explain 
his ideas to more spirits than he could. You will say, “Ah, you are a Nietzschean!” Or, “Ah, you believe that rocks are alive, you are a Pagan!” 

No, I am a Milesian. Or maybe a Musean. All other titles I reject. Another way my morality or spirituality differs from most others is its definition of the dark side, or devils, as we saw above with Star Wars. Satan is way oversold, whether is by old Christianity, Mani, Star Wars, Harry Potter, or what have you. 

I have no problems with the words “evil” or “sin”, since they are all just synonyms for “doing the wrong thing”. And I have no problem with the word “devil”, since it is highly descriptive and fits—for the most part—the real world. But as you saw above, my descriptions don't fit any of the old religions. Devils aren't gods, they don't have equal powers to gods, and they exist mostly on bluff. 

The dark side is mostly manufactured to create fear, as I have shown you with Alistair Crowley, fake serial killers, and all the rest. My analysis there goes all the way up, since it is all a conjob. Devils are just bad people: criminals, liars, cheaters, and hoaxers who want you think they are more powerful than they are. 

They want you to think they are tied to powerful dark forces, but they aren't. They are just spirits at our level who have forgotten how things work. Some will say, “If that is true, then you really are a Gnostic, since this is a matter of ignorance, not sin”. No, again, I wouldn't put it 
that way. I am not a Gnostic, because I don't believe in ignorance. 

I just told you that everyone is born knowing right from wrong. The spirit's memory is partially wiped, but knowledge of good and evil is not wiped. So those who do wrong cannot plead either ignorance or that the Devil made them do it. The spirit is always and completely responsible for itself and its own actions and decisions. 

Which is far closer to the idea of “sin” than not. Sin has some minor residue I might wish to wash off, but we don't need to go there in this paper. For the most part I have no problem with it, since it means breaking spiritual laws on purpose, knowing you are breaking them. 

Another reason I am not a Gnostic is that I know that knowledge of the truth isn't enough. We all have innate knowledge of the truth. So knowledge won't win you salvation of any kind. Progress is made through courage and action. It is not what you know, it is what you do. 

When you face a difficult situation, it is not what you know or think that matter, it is your actual response. You can say, “I wanted to do the right thing”, but that is meaningless. What did you actually do? That is what determines whether you pass or fail. You may think that sounds brutal, but that is the way it is. 

And remember, that “brutality” is tempered somewhat by this fact: it is also very important what you learn from a failure. That is the only sense that knowledge matters. For you can be sure that the test will come again. You will have another chance to respond in the correct and upright way. 

So gnosis doesn't matter. Bad spirits may have a better understanding (gnosis) of the laws than good spirits, especially if they are on their way down from higher levels. But it doesn't help them, does it? They still have to make the right decisions, leading to the right actions. As long as they remain untapped to the light, this they will never do. 

Which allows us to see another way Star Wars lied to us. We are led to believe that dark spirits can tap into the Force, as if there is a dark side to the Force. There isn't. The reason dark spirits are dark is that they are not tapped into the light. That is what “dark” means, you know. It is definitional. Tautological. The Force is light, and there is no way for dark to tap into light. 

You will say they can tap into the raw energy field, since nothing is stopping them. Yes, they can plug in a hair dryer as easily as you can, but that doesn't tap them into the Force. Likewise, they can build and fire a giant laser gun, but that doesn't tap them into the Force. Your current tap into the Force isn't through the electrical plugs in your bathroom, it is through your connection to your Muse. 

As you are beginning to understand, the charge field isn't just a neutral energy well, it is a realm of spirit, already inhabited, organized and ruled. As spirits, the evil ones can go there in sleep just as you can, but since they are too proud to take advice, they are always out of the main channels. They are untapped. For the same reason they cannot rise, they also cannot make much use of the Force. 

They can only tap into one another, which is not the same thing. That tap is very limited in scope, and—since it has no hierarchy —it gets nothing from above. You will say maybe they tap into antiphotons. No. Antiphotons are opposite only in spin. They are not opposite in spirit. 

There is nothing dark about antiphotons. Antiphotons are just as light as photons. The evil ones cannot tap into the Force, which is why they have to brag about ruling here on Earth. It is all they have, you know. Their only hope is to untap you, so that you match them. Mostly they do that by making you forget your taps and how to use them. 

They try to break your connection to your Muse, and break your connection to the spirit world through sleep. They break your connection to your Muse by making you disgusting to her. They teach you to be small and needy, begging boons of your Muse. 

They know she will not answer. They teach you to have the wrong attitude to the gods, constantly tempting your own fate. They teach you to drink yourself into a stupor before sleep, or to take pills, or to otherwise ruin your connection. If they teach you prayers or incantations, they teach you the wrong ones on purpose, so that you offend your Muses. 

But you see how easy these things would be to correct. They only hope you will not figure that out. The “Jedi training” is also a joke, since there is no mention of a relationship to any higher beings. The only higher beings are Yoda and Palpatine. Star Wars is completely missing a top-end, and no one ever notices that. 

In reality, the old religions are entirely correct: it is your relationship to the gods that determines your connection to the Force, otherwise 
known as the Spirit, the Holy Ghost, the Ruach Hakodesh, etc. What we would expect of Jedi training is completely missing: showing yourself worthy of advice from above by cleaning yourself up for the trip in all ways. 

The Muse doesn't like to have her robes tugged on by grubby hands, so your first order of business is a good spiritual scrubbing. That is what the Commandments and the vows and the various rules of action and relation are. Tapping the Force, entering the spirit-wave, or hearing a Muse all require a certain attitude, comportment, and rectitude. 

If the Governors can make you a nasty enough person, your taps to the Force will all be broken, even if you aren't especially prideful or demonic. You will fail by vulgarity alone. That is what much of current culture is about, you know. They have milked all the pride from you as a youth, by a constant hounding for equality, so that you have no chance of rising even as a Luciferian. 

But with some rectitude, you might still be educated by your Muse. To prevent that, you have to be broken again, turned into a Modern mutant by the media, crushed into a whining, lying, screeching brat that no Muse would get near. At that point you are just as untapped as any demon, 
with no power to resist them. 

This spiritual cleanliness takes no money, no suit of clothes, no position, no societal elevation. Anyone can achieve it in any country at any time. Remember, your Muse usually meets you in sleep, so it has nothing to do with your body. It is an uprightness of conduct, attitude, and relationship, so it will not be achieved by shining brass buttons or buying new shoes or marching in formation. 

Nor will it be achieved by courtseys, kneeling postures, bows, or ablutions. It will be achieved by a long series of right actions in real situations. So if you really want to tap the Force, it won't help you to run around with a muppet on your back, waving a light saber. You should start by taking the eternal rules seriously, especially the ones concerning lying and stealing. 

You should also study the words honor, truth, righteousness, rectitude, virtue, veneration, supplication, and service. Service doesn't imply servitude, you know. Likewise, it would be well to revisit the word pride, which has several meanings you don't want to confuse. It is OK to have pride in your accomplishments, for instance. It is OK to defend yourself, from a sense of pride. Proud doesn't always mean haughty. 

It means self-assured, which is mostly a good thing. Pride is only a sin in relation to the gods or other higher beings. The sin was originally “excessive pride”, not just pride. Meaning, having more pride than the event calls for. A pride out of proportion to the reality. You must know your place in the hierarchy. Which is yet another perversion of Star Wars and the current pseudo-mythologies. 

In them, everyone is either a hero, a demon, or a droid. While in real life, almost no one is a hero, a demon, or a droid. So in helping you understand your place, these stories simply don't. You get better advice from Little House on the Prairie or Pollyanna than you now do from all of Hollywood put together. Again, the point of the media is to dislodge you from any and all grounding or meaningful connection, so that your only point of contact with society is the lady at the counter at Macy's or Starbuck's. 

Your only advice is from Anderson Cooper or Sean Hannity or the Ty-D-Bol man. Your only religious instruction is from Dumbledore, Iron Man, or the Incredible Hulk. Which brings us back to that. I stress again how important it is that neither Star Wars nor Harry Potter ever mentions a god. Both create new religions/mythologies, but they are devoid of gods. 

This, more than anything, tells us who created them. These people don't like gods. The very idea distresses their tiny spirits. So they try to trap you in their own small box, hiring pretty cousins to seduce you on the big screen. They keep you so enthralled for two hours with special effects and costumes and fast action that you forget to notice you have been in a religion with no gods.

And it gets progressively worse. Star Wars wasn't too bad in the beginning, Harry Potter is worse, and Games of Thrones is far worse. In Game of Thrones, gods are hardly mentioned, and when they are they are obscure and unimportant. The Faith of the Seven is a shallow literary construct, one that has no bearing on the people's actions. Only the god of death gets a serious mention, which is instructive. 

Here is what the fake CIA-front Martin has said about the gods of Westeros: “Worship of death is an interesting basis for religion because after all, death is the one universal. It doesn't seem to matter what gods you pray to. We all die in the real world and in fantasy worlds. So if there was one culture where you did not die, I suspect that God would become very popular. 

They will promise us eternal life, but whatever". He also 
stated the belief "that the world we live in was created by the evil god [is] kind of persuasive" when "you look at the world, particularly the Medieval world". Any questions? Sort of confirms everything I am telling you, doesn't it? Compare that to Lord of the Rings. 

Although Potter and Game of Thrones are constantly compared to LOTR, the feel is completely different. Unlike the others, LOTR doesn't come off as a shallow Luciferian construct, straight out of the dungeons of Langley or MI6 (or, the films do, but the books don't). 

We can believe that LOTR was actually written by Tolkien, since it has a human stamp. And we can believe that Tolkien was not just an agent-front for MI6. This is because the stories and backstories are stiff with gods, many of whom take an active part in the history of Middle Earth. 
As we find out in the endnotes, Gandalf is a god himself. 

Beyond that, Tolkien tells us Men go somewhere after death, and that mortality is a gift of Eru Iluvatar. So, although the Elves are immortal, and seem superior in some ways, Tolkien tells us it is actually the Men who are gifted. Where do the Men go? Tolkien tells you that, too, though not directly. Why do you think they call it Middle Earth? It must be a 
middle stage, and Men go after death to a Higher Earth of some sort. 

Which confirms the positive hierarchy. LOTR is defined by positive hierarchies, and they always include the gods. This, among other reasons, is why LOTR reads as highly moral, despite its near-complete disconnect from the current major religions. Even though Middle Earth is constantly threatened by a powerful Dark Lord, the books are 
far brighter than Game of Thrones, Star Wars, or Harry Potter. 

A strong light shines there that never shines in the others. But let us return to Gnosticism. Conceivably, a person could know nothing about any religion, being able to cite no laws, and still pass all tests. His gnosis would apparently be zero, but his power would still be great. 

He would be a sort of natural, relying on his direct connection to his Muse, and through her to all higher levels. This idea isn't even anti-Christian, since I would argue it is what Christ meant when he told us to be like the little children. They are naturals in just this way, and our religious instruction more often corrupts them than educates them. 

Through their studies, they are soon so confused they can no 
longer hear the clear voices of their Muses. You will say a good spirit is just a slave to the Muses or to the laws, in that case. He doesn't question them, just assuming they are correct. In which case we have just discovered a higher fascism. 

Well, that is what the evil ones will tell you, but that isn't the way I see it. I am more than a bit rebellious, as you may know, and I don't accept anything just because it is told me. I don't take orders very well. So you may be surprised to see me acting such a pup before my Muse. But again, I tell you it isn't a matter of obsequiousness, it is a matter of admiration. 

Some of us can admit when we are in the presence of a higher being. Not a higher authority, mind you. I purposely avoided that term. I don't take her advice on authority, I take it because it is good advice. There is a huge difference. I have been told by a friend, “Well, maybe you are wrong. Maybe your Muse has you fooled. Maybe she is a Witch in beguiling robes.” 

My answer: “maybe yours is”. We will see where our Muses takes us. Mine has led me quite well. She has never tempted me and there is not the least scent of the dark side on her. Some would find that a bore, I guess, but I don't. I suppose I have spent enough time in the presence of corruption and am no longer fascinated by the Pit. 

I am fascinated by the light. And that is another reason I am the opposite of a Gnostic. In the modern world, Gnosticism has been twisted or redefined as a sort of Luciferianism. That love of the material world I was talking about above is redefined as a worship of Lucifer, the demiurge who created it. He then becomes the god and lawgiver, and you are taught the God he rebelled against is actually the fraud. 

You don't get a reversal of dark and light, because Lucifer is the “lightbearer” and so is now the light. But there is one big problem with all this, and few have commented on it. You would think that Lucifer, the creator of all matter and of the Earth in this story, would have a set of laws like those recommended by my Muse, right? 

In other words, you would think this creator of the Earth would teach a love of the material, of the body, and of the Earth herself. You would think he would teach and demand a reverence for both matter and spirit, instead of just spirit. But that isn't what we see. No, in modern Gnosticism/Luciferianism, we see another variant of the promotion of plunder—indicating it is yet another creation of the plunderers. 

They have created another in a series of manufactured religions that justifies their actions. In this sort of Gnosticism, there is a love of the material, of a sort. Physical and sexual restrictions are mostly gone, so you are encouraged to worship the physical in that sense. 

And if you love money, that's also fine, since it is also material. But of course that isn't what my Muse is talking about when she insists upon the sanctity of the material world. She is teaching that the material and spiritual are one, and must both be venerated. Gnostics asks their spirits to give them objects or powers, but my Muses don't listen to such requests. 

They have no interest in me gaining riches, women, or worldly power, and nothing could be clearer than that. So there is nothing Gnostic about my progression, such as it is. There is no asking of boons of any sort. In a way, it is not what she can do for me, but what I can do for her. I ask for guidance, but not toward any treasure. 

I ask for guidance in my tasks. Do you see what a gigantic difference there is in that? She does not ask, “What do you wish from me?” Rather, I ask, “What do you wish from me?” The Muse is not a sort of genie, you see. She is not there to grant wishes. So one of the things you have to learn is how to shut up in the presence of your Muse. A thing very hard for most people to learn. 

You aren't there to talk, you are there to listen. You have to trust that she knows more about what you need than you know yourself. You don't have to list all your problems and then ask for specific responses. She already knows the first part, and you need to let her determine the response. You may not even know what to ask for. So for the sake of efficiency, just show up and shut up. 

Tug on her robe, have a seat, and then keep quiet. Some will say, “Where is all this happening exactly, and when? I don't get it”. Maybe in meditation, more likely in sleep. Don't worry so much about that. Once you decide you want to go there, you will, without planning it all out. I don't need to draw you a map or tell you what to chant before bedtime. A silent intention is more than enough, but if it helps you can make up your own little prayers. 

The important thing is that you demonstrate the right attitude, and I am trying to get across to you what that is. You have to call her for the right reason. She will not answer greedy or needy calls. She will answer when you are ready to do something decent and she can help. And if you want to think of your Muse as a man or a talking unicorn or a giant furry kitten, it doesn't really matter. 

Whatever gets you in the mood. I like to think of mine as a beautiful woman in white robes, but that is just me. She isn't really any of those things. She is a light-being beyond your current comprehension: she doesn't demand fear or obeisances, only respect and hopefully love. 

She will take into account your limitations. But back to Luciferianism. Luciferianism teaches a worship of the inner self. You may think that is what I am recommending with my talk of the Muse, but it isn't. The Muse isn't my inner self. She is completely separate from me, a much greater being. 

In fact, in my system, confusing your Muse for yourself would be a sort of heresy. It would be the ultimate tempting of fate, since you are confusing yourself with a god or angel. My gods wouldn't put up with it for a minute, and as far as I know, they don't. I have never tested them in that fashion. You will say I seem to elide from god to Muse to angel, treating them almost interchangeably. 

Don't I know the difference? No, and neither do you. Yes, I know the various religions have their dogma here, pretending they know who is who in the angelic and deistic hierarchies, but I don't tend to believe it. It looks like a bunch of made-up names to me, akin to all the begatting in the Bible. In my wanderings in the spirit world, I have come away with no memory of such things, and it is my opinion we are not privy to the lists. Why would we be? 

Memorizing a bunch of names isn't part of the test, and it would only breed familiarity. If the gods or angels wished to be familiar with us, they would be. They would have their own TV miniseries and Hollywood blockbusters. But obviously they don't want that. They want us as independent as possible here. 

They want us far from the nest. All we need to know is that the connection is not broken. They are there, and will help at given times. But as for us measuring them, that is absurd. We have no way to measure light beings. We can feel if they are good or bad, but the ones larger than us are otherwise beyond our comprehension. 

Another reason to shun Luciferianism is the people involved. Luciferianism is closely linked to the whole lefthand/righthand paths of magic that were brought to the west from India and popularized by Madame Blavatsky. It was promoted by superspook Alistair Crowley. The pseudo-religion is now promoted by various Fords, Paynes, Beyers, and other obvious members of the Families. 

It is just another fringe on the Theosophy project, and we may assume it is run out of Intelligence. I predict some will still insist I am a Gnostic of some sort, but if I really were a Gnostic or Luciferian trying to fool you, it would be a very strange way to do that: telling you neither Satan nor Lucifer is real. 

So I repeat, the hierarchy exists, but not in the way they have told you. There are no evil powers above you. No demons have been given their own worlds. Sure, you can seek out bad spirits during sleep, but those are spirits at your own level—other sleepers. You can get together and work whatever mischief you are capable of when you awaken, and I am not saying you can't. But bad spirits from higher levels don't come down here, because it is impossible by definition. 

If they are at higher levels, they aren't bad spirits. That is what “higher” means, you know. If they come down here, it is because they have been thrown down here, with the reduction that implies. In that case, they are no longer higher. One of these spirits may call himself Lucifer, but he should worry you no more than any other spirit here, since he is of this level. He has no power you do not have. 

In fact, he must have less, since you are advised by a Muse and he isn't. He has a Muse, but doesn't listen to her. He isn't tapped into the light. He is like a battery with no hookups. 

He has no chance against you except the bluff. With no power of his own, he can only use your power against you. Luciferians sometimes claim they aren't Satanists and sometimes admit they are, but just remember the old “better to rule on Earth than serve in Heaven” quote. That quote remains decisive in my spirituality, since—as you have seen above—I strongly believe it is better to serve. 

A wise man has no desire to rule here on Earth. He knows he is not capable of ruling, which is why he is here. HE KNOWS HIS PLACE. The rulers here on Earth—whether they call themselves Jews, Gnostics, Luciferians, Materialists, Atheists, or other—do not know their place. They vastly overrate their own power, importance, or elevation. They either misdefine themselves as gods, or deny that there are beings greater than themselves. 

They deny the hierarchy, and in so doing find they cannot rise. They have trapped themselves here by their own narrow beliefs. They will not listen. I also beg you to notice something else at this juncture. In the science wars, we have seen my enemies reading from scripts, accusing me of being arrogant, egotistical, or monomaniacal. 

Ironic, isn't it, in light of the fact that when we look closer, they are Atheists/Luciferians/Materialists, and I am not. In other words, I state explicitly I am in the service of higher powers, and that I recognize and accept my low place in the hierarchy. I do not worship my own inner self, I do not deny the gods, and I do not think I am godlike in any way. 

I do not think science or gnosis makes man independent or superior, and I do not believe science is near to solving any of the eternal problems. My physics is near to solving some specific physical problems, that's all. That is all I have ever claimed for myself. So I actually have much more humility in relation to the gods than those attacking me. 

Which may be why they are attacking me. They know that I am a threat not just to their fake physics, but to their failed worldviews. They know I can see through them in all ways. I have fielded this question in email: “You say these Satanists/Luciferians are basically another Intelligence project, a subset of the old Theosophy project. Does that mean that none of them believe this stuff at all? 

Is it just a pose, meant to fool the unwary?” Well, I think of it exactly like I think of the Marxism project. I assume those who run these projects are not real Luciferians or Marxists, and that they know it is a lot of hogwash. But that doesn't mean that some naive Gentiles aren't drawn in, taking it seriously for some shorter or longer periods of time. 

So in this sense the groups contain some small portion of reality. In fact, you could say that about most groups in existence, including the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, large portions of mainstream science, all of Modern art, the military, the CIA, the NRA, the Sierra 
Club, NASA, the media, Hollywood, and mainstream history. 

Although they are all phantoms at the top and bottom, being fake in the foundations as well as in the leadership, they nonetheless have some greater or lesser number of real adherents in the mid-levels— boobies who haven't yet figured out they are manning a ghost ship. On the way out, I beg you notice that the above outline explains why I avoid attacking Christianity for the most part, and even take some pains to defend it—as when I blow the cover of the Theosophy project. 

Although I think a lot of the stories and lessons in the Bible don't make 
much sense, Christianity does teach a basic morality. In a society that is doing a hardsell on immorality and amorality, any religion teaching morality and uprightness—including Islam, Judaism, or any other—is a useful buffer. The current free-for-all is of no use to any spirit large or small; its only use is to the shallow salesman and criminals who now run the world. 

As just one example, you won't find the mainstream teaching you to avoid drugs or alcohol, because they have piles of drugs and alcohol to sell you. They may make little pretend runs at these things—as with the “just say no to drugs” campaign— but that just means they want you to stay away from meth or heroin. They have much more expensive mainstream drugs to push on you, for every possible purpose. 

A just-say-no-to-drugs campaign in modern America is a towering joke, considering that TV, music, films, and your own doctors are promoting a just-say-yes campaign at full volume. You will say, “But if Christianity is flawed at the ground level, how can you defend it?” 

Why not throw it out and start over? I just told you. It teaches a basic morality, so it is useful in times like this. That is precisely why the Governors have been running major projects against it. The Theosophy project arose a short time after Marxism blossomed, and they are linked in their antagonism to Christianity. 

That is no accident. Christianity was in the way of the billionaires and trillionaires, and they have been trying to detooth it for centuries. It is in their way because it teaches right from wrong, and they don't like that anymore. It doesn't suit their current schemes. So while they are trying to reform it into something mostly outdated and useless, I am trying to reform into something more useful than it ever was. 

Decommissioning that old war between spirit and matter would be the first order of business in doing that. The other reason I defend the old religions is that they contain too much good to have been completely manufactured. To me they look like true religions that were later overwritten and corrupted—like the rest of history. 

I am not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater. So, we can do one of two things: start over from scratch and build a new religion from the ground up, or cleanse the old religions of their later pollutions. It is sort of like cleaning an old painting: removing all the dust and dirt that has settled over the years. 

Except that, in the case of these major religions, it is more like 
removing purposeful graffiti. Someone has come in and marked up these works of art in major ways, sometimes to the point that the painting beneath can barely be descried. In my opinion, it is not either/or. Both need to be done. 

We need to restore the old religions for those attached to them, and at the same time build a new one from the ground up, for those who aren't. A very big job, admittedly, too big for any ten prophets. But the future is long. Or, we could just listen directly to the Muses assigned to us. Some will answer me that Christianity is now only a living thing to fundamentalists, and you are never going to convince fundamentalists to overhaul their religion. 

That may be true, which is why I have never titled any of my ideas “an overhaul of Christianity”. That is not really one of my goals or intentions. I just tell things the way I see them, and each person can overhaul their own thoughts to the extent they see fit. I am not talking here to institutions, I am talking to individual spirits. 

As far as I can tell, any fundamentalist Christian could choose to start loving the body and the Earth, and quit thinking matter is evil. Whether they do or not is up to them. You see, I know I am talking to real people, not to theoretical people. Real people already have their heads full of old ideas, and I cannot change that. No spirit is remade in a day. 

As the Muses remake me in slow motion, with almost as much regress as progress, I can only hope to remake an idea or two here and there in the heads of my readers. The rest they have to do themselves. The fact is, there are rules to life that you need to know, and some of those rules are taught quite well and poignantly in the major and minor religions. 

But those old rules have mostly been replaced in the modern world by the mainstream media, which has become far more pervasive and influential than any religion. The mainstream is promoting an inverted world of ugliness, perversion, false freedom, vulgarity, and slavishness. In that world any weak spirit is guaranteed to flounder or revert. 

But the Governors don't care, because backsliding spirits are their main market. Spirits and bodies in reversion are what drive the economy. Without them, most profit margins would tumble. That being so, as a spirit striving to move forward, you must set yourself against the mainstream in all ways. Swimming upstream is your test. Living in an inverted society is your test. 

As a consolation, remember this: only in a world such as ours 
is great spiritual advancement possible. If your life were much easier, you would be tested much less, and your chance for advancement small. In a perfect world, there would be no progress. 

But in a world like ours, a spirit can grow quickly. So, again, be thankful. You may have been bored stiff in your past life, and you yourself demanded a chance to try this corrupt planet. So take a deep breath and swim. 

Show us what you've got. You will ask me to name a useful story from Christianity, one that looks to be genuine and not heavily overwritten. Well, there are lots of them, but the failures of the apostles are among my favorites. They show you just how you can fail certain very specific tests, tests that do come up in real life. 

Peter's denial of Christ is probably the most poignant. Jesus tells Peter that Peter will deny him three times before the cock crows; and though Peter should be on the lookout, it nevertheless happens exactly like that. Peter sees the situation coming and still bungles it. You will say that situation doesn't come up in your life, since you are no one's apostle. 

But of course you have to generalize the story a bit. It is teaching you to be faithful to your friends and beliefs, not denying them when under stress or threat. The bigger lesson is that real friendships and beliefs can be hard to maintain. The more important your relationship or belief is, the more it will be tested. 

The gods don't insert big tests randomly. They look for pressure points like this, to see just how big you really are. Peter wasn't as big as he thought he was, and even Christ's warning wasn't able to save him from major deflation. 

And of course there is the other twist to that story, for we have to ask why Christ would warn him. Christ's warning came upon the tail of Peter's brag that his faith would never be shaken. So there is that lesson, too: don't tempt fate. Don't brag that you are unbreakable, unless you you really want a big breaking test before the cock crows. 

Some will answer me, “Isn't your claim to 'not be worried too much by devils' a tempting of fate like that? Aren't you begging a devil to come tempt you?” No. You are required to bow to gods, but not devils. Think of it this way: your overconfidence in the face of their own tests bothers the gods, since it shows you really don't know your place. 

But devils were already going to mess with you no matter what you said, so you can say what you like. You can't have too much confidence in the presence of devils, only too little. Besides, it is called tempting fate. Devils don't control fate, gods do. In short, gods aren't going to penalize you for confidence in the face of devils. 

If you were required to placate devils to keep them from tempting you, you would end up bowing before them. Obviously that is not what is wanted. Others will no doubt say, “All this talk of Muses is Gnostic in itself. Why not say your prayers to the One God, as you were taught as a boy?” Well, I have no problem with that. I am not selling my Muse as a substitute or replacement for higher gods, or for the One God. 

Frankly, the idea of the One God is so far above me that I can't get my head properly around it. I sort of doubt he has time or inclination to listen to my prayers, or give me advice. He surely has more important things to do. But I can just fathom a goddess from the next level up coming down to see how I am getting along, like I do with my sick cat. 

I can understand why she might be assigned my care in her downtime, supposing I don't scratch too much or spit up too many hairballs. Besides, as far as I remember from my limited studies, Christianity doesn't forbid the idea of Guardian Angels. So I don't see that I am being too unorthodox here. 

And remember, our limitations are always taken into account. It is our attitude that is important, not our detailed knowledge of the angel hierarchies. Honestly, we can't know much—or anything— about the highest gods, so why not admit that? I would assume the One God assigns lower angels to advise peeps like me, but if I am wrong I really doubt he will hold it against me. He hasn't so far. 

You will say that my making light of all this just means I don't really believe. I must be secretly blackwashing religion here. Not at all. I am simply advised by my Muse that the veils and fake solemnity are often counterproductive. Sure, this is important stuff—the most important—but that doesn't mean it needs to be drowned in a fog of incense and oblations. Humor is not forbidden. 

As with anything else, the important thing is understanding. A religion has to be penetrable by normal people, otherwise it is of no use. Seeking real advice from a robed Muse or Angel is just within the doable for most people; trying to fathom a One God who made the entire universe is not. You will say, “By any account, there seem to be a lot of weak spirits here. Far more apparent failure than success. What is the point of that? 

Why would the gods assign spirits to a world they cannot navigate? Jesus said, 'The invited are many, the select are few'. Isn't that elitist, or worse?'” Well, as I pointed out above, in any progression, failure must be far more common than success. For progression to be meaningful, it must be difficult. If everyone advanced on a series of byes, as in public schools now, the diploma would have no value. 

The progress would be an illusion. All spirits have failed far more than they have succeeded. So just as a matter of mathematics or statistics, we would expect to see far more failures at any given time. It is a normal and expected outcome of life. I doubt that anyone passes the Earth test on the first try. 

I would guess it normally takes hundreds or thousands of incarnations. Some Christians seem to believe that any major failure will get them thrown into Hell, but I don't think that is the way of it. The Earth is already a realm of constant failure, so it takes a lot to get thrown back a step. You have to be a real demon, doing wrong on purpose over many lifetimes, to get thrown back a step. 

No, the “punishment” for most of us only consists in not being passed, or not growing while we are here. We have to come back and try 
again. The thing the Buddhists fear most. And by “back a step”, I still don't mean anything like Hell. There is no point to being thrown into a molten pit or strapped to a wheel of fire. 

The gods aren't interested in punishing you, especially not via such awful tortures. They are only interested in placing you in your proper sphere, where the tests fit you. If your spirit shrinks so much it doesn't even fit here on Earth, there is an even more corrupt planet for you, where you will fit right in. 

There the tests are not greater, but smaller. In such an environment you will have a greater chance of turning your spirit around. In such a nasty place, perhaps you will no longer think it is better to rule. Which brings us back to that. A growing spirit knows it is always better to serve a greater spirit than to rule over lesser ones. 

Much more progress is possible in the former. It is also honorable to rule (lead), but only if you serve those you lead. If you are helping them, your spirit will grow as theirs does. If you are preying upon them, it is your spirit that will diminish, not theirs. And that takes us back to honor. We all know that honor is more beautiful than dishonor. 

We didn't have to be taught it, in this life or in any other. My Muse didn't have to whisper it in my ear. It is true by definition. You don't have to be taught that red is red or blue is blue. It is called a tautology. It is simply true. Likewise with honor and truth and beauty. Even the wicked know these things, since they cannot be otherwise. 

It is not that they don't know what honor is, or do not agree it is more beautiful. It is that they have found they are temporarily incapable of it, and so try to pretend it doesn't matter. Once again it is a matter of pride, the defining sin of all devils, and the root of all reversion. To learn from a test, you must admit you failed it, and sometimes we cannot admit that. We have all been there. 

We will redefine our entire environment to avoid admitting it. We will redefine words to avoid it. We will bring down Heaven to avoid it. Usually we get past that in short order, but some don't. Some create that upside down world and live in it for years, decades, lifetimes. And they find others who feed their pride, for there is no shortage of them. 

In groups, these people promote one another, make excuses for one another, and give prizes to one another, to prop up the whole delusion. Here on Earth, it is their groups that now run the show. They have bought the governments and the worldwide media, and they control most business. 

So if you do not wish to swim in their pool, you are put to it. Everywhere you turn, there they are. On nearly every possible path they have already set up a gate and a toll, and you will have to pass their petty tests to proceed without harassment. But even at this late a date in history, there are still minor paths through the bush that they have not yet paved. 

There are ways around them and over them. The gods allow them to test you furiously, but they are not allowed to stop you cold. For every test there is a pass. There is always a right answer. Remember that. Always seek the opening. So if you are currently making a mess of it, join the club. And if you are finding your footing, remember that you have bungled many lifetimes. 

By the same token, if you are a spirit totally overwhelmed, do not hate a larger spirit that swims by you. Remember that he has been where you have been. No one is given a bye, and if he is a good swimmer it is because he has spent eons learning to swim, as you will. 

Do you hate your Muses for knowing what you do not, or for being far more beautiful than you? I hope not. I don't. I know that they advanced up the same ladder I am on, and that they earned their position. They are where they are for a reason, as we all are. I look upon my Muses as something to strive for. I hope to deserve to be there someday. 

This is the proper attitude in a real hierarchy. My Muse feels that way about someone above her. But all that has been purposely destroyed by the Governors, who prefer you forget it. They want you to despise those above you as well as those below you, since all divisions yield profit for them. So they teach you a false ideal of equality as well as a false ideal of unearned achievement. 

You are taught that the fact of your birth guarantees you full consideration at any table. But it doesn't. In a functioning republic—which we do not have—you would be guaranteed equality under the law, but beyond that you must earn any fellowship or respect by the 
skill and wisdom you have achieved. 

There are no real byes for wealth or birth or sex. Being born a woman doesn't make you a goddess, and being born a Jew doesn't make you chosen. Being born a duke doesn't make you elevated. Only the elevation of your spirit matters. 

The judgment of the entire world is as nothing compared to the judgment of your single Muse, for her taste is perfect. Far better to be the beloved of a Muse than the toast of kings, queens, presidents, publishers and awards committees. 

The spirit is not determined by blood. The spirit is determined by its own actions. And I repeat what I have said many times, and still stand by: as far as I can tell, the rank-and-file Jews are not involved in the plunder of the Earth—or not any more than your average Gentile. 

They don't know what is going on any more than I did, and wouldn't approve if they did know. I assume many of them are quite moral people, doing their best. It is only the top Jewish families, the billionaires and trillionaires, that are responsible for the plunder. 

The Stanleys/Murrays/Spencer-Churchills, Percys, Cohens, Phillips, Nevilles, Leveson-Gowers, Egertons, Rockefellers, Hoffmans, and so on. Yes, they hire their lesser cousins to play smaller roles, and these people are also complicit to varying degrees. 

And yes, there are millions of these people in government and Intelligence and the military, causing trouble. But there are also millions of mostly innocent Jews, existing far from the main lines, of lesser or broken bloodlines, and I assume they benefit as little from the current state of affairs as you or I do. 

In fact, the same can be said of the lesser cousins who are involved. Except for a small paycheck and perhaps a few hours in the limelight, they also do not benefit. Even the Governors themselves do not benefit. No one benefits from the current state of affairs, since although those at the top are piling up money and things, their spirits are dissipating. 

Some have been quoted in the media, saying they know that, but cannot quit. They are helpless addicts. But listen: you are not helpless addicts. No one is a helpless addict. You are a spirit on a ladder, currently going down. But you can go up the moment you stop reading this, if you choose. 

Just turn around and start climbing. Like me, you know right from wrong. Your Muse is still there, ready to give good advice, and all you have to do is listen. Ask her to come down and go to sleep. That is the first step. 
4/2/19, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. David and Leaf are back to demolish this latest creation of the scriptwriters.

Politics is all theater, as becomes increasingly apparent with each passing day.  As we’ve seen again and again, every politician, celebrity, artist, scientist, and entrepreneur in this world has been chosen for their role, appointed by the ruling Families to which they belong.

Their tales are churned out from the bowels of Langley, which explains why they’re so out of touch with reality.  majoring in international relations. That’s a major for trust-fund kids whose way is already smoothly paved and who therefore don’t need to study anything remotely practical.

The Republican/Democrat fights are all scripted on minor points, and they don't wish anyone to realize that both parties are funded and run by the same trillionaire families.  Once you realize the entire election process is a sham and that all political offices are sinecures, getting huffy about breaking campaign rules is sort of missing the forest for the trees.

Castro, Mussolini, Hitler, Lenin, Eichmann, Hess, Goebbels, and Himmler, Franco was also Jewish.   I don't follow the fake world anymore, except when someone asks me for analysis.  At that point I roll out of bed and dive into the internet, unwinding the deception like a logical alien who had just landed would do. 

No one in Congress is really anything left or right.  They are all simply bought.  They create a division and a diversion, to keep your eyes off the real action.  In reality, Congress does nothing but rubberstamp military and spy budgets, and look the other way while the bankers suck from the treasury.

A few people are planted to give hope to the naïve, making them think Congress can make a difference or that it can be an agent of positive change.  It can't.  I believe in the possibility of positive change, but not through the standing institutions. 

You should have learned by now that they are corrupt beyond all hope.  They are owned in toto by the ruling familes,  Meaningful change will never be possible until you give up hope on Congress, the President, the political parties, the mainstream media, and the entire entrenched machine.

It is all a mirage, set up to keep you constantly running after water that is simply not there.  First you have to disengage yourself from the Matrix, and then you have to actively resist it.  Tell them you are not fooled.  And then get on with it.  Do not try to petition them for anything, since that is just a waste of time.  Walk around them.  Shun them.  Bankrupt them. 

Do not work for them or with them.  And demand they return the quadrillions of dollars they have stolen from you and your parents and grandparents, which they have squirreled away all over the world.  That money is not on another planet or in another dimension.  It can easily be taken back, given the will to do so. 

Once we have that money back in our hands, we can talk about what good to do with it.  Until then, it is all blablah. If you are waiting around for Congress to start taxing the rich again, good luck with that.   It has already been proven these people will never stop, and that the only one who can say stop is you.  So you might as well say it now. 

Some will tell me this revolution will never come, and possibly it won't.  But you don't have to wait for a majority to wake up.  Wake up and shake yourself now, since you can revolutionize your own life to any extent you wish, as soon as you wish.  As Thoreau told us, change requires no majority.  It requires no vote, no union, no group of any size. 

You yourself are a sovereign entity, one that cannot ultimately be forced.  You can be fooled, bluffed, hoaxed, and even squashed, but you cannot be forced to act.  Anything you do takes your decided participation. Even at gunpoint, you have to say OK.  Don't say OK.  Don't participate.  Like Bartleby, just say, “I prefer not to”. 

You don't have to justify your position beyond that.  I don't think they will shoot you, but if they do, just come back in your next life and cause them twice as much
trouble. And remember what Obi-wan said: “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine”.  No, I am not joking.
More on Port Arthur. Where I blow this hoax to shreds. Don't fool with the curly blond lefties.

As with Christchurch, the early stories were too early to come from the police.  To have a story, the police first have to gather evidence, compile it, investigate it, and release it.  But in all these fake events, we have stories being published that look to be pre-written. 

Within 30 minutes of the first body dropping, we have worldwide reports that include all the main points, including a shooter bio and a guilty determination. .  They have stories for everyone's taste, except this one: it was all theater.  It was Hollywood and no one died.

But why plant all these fake scenarios as alternatives?  Because the alternatives sell the main point just as well as the original story.  The main point is not that you believe Bryant did it, or that he hates certain people.  Those are just sidelines.  The main point isn't gun control, either.  That is a red herring.

The main point is the creation of fear and chaos, so that they can sell more guns, pass more legislation, further destroy the heterosexual relationship, hire more police, install more expensive body scanners, have more security, and spend more on the military.  They don't care who you think did it or why, as long as you think it was done.

In fact, if you buy any of the alternative stories, you are probably more fearful than those who buy the original story.  Thinking your own government is mass-murdering its own citizens if far worse than thinking some lone moron did it.  With some luck you can avoid a lone moron.  But you cannot outrun your own government.

So the alternative stories will mess you up even more than the mainstream story.  Which is of course why most people stick with the mainstream story.  They can see pretty quickly that the “conspiracy” stories are even scarier than the first story, so why go there? 

Only my reading is able to break that cycle, since although my reading is a “conspiracy” reading in a way, it dissolves the fear.   The deaths are all fake, so you don't have to fear being shot by a madman or by your government.   It is all fiction. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.  Puts a whole new meaning to that old quote, right? 

You didn't realize Roosevelt and Kennedy were telling you the truth there, did you—or what kind of truth they were telling?  You didn't realize how literal that quote was. Nazis depicted  as
disguised Jews”.  Hmmm.  See my paper on Hitler's Genealogy, which proves they were precisely that.

It had to do with being sure that area of Europe didn't think it had won any right to self-governance just because the war was over.  The Allied forces, at the behest of the bankers and industrialists, wanted to be sure Yugoslavia, just like the rest of Europe and the world, would be prostrate before any and all of its plans. 

So those being suppressed in Yugoslavia were anyone believing in local autonomy of any kind.  Those being promoted were anyone willing to grovel at the feet of the industrialists.  Any deaths were vastly inflated to create fear, and stories were planted to keep the populace cowering.  
Netflix is just another CIA front, pushing these old fakes.  We have already seen that with their series on serial killers —all of them fake.  If Netflix is producing a new movie selling an old event, that is proof the event was fake.  Same as Hollywood, but moreso.  Mancur Olson, fake economist paid to slander unions. See for example The Rise and Decline of Nations (1982).

He argues that groups such as cotton-farmers, steel-producers, and labor unions have an incentive to form lobby groups and influence policies in their favor. These policies will tend to be protectionist, which will hurt economic growth; but because the benefits of such policies are concentrated, and their costs are diffused throughout the whole population, there will be little public resistance to them.

As distributional coalitions accumulate, nations burdened by them will fall into economic decline. His work influenced the formulation of the Calmfors–Driffill hypothesis of collective bargaining. That's a convenient theory for the industrialists who paid his salary and promoted him, right?  

Also see author Walter Olson, a Cato Institute creepazoid, who, like Mancur Olson above, is just a tool of the trillionaires. .  If you are from the Families, you don't need degrees or other qualifications.  You don't even need to talk sense about anything or have any definable skills.  You just need to follow the rules, promote the billionaires, and shaft the little guy.
Also Sara Jane Olson of the fake Symbionese Liberation Army.   Partisan Review, now an admitted CIA front - The Nation and New Republic, not-yet-admitted CIA fronts.   Her job was to infiltrate the left and feminism, blowing them from the inside, and I say that as a leftist and feminist. 

She wanted to make leftists look as unappealing as possible to your average American, to push them right and toward the fascist ruling families that were hoaxing them.  So rather than promoting equal treatment under the law, these fake feminists redirected feminism into a battle of the sexes, a battle against sex (just say no), and a tarring of men in general (#Metoo). 

That is what many now think of as feminism, and in that sense I am not a feminist, obviously.  The newer promotion of trannies and “gender identity” is a spin-off of this late-period fake feminism, so it just keeps getting worse.  No sensible person would be promoting this stuff, which is just more indication it is a project coming out of Intelligence.  It is a massive psyop, meant to spread chaos and misery, and thereby generate huge profits.  

Also Larry Olsen, founder of the Janus Society, promoter of BDSM. . . bondage etc.  So, another disgusting person selling sexual chaos.  Now let me address this quibble, which I get occassionally in email.  “The peerage is huge, with thousands of surnames.  You could link any people this way.  It is just a trick.”  Nope.

Not a chance. There are 137+55 baronetcies in the British/Irish peerage, with 31 dormant or vacant, so just 161 total. That is 161 surnames that link directly to current baronets.  But there are tens of thousands of surnames, even if we limit ourselves to English-speaking countries like the FiveEyes. 

And yet I have linked almost everyone involved at Port Arthur directly to a baronet.  The odds of me being able to do that by chance are vanishing.  Try this: go downtown and take a survey of the first fifty people you meet, taking only surnames. 

Then try my method: go to and see how many you can link directly to baronets.  At best you will get one or two out of 50, maybe a couple more than that if you are in Oxford or Isle of Man.  But above I have linked almost every person in the event to the upper reaches of the peerage. 

There is no chance that is just a coincidence.  Not only have I linked them the peerage, I have linked them tightly to one another, which is even more unlikely as a matter of chance.  The number of crosslinks between these people is absolutely astonishing, and if you still aren't astonished there is no help for you. 

The next thing I wish to address is the claim they can't manufacture huge events like this.  It would require too many people and too much cooperation by the authorities.  That claim isn't really
worth a response, since it requires complete ignorance about. . . well, just about everything. 

But to make it short, I suppose you have been to the movies.  They shoot big Hollywood movies on location all the time, in downtown New York City, say.  Think of Taxi Driver, The Professional, etc. etc.  How do they do that?  Well, the studios get permission from the city to cordon off a city block, or part of a city block, and they pay for the police to help them do that.

They then shoot very early in the morning, as soon as the Sun comes up, from say 5:30am to 6:30am.  The city makes them promise they will be out of there by then, since that is when things really get crowded.

You can't just shut down NYC.  They then bring in a very large crew, and they do. . . well, anything they want.  They can blow the shit out of stuff and fire fake weapons and have car chases and pretend to kill dozens of people, as long as they clean up everything afterwards or pay for

damage.  Well, with these events like Port Arthur, they do exactly the same thing. . . except that afterwards they sell it as real rather than fiction.  They don't release it from Hollywood into a theater, they release it from CNN and FOX right into your little squawkbox. 

I don't see how that is hard to understand.  Why would that be difficult?  You might tell me the mayor of New York City wouldn't agree to selling fiction as fact, but he is a politician.  That is what they do all day everyday.  It is business as usual for these people, whether they are hoaxing you via politics, news, or whatever.

The truth means NOTHING to these people, as you should know by now.   They are upside down to the truth ALL THE TIME.  We have seen dozens of Google-promoted sites selling the theory Port Arthur was real, but done by dark forces in the government, with Bryant as a patsy.  Just like with the Kennedy alternative theories.

Strange that this theory outnumbers the “no one did it” theory by a million to one, isn't it?  I have told you why that is, above.  All these websites are CIA fronts.  You may have noticed that I linked to Wikileaks for one piece of data above. 

Once you get there, you will find they are also selling the event as real, and they are surrounding it with as much spooky music as possible (also as usual).  Notice they say this near the top of the page, as a lead-in: All Port Arthur Massacre (PAM) researchers face essentially the same obstacle when they seek to show that the offcial narrative cannot be true.

If the offcial story is not true, people ask, then why haven't eyewitnesses come forward to denounce it as a hoax and tell us what they saw? In my opinion, it is impossible to answer this question satisfactorily without presenting an overarching theory of the case. It is not only not impossible to answer that question, it is very easy to answer that question. 

We have seen that this was a movie set, and I assume it was not shot in the afternoon.  I assume it was shot very early in the morning, like Hollywood movies done on location in big cities.  Therefore someone should analyze shadows in the fake films.  My bet is they show very long shadows, indicating early morning, not afternoon.  This would also explain why no witnesses have come forward: everyone there was planted. 

They were all paid extras, every last one of them.  Remember, Leni Riefenstahl had 30,000 extras to work with in her Nazi films, and they admit that.  Ben Hur also used thousands.  It is not hard for Hollywood or any government to hire extras.   Those extras are under contract, and I assume part of that contract is non-disclosure.  If they blab later, they not only have to return their wages, they open themselves for breach of contract, as well as revocation of their SAG cards or other memberships. They

would be permanently blacklisted, if not worse.  Plus, there is no good reason for them to blab, since they know it was all fake.  Their conscience doesn't bother them in that regard, since they have no blood on their hands. 

They don't feel required to finger the murderer, since there is no murderer; and they don't feel required to protect Bryant, since Bryant isn't a patsy and isn't in jail.  He is just another actor from the families like them.  Which also explains their silence.  We have seen that all these actors,
large parts and small, are from top families from the peerage. 

They are all related.  And this is what they have been doing for centuries: faking these events is how they maintain their hegemony.  They keep the commoners in line by scaring them silly several times a month.  The commoners like you and me are kept squishy that way.  We will then accept higher taxes, body scanners, and a million other daily squashings, indignities, and humiliations, all for the sake of “security”.  

We will accept vaccines, fluoridated water, TV licensing (tax, UK), smart meters, toll roads, dental xrays, sobriety checkpoints, usurious loans, cell towers, CCTV cameras everywhere, bugged phones, tasers, power-tripping cops, censored websites, and an Intelligence squid that is now so overgrown it defies belief. 

The total Intelligence budget is now far larger than the military budget itself, though much of it is off the books. The spending is now so large it isn't even tracked.  The accountants gave up long ago, and no audit would be possible since records aren't kept.  

The agencies basically take whatever they want, sky is the limit, and Congress rubberstamps it.  We see so many fake events because these millions of agents have to justify their paychecks somehow.  They get bored sitting in the dungeons of Langley, listening to eachothers phonecalls. 

To get out of the house and test the tech, this is what they do.  They run their own gruesome home movies and them sell them to you as real.  This is how they get their jollies.  This is who they are.  They are just as amazed as I am that you haven't figured this out yet. 

They appear to be required by law to insert the truth prominently into everything they release, a sort of displayed disclaimer, so that if you decide to buy the story anyway, that is your bad.  If the gods or alien overseers then land and haul them before a cosmic courth, they can say, “Hey, we told them it was fiction!  Every page of this stuff is riddled with clues that any monkey could see.  So don't blame us”.

I say that only partly in jest.  There really does seem to be some rule to the game of that sort, though I don't know who makes the rules.  Maybe they do that just to make themselves feel better.  They perform the magic trick, then feel sort of bad that you bought it. 

So they perform it a second time in slow motion right in front of your face, tipping their hand to you every few seconds.  Then they do it a third time, just telling how they did it.  When you still don't get it, they figure you deserve to be fooled. Fools deserve to be fooled.  They should put that above the door at Langley, and for all I know they do.
3/23/19, The Christchurch Hoax, part 2. In this part I take the ball, along with Jack from the Antipodes. I do the genealogies and other Sherlocking, while Jack does the politics. Including commentary on Aramoana.

 Lewinsky crisis for the Clintons was another hoax from the ground up.  All theater.  More theater were Podesta's emails, supposedly hacked and then published by Wikileaks during the 2016 “elections”, leading to the more recent Hillary Clinton scandal. 

Unfortunately, Wikileaks is also a CIA project, and the email hack was planned.  Podesta is still trying to use the pretend hack to link Trump to Russia, but that is all theater as well. 

Misdirection away from real things.  There is no Trump-Russia link, or at least not in that sense.  Russia has no reason to hack our elections, since the elections are fake. 

The real link between Russia and the US is that they are run by the same trillionaire Jewish families, and that all bad blood between the two countries is manufactured and always has been.
Podesta's emails were also used to manufacture the fake Pizzagate brouhaha, which kept the internet buzzing for months, and away from any real news or history. 

Podesta also has enemies in Intelligence.  Another sign of the split.  As usual, the Christchurch hoax is fantastically easy to blow, precisely because we are being fed information by CIA or some other entity.

It is being blown on purpose from the inside, by people who don't like these fake events. Mike Adams is also selling this event as real, so I guess we can peg him as a DHS hire, not CIA.

Though he says it was “staged”, by that he means it was managed, not that it was faked.  I wrote Adams off long ago as controlled opposition, and this is just more proof of that. 

He is doing exactly the same thing here that he did with the Las Vegas hoax: sell it as real carnage, to make sure the mainline of the story sticks: fear and chaos.

Ditto for, which just outed itself for me (it is the first time I had heard of it, so it couldn't have been outed for me earlier).

All these different points of fake opposition don't care who you think was involved.  It is like the Kennedy assasination: they want you afraid of everyone.  All they care about is that you believe it happened. 

So, as with all other events, you will see the big promoted websites–both mainstream and alternative—promoting  all possible versions, except this version: it was theater.  

For instance, Zero Hedge is being promoted in this event by being targeted for censorship. . . on purpose.  Why censor them if they were following the script?  Because the censorship lends them credibility.  It makes them look real, instead of like the Intel front they are. 

Any place promoting Peter Schiff is dead in the water from the first word, but they don't want you to remember that.  Any place not blowing the cover of this as a complete hoax is immediately compromised.  Period.

How else did I know Zero Hedge was a front?  Tyler Durden.  Their lead writer on faked events is hiding behind this name and a pic of Brad Pitt, but Fight Club was a CIA movie, taken from a CIA book.  The surname Durden is a peerage name.  No real truther would be writing as Tyler Durden or using spook baby Brad Pitt as a draw.

The greatest danger to our security, the police in Australia and NZ have announced, is not Islamic terrorism but radical white nationalists.  So anyone who is a populist or anti-globalist is now a potential terrorist.

the current cover of Rolling Stone, where several horrible Jewish women, including that old phony Nancy Pelosi, are promoted as the future of the world. 

All part of the project of demasculation, both biological and psychological, to prevent revolution or even resistance. Even after being poisoned for decades, men still have most of the testosterone, so any uprising would come from them. 

To prevent that, this project of constant psychological warfare is being waged against men, to keep them not only brain-fogged and testosterone-depleted, but constantly second-guessing themselves and mentally debilitated. 

They see women forever praised to the skies for things they don't deserve, or for being the wench-tools of the evil governors, while men are either utterly ignored or actively denigrated. 

This unilateral war is passed off as a battle of the sexes, but real women take no part in it.  It is a war being waged by the governors against men, and only these high-profile “women” are involved in it. 

Real women don't benefit from this fake battle of the sexes, since demasculated men are no use to them.   International Intelligence, reading their scripts—scripts written to blackwash white men, anyone who questions authority, and anyone who still believes in free speech.

The Mormons were founded by Jews and have remained a front for them up to the present time.

7/20/14, What I Finally Understood. Commentary on famous people, gun control, Smith&Wesson, and Larouche.

I am now almost 51, and it took me this long to figure out how the world really works.  This is what I finally understood: all famous people are there to misdirect you.  ALL OF THEM.  They didn't accidentally get famous.  They don't accidentally get on TV or in movies or in books or on CDs or on the internet. 

And they certainly don't earn their way into these positions, as is now clear.  So how did they get there?  Why do you have to see them and hear them all the time?  Why do you know who they are?  Because they were placed there.  They were chosen to fill that position, and they were chosen in order to misdirect you from the truth.  

Look at it this way: say you wanted to control everyone in the world.  Well, people are at different levels.  They have different interests and beliefs and levels of intelligence.  So if you want to control everyone, you have to place your guys at all these levels, on all possible paths. 

If you are a football coach setting up a defense on the field, you don't put all your tacklers in the middle of the field, or all on one side.  You spread them out.  You want to block all possible paths to the goal. You have to defend against the run and the pass, the short ball and the long ball.  
It is the same with government. 

If you want to govern people, you have to keep them on the path you have chosen for them.  That is how the governors understand government.  You may think government is about keeping people employed and building highways and educating children, but it isn't.  It is about “governing” them.  Moving them around at will. 

Think of a governess.  She keeps the kids out of trouble and molds them into the sort of adults her employer or her society requires.  Same thing with the governors.  They keep you from troubling them and mold you into someone who can make them richer.  That is what our society requires, and very little else.   

With that goal in mind, the last thing the governors want is “enlightened” people or “self-actualized” people.  Those people might make money for themselves, think for themselves, and govern themselves. People like that make very poor clients.  People like that are just trouble.  So the governors have to head them off. 

Since people take many different paths, the governors have to place their blockers and tacklers everywhere.  They have to have blockers for smart people and dumb people, lazy people and ambitious people, caring people and uncaring people, progressive people and conservative people, men and women, young and old.  

And they have to have blockers and tacklers up and down the field, on the fifty-yard line as well as on the five-yard line.  If you get past one line of tacklers, they have to have another line ready for you. 

To switch the visualization, no matter how high up the mountain you climb, they have to have some guru on a goat-ledge positioned there to shunt you off on the wrong path. 

No matter how deep down the rabbit hole you have climbed, they have to have some bearded caterpillar waiting for you to give you bad advice in solemn tones, recommending you eat the wrong cake or try the wrong door. 

I admit it took me a while to figure this out.  Over the past decade I have lost more and more of my old heroes.  I got around them and moved on up the mountain.  But then I came to another set of heroes perched up there, and instead of learning from my past mistakes and looking at these heroes with suspicion, I instead protected them from questions like that.

I didn't want to lose them, so I didn't look closely at them.  I nodded politely in the old ways and knelt down for the next lesson.  

But eventually they said something that didn't fit the script, and the curtain was torn.  I then felt like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show, when his car radio accidentally picks up the director's channel.   I was forced to pick up my bamboo mat and kettle of fish and move further up the mountain. 

No matter how high I got, I was always met by a new expert, pointing sideways along a path and smiling knowingly. 

Finally, I figured out the game.  I figured it out by noticing that all these guys popped up there like jack-in-the-boxes, rising up from underground tunnels dug centuries earlier by an army of evil moles.

They knew I would come eventually—me or someone like me—and they had made plans.   The entire mountain and rabbit hole had been trapped and mined, and I began to look around for David Bowie in the Labyrinth.

Like Bowie, these pretend sorcerers gave themselves away to a keen eye, since they got more desperate the nearer you got to the truth.  The longer I stayed on the right path, the less likely I was to be fooled by the next trap, and they knew that. 

That doesn't mean any of this is easy.  Maybe the hardest part is that you have to pass through a treacherous middle level on the mountain.   Once you pass the halfway point on the mountain, the gurus get more clever. 

You already know a lot by that time, so they have to take that into account. They have to lead the lesson by re-teaching you a lot you already know.  This makes you trust them. One of their greatest tricks is unmasking gurus on lower levels, although those gurus are really their colleagues.

They say, “Oh, by the way, you know that the gurus at level 42, 43, and 44 are working for the man, right?  They were trying to keep you from climbing up to this level, because they are jealous of the view I have from here. 

Beautiful, isn't it?”  Guru 45 then subtly suggests his view is superior to views from even higher, and that you have no need to climb up further.  He has to say that in just the right way, though, at the right speed, with the right inflections, or you remember that guru 44 just told you pretty much the same thing. 

You hit another hard part when you realize all the gurus are planted.  As soon as that sinks in fully, they stop sending you gurus.  The jack-in-the-boxes stop popping up from the mountain ledges, and you find yourself alone with the birds and the bears. 

That is scary not only because you have no one to talk to, but even more because your trick of doing the opposite of what you were told no longer works.  You can no longer wait for the guru to point left and then move right.  You have to decide on your own, without the help of negative evidence.

I know some of you are laughing, but do you understand how hard that is?  If you are a good ways up the mountain, just think how many of your decisions were decisions of avoidance.   Compare the number of paths you refused because they looked bad to the number of paths you chose because they looked good.

If you are like me, most of your progress has been due to the former.  Given ten paths, you chose number 7 because 1-6 and 8-10 all stank.  And they all stank because you could see lots of stinky people clogging up those paths.  The choice was easy.

But once you get past the gurus, you no longer have stinky people showing you how not to live.  Up above you are only empty paths, none of them either beckoning you or offending you.  All is silent. With the mountaintop draped in cloud, how do you know which way to go?

Let us transport ourselves back down the mountain some ways, where the gurus are as thick as flies on a summer dunghill.  At this level, I will not find many who wish to learn my lesson.   The students are in thrall to the teachers, and do not wish to fall out of thrall. 

These students will tell me that one side or the other must be right.  Given a certain question, they can't all be wrong, can they?   Well, if they are all paid to be wrong, they can.   Neither side is ever telling you the truth, because they are both trying to make a buck off of you. 
The gurus are screwing you from both ends.  The people they are hiring to debate gun control in the media on both sides are working for the banks.  The escalation benefits them from all directions. 

So make a list of all the famous people selling both sides of this argument.  No, really.  Make an actual list.  Write down all the people you love to hate who are on the other side.  Then write down all the people that you think are on your side.

Then ask yourself, “Are any of them speaking any sense?”  Or are they all promoting this escalation one way or the other?  This is how it goes, on all topics. 

I say that not as a champion of capitalism or of the US system in general, but only as a champion of reason. I am all in favor of trade unions and worker-owned companies; but at the same time I would not like to see a co-op of Walmart, McDonald's, and USPS employees running the country.  While the system we have doesn't put the best people at the top, Marxism wouldn't either.  

  They want you to think there is a lot of political violence going on, even though there isn't; just as now they want you to think there are mass murders every month, although there aren't.  The billionaires love a manufactured world of fear and chaos, because fear and chaos keep all markets brisk.   In a world of love and satisfaction, all sales would plummet.
This is why we saw George Bush telling people to go out and buy stuff after 911.  They found that they had overplayed that one by a tad, and that people were so shocked they had stopped buying.  You want to scare people just enough to make them buy stuff to decorate the bunker, but not enough to send them down into it. 

They learned their lesson there, and they keep the security level at a constant bright orange now, instead of blinking red.  At orange, most people will be at Walmart every other day stocking up on toilet paper, baking soda, and camouflage pants; at red they will have pad-locked the shutters, armed the booby traps, and lit the candles. 

Some will say, “What about you?  How do we know you aren't another posted guru, planted to misdirect us?”  Well, I'm not famous, am I?  I am not on TV, am I?  I am not promoted by some studio or consortium or publisher or think-tank.  No one is sending you here: if you got to these pages you got here on your own, probably by lucking out in a websearch. 

Coverage is coverage, you know, positive or negative.  As they say, all press is good press as long as they spell your name right.  Normally, Wikipedia blackwashes people it doesn't like unmercifully.  Although we see large parts of his page spun negative, we see surprisingly large parts spun positive.

You will say those parts were written by his acolytes, but that is to ignore how Wikipedia normally works.  Normally, if you go on a page of someone the institutions hate, you will find a complete blackwash.  If you try to add any positive remarks or correct the negative ones, your comments will be deleted immediately. 

You shouldn't trust anyone, especially someone you haven't met in person.  You should read everything closely and make a decision based on continuity and logic, not on trust.  
So how far back does this rule go, you will ask. 

Is every famous person in history a plant, or just the living ones?  I intend the rule to apply to only the living ones, and the recently dead.  I have shown in recent papers that we can take the rule back to the Civil War, but the further back we go the more exceptions there will be.  My research is limited, of course, so I can't address every famous person who ever lived.

But any famous person from the past who is still promoted heavily should immediately fall into your bag and ring a bell. Since the broad control of media didn't take effect until recently, there will no doubt be many exceptions to the rule even in the late 19th century and early 20th century.  There may be some few exceptions still. 

But don't make the mistake of assuming that just because you have gone back before 1947 that the control no longer exists.  It was less perfect and less broad, but it has existed for many
centuries, and perhaps forever

6/9/18, Miles' Comments. At Cutting through the Frog, I mean Fog. I have had several requests for a compilation of my comments at the recent party. I edited these down myself, so hopefully this will be useful to someone.

I see zero indication of a violent uprising, so it looks like they will just continue on with the blue pill and the matrix, which have worked so well for so long.  Basically, they brought this on themselves with 911 and Homeland Security, and they would be facing harder times even without me. 

Their response to push back against Operation Chaos was to create even more chaos, but they are beginning to see that isn't working.  At some point I expect them to see some amount of reason and begin scaling back to 1990 levels. 

Nobody wants to live in the current world, including them.  Just witness Hollywood to see the sort of blowback they are getting from their own projects.  Do those rich privileged people seem happy to you? 

No, they have to try to have relationships in the same manufactured climate you do, which is impossible no matter who you are. 

You don’t want any insulators beneath the floors. You want charge rising naturally. It can do that through rock and I assume concrete, and of course wood, but it can’t do that through insulation.

The human body is notoriously weak compared to other animals, and is weaker now than it has ever been in history. It has been weakened by purposely polluted air, water, and food, and heightened levels of unnatural radiation can only add to the toxic mix.

I don’t believe that radiation from Fukushima has irradiated the entire Pacific, or that it is threatening the West Coast of the US.  The last thing you want to do is block heat rising out of the ground, since that is the same as charge.  You are a charge engine, just like everything else. 

So don't insulate subfloor and don't wear shoes around the house,
except leather soled.  It is easy to opt out of the scanners at the airport. Every time I travel I simply request an opt out.

The solution is to quit reading and following this stuff. People need to boycott the media from top to bottom. Don’t watch it on TV, don’t subscribe to any mags or newspapers, and don’t click on it online.

Make the ad revenue go to zero. Use adblocker. The other solution is to face down your
friends. Don’t tee off on the first hole and move on. Tell them they are dead wrong and that you expected more of them.

If people want to be stupid or corrupt, they should have to play golf with other stupid and corrupt people, not us. If these people lose all their intelligent friends, maybe they will be forced to reassess their positions.

And if they don’t, at least you won’t have to look at their stupid faces. I bring not peace but a sword. It is time for the 5% to assert themselves and lead. If we don’t do it nobody will. 1984 and Brave New World, which we now see weren’t warnings, they were brags.

I am not helpless to any commands, ESPECIALLY of a physical nature. I command, I don’t get commanded. Social problems, yes, due to stupid comments from everyone around me. Blind to manipulation? You have to be kidding! I am not impressed by crocodile tears, and tend to laugh when I see them.

I don’t read poetry anymore. I’ve read all the good stuff many times and there is nothing new worth reading. Google lists my recent paper 2nd, but Bing doesn’t list it at all. Very strange.

I know that just leaves you with Google, but for some reason Google is the only one not seriously interfering with my numbers and not uplisting my critics.

No, it’s going the same speed as the other ball, since they go the same distance in the same time.  They both go 4. But the ball in the curve will APPEAR to slow down in the curve, so you are right. You are not seeing wrongly. It appears to slow down because it is no longer going forward only.

It is going forward and sideways at the same time. Your eye sees the distance as shorter than it is, so you think it has slowed down. The analogy is a ball in a pinball machine, having to take a complex path to move a short distance. Your eye slurs over the path and sees only the total distance, so it looks like the pinball is slowing down in the machine. But it isn’t.

There is plenty of evidence to go to court on 911, and I would like to see that happen. If it were up to me, I would take them to court myself tomorrow. So I don’t think we should “get past it” in that sense. Not in the “move on” sense. We were at the “move up” phase years ago, and subpoenas should have been passed out by the thousands. But that didn’t happen.

What we need is a vast boycott of all major media, all useless products, all companies with any ties to the gov, all gov, and anything else that comes to mind. Just say no to everything you can say no to.

Start by recycling your cellphones and going back to groundlines. I live without them easily. ANd so did you for years.

All crypto-currencies are crap. It is all another project, stay away from it!

Those who don’t wish to believe will always come up with some lame explanation or pushed math, as they did with the ball bearings. THe friction argument against pi=4 doesn’t work at all, as I show. Besides, most people can follow a ball easier than fluid, in my opinion. Fluid just confuses most people, since it brings up the question of fluid mechanics.

I believe each of our actions is etched in time somehow, and can’t be destroyed. That achieves the same thing, without the need to relive the same life over and over. The past can’t be destroyed, and always remains a part of the present. So you build on your past lives and past actions.Everything you do remains eternally important, without reoccuring eternally.

I don’t want to talk about aliens, since I don’t know anything about them. It is like talking about gods. There may be aliens, but the gov alien projects are all misdirection. I see a lot of evidence of higher powers, but it is all pretty murky beyond that. If they wanted us to know, we would know.

Whether gods or aliens, they DON’T want us to know, and I don’t see it as a code we are going to crack. Life is some sort of test, and if we had the answer sheet, the test wouldn’t work, would it? You know enough to know right from wrong, but you are never going to be told all the secrets.

If you knew all the secrets, the fun would be gone from the game anyway. So stick with the questions that have answers and leave the other ones be. I have shown there are lot of questions that can be answered that haven’t been. Those are the ones I am interested in looking at.

By 1988 I was doing some pretty decent work and was already starting to get some commissions. 

Josh would have to admit he is the first Jew to blow the Dreyfus affair. . . ever? WHich doesn’t say much for Jewish openness. Of course, I am the first Gentile to blow hundreds of projects, which is also difficult to explain. It doesn’t say much for the perspicuity of Gentiles, does it?

So you seem to have your pick: lying manipulators or dumb-as-dirt sheep. All of us here are choosing the third route, but despite the numbers in the counter above, we are not quite a majority, are we?

Doesn’t really matter, as I have said before. Life isn’t about majorities or political wins. It is about private wins. It is about setting  yourself (and those around you) up for your next life and all the next lives down the line.

In other words, your longterm relation to the Gods or Muses or whatever you wish to call them is important. Far more important than your relation to the current ruling party.

 Life may seem long but it is really rather short. It is just a page in a much longer book. All the wise have known that, and it doesn’t take a guru to see it.
1/12/19, Reader Feedback. The results are in.
 Above 100 voted   Here are the results:
Best of 2018:
Titanic (49 votes)
Best of all time:
JFK/Hidden Kings (22 votes)
Best Physics:
Pi=4 (17 votes)
Best Guest Paper:
Ancient Spooks (37 votes)
Silliest/Most Absurd Hoax of 2018:
1st place: Tesla! (9 votes)
Worst Crisis Actor of 2018:
1st place: David Hogg and his schoolmates (7 votes)

I think the most important fake events paper I have written would be the one on the
Crusades .  Who would have thought that the Popes, Kings, Crusaders, Templars, and Byzantine Emperors  would all be from the same family? 

The research there covered many centuries, and it tells us what is going on now, since the same family is still in charge.

Since the near future is always more important than the past, I think many of my science papers are more important than any of my history papers.  The pi paper is bigger than most people realize, since it will allow for the correction of thousands of bad equations.

The correction to the calculus will allow for the correction of even more equations, The Unified Field papers are fundamental, and will create a revolution in physics by themselves.

The most important is my diagramming of the nucleus , since it uses what I discovered about unification to rewrite the Periodic Table .

It links physics and chemistry, taking my ideas out of the theoretical and firmly into the practical.  The future applications are nearly endless, and even I can’t begin to imagine what they will be.
 1/12/19, A Salvator Mundi Update. I despin some of the most recent propaganda, including the link to Trump-Russia.

Putin is the Russian equivalent of Trump, Gates, or Buffett: a minor billionaire listed to keep your eyes off the trillionaires.  In the US these are the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and a few others. In Russia they are . . . I don't know, Oppenheimers, Rothschilds?   Only a few families own the entire world, but I am not privy to the current divisions.  I don't know who runs Russia right now.  

Given that election oversight is non-existent, it doesn't take much to steal an election.  You just make up some numbers and report them.    the President is just a Teleprompter-reading stooge,

Who would be paying Saudi Arabia half a billion in 2017, and for what?  This one is easy: it was for the bombing of Yemen.   Well, since the war in Yemen is about maintaining US/Saudi control of Yemen and making sure that Yemenis have no say in their own governance, the answer to that is also easy. The US and Russia aren't enemies and never have been,

Mueller is another crypto-Jew from the same families, playing Judy to Trump's Punch.  As with Starr's investigation of the Clintons, nothing will ever come of it.  The investigation is manufactured to keep your eyes on Trump and Russia, while all the real action is elsewhere.  

 Blackwater was a major part of the coalition that bombed Yemen starting in 2015.  They now call themselves Academi, but it is the same people.  The US doesn't need any help in stealing an election, hacking social media, or in psychological operations in general.

Yes, Mossad is also good at these things, but it is always a junior partner in these US/UK/Israel worldwide projects.  In many of them—see 911—it is glad to act the fall guy.


“If, by unfortunate means, non-magical people do happen to observe the working of magic, the Ministry of Magic sends Obliviators to cast Memory Charms upon them causing them to forget the event. [From the Wiki page on muggles].

Just substitute “agent” for “Obliviator”, “non-agent” for “non-magical person”, “Intel hoax” for “magical event”, CIA for “Ministry of Magic”, and “propaganda blitz” for Memory Charm.

If, by unfortunate means, non-agents do happen to see through obvious hoaxes, the CIA sends agents to confuse and misdirect them, causing them to forget the event.

As you see, the Harry Potter project is stupidly transparent in a thousand places, and only readers that had been sucking on blue pills their whole lives could fail to see through it.”

2/13/18, Beyond Velikovsky.
More unravelling of the Velikovsky project.

 The modus operandi of these people is to tell as much truth as the project will bear, so the trick is to unwind the project, discovering where the truth ends and the misdirection begins. This is another “eyes-off” project, in which the audience is given a partial reading of data to prevent them from a fuller reading. With Velikovsky and Worlds in Collision, the main physical theory involves Venus settling into its current orbit. 
I have shown in previous papers that this excess heat is explained by the charge field, and planetary recycling of charge.  Due to the bipolar nature of the field, all planets pull in charge at both poles, but since part of this charge is upside down (spinning opposite) to the other part, we get photon spin-ups—which are the same as a heat increase. 

It is a magnetic effect that creates heat in a very simple way,  the field is what causes spin to begin with. creating her heat by a sort of photon friction. Infrared is heat.  In 1950 the Families were consolidating their control over all parts of society via the CIA and other institutions and programs.

They are teaching their converts that there are no photons.  They also misdirect at all times away from the charge field and to the EM field, though the two aren't the same.   Solar System was not gravity-only.

It appears that charge had become a classified secret sometime in the first half of the 20th century, and the governors didn't want to divulge any of it to the public or to academic scientists. They wanted to keep it for a few military scientists. 

It {Velikovsky and Worlds in Collision} was part of the project.  It acted to squelch discussion and research in these fields for decades, especially in academia.  Why?  Because if you got beyond Velikovsky, you would be like me.  You would be looking in your rear view mirror at most mainstream science in all fields.

Obviously, they couldn't have that.  To maintain control of science, they had to keep everyone penned in the gravity-only, shut-up-and  calculate, Relativity/QED fog that defined the 20th century.  If your average academic scientist had understood the charge field, the revolution would have been quick and fatal. 

All the big names at the top of all fields would have been guillotined, and their pet projects would have fallen with them— including black holes, Big Bang, gravity waves, inflation, Higgs bosons, spooky forces, and all the rest.

Since this mainstream fraud not only hides many classified projects but also allows for billions in theft from worldwide treasuries, you have a pretty clear cui bono for any misdirecting projects like Velikovsky.

This was another big blackwashing of the truth and Velikovsky was another Anti.  The ideas to be blackwashed were 1) charge, 2) serious reading of historical texts as honest physical accounts, 3) “amateurs” as scientists, 4) the public as a serious player in the history of science.

As far as 4) goes, the governors were tired of having to answer questions, about science funding or anything else, so they wished to jettison any and all public participation in science, except as a prostrate consumer.  

Before WW2 and especially before WW1 the public had maintained some education in science.  Consult old issues of Scientific American to get a taste of this.  Back then, the magazines had to treat their audiences with some respect, since those audiences had been partially educated.  Those same magazines can now treat their audiences as ninnies, since in almost all cases they are. 

They know nothing but the current propaganda.  Read back to back the first issue of Scientific American from 1845 and the latest issue, and you will have a capsule of the precipitous drop in intelligence of the average American science reader—a drop planned and abetted over the past century and a half. 

But back to Velikovsky.  He was the Anti here because he was hired and set up specifically to fail.  The entire series of books was written to fail and the surrounding controversy was composed to blackwash all the ideas he promotes.

Did he help the cause of charge, or of a serious reading of ancient texts, or of planetary influences, or of anything else?  No, he damaged them irreparably at a time when they were on the rise, and I am telling you that was no accident.  I am just surprised they didn't later blackwash him as a pedophile, Satanist, or wife beater. 

Had the project peaked fifty years later, they probably would have, but the 50s were not the time for that.  Velikovsky was a spook, but he was an old-world spook who thought too much of himself to put his name through that kind of sewer.  Now, the spooks are not so proud or elevated.  They will do whatever it takes to promote the old projects, as long as it pays handsomely.  
As usual, it looks like they saw me coming, since the Velikovsky Affair was the perfect preblackwashing of all my discoveries.  Via charge, I can be fatuously linked to Velikovsky and flushed without a second—or even a first reading—and this is just how the mainstream wants it. 

I don't really think anyone predicted my coming, and my guess is someone like me was probably on the rise in 1950. They have since buried him so completely not even a gravestone remains.  Probably he didn't have my tenacity. But what was created for him can be retuned overnight for me, and it has been via the Thunderbolts and other players.   

However, as you have seen their projects aren't working against me, and there are many reasons for that.  To start with, the projects have lost all subtlety.  Used to getting their way, the spooks have become overconfident and lazy, and they have lost their edge.  Beyond that, the anti-education project has turned out to be a two-edged sword, cutting back on its makers. 

Meaning, the governors have gotten stupider along with the rest of us.  They can't recruit the talent they used to, because it simply doesn't exist.  They have had to breathe the same polluted air the rest of us have, and it appears they forgot to install the fluoride filters at Langley.
But the main reason they have failed is that they didn't predict or prepare for someone like me.  How could they?  When in history have they had to?  My method of advancement is unprecedented, and I doubt you can point to any analogue in history.

I have piggybacked on their own tools like the internet, which didn't exist until recently.  So there is no way anyone could have predicted my form of attack.  It has been so serendipitous and unorthodox, even I failed to plan it or predict it.  As an almost overnight creation of the Muses, I have turned out to be as unanswerable as a talking unicorn. 

My revolutionary prediction of 2014 has come to pass, sending the mainstream even further under the bed.

In September of 2014, I was the only one predicting (doing all the math and mechanics) that Solar Cycle 25 would begin in 2018. 

Everyone else was predicting 2019 or 2020. It was revolutionary since it would prove I was right and the mainstream was wrong.

While they are admitting I was right, they are sure to continue to pretend I don't exist.  The fact that the mainstream feel the need to hide—not only failing to publicize my work but failing to publicize
the Solar Cycle itself—proves they are running scared. 

They have been forced to bury an entire Solar Cycle for at least
eight months, just to avoid facing the truth. The mainstream cannot deal with me on any level, so the only thing they can do is bury their heads and pretend that history is not proceeding without them.

After all, the Sun is not going to quit doing his thing just because they decide not to report it.   And, likewise, I am not going to stop doing my thing just because they fail to report it.

Lenny's Notes:

        Wikipedia graph mainstream science prediction that solar cycle 25 would end no sooner then 2019.

On page 8 Miles cites a article by NASA as follows:
    “People make their predictions for when this solar cycle will end and the next one will start," said Leamon."Sometime in 2019 or 2020, some people will be proved right and others wrong."

On page 9 Miles writes "According to my analysis, the next minimum should be before 2019. Since I only need to predict 2018 to beat the mainstream prediction, that is what I will do here".

On page 14 Miles explains why he is able to accurately predict the start of Solar Cycle 25 while the mainstream cannot:
The only “physical” influence they have 
have been taught is the gravity field, or perhaps the Lagrangian; and since they don't realize both the gravity field and  the Lagrangian have always contained the charge field  (and have been unified), they could not do what I am doing".


"The solar cycle or solar magnetic activity cycle is the nearly periodic 11-year change in the Sun's activity (including changes in the levels of solar radiation and ejection of solar material) and appearance (changes in the number and size of sunspots, flares, and other manifestations)".

"Solar maximum and solar minimum refer respectively to periods of maximum and minimum sunspot counts. Cycles span from one minimum to the next. They have been observed (by changes in the sun's appearance and changes seen on Earth, such as auroras) for centuries. Changes on the Sun cause effects in space, in the atmosphere, and on Earth's surface".


11/29/18 Jerry Saltz Hits New Lows. Do you really want to ask this guy “How to be an Artist”?

My readers are already aware that Modern art critics are the scum that scum scrapes off its shoes. Supposing we make it through the current cultural nadir without going extinct from pure vileness, someday the writing of today will be taught in schools as an example of all to avoid. 

We now laugh at 19th c. writers like Bulwer-Lytton, but his purple prose (“it was a dark and stormy night”) was just cliché.  It was never reprehensible.  Art criticism began hitting lows never before imagined by writers of any stripe by the early 1900s, and it has continued to devolve and deconstruct decade by decade since then.

Every year I think we have hit the abyss, but somehow these semi-lettered fellows find a way to go deeper.  They find new ways to combine crashing insincerity with technical clumsiness and an ignorance of every field they address.   

But as we have discovered in the past five years, it is even worse than that.  Art criticism isn't where it is by sheer accident or incompetence.    Being from the Families (art critic Jerry Saltz)  demanded his due, so they had to find some way to make him semi-famous.  So they inserted him into art criticism, which even they know is the bottom of the barrel. 

Here he can thrash about all he wants.  It is hoped that any self-destructing he does as an art critic will likewise further besmirch art history.  They have to drive off all real artists and all real art connoisseurs and all people with intelligence, because if they happen to spend too much time in the room, they will see through the smoke and mirrors.

They will see what I finally saw: Modern art is a magnificent and long-running con, a fake of monstrous proportions, used mainly for money laundering, but also as an important part of Operation Chaos.  It allows the bankers to launder astonishing amounts of money with no oversight, while helping tear society apart at the seams.

A ruptured society is far more profitable, for any number of reasons I don't need to repeat here.  As I have told you, the sexual recession—like the death of art—is no accident.  This splitting of the sexes has been planned and manufactured over many decades, all to increase profits.  Sexually repressed people spend far more money to compensate, and this has been known for almost a century.
What they would have taught you in the 19th century.  if you had taken an art class, It would have been understood that any possible thing you might try to do—not just art—should be good, make sense, and not be stupid.

(art critic Jerry Saltz) failed  because his rank in the Families was too low.  If he had been the son of a duke or a Cohen, he could have become successful no matter what. They might have even allowed him to paint flowers or figures. art was  promoted because  it was bad. Those in control of the art world kept real artists out of the field, which kept real art connoisseurs and all other intelligent people out of the field, which allowed it to continue to be coopted by the bankers and propagandists. 

 If you are like most modern people, you probably don't even know how to write.  You know how to text, but probably have a hard time signing your name.  And odds are there is nothing artistic about your writing, and that is because you have never practiced making it artistic.  In the time of my grandparents, they had entire classes devoted to penmanship.  I have my grandfather's high school yearbook, and almost everyones cursive is beautiful.  Now, yearbook notes are just scribbles, mostly illegible. 

If  you are from a family of dukes or Cohens, absolutely anything you do, no matter how paltry, stunted, or malformed can be called skilled art.   And if you are not from those families, nothing you do, no matter how skilled, creative, or artistic, will ever be called art or ever be promoted. 
Art critic—the least artistic people that have ever existed. Their misunderstanding of art is so complete it is surprising they can remember how to spell it.

 Art should express emotions.  That is what it does best.  But whether they are easy to understand is beside the point.  Understanding is done by the viewer, not the artist.  The artist has no control over the sensitiveness or intelligence of a viewer.  Some viewers will understand more than others, but the artist is not responsible for misunderstanding or lack of understanding. 

Cats are more picky about people.  They are a finer judge of character than dogs.    As for my cats, they come when I call them.  They go on walks with me.  They run to be picked up and then purr and rub on my beard. They hate to be put down.  They sleep next to me or on top of me at night, the three of them often trapping me to where I can hardly move.  This is because they know I am a fellow artist.  We all have good taste.  We all know what beauty is, and we know it is important.  

 All the famous Modern artists were from rich families.  Yes, some of them are sold as coming from the lower middle class, just as they sell you many movie stars that way.  But it isn't true. They are lying and I have proved it over and over.  These people are all from the same families, and those families are very wealthy.

 If you do your research, you will find that all famous Modern artists had an inside track.  They were to the gallery born in some way.  Most of them can be traced in a very short line to the major banks and investment companies. the art world is full of privileged people, who made it because they were connected. the art world is made up of them and only them. 

There are no exceptions.   No one got in strictly on talent, since none of them are talented.  No one got in strictly on skill, since none of them are skilled.  None of them got in on hard work, since none of the “art” displays any degree of hard work. 

 I hate what they are.  I hate them as liars and cheats and frauds.  I hate them for destroying real art and replacing it with their own garbage.  That has nothing to do with envy.  Envy is felt toward those who are better than us, and these people are better than no one.  What I feel toward them is not envy, but revulsion.  I literally thank the Muses every night that I am not part of the Modern art scene.  I thank them for sparing me the company and kinship of such people.  

Because those voices in your
(art critic Jerry Saltz) head aren't Demons, Jerry. They are Furies, hounding you with the truth for your crimes against the natural order.  You are faking it and aren't a genius.  You and your cousins have inverted the natural order so that you can see yourselves in the media.   You have stolen art for yourselves, driving real art underground.  You have stolen literature for yourselves, driving real literature underground. 

You have stolen science for yourselves, driving real science underground.  You have stolen, squashed, perverted, killed, or redefined everything to suit your own pathetic sense of self, but it hasn't worked, as we knew it wouldn't.  You know the truth despite everything and it haunts you.  This is also the way the world works, on a deeper level.  It is what the Families are in deepest denial about.  It is what they cannot buy themselves out of, talk themselves out of, or con themselves out of.   

I am not haunted by any such doubts.  Just as my cats like me, my nights aren't haunted by Demons or Furies.  My days and nights are watched over by Muses, who comfort me constantly.  They guide me and protect me. They give me things to do and assure me my job is well done.  No, they don't provide me with piles of money or fame, but it is because they know the true value of those things.  They provide me with what I need, and in return I defend art to the best of my ability.  I defend science to the best of my ability. 

11/27/18, Solar Cycle 25 has already begun. My revolutionary prediction of 2014 has come to pass, sending the mainstream even further under the bed.

Which I suppose proves how big this is more than anything else would.  The fact that the mainstream feel the need to hide—not only failing to publicize my work but failing to publicize the Solar Cycle
itself—proves they are running scared.

They have been forced to bury an entire Solar Cycle for at least
eight months, just to avoid facing the truth.   The mainstream cannot deal with me on any level, so the only thing they can do is bury their heads and pretend that history is not proceeding without them.

After all, the Sun is not going to quit doing his thing just because they decide not to report it.   And, likewise, I am not going to stop doing my thing just because they fail to report it. 

Both the Sun and I are going to continue spewing out our light and heat, and those that can't stand the burn can go hide in the closet or under the bed.   But those who aren't afraid of daylight can come here and bask all they want. 

11/26/18, The Mob Protection Racket Goes Mainstream. Also a brief refresher on the shoe bomber, underwear bomber, etc.

Spending on school security had increased by 12 times in one year, in response to school shootings in Florida, Texas, and other places.  In 2017, $2 million in state grants were awarded to area schools for updated security.  In 2018, the number increased to $25 million.  And that was only 1/3rd of the $75 million requested.  

You can be sure this is happening all over the country, in school districts coast to coast.  So someone is making a fortune selling new security to public schools.  Who do you think that someone is?  Could it be the usual suspects?  Could it be the PNAC, New World Order goons who started all this with 911—the Cheney/Rumsfeld cabal and all their various cohorts in Halliburton, L3, and a thousand other new security firms? 

You know it.  It's a multi-billion-dollar business, one completely unknown before 2001.  How much security did your schools have, when you were a kid?  None?  How much did they need?  None?  How much do they NEED now?  None?  But that isn't what the media is telling you, is it? 
And who owns the media?  Same people, or their cousins. 

So this is just the old mob protection racket, blown up to monstrous proportions and sold by the government and media itself.  And who is paying them for this fake protection from phantom threats?  You are, with your new taxes.  Your rising local, state, and federal taxes are all being tapped in various ways to deal with this manufactured terror.

there are a lot of things you can do.  Thousands of things, most of them which require very little bravery and no risk.   But before you do any of them, you have to quit believing what they tell you.  They have bluffed you on this question and every other one.  So don't believe there is nothing you can do. 

Don't believe you have no power.  Don't believe your actions don't matter.  Don't believe there is no going back.  Don't believe you are living in a hologram.  Don't believe your memories are false.  And don't believe anything the mainstream media tells you.  Do not give them your money, do not vote for them, do not work for them, do not work with them.  JUST SAY NO.

 The (school) shootings I have researched are all faked.  But since people started to get suspicious in about 2005 or so, it has been much harder for them to sell the newer casino security, school security, store security, sporting event security, etc. 

Whereas they only had to run about one fake airport or airplane story every few months from 2001-2008, say, they now have to run a fake mass shooting about once a day.  That is how the story has accelerated.  

take a close look at airport security and the underwear bomber. The underwear bomber just happened to be the son of a highranking African banker and diplomat, but that isn't suspicious, is it?   Wikipedia admits he is one of the richest men in not only Nigeria, but in all of Africa.   He is a former chairman of First Bank of Nigeria and a Federal Commissioner for Economic Development. 

He has also run several large oil companies, including Agip and Incar.  The underwear bomber himself was a “gifted” student in advanced classes, and he attended University College London.  He has a degree in mechanical engineeering, which is a tough degree.  He was also working on a masters degree in international business in Dubai when he was called to this project.

There is no chance such a person would try to sneak a bomb on a plane in his pants, or that he would be successful.   While there is a 100% chance he was planted in this story by his family, to help sell airport security. 

We know without further study the entire airport security project is a vast hoax.  If they had real terrorists trying to get on planes, they wouldn't have to come up with these fake ones, would they?

by David Kasady and Leaf Garrit
Guest writers obliterate this one for us.

 Its location in the quite wealthy Englewood neighborhood is another red flag about the Murder Castle. According to Larson, Englewood residents acquired big houses on streets named Harvard and Yale that were lined with elm, ash, sycamore, and linden and posted with signs barring all but essential wagon traffic.

They sent their children to school and went to church and attended meetings of the Masons and forty-five other secret societies having lodges, kingdoms, and hives in the village.

Englewood was the center of spookiness in Chicago, being home to an incredible 46 secret societies and having streets named after the country’s chief spook schools.

The Pinkertons were a precursor to the CIA and the Secret Service; they were U.S. Intelligence before there was offcially “U.S. Intelligence.”

I must take a minute to address the obvious question: why are the powers-that-be allowing to post all these family connections among the rich and powerful?

Because is actually working in their favor. Most of the family connections are relatively distant, being fourth cousins at best. So you are led to believe these connections are incidental, the way any ordinary Joe might stumble upon the occasional prominent ancestor in his genealogy.

But we should assume they are hiding much closer connections among all these people, including connections to all the British peers that keep coming up in Miles’ research.

The lack of any relations to barons, earls, or lords in Holmes’ page is a glaring omission  We know from Miles’ research that Marxism/socialism was a fake movement manufactured by the Industrialists and has been one of their most successful means of undermining criticism against themselves.

This should also tell you what to think about the NAACP, if you didn’t already know. As we’ve seen over and over, the same families denouncing the evils of capitalism were the same ones perpetrating and profiting from them.

It is called controlling the opposition: pretending to criticize yourself so that someone else won't do it better.  Let me end with a few words on the archetype of the serial killer, and what the Holmes case means for this archetype.

Holmes is presented as “America’s frst serial killer,” in the sense in which we commonly understand it today – the soulless, psychopathic killer born with an inexplicable lack of empathy and a pathological need to kill.

What is curious is how perfectly the timing of the Holmes case aligns with the rise of this archetype in the field of psychology. Dr. Hervey Cleckley described the prototypical psychopath as “a subtly constructed reflex machine which can mimic the human personality perfectly.

So perfect is his reproduction of a whole and normal man that no one who examines him in a clinical setting can point out in scientific or objective terms why, or how, he is not real.”

That language should strike you as odd. For example, the word prototypical. A prototype is defined as a “preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed.”

This suggests that serial killers didn’t arise organically out of human nature or society, but rather that the archetype was designed, as a machine is. Cleckley uses the word “constructed”, which is even more overt.

Things don’t construct themselves, which begs the question of who is doing the constructing. Also curious is Cleckley’s assertion that a psychopath and a normal person are indistinguishable, even in a clinical setting.

That begs the question, how does Cleckley know psychopaths exist? He admits himself that there are no clinical indications of psychopathy, and therefore no way of diagnosing this disorder.

In fact, that is the telltale mark of a psychopath. So, its inability to be diagnosed is part of the disease? 

Just like Hawking was the master of unprovable theories, Cleckley mastered the unprovable theory of the psychopath, just in time to explain Holmes and the next hundred years of serial killers, whose actions don’t make any sense outside of Cleckley’s theory. How convenient.
10/27/18, Pittsburgh Shooting Hoax. The big clue is the name Bowers, in case you don't have time to read it.

We have seen that some in Government and the Jewish communities love nothing better than pretending to attack themselves.   It has proved to be a fantastic way to generate sympathy. . . or it was in the past.  I think a lot of people are starting to see through it, which is why the governors and families have had to turn up the volume. 

Average people yawn and change the channel, so they have to televise fakes on every channel, sometimes at a rate of two or three a week.  Pretty soon they will have to hire people to come directly to your house and lecture you on these topics, to make you are properly propagandized.  You will have to pass a test at the end.  

I have never studied a promoted tragedy like this and found it to be genuine.  NEVER.  
I have shown they are run by the same people for pretty much the same reasons, and always have been. So when a new one comes along, it isn't hard to spot. 

And here again, we have the bald numerology, with aces and eights all over the place.   we have seen many many times that both churches and synagogues are simply Intel fronts, going back centuries. 

Rabbis, priests, and other “clerics” are often little more than agents in white robes, pretending to be holy in order to more easily scam you.    We now know the KKK and the American Nazi Party came out of military intelligence.  

The number of similar events that have been hoaxed in the past 500 years is nearly endless. . Remember, they have to mark these events as hoaxes for other people in Intelligence, which is mostly what the numerology is for. 

It is sort of a stand-down signal.  Although I don't know why they bother anymore: since every event is now fake, they only need a “this is real” signal—which they could mothball from lack of use.   
Stephen Hawking's Genealogy. Where I continue to demolish the Hawking impostor, showing he was a total fraud in all incarnations, even the original one. Also brief commentary on Edward Witten and others. Including a tack-on about the current Taos art scene.

Stephen Hawking's Genealogy
by Miles Mathis
First published September 24, 2018

No progress has been made on quantum gravity in the past century.  Outside of my books, the field hasn't advanced one tiny step since that time.  Mainstream mathematicians and physicists either don't know the first thing about math, physics, or logic, or that they are purposefully messing with our heads. Probably the latter.  If we are kept in a permanent state of confusion, we are less likely to question their science budgets, which are just as illogical and fanciful as their math.  

I believe anything I might have to say, down to a weather report or shallow boasting, is more worthy of publication than anything these geniuses of the mainstream are posting or have been posting for many decades.  I could be writing about my own earlobes and it would be more compelling and poignant than anything we have seen from the promoted prodigies of science, art, or history for about a century.  Honestly, I say that not because I think so much of myself, but because I think so little of them. 

I would rather listen to birds chirp, dogs bark, or children mumble than listen to another word of boring mainstream misdirection. Like string theory, supersymmetry is bald mathematical game playing, with no necessary (or even possible) link to the real physical world.  These guys just propose whatever they like, with no question as to whether there is any evidence for it, and no question as to whether it is sensible at all.  They then award themselves prizes for it. You will say all this “advanced” math may find an application someday, but it won't. 

It won't because I have proven the solutions to all these problems are much simpler than they thought.  For instance, because these guys were jacking around with “higher” non-applied and non-applicable math, they missed seeing that Newton's gravitational equation was already unified.  They missed seeing that the Lagrangian was already unified.  They missed seeing that Maxwell's equations were already unified. Therefore none of them needed to be unified with one another by manufacturing symmetries and complex operators. 

What was necessary was not building new equations, but better understanding the old equations.  The key wasn't higher math, it was figuring out what G was really doing in Newton's equation, what k was doing in Coulomb's equation, and so on.  My solutions immediately made all their work obsolete.  Not only obsolete, but awful. 

Marilyn vos Savant scored about 35 points higher (230).  Since she is still living, why is she buried in searches of this sort?  I will tell you: she got crossways with the mainstream gatekeepers in mathematics about twenty years ago, and they purposely decided to bury her.  Marilyn disagreed with the mainstream and was therefore targeted.  As we know, these people will say anything.  The truth simply doesn't matter.

They are masters of blackwashing.  And they have a ubiquitous reach, even convincing Guinness to drop its IQ category, simply because they didn't wish to continue listing Marilyn at the top of that page. Jewish organization of pseudoscientific gatekeeping, which pretends to be protecting us from astrologers and other dangerous people of that sort, but is really protecting us from ideas which don't make them any money.  

I also find it curious that I am about the only person who has ever questioned anything these people have done.  I have gotten called to the carpet by hordes of anonymous trolls on just about everything I have ever said, down to the smallest claims on my website.  My posted bio has been nitpicked word for word, and I can't even tell a story about my childhood without being asked for proof it happened.

But with these famous and promoted people, nothing is ever questioned.  No one ever looks closely at their bios, asks for proof of their claims, or checks their math.  All we see is a constant barrage of shallow promotion from thousands of mainstream sites, without ever a hard question asked.  People like Hawking, Witten, Wiles, and Feynman have a million allies and groupees, but not a prominent enemy in the world.  How likely is that?

In a multilateral world of differing opinions, that should not happen. These guys should have to field some serious criticism.  But they never do.  Their debates and interviews are canned and their online pages are policed.  Forums are cleansed of any against-the mainstream opinion, and the major sites admit that.  They actually give demerits to anyone who asks a serious question, and ban anyone who doesn't immediately pipe down. 

Again, how likely is that in a real world?  I have made the same point in art.  How likely is it that all mainstream sites would cheerlead for Modernism, and none would have a nice word for contemporary realism?  Of all the movie stars and pop stars buying and promoting Modern art, not one is buying or promoting realism? Really?  And you think the media isn't totally controlled?  
We should know the media is manufactured because it doesn't match our real-life experience.

Whenever I talk to real people, I find most of them like realism and hate Modernism.  If normal people were suddenly made rich, they would buy realism, not Modernism.  So how is it that almost all rich people buy Modernism?  I will tell you: they are part of the racket and we aren't.  
It is the same with science.  Most people who study the main components of quantum mechanics or other new science just shake their heads.  And not because it is so hard, but because it is so utterly irrational. 

They know it can't be true no matter what the math says, so why bother with the math.  They have taken enough courses in high school to know that you can't prove a contradiction with any math, so they rightly walk away.  So how is it that these child prodigies can't figure that out?  How is it that our senators can't figure that out?  How is it that the billionaires funding these projects can't figure this out?  I will tell you: they are part of the racket and we aren't.  

Plus, as we have seen, famous people don't need to promote themselves, since they are the beneficiaries of a constant mainstream promotion, from literally thousands of sources.  Because they are from the Families, they are promoted from the cradle.  A large portion of the media is given over every day to making sure we know who these people are and how important they are. 

The promotion is so excessive, they can even pretend to be humble and it doesn't matter.  But with people like me, the opposite is true.  Not only can we not seem to find any promotion, if we make any headway nonetheless we are immediately swamped with noisy and false anti-promotion.  Hundreds of people arise out of nowhere to slander us.  Obviously, this is to protect the franchise.  These people are hired to quash any competition.  

So those of us not from the Families have to promote ourselves.  No one else is going to do it, are they? Earlier this year, we finally saw some people saying nice things about me online, but even so, those comments are on a private blog.  Those comments are not being published widely by the media, and it is very unlikely that anyone but my choir will ever read them.  So the levels of promotion are still very low compared to my mainstream competitors.

And for years I didn't even have that.  For a long time, the only one who believed in me was me.  Is it any wonder I developed the tone I did?  But of course my detractors won't even give me that.  They have slandered me and then tried to shame me for fighting back. According to them, self-promotion is always unseemly.  It is a sign of megalomania. 

Believing in yourself when others don't is apparently the greatest modern sin, and is proof by itself of delusion.  That has been one of their primary gambits, and they learned it in debating101: the cleverest thing you can do is trap your enemy in a no-win situation, of the “have you stopped beating your wife” sort.  They deny you promotion, then accuse you of being anti-social if you self-promote. 

The only way you can avoid attack is if you accept their terms on everything.  
First, they trap everyone not in the Families outside the gates.  Those of us on the other side of the moat are pre-defined losers.  Any idea we have must go through their channels, so we rely on them to rise beyond a certain point.  If we don't do as we are told, we will never make it across the drawbridge.

But some of us will not accept that situation, and we begin talking directly to our neighbors, ignoring the accepted channels.  When that happens, the response from the castle is immediate, punishing, and twofold: one, the miscreants are accused of transgressing all societal rules.  We are said to be trampling on all the sanctified and holy norms like peer review, majority rule, Christian humility, and groupthink. Two, the castle floods the peasants with new handbills and new tasks, to keep them so busy they haven't time to converse among themselves. 

Those in the tower may also turn up the daily music, add a lot of new festivals to the schedule, and send spies into the populace, for the same purpose.  And if all that fails, they will pay an enemy to attack the city.   You will say have I made these points before and am just repeating myself.  True, but these points bear repeating.  I have not made them in years, and nothing has changed. 

Despite my greater online numbers and new levels of support, the situation in general has not changed a whit.  If anything, those anti-promoting me have only increased their funding and turned up the volume on the lies.  As long as they keep attacking, I have to keep defending.  
The sad truth is that art has been killed on purpose, everybody knows that, but nobody cares.  They are too overdrugged to get off the couch and complain about anything, much less art.  
The only proper response to the billions spent on art propaganda is to force it back down their throats, telling them we don't want it.  We want real art, not this New World Order promotion posing as art.
In conversation, I have been told by some locals that this is just an unavoidable outcome of a democratized art.  It is not just ruling-class bozos that can't create real art, it is most people, and the new art is an art for the masses.  It allows a far larger number of people to call themselves artists, which is important to them.  That sounds great on the face of it, but it is just pathetic if you look at it harder. 

I have no problem with people wanting to be involved in the arts.  If they knew their places, it would be great.  But what has happened is that this “art for the masses or by the masses” or whatever you wish to call hasn't just coexisted with real art, it has displaced it.  Or replaced it.  To say it clearly, these people don't exist in the field along with those such as me.  They exist in the field instead of those such as me.

Especially when they are rich kids from the families, they benefit from promotion I can't possibly find, so they end up taking the entire field.  But it is even more than that, as we have seen, since—in order to guarantee the success of his children—Daddy Warbucks destroys their competitors on purpose. 

In other words, the billionaires install their own sons and daughters as artists and then use the owned media to destroy what was previously understood to be art.   This is why Modernism didn't just co-exist with the old traditional art from the beginning.  It totally displaced it.  The markets were taken, almost in toto, leaving nothing but a few dregs for those such as me. 

The owned mainstream media was used for an entire century to badmouth the kind of art I do and promote the kind of art they do.  So there was no level playing field.  In fact, we weren't allowed on the field at all, after about 1916.  We were just defined out of the game.  And the game continues to this day, as we saw in 2009 when Hopper and his buddies pushed this project in Taos, saying the same old things: realism was uncool and out-of-date, done only by the ignorant and tasteless.

These falsehoods continue to be the talking points in the media across the board, in all magazines, on TV, in the movies, and everywhere else.  Everyone is promoting Modernism and no one has anything nice to say—or anything to say at all—about painting or sculpture of the old sort.  Or, it was great for Raphael and Rembrandt and those old guys, but is not to be done by anyone living. Mysteriously and unaccountably, what was good for them is bad for us.

That talent made them famous and continues to do so, and no problem.  But that same talent now is not wanted.  It is only cause for a clicking of tongues or an ostracism.  Here in town, I often get the cold shoulder or a biting glance from someone I hardly know, and I always think to myself, “Ah, they must have read one of my papers.” 

Could be the Jewish thing, but it is just as often the art thing.  I have been ostracized for my art since the 1990s, and I imagine it still makes me more enemies than the Jewish question, especially in a town like Taos.  The heavy lesbian population tags me and all like me as regressive and sexist.  They are allowed to like women, but I'm not.  

So those who don't understand where I am coming from simply haven't considered the question in any detail.  Or perhaps they just don't give a crap.  Like the Moderns, they truly wish those such as me would go extinct as fast as possible, leaving the meek (and the promoted and the trashy and the vulgar) to inherit the Earth.      
The Feel-Good Hoax of the Year     
An Analysis of The Thai Cave Rescue Hoax             
by GUEST WRITER Gladys Night Shyamalan and the Pups

 Reading the official version of the events, its easy to see how ridiculous this story is, but nevertheless, many of the people I spoke with in my day-to-day life believed it. I attribute this primarily to the general lack of life experience that has come to personify the citizenry of the Western world.

While every human suffers in their own unique way, modern society provides a cradle-to-grave experience that shelters most people from dealing with situations that are outside their comfort zone, such as going without food (or water) for days on end.

This is of course not their fault, and neither is the fact that the modern educational system was designed to strip students of their critical thinking ability by focusing almost entirely on rote memorization, thus making them more obedient workers and more compliant consumers. 

This combination of relative comfort and institutional brainwashing has allowed the Families to gain a degree of control over modern society that is absolutely breathtaking in its scope and depth.  Only in the past decade (since 9/11), has that control really begun to slip, and as a result some citizens have begun to wake up.

Keep in mind that mid-level technocrats (finance, media, law, and medical types, who are not in the .01%), are the same as everyone else when it comes to their potential impact on broader society.  A cardiothoracic surgeon makes a great living no doubt, but in no way shape or form does he have any more say over the direction of society than your average worker in the fast food industry.

In fact, an individual or family with $100 million in liquid net worth has relatively limited influence.   As others have repeatedly pointed out, the true direction of U.S. society (and Western society more broadly) is crafted by a few ultrapowerful families, which many refer to as the Families. 

This dynamic requires that the governors keep the mid-level technocrats well-occupied and generally satisfied with their quality of life, because if they were to become discontent with the status quo, it’s they who pose the largest threat to the Families.  Our present situation is characterized by the PTB skimming the froth off the economy through a plethora of scams, which has caused income inequality to explode, even among relatively well-compensated industries.

The vast majority of the people that work in global finance are not members of the Families, and this is reflected in the enormous pay disparity (124x) between top hedge fund managers/bank CEO’s, and the rank-and-file, such as a computer programmer who works at Goldman Sachs. This is by no means trying to imply that you should feel bad for those that make significantly more than the average global citizen, I’m just making the point that they have no real influence or power.

 The ruling classes of various countries have always worked closely with one another.  Throughout history, when members of the peerage of a particular country or region realize that a takeover is imminent, they usually choose to get absorbed rather than fight, and may even go through the act of a fake war to make it look like they put up some sort of fight.

But in reality the deal was agreed to long before any real battle was fought. The soldiers that die, and the citizens that suffer, are nothing more than cannon fodder and collateral damage on the devil’s grand chessboard. The Intelligence Officer playbook states that “if stability is not in your best interest, then chaos is your friend.”

Per the Credit Suisse report on global wealth, North America has a total wealth that comes out to about $337,000 per adult.  Since the USA is wealthier than Canada and far wealthier than Mexico, that number rises even more for you personally, coming out to something like $500,000.  In other words, if wealth was divided equally in the US, instead of hoarded by the billionaires, you would be making about that per year.  And so would your wife.  

That is the true measure of what is being stolen from the lower and middle classes by the upper class.  Of course the billionaires aren't just stealing from the US, they are stealing worldwide, so a lot of that money would have to be given back to poor countries we are raping.  Bringing you and your partner's total income down to about $106,000 per year.  Still, not bad.

And, since I am not suggesting total income equality (some jobs should be paid more than others, since some require more skills, education, intelligence, etc.), in a fair economy, if you have a skilled job you would be making more than that. 

So when the economists tell you that with a fair division of worldwide wealth everyone would be poor, they are lying.  With a fair division of wealth, almost everyone would be rich, and no one would be poor.  And that is with 7 billion people in the world.  If we bring that number back down to 5 billion, say, the income number goes up to $148,000.  

by GUEST WRITER  Davy Jonze

 The crypto-rulers keep pushing the “unsolved mystery” angle to keep you from thinking the mystery can be solved, and to keep your eyes off more important topics. This explains the title of his best-known album, doesn’t it? All Eyez On Me. They want your attention focused on these fake artists and celebrities so you don’t notice the continual theft and mental rape they perpetrate against you daily, no matter your skin color. 

What happened was essentially a hostile takeover, but not the legal kinds we read about in the papers. This was a hostile takeover cloaked to look less hostile, because behind the scenes it was really the wresting of a lesser dynastic family’s assets by a greater dynastic family. We’re seeing the same thing with Harvey Weinstein. A public scandal is manufactured to enable the maneuvering of the lesser family’s takeover, while at the same time offering a distraction for the public.

The controversy over gangsta rap was manufactured from start to finish, which is why the controversy seemed to vanish into thin air the moment the takeover was complete. But wait, you say, this still doesn’t explain Tupac’s death! But it does. What’s the first thing a company does when it acquires a new asset? It tries to maximize the profitability of that asset. Tupac was an asset, but he was probably a depreciating one.  They knew they could only get so much out of Tupac and the gangsta rap genre before it became stale. 

Bad/fake art doesn’t have lasting value, and the crypto-rulers know this, which is why they’re constantly having to devise new genres and artists and musical gimmicks.  So they retired the Tupac brand with a bang.  It’s no coincidence that a new Tupac album came out just two months after his death.  His faked death was just part of the marketing campaign to boost sales for The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. 

The album hit No. 1 on Billboard, selling over half a million copies in the frst week.  It was certifed 4x platinum by 1999.  The album cover was designed in August, less than a month before Tupac’s death, and it features Shakur being crucifed.  The working title of the record was The 3 Day Theory, implying resurrection.  Do you get the joke?  It’s easy to rise from the dead when you never really died.  The album was released on November 5, a nod to another famous manufactured event [Guy Fawkes].  Since Tupac’s death, he has released six albums of new material. 

That’s quite prolific for a dead guy. I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that all the executives running these record labels – and the ones who are making all the money from Tupac’s “death” – are Jewish. The entire music industry, like the flm industry, is run by Jews.   The hostile takeover I’ve unwound for you comes full circle with the Bronfmans. In 2004, Warner Music Group was sold to a group of investors led by Edgar Bronfman, Jr. for $2.7 billion, and Bronfman became CEO.  It looks like Bronfman orchestrated the whole thing,  These families seem to have a strong musical bone.

Tupac faked death also helped foil any momentum that was building among America’s frustrated black youth, who are even more screwed with (and just plain screwed) by the Families than young white men are.
FATAL MISTAKES the spinning of the Jeffrey MacDonald Case
by Miles Mathis
First published September 6, 2018

 I suggest you notice how both scenarios benefit the powers that be.  In the first scenario, a reader is made to fear the well-educated and highly decorated family man, who can snap and murder his entire family in a heartbeat.  This scenario plays into the men-are-pigs and destruction-of-the-family projects we have been following for years.  Women are being taught to hate and fear all men, even or especially the handsome, smart, and clean-cut ones.  This will destroy the heterosexual relationship, hopefully lowering populations while at the same time acting as a goldmine for the billionaires.

Miserable single people spend far more across the board than happy couples.   The second scenario is a straight continuation of the Manson project, selling progressives, young people, and war protesters as drugged-out psychopaths who will murder in a fog of pills and not even remember it.  The MacDonald project started in February of 1970, just six months after the fake Manson murders.

With hindsight, it looks like there was some disagreement in Intelligence which scenario to push.  They initially pushed scenario two in the media, but given some setbacks it appears they switched to scenario one as their primary project.  But over the years they have discovered they don't have to choose: they can push both, one in one decade and the other in the next decade.  This one case has continued to be a cash cow for five decades.

Many have been confused by the competing storylines, but that is also one of the goals.
The Justice Department, under Carter, which was led by Attorney General Griffin Bell, resurrected the project after the Army killed it.

The more confusion that is created, the less likely it is anyone will uncover the true story.  We saw that in the Kennedy projects, and we will see it again here.  But as we proceed, keep this in the front of your mind: the two possibilities sold to you by the mainstream aren't the only possibilities. In fact, you can always be sure the two scenarios sold to you are both false.  Therefore, you should be looking for possibility three.

The excess of data in this case and all others is also created for another purpose.  The quicker they can lose you in meaningless details, the quicker you will forget to ask the primary question.  DID THIS HAPPEN AT ALL?   Operation Cointelpro.  That is, create a general destabilization of society by the purposeful manufacture of fear and chaos, in order to increase profits and decrease resistance.   Remember, Cointelpro was the premier FBI project in the 1960s. 

This is not conspiracy theory; this is admitted by the mainstream and has been partially declassified.  You can read about it at Wikipedia and other encyclopedia sites.  They tell you these operations were discontinued in the 1970s, but they clearly were not.  They were accelerated, and they still are accelerating, as you can tell by opening your eyes in the morning.  

We are told FISA made it more difficult to spy domestically, it actually did the opposite.  If FISA had had any teeth, we would expect to see domestic spying curtailed in the following years, but the reverse is true.  FISA was created for the public, to make us think something was being done by Justice to monitor FBI, CIA, and the other alphabet agencies of Intelligence, while beneath the top layer of legalese, what FISA really did is make it easier to spy, by removing the old barriers between FBI, CIA, and Justice.

After the 1970s, the old turf wars were discouraged, and the agencies were encouraged to merge.  Or, they were subsumed within the greater machinery, and owned by the same masters.  We have seen that other splits later emerged within the huge beast, but in 1978 the old splits were being patched up.  FISA was the first patch in a series that would continue with the misnamed Patriot Acts and USA Freedom Act, all of them giving more freedom and authority and money to the Intel agencies to do as they pleased, taking anything they wanted from the treasury with no oversight from Congress or anyone else.
We have later proof Bell was involved in exactly that when he was appointed to the Military Commissions Court in 2006.  This was allegedly in response to illegalities at Guantanamo, but what it really did is make the fake Guantanamo prison appear to be real.  Prisoners were supposedly given a few more rights, but this was to make you think the prisoners really existed.  They never did. As in the MacDonald case, the Guantanamo prisoners were and are actors.
Bell was basically doing the same thing in 1979, when he backed the MacDonald trial.

He was making you think the event was real, by continuing the fake.  This fake project was seen as something worth driving forward, since it propelled the men-are-pigs project as well as the larger Cointelpro/Chaos project of general destabilization of society.  Both were seen as powerful generators of profit.

Of course in a grand jury hearing, the defendant has no defense attorney present in the hearing room, and the evidence presented by the government against the defendant is not challenged by experts and is usually accepted by jurors as factual.  That is simply not true, and even Wikipedia states in the first sentence of the page on Grand Jury under “Purpose” that the “institution is a shield against unfounded and oppressive prosecution”. 

If evidence was not challenged and accepted as true by jurors, there would be no possible shield of that sort. Unfortunately, because jurors are not made aware of their proper roles in a grand jury, they don't understand that they are acting as the challengers and indeed as the defense in a grand jury.  And so the grand jury has become one more tool of oppressive prosecution, with the jurors acting as puppets of the prosecution.  

Grand juries, like courts, have to prove or indicate the possible guilt of defendants; defendants do not have to prove their innocence.  Grand juries can compel witnesses to testify by subpoena, but they cannot compel defendants to testify, either against themselves or in any other way.  A defendant always has the right to remain silent, not just during arrest but during all proceedings.  He doesn't have to say a word, ever. 

The jury is there to determine if the prosecution has enough good evidence to go to trial, indicating a probable conviction if the facts are shown to stand.  A proper juror in a grand jury should be trying to shoot holes in evidence presented by prosecution, not henpecking a defendant. 
by GUEST WRITER Donny Joel Osmont

Can you read the clues? It’s so obvious it’s laughable. The committee writers are the “gods” writing not only the stories, but the authors that front them. Stephen King is as much a fiction as the characters in his novels. It’s no surprise that the rise of metafction rose concurrently with the mass takeover of literature by Intel. See, for example, L. Ron Hubbard’s Typewriter in the Sky

 Any time you can link a person to these Families, you can assume whatever organizations, events, or art for which they’re known are a “project” on some
level. These Families, who have controlled the global power structure for centuries (millennia?) through the four levers of banking, industry, politics, and culture, are Jewish or crypto-Jewish, and they hide their connections to and between the Families through a constant fudging, scrubbing, and revising of history and genealogy.

But, like anyone who gets away with a crime, they can’t help bragging about it and tipping their hand every now and again, perhaps for the fun of seeing just how blind the masses really are. They’ve also been known to out one another as part of the infghting that occurs in any family. Because of this, ordinary people can discover a lot about the Families and their projects with nothing more than an Internet connection and a
functioning brain.

Equipped as such with the Mathisian methodology, it’s easy-breezy to out a famous author like Stephen King as a member of these hidden Families. Merchant marines are an auxiliary to the Navy, and in wartime a merchant mariner is considered military personnel. Many naval intelligence officers have operated through the merchant marines to hide their intelligence ties, especially those who later became authors: Jack London, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Herman Melville, and Mark Twain were all merchant mariners.
Ancient Spooks: Part III
Part III: Link to a spooky past   July 2018 By Gerry

Miles musings on Gerry's Article:  

What he has shown is evidence the Israelites and Phoenicians were two arms of the same beast, with the Phoenician arm later suppressed because it was known to be a rich arm.  The modern Jews prefer to sell themselves as victims and underdogs.  We see that every time I do the genealogy of a Hollywood star, where they want you to believe they are the sons and daughters of truck drivers and waitresses, instead of the children of the elite that they are.

So it isn't that the Jews aren't really Jews or Zionists or Israelites or Hebrews.  They are.  But they are  also Phoenicians, Egyptians, Canaanites, Assyrians, and Sumerians.   What we now call the Jews were behind  all  those civilizations,
comprising the elite class hiding in the dark beneath them all. . . just like now.

Modern elite Jews are cosmopolitans, being American, Canadian, French, English, Dutch, Russian, Polish, and every other designation.  In exactly the same way, the ancient Jews were everywhere there was money to be made and things to be traded.  After a certain point we may assume they were deeply lodged in all the famous old civilizations, running all or most of them from behind the scenes.  Israel and Phoenicia stand out in this list. 

Phoenicia was so obviously Jewish its records had to be permanently hidden.  And the Phoenicians are a better tag for the modern Jews in some ways since the Phoenicians were admitted to be rich traders, with their paws in all civilizations in Europe and the Near East going back to 2500 BC and before.  Also because the admitted  history of the Phoenicians helps us understand the current Jews.

it helps us understand the East India Company, a later Jewish construct.  By realizing Jew=Phoenician, we can understand that the East India Company didn't begin in 1600.  It has existed in unbroken line back to 2500BC and before, just changing names and expanding routes.


The Post by Miles Mathis
The Post
by Miles Mathis 
July 22, 2018

Phil Graham's most quoted quote: The news is a first rough draft of history. Not only is that not deep, it is spooky.  It implies the newspapers aren't reporting history, they are writing it.The CIA had owned all media since the early 1950s. 

All media had been owned by the plutocrats and their agencies since the founding of the country, and even before. the Pentagon Papers project was aimed directly at Nixon.  It was meant to bring him down by attacking the integrity of the Presidency. 

The fact that the office of President would be permanently tarnished was not thought to be a problem.  they probably figured they could rebuild trust in the President anytime they needed to.  The President was a plastic punching clown they could deflate and reinflate at will.

In that they turned out to be wrong.  Nor did they see that losing trust in the President was the first step in a slide to losing trust in everything, which would end up biting them in the butt.

Propaganda can't work without trust, so that the entire propaganda machine they spent centuries building and perfecting is now in jeopardy.  In fact, I would say it is irreparably broken, which leaves them in quite a pickle.

Some still won't understand why the government would out itself in such a prominent project.  How could that not backfire?  Well, it did backfire in the longterm, as we are witnessing now. 

But at the time it was not seen as a great danger because the government  wasn't outing itself.  The government was blackwashing Nixon and some of its previous actors, but since all these actors were just unimportant frontmen—hired to receive such flack—this was little more than business as usual. 

They have always wanted your eyes on the Presidents and Congress and all the other actors, to keep your eyes off the real governors and real projects.  Whether you like your Presidents or not didn't matter anymore, as long as they drew your attention. 

It was found that negatives were more sexy and better drew attention, so after Eisenhower, say, they moved more and more to that plan.  We are still in it, as you see with Trump, chosen as a towering negative.  we have always seen signs of splits in Intel. 

We saw them in Watergate and we see them in current events.  In Gerry's recent expos  on the Ancient Spooks, he states that the ruling families merged and allied thousands of years ago, which is mostly true.  Very few of the wars of history have been what we have been told. 

But that doesn't mean there isn't squabbling at lower levels. These families do jostle for power in agencies and among agencies.  We have seen that the CIA was finalizing its hegemony in the 60s and 70s, stamping out some late resistance from the Pentagon, the White House, and the FBI. 

That is what the Pentagon Papers and Watergate are really about.  To achieve this coup, the CIA used some tactics that some may now regret, though the heads seem still not to have learned the lesson. 

Remember, the strongest arm of CIA at the time was the arm that was involved in Operation Chaos, and those guys apparently fell in love with Chaos for its own sake.  It has been accelerating ever since. 

They saw it as an incredible cash cow, which it is.  However, because they were so flush with power, they ignored the longterm downside, which becomes more obvious every year.  

Once people stop believing the news, they are harder to manage.   Even in a time of manufactured chaos, the governors still need to herd people around at will. 

Or, to say it even more strongly, in times of manufactured chaos it becomes even more important  to be able to control people. Fake chaos has the danger of quickly devolving into real chaos, which the governors want no more than you do. 

They also don't want to have to resort to violence to maintain order, one because it doesn't work that well financially, and two because it makes them look bad.  It blows cover. 

The ideal spot for spooks is a society like the US in the 1950s, where everyone is completely oblivious to the machinery around them.  The profits then were high though not astronomical, and stability was also very high.

Now, profits are higher, but stability is barely holding.  What will they do?  Probably what they always do: push too far and precipitate a real crisis for themselves. 

The plutocrats never lose as a whole, you will say, and that too is true.  But given families and given factions do lose in times like this.  We can only hope the worst faction loses big and loses soon. 

Graham Hancock Unmasks

by Miles Mathis

''I have recently been studying the government operations of the 1960's against the hippies and anti-war protesters, in which the CIA and other agencies began pushing LSD on these groups to disorient them and marginalize them. Hancock is sounding like a more level-headed Tim Leary or Ram Dass here, although the drug of choice now would appear to be DMT instead of LSD.

This ties Hancock to Russell Brand, Rupert Sheldrake, and Daniel Pinchbeck, all of whom have apparently been recruited by Intelligence to lead the present operation of pushing drugs on the youth. Sheldrake was previously tied to Hancock since they have been lecturing together, selling the same line about “consciousness being the greatest mystery of science” and all that. They were both censored by TED as part of the same psy-op. But now the younger and hairier guys Brand and Pinchbeck have been added to the roster to bring in the young ladies and the dudes.

I have already outed Brand in a recent paper, showing you that he is being used to further suppress the vote. He is trying to convince the youth that voting is ineffectual, so they should just quit. I have also written about Sheldrake, showing you how he is also being used to control the opposition, leading those who are disenchanted with mainstream science into ever more mysticism. Although Sheldrake and I are both opposed to the mainstream, I am demanding science become mechanical again while Sheldrake is insisting it become even more mystical and fluffy than it already is. Basically, Sheldrake's job is capturing my readership—and the readership of all sensible people—and diverting it into ineffectual channels. The same can be said for Hancock, Brand, and Pinchbeck

But even without this new drug-pushing agenda, the consciousness agenda was crap by itself. It simply isn't true that consciousness is the greatest mystery of science. Consciousness is the greatest mystery of brain science, but there are plenty of other mysteries in science that are just as big, and perhaps bigger. The thing about the consciousness mystery is that we aren't even close to solving it. Like the mystery of the universe's beginning or the mystery of life, it is just too big for us. But there are many mysteries we are capable of solving right now, which in my opinion makes them a lot more exciting than the ones we can't solve.

The reason they keep trying to sell you on these ones that are too big for us is that they are great places to camp out and blow smoke. They can't be proved wrong there, because there isn't enough data. So this is where all the top theorists (and the famous new-age guys) hang out. They avoid the solid problems I like to write about, because those problems require collating and explaining a lot of real data. Since they don't have the ability to do that, they prefer to hide out in black holes and the first seconds of the universe and in 11-dimensional math and in holograms and in consciousness, where you can spout all the nonsense you like.

The other thing they like about these problems that are too big for us is that they act as perfect misdirection. They want to divert you into these problems, since once you get in you can waste years of your life with nothing to show for it. They keep all the stupid people talking about sports and movie stars, but they know they can't interest you in that shit, so they have to come up with something more cerebral for you. It used to be manufactured Biblical or literary problems that diverted the intelligentsia, like how many angels danced on the head of a pin or how many hexameters Virgil could write without spilling a trochee. Now it is whether an imaginary astronaut will pass the event horizon of the black hole and get burned up or stretched to death. Armchair philosophy posing as science, in other words.

But why would they want you wasting all your braincells on this stuff? Because if you are reading and discussing black holes, the edge of the universe, 11-dimensional math, or the origins of consciousness, you aren't getting in their way. They have then successfully diverted you into sciolism. This is what all their “science” magazines are about. Those magazines no longer contain a jot of real science. Instead, they are written from various government cubicles to misdirect you into manufactured problems and controversies. While you are out beating their phantom bushes, they are free to do what they like in science, art, and government.

I can see (Russell Brand) is trying to divert my fellow hippies back into navel gazing, experimenting with government-created lab drugs, and a new-age sort of faux-spiritualism based on total self-absorption, shallow subjectivity, and a science based on wish-fulfillment. In other words, the controllers are re-packaging the same thing they destroyed progressives with in the 1960's, updating it with new catchwords and conmen.

Some readers will by now be pegging me as a tightass, but they should know I am all in favor of spiritualism, inspiration, serendipity, mystery, and so on. I don't think physics is the place for any of those things (except that I take inspiration wherever I can get it, with gratitude and without question); but I do see real evidence for them everywhere. I consider myself a hippie. My problem with all this isn't the mystery or the inspiration, it is the fact that I now know the hippie movement was infiltrated and taken over by Military Intelligence decades ago.

I am all in favor of festivals, but the problem is I can see all the major hippie, alternative and New Age festivals are now fake. These festivals and movements are now organized and led by fake hippies and gurus planted by Intelligence, and job one for these people is keeping the hippies diverted. Daniel Pinchbeck, Russell Brand and the rest are selling you a new form of Tim Leary's old “turn on, tune in, drop out.” They are trying to convince you this is how the revolution will come about, because they know that it has the least chance of coming about that way.

They are convincing current hippies that the world will be transformed by them sitting around in a circle holding hands and thinking good thoughts. It won't. Holding hands and thinking good thoughts is fine, and may be a good first step. But by itself it won't change anything. The revolution requires real action, and the controllers are doing everything they can to prevent any action. That is where the drugs come in. The drugs keep you in an induced stupor, and in that stupor you mistake your ideas for reality.

You think that just because you have imagined peace, peace has really happened. But the world doesn't work that way. Reality isn't a wish-fulfillment. It isn't a construct of the mind. It isn't a hologram you can rebuild from a happy thought. The hippies have to find some way to resist the bad people. These bad people exist in the real world and they are performing real actions. They will continue to perform them until they are stopped. They will not be stopped with meditation.''

Ancient Spooks: Part II
Part II: Spookish relations
By Gerry, July 2018

We learned that the maintenance of their family trees might have been a prime occupation for the top families even in antiquity.wars were managed in ancient times as they are now done by those people who had combined their family trees also appointed the kings.

it appears these wars were less bloody than officially stated The top merchant families were carving up and reshuffling their properties for a new hoaxing cycle,The Family Trees of the interbred aristocratic clans, so important to the cryptocrats that they put them on public genealogy sites, like the one named “Geni”, and risk detection.

They grow in generations, branch out, but then the related families intermarry again, reconnecting the ends. By nurturing the family tree, aristocrats achieve eternal life through their families You could say that a symbol like this is harmless, as everyone would wish for a “fertile” family tree. I think the harm was done once these trees connected internationally in secret, to form one giant global mega-tree, as with the core trunk and intertwined branches.

Why do I have a problem with that? Because the Jewish aristocrats were always the top of the food chain. They could reign with impunity and scam their subjects at whim. . .  almost . The only thing that held them in check, or so we’re told, was that they’d constantly backstab each other. In theory, if a king overplayed his corruption hand, he’d lose the support of other aristocrats, and would be supplanted.

But as soon as family trees connected as one, that one check of aristocratic power was gone, and I think it vanished millennia ago. how the spooks could co-opt the aristocracy of the entire planet.  It was  consensual , and rulers  wanted   to merge their families with the spook clans—since the spooks were actually above  them in class.   many spooks seem to be gay, with some official officeholders being lovers of powerful spooks.

This might have helped them in keeping up cooperation across clans It seems that even in ancient times, the succession of kings was decided by someone else. If these kings were not allowed to make certain decisions on their own, what personality would such a king develop?   I’d   say   he   might   become   a   manic-depressive   egomaniac,   who   oscillates   between extravagance and decadence, and then frustration and nihilism.


                            All those beauty sites telling you how to age gracefully also have it
mostly wrong.  Yes, you have to take care of the body as well as the spirit, and they get some of that right.  You have to sleep a lot, drink a lot of water, eat good food, refrain from smoking and drinking, and all that.  But that isn't enough.  That isn't even half of it, as the movie stars and models know.

Some of them do all that and still look like garbage by 40, and it is because they neglect their souls. They rot from the inside out, and no amount of moisturizer can counteract that rot. You can't moisturize photons.  You can only channel them or block them.  Somehow and in some way, it appears that goodness channels them and wickedness blocks them.  I can't tell you exactly how.  I can't point to a clear mechanism.  But in some way and by some set of terms this has also been known for millennia.Furthermore, each of us knows this from birth.

It is part of our set of instructions, like the ability to walk or talk.  You couldn't possibly learn to talk if you didn't already have a fundamental understanding of language hardwired into your brain.  you couldn't possibly learn morals—right and wrong —if you didn't already have a fundamental understanding of morality from the beginning.  in our culture you have to be
untaught  basic morality.  Your natural instincts have to be subverted in order for you to
thrive in our “civilization”. 

No one really esteems the rich.  The plutocrats have always been hated and they always will be—for good reason.  They are detested because they are detestable.  They are liars and cheats and thieves.  Once the world reaches a true age of enlightenment, they and all like them will be forgotten forever.  If they are remembered at all it will only be as examples of what paths a wise man avoids.   
H.P. Lovecraft  7/3/18
by Guest Writers David Kasady and Leaf Garrit

That thesis is that we are monsters because our creators   are   little   more   than   monsters   themselves, a   universe   ultimately   devoid   of meaning, morality, or love. The horror/sci-f genre can be viewed as a precursor to Operation Chaos, since chaos and fear have   always   been   the   main   objective   of   science   fction.

the   universe   is ultimately   irrational   and   ruled   by   incomprehensible   monsters   that   exist   in   other   dimensions and who are, at best, ambivalent toward the humans they created. To comprehend these horrifc cosmic entities drives the human mind to insanity, so it’s best not to ask any big questions or pretend that there is ultimate truth.

Of course, to really believe such a thing would make life almost impossible to cope with, at least not without serious doses of antidepressants and lots of material comforts to distract and dull the mind. And that’s exactly what the rulers want.

They want to turn us away from asking serious questions about how the world operates, since we would then discover that it is, in fact, ruled by monsters that are completely ambivalent to the human race. Only, these monsters aren’t higher-dimensional, tentacled blobs of slime. They’re just other humans whose minds are sick enough to think up such offensive creatures.

The Jews were brilliant in their classes—calculatingly and schemingly brilliant—
but their ideals were sordid and their manners coarse. Bahá'í, a fake religion created to discredit religion in general;  Avant-garde   is   just   a   fancy   word   for talentless.   Foundation fellowships have always funded and promoted fake scholarship, science, and art.
The Company paid all the costs of establishing each colony, and in return controlled all land and resources there, requiring all settlers to work for the Company. The   frst   leader   of   the   Virginia   Company   in   England   was   its   treasurer,   Sir   Thomas Smythe,   who   arranged   the   1609   charter.  

He   had   been   governor   of   the  East  India Company  Shareholders   could   buy   stock   individually   or   in   groups.  Almost 1,700   people   purchased   shares,   including   men   of   different   occupations   and   classes, wealthy   women,   and   epresentatives   of   institutions   such   as   trade   guilds,   towns   and cities. 

Investors, called “adventurers”, purchased shares of stock to help finance the costs of establishing overseas settlements.  Virginia  Company  –   America’s   frst   colony   was   not   established   for religious   freedom   or   political   liberty,   nor   was   it   established   as   an   outpost   of   the   English government. 

It   was   a  business  funded   by   a   private,   for-proft   company   with   very   wealthy shareholders  most European governments had already been taken over by the super-wealthy crypto-Jewish bankers and merchants by this time, who arranged for all important political offces to be flled with   either   their   puppets   or   their   own   family   members. 

Defenders   of   capitalism   want   you scared of government taking control of private industry, but in reality it is the industrialists who control   government,   and   have   controlled   it   since   at   least   the   time   of   the   London   Virginia Company.

This is the very defnition and model of fascism, operating under the guise of “free-market” capitalism. Spiritualist was a fake movement promoted by the U.S. Government to delegitimize Christianity and religion in general.
by Miles Mathis
June 14, 2018

It is being leaked that I may have been a topic at Bilderberg last week.  I have received an anonymous tip that my work was discussed under the topic “The Post Truth World”.  What is a post-truth world and what does Bilderberg mean by that?   Well, mainstream sources are telling us Bilderberg is “concerned about” a post-truth world, but my guess is that is an inversion.

They aren't concerned about a post-truth world, they are concerned about a world where more and more people have access  to the truth.  They are concerned about a post-lies world.  What happens if people don't believe the lies anymore?  I call it a post-Hawking world.  The crash and burn of that project back in January obviously got these people's attention.  

But we have already seen their response, since it is already out there, and has been for a long time. They have been in crisis mode since 911, since nobody bought that one.   Their response was not to back off the fakes for a while, it was to ramp up the fake events.  If they couldn't create belief, at least they would create confusion. 

They have been trying to bury the truth under an avalanche of competing lies, surrounding every truth with a thousand lies.  But even that isn't working, since the truth tends to shine out with its own light.  It is like the Arkenstone hidden in a vast dark hall.  But introduce one moment of light—let Smaug roar for the tiniest moment—and the jewel flashes out. 

Anyway, if we have learned anything about the opposition in the past decade of engagement, it is that he is his own worst enemy.  The Bilderberg bozos are also their own worst enemies, since they seem to have the uncanny ability to do the wrong thing  at all times.  They haven't seemed to recognize that Project Chaos only works on a slow burn. It doesn't work as a 24-7 conflagration.   The past decade has proved that.   Yes, a lot of confusion has been created, but that has just made people more hungry for the truth and more hungry for normalcy. 

The governors seem to have forgotten how well the pre-911 project was working before they kicked it into overdrive and broke the mechanism.   Just to remind them: were they losing money back in the 1950s?  Not that I remember.  Were we right on the cusp of a revolution?  Not according to the history books. 

Things were pretty quiet, and it wasn't because of the recent war.  It was because the levels of propaganda were so much lower then.  Yes, everything was a lie even then, but it was a smaller, less noisy, more believable lie, so fewer people questioned it.  The propaganda now is way too in-our-faces, and we are spitting it back out.  The blue pill ingestion requires a subtle massaging of the throat, not a violent force-feeding.  
The older shows were infinitely subtle, quiet, and tasteful compared to the newer ones.   All were and are intended to create an audience of complacent consumers, but there are many types and levels of complacent consumers, as we now see with hindsight. The point is,   I   am   not   the   problem.  The   governors   themselves   are   the   problem,   since   they   have forgotten how to govern.  They are creating their own problems with these overblown projects.  If they wish for things to calm down, all they have to do is calm down themselves, and order Intel to calm down. 

If they want more stability, they can create it.  All they have to do is quit creating instability on purpose.  Insert people back into families, create some normalcy, and slow things down. 

They know you are hungry for the truth, so they should try to trump me by making you think they are coming clean.  If they want to be trusted again, this is their only hope. They don't have to admit to all the lies, do they?  They just have to once again make some real effort to appear like white hats instead of black hats.

Most of us now think these people are evil, which is not surprising since they make very little effort not  to look evil.  But since they have all the resources of the media, it seems like they could cleanse their image if they wished.  

Apparently they have forgotten how. In other words, the hired PR firms are failing.  Intel is failing.  The whole structure of governance is unwinding, and it would be unwinding with or without my papers.  As I have said many times before, there are many splits in the ruling families and in Intel, and we see that again here. The ruling families are worried about their image, as they should be.  

But shutting me down won't change that.  They need to do some housecleaning.  Whoever thought it was a good idea to go down this current path in 2001 should be fired or sent to Elba or something.   The faction promoting the post-911 world needs to be purged.
As I have also said before, it is one pretty obvious faction that is creating all the problems from top to bottom, and it is because this faction thrills in the jackboot.  They figure why massage your throat when they can ram it?  They will lie even when they don't need to, because the lie tastes better to them. 

They prefer theater to reality, since their own private realities are so paltry and unsatisfying.  But this faction is a new phenomenon, as we can see by the rapid changes of the past 60 years.  Yes, the world has long been run on theater, but not the pseudo-Satanic theater that has completely taken over.

It used to be that was a small part of the entertainment offered, but now it is pretty much the whole package.  This indicates the worst faction was not in charge back then, and they are still only a part of the machine.

They have been resisted and are still being resisted, but not forcibly enough.  I would say the families must deal somehow with this faction if they are re-create any semblance of stability, not only for us but for themselves.

It is time to reign Loki in.  There is no possibility of such an overthrow, given the state of the world. My job is to promote a successful revolution, not a failed one, right?   In my opinion, a successful  revolution will be achieved by talking sense to everyone, them included.

I am not just talking you off the ledge, I am talking them  off the ledge If they do that, they may find their lives are not so paltry and unsatisfying after all, and they may not need to hide out in a dark theater, rolling their dice and spinning their webs. 
Anatoly Fomenko and New Chronology
by Miles Mathis
First published June 12, 2018

What is fraudulent peer review?  However, even this is misdirection, since in admitting to some small amount of fraudulent peer review they want you to think
there is non-fraudulent peer review.  There isn't.  It is all fraudulent.  Meaning, it is all rigged in favor of mainstream science, which is owned, controlled, and manufactured by the trillionaire investment groups like Blackstone. . . and more specifically by the individuals behind them.  Peer review is nothing more than institutional protectionism and gate-keeping.  If you are a real outsider like me, your chance of being given a fair hearing by the mainstream is zero.  

That is not a theory or an empty claim. My entire career is proof of it.  My readers—who are now legion—know this firsthand, and there is no use trying to convince them otherwise.  It would be like trying to convince sensible people that banks are not rigging the interbank rates or stealing from retirement accounts, or that major sporting events are not being fixed.  The entire world is rigged and everyone now knows that.  So although some may think there are some broad similarities between Fomenko and me, I draw your attention instead to the major differences.  He is a mainstream mathematician, a member of all the clubs, and is published by the largest science publisher in the world, which is a subsidiary of one of the largest conglomerates in the world.  While I am. . . not.

 He is a fake outsider and revolutionary, while I am a real one.  Which is why I have no institutional affiliations, no mainstream promotion, and am actually as fiercely anti-promoted by the mainstream as anyone alive.  For those reasons alone, you should not expect me to be an ally of Fomenko.  You should also not expect to be able to accept us both.  You have to choose.  I already publish my work “open access”, don't I? And I don't pay a fee to anyone.  I have driven right around the gatekeepers, which is why they are so mad.   Many of my physics papers have gone viral, with no help from these institutions, peers, or publishers.  Why?  Because I have good ideas that no one else has.  That is what real science is.  Showing that the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian are both Unified Field Equations has been one of my greatest triumphs.

I have proved that the charge field is embedded in both equations, which means they are not gravity-only.  At the quantum level, they are unified as well, though there the important thing is that they include gravity.  So you can see yet another way that New Chronology is aimed at me.  It is wild misdirection away from not only real problems of historical analysis—which I have done—it is also misdirection away from the real science and math I have done.  It is another eyes-off project, meant to divert your attention to manufactured problems.  This keeps you off the real stuff. 

 “If Fomenko has been working on this for decades, how can it be aimed at you?  You weren't even working back then.”  Well, it wasn't originally aimed at me.  Originally it was just another project of misdirection and opposition control.  It was part of the worldwide Project Chaos.  But once I hit the scene, New Chronology was accelerated and turned in my direction, hoping to snare me and my readers.

Very few people had heard of Fomenko before about 2008, but now he is being promoted like never before.   But whether or not you agree I am right to take this stuff personally, I recommend you  take it personally.  Whoever you are, this crap is aimed right at you, and it just a small part of an ever-increasing storm of agitprop and disinfo.  If you are not angry in my defense, be angry in your own defense.  You should be furious these projects are being run against you. 

The father of John D. Rockefeller was “con artist” William Avery Rockefeller, who was also known as Dr. William Levingston. it links us to the prominent Livingston family, which had previously been Earls of Levingston. That would mean the whole descent from Rockenfelders of Germany is fiction, inserted by the Rockefellers and promoted to hide theirancestry. the Rockefellers are Jewish. Given the spelling Levingston,we can see that the Livingstons are probably the same as theLevinsons.

The sons of Levi. The Schuylers and Livingstons later became linked to (or spawned) the Roosevelts,Kennedys, Bushes, van Cortlandts, and van Rensselaers. So, the Rockefellers didn't come out ofnowhere, as we are led to believe. They came from the old Jewish families of the East India Company
But the ancestors of the Livingstons predate even William the Conqueror. They were Kings of Scotland, Kings of the Hebrides, and Lords of the Isles back before the year 1000. the same families have been ruling the West for more than 1500 years. TheRockefellers were kings in 400AD, and they are still kings. Nothing much changes except the formand extent of the con.

But why would William Levingston change his name to Rockefeller? If he was from these rulingfamilies already, why hide it? Because these ruling families don't want you to realize the extent towhich they rule. They prefer to remain in the dark, so when things get too obvious, they hide. This is especially true where banking and similar conjobs are involved. It is not the exception, it is the rule.

That is why we have seen so many name changes from the top families. Remember, the Windsorsaren't really Windsors. They are Saxe-Coburg-Gothas. Saxe is just a variation of Sachs, which shouldget you started there. Lenin wasn't a Lenin, Stalin wasn't a Stalin, Hitler wasn't a Hitler, the Romanovs weren't Romanovs*, and so on and so on and so on.

--------------------------------------------------------------   may 29, 2018


Want you to get the message:

 One, stop resisting.  The message: whatever the police or anyone else tells you, don't resist.  Just say yes sir and go limp.  That is where they want you.  They want you to be a ragdoll the rest of your natural—or unnatural—life.
They don't want you to know you have any rights, especially the right to remain silent.

Two, they don't care if you are shocked or offended, as long as you are very afraid of the cops. They want you policing yourself, due to fear of a beating.  This keeps you in line without them having to do anything real. 

Three, it once again plays into the “Men are Pigs” project, since of course this fake-violent policeman is a man.  So it makes women distrust men further, adding to the already bloated economy of compensating products for sexless people.

Four, if you are following this, you aren't following real events.  They have to have a certain number of fake promoted events each week, enough to fill up the front pages, so they don't have to report on important real events. 

Well, then what should be on the front page instead of this?   The death of science, the death of art, the looting of worldwide treasuries by the rich, the falsification of history, and so on.  As just one specific example, whatever happened to the LIBOR scandal and surrounding scandals, where we found out the banks have rigged pretty much everything and are stealing trillions in a wide variety of illegal schemes?  Funny how we haven't gotten any updates on that.  As usual, the trillionaire families got off by paying some small fines and it was all swept under the rug.

No one went to jail and we may assume they are still doing it, simply rerouting the stolen money in slightly different paths.  What about 911?  Why wasn't anyone ever prosecuted for that?  It is now 17 years later, and nothing was ever done, except a faked killing of Osama bin Laden. Thousands of people should have been subpoenaed for that, including Cheney, Rumsfeld, Silverstein, Guiliani, Rice, Bush, the Joint Chiefs, and about half the Intel agencies.  What about TARP and PPIP and all those other scams, by which various big companies illegally dipped into the treasury?  Did they do anything about that?  Any updates on that?  No, the only thing they did is raise the debt ceiling, so they could steal more.

What about the growing disparity between the rich and poor?   No one is rash enough to suggest that it could be solved by preventing the rich from stealing so much so easily.  All we would have to do is pass some laws and enforce them.  Instead of using the military to harass the third world and the American middle class, we could use it to locate the illegal stashes of the billionaires and trillionaires, returning the stolen monies to the people. 

Instead of using Intel to manufacture the media and the news, we could hire it to crack down on real fraud of all kinds, forcibly relocating all the caught criminals onto organic farms, where they would be compelled to help us grow healthy and natural food without chemicals.  They could start with the owners and upper management of GoldmanSachs, JPMorganChase, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, PhilipMorris, Dupont, Monsanto, Freeport McMoRan, Pfizer, Glaxo, Merck, Abbott, and so on.
It isn't complicated, but I honestly don't see it happening.  Why?  Because I don't see any strong honest people left.  They simply don't exist, not in government, not in military, not in Intel, and not anywhere else.  Yes, there are some relatively decent people left in the world, but they don't get into positions of power, and they aren't a majority.  So the probability that Congress will somehow magically be repopulated by conscientious people, who will then pass sensible laws, is zero.

It ain't gonna happen. But that doesn't mean I have lost all hope.  I hope to continue to see the rich and powerful self-destruct in ever more fantastic ways, which they will.  Although the most prominent destructions right now— like that of Harvey Weinstein—appear to be fake, behind the scenes the destructions are very real.  Vice eats away at these people, with no help from you or me.  We do not need to curse them, since they have cursed themselves.  Nature takes these people down, and she is far more relentless and pitiless than any human could ever be.

 So do not lose faith.  That is what they want you to do.  Remember, the value of life is not judged on a worldwide scale, a nationwide scale, or a citywide scale.  It is judged one soul at a time.  The unjust may have fooled you into thinking they have prospered, but they never have—not even once.  Although you should help others as widely as you can, you cannot right the world and are not responsible for its wrongs.  You are responsible only for your own uprightness.  See to that and all else will take care of itself. 


NEW PAPER, added 5/1/18, Is the Electrical Universe Controlled Opposition? As it turns out, yes.
Is the Electric Universe Controlled Opposition?
Schwartz, Talbott, Shermer, Thornhill by Miles Mathis  May 1, 2018

I was watching some videos on Youtube of Stephen Crothers, when I noticed a Thunderbolts video in the sidebar called “Michael Shermer meets the Electric Universe”.

Michael Shermer Meets the Electric Universe

Thunderbolts (EU in its current incarnation) happened to arrive on the scene at the same time I did.  They arose in 2005, at the very time I was first publishing on tides and the orbital ellipse.  Previously, I had published big papers on the calculus, orbital dynamics, and Relativity. 

I had already made a name for myself at Walter Babin's site, and had started my own website.  In 2010 I published my first book and in 2011 my second.  The Thunderbolts held their first conference the next year.  Coincidence?  Until now, I would have said so.  Now, I no longer believe in coincidences. 
 The Thunderbolts were set up to lose: not to me but to the mainstream.  They are there to soak up dissatisfaction with legacy physics and to misdirect it into useless channels and responses.  They pull you into their alliances and then cut your feet out from under you. 

After Scientific American thoroughly eviscerates you and everything you stand for, it is hoped you will give up and slouch back to the mainstream.  After the newpapers and magazines refuse to report on the proceedings of your 40th national conference in a row—since it hasn't achieved anything worth reporting—it is hoped you will slouch back to the comfort of academic physics, holding your balls in your hands.

controlled opposition was created specifically to stall the revolution.  The mainstream doesn't want you reading and following me, since I am a genuine threat to their hegemony.  So they underwrite alternative ideas like those of Arp or the Thunderbolts.  They give you an alternative second path to travel, hoping you won't ever recognize there are always more than two paths.

Yes, the Thunderbolts were created to draw attention away from me and any like me.  Those who run the world saw me coming.  
I doubt they saw me personally, but they knew someone like me would come along eventually.  It has happened before and it will happen again, and they have schemes pre-manufactured to deal with it.

They have cadres of agents specifically trained to deal with outbreaks of real science or any other truth, and since my arrival on the scene all the horns have blown and we have gone to DEFCON1.  All the psychological units worldwide have suited up and been helicoptered in. 

The Thunderbolts are just a small part of the worldwide response.  You may think I am joking, but just search on my name online and witness the number of ridiculous and pathetic psyops being run against me, from the Thunderbolts forums to Cluesforums to Ex Falso to RatWiki to Blindlight to Weisbecker and on and on and on.  Most people would wilt under all that, but I just laugh it off.  I see it as a sign of my success, which it is. 

To see how the mainstream is losing, and to prove I am doing what the Thunderbolts are only pretending to do, I send you here, to remind you of what is really going on.  This is what the mainstream doesn't want you to know.  My science papers are not only outperforming anything the Thunderbolts have ever published, they are outperforming the mainstream university sites. 

On many topics, they are outperforming the encyclopedia sites themselves. Despite the fact that the numbers of many mainstream sites are padded using hidden links (see my outing of Facebook's fake numbers on my other site), on many topics my papers are outranking Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica, or ranking just below them. 

This is unprecedented, and is so astonishing it should be frontpage news. But don't expect to read about it anywhere but here, since you won't.   Crothers is the only real thing at the EU conferences.  All these people are using the same shallow slurs because they are reading from the same scripts.

Graham Hancock  was no threat to the establishment, since he was one of them.  pomoted to serve up popular alternative theories that seem to question the establishment while doing them no real harm and threatening their hegemony in no real way.  These theories are long on colorful historical examples, but never get around to addressing any specific problems.

No one ever takes the time to slog through mainstream equations like I have, for instance, showing the specific errors and correcting them line by line.   the proposals stay in the same state for decades, and no one in any century ever gets around to proving them or disproving them.  That by itself is very curious.  they create and promote any other opposition: to prevent you from discovering any truth.

 As we have seen in my papers on both sites, the truth was classified a long time ago as something too dangerous for normal people.  Therefore, they create a mainstream version of everything which is a believable fiction, and pound it into you from the crib.  But they know that some people will gag on this fiction, eventually seeing through it.  So they have to create a second fiction for these people.

To do this, they test the wind, to see exactly what people aren't buying.  They then create a second story, and in the first chapters of that story they tell you what you already know: much of the mainstream story is garbage.  In this way they hook you into the alternative version.

Because they have admitted the mainstream is wrong, you trust them as an ally.  They then lead you back out into the bushes, and you are lost for another few decades.  By the time you figure out the second con, you are too old to do anything about it.

They hook you by admitting what you already know: the upper levels of the mainstream are composed of a bunch of liars and frauds, and textbook physics is little more than an embarrassing edifice of fudged math and bad theory.  Using real plasma physics as ballast, they then cobble together an electric universe replacement for the old tinkertoy gravity model, and you feel like you have made some progress.

 But your progress is illusory, because the Thunderbolts were created to fail.  Not only are their theories shallow and extremely limited, but they are purposely created to self-destruct upon any serious reading. Compared to me, these guys are one-trick ponies, who keep publishing the same ten sentences over and over.  In 40 years, they haven't solved a single actual problem.

 Conversely, in less than half the time, I have solved hundreds of major problems in physics back to the time of Euclid.  While these bozos are wasting their time in conferences and chatrooms and Youtube videos, I am solving new problems, doing all the math and theory from the ground up.

 If you don't like the way that sounds, tough.  That is the way it is and you are going to have to get used to it.  I have published roughly 500 articles, many of them ranking on the front page of Google on a search on that topic.   These larger questions about earlier times in the Solar System or Galaxy can't even begin to be answered until we debug all our basic physics and math equations. 

For the same reasons I refuse to be diverted into the first moments of the universe or the interior of a Black Hole, I also refuse to be diverted into this popular catastrophism. Yes, these questions are somewhat more sexy, which is why people can be diverted into them, but they are far more squishy. 

We simply don't have the data or tools to answer them, for the most part.  Using the naïve single-field celestial mechanics we had when I entered the fray in 2000, there was no hope of answering any question about earlier states of anything. 


In regards to the Santa FE Shootings Mathis has this to PREDICT:

"And again, the reason they are running these fake shootings is threefold:

 1) They are preparing the public for the installing of body scanners at all public places, including all schools, sporting and entertainment events, casinos, and—very soon—grocery stores.  I predict that soon after the body scanners are installed in schools, we will see a spate of fake grocery store shootings.  As proof of the first part of that, note that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick immediately went on TV and said that schools “have too many entrances and exits”.  Obviously, he wants to limit the entrances, so that he can place body scanners there.  But ask yourself if that makes sense from the point of view of fire safety.  Do you want to block off most exits?  

2) This is part of the longrunning [and partially declassified] Operations Chaos and Cointelpro, by which the public is kept in a constant state of fear.  This fear has many benefits for the governors, including the swelling of Intel, military, police forces and jails.  This fear also keeps gun sales astronomically high.  Some tell you these events are run to promote gun control, but that is misdirection.  Have you seen any meaningful gun control lately?  No, any real gun control would cut into their sales, so you won't see it.  The governors know they don't need to do anything about gun control, since these events are faked.  The governors know that because they are faking them.   This fear also keeps sales of many others products brisk, since frightened and divided people spend far more money on compensating products than social and happy people.  Social and happy people can entertain themselves, with sex, conversation, and simple inexpensive games.  But divided and frightened people require a slew of new drugs, potions, porn, media, cosmetics, and surgery to get them through the day.

 3) The New Yorker has already posted a piece on the “Ordinary Terrorist”.  Here is the subtitle: The notion of a regular person committing horrifc acts of violence, such as the Santa Fe High School shooting, for petty human reasons is terrifying in itself .   Surely you can see through that. More fear creation.  Everyone is a potential terrorist.  Don't just be afraid of really bad guys, be afraid of everyone.   Be very afraid of the boy next door who mows your lawn or sits your cats. And—especially—be afraid of men and boys.  This is an important part of the project to split the sexes.  Make women terrified of all men and boys.  Joined to the Men-are-Pigs project also now in high gear—where every famous man is allegedly groping or raping all the women
around him—these two projects are incredibly powerful.  But only if you believe them.

MEANING EXTRACTS FROM "Adam Curtis and HyperAbnormalization" by Miles Mathis First published March 16, 2018
"The trials were staged to create fear, just like now. Now it is terrorists; back then it was revolutionary anarchists. The governors want you to hate and fear leftists and revolutionaries, since it is the best way to keep you from becoming one. So they control the opposition by creating these fake revolutionary thugs, whom no one could respect or follow.

Nixon wasn't paranoid. The CIA did pull Watergate and they were out to get aren't paranoid either. All those things you suspect may be happening really are happening. Your governors really have faked all of recent history and they really do want you to be miserable. From their perspective, everything is going as planned (almost).

The very wealthy are doubling their portfolios every other year, and they run the world. They are buying bigger beachfront houses and more Roll Royces and more polo ponies and filling more offshore accounts. They profit hugely from a fake world but would not prosper in a real one.  The counterculture is ineffective because it was created to be ineffective. all these people we thought were radicals were actually CIA and MI6 agents. 

the banks now run everything via loans. the bankers and industrialists have been running everything from the start. The only question then is, why weren't they as predatory in the past? The apparent answer is: only because they didn't think they could get away with it. They once feared a backlash, but they no longer do. Thanks to the media, they have far greater control over society than they had in the past.

Now they can manipulate people in ways they never dreamed of then. This film is part of that control. Via such projects, they think they have infiltrated all opposition and utterly detoothed it. Which means they can now do whatever they wish. With no fear of the smallest uprising. There is no real counterculture, no real opposition, no real anything. Everyone has been hired as an extra. They only care about profit for themselves.

The markets very efficiently (and illegally) move money to the already rich, which is very inefficient for everyone else. But since everyone else isn't in the accounting, this doesn't matter Trump coming in and gentrifying Manhattan with his towers for the plutocrats. The decisions made in the 1970s and 80s in New York had nothing to do with markets or efficiency, they had to do with taking the city for the very rich and moving everyone else out.

Since the 70s, only the extremely wealthy have mattered: everyone else is collateral damage. The union leaders are and always have been Jewish moles. The radicals and leftwingers who had dreamt of changing America through revolution did nothing.” That's because those “radicals” were fake radicals, planted by the bankers.  these people weren't disillusioned in the 1970s—They were paid to stand down.

Their “cool detachment” and “individualism” was part of the script. Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and all the other fake leftists were more Jewish moles, child actors from the families trained to lead us all astray. So it isn't that no one did anything in the 1970s. Many tried to do something, but the media only reported what these other phonies were doing. The industrialists have planted all these fake leaders, and the real revolutionaries can't see how to get around them, to this day.

The governors have very successfully marginalized all opposition, by control of the media, mass drugging, constant psyops, increasing levels of fear, and widespread buy–offs. They don't need to kill or threaten anyone anymore, since they can hire or buy off most revolutionaries. The rest they can just ignore. al–Assad was always an ally in the theater being produced. All the leaders of the Middle East had been installed by the West many decades ago, including the leaders of Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

Many or perhaps all of them were and are of Jewish heritage themselves. After Lawrence of Arabia installed Faisal as King of Syria in 1920, pretty much everything else has been manufactured there by the West to benefit themselves, including all the phony wars and suicide bombings. Orwell told us how it was done in 1948: create fake wars and fake enemies to keep military spending high and control the populace. But for some reason people keep thinking 1984 is in the future.

unilateral world domination by one sector, which is the opposite of a balance of power. who balanced the power of the US/Israel. The Russians, the Chinese, the Arabs? No, all are now owned/managed by the same few families that own/manage the rest of the world, so there is no balance of power like they are talking about. The only talk of a balance of power might be among these families.

Do they share power, and if so how? But we know almost nothing of that, countries have been immaterial for a long time. Country outlines are only kept as useful fictions, but countries don't decide anything. The national governments of the world are just Punch and Judy shows, meant to keep your eyes off the real players. What is  pursued: continuous manufactured controversy, via a Hollywood–style delivery of propaganda to all sides.

Why? Because fake war is very profitable. With the rise of cinema, these guys finally figured out they didn't have to manufacture real wars. Fictional wars paid just as well, with fewer side effects for all involved. They now have the upside—draining the treasuries—without the downside—real murders that might cause bad karma for someone. Gaddafi came out of England and was our created enemy. But you could say the same thing about Syria, Jordan, China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea.

They are all created enemies, actors propped up by us. Irrelevant to the structure of the current system? The Africans, the Iranians, the Egyptians, the Russians, the Chinese, the Indians, the Europeans, the Israelis, and the Americans. All the citizens of the world are irrelevant to the current structure of the world, except for the very wealthiest families. The system was created to benefit them and them alone, since only they count. Everyone else is as relevant to the system as a gorilla in Tanzania. That is your true balance of power.

we are told the original dream of the Soviet Union had been to create a glorious new world, where the society and people would be transformed.  No one ever wished to create a glorious new world, there or anywhere else. What they wished to create is the world we are in now, and they have done that. As far as Russia goes, what these Jewish moles like Marx and Lenin wanted was to drain Russia of all its tangible resources, making their families even more fabulously wealthy than they already were. Which they have done and continue to do.

We are then told that the Soviet Union had soon devolved into a hopeless state, where no one had any hope for the future. We are supposed to believe that had something to do with the failure of Communism, but of course it had nothing to do with that. The Russians felt hopeless because they had just been raped by the bankers and industrialists for many decades, and they couldn't figure out what to do about it. And the reason they couldn't figure out what to do is that they didn't understand what had happened, or who had done it. Most Russians still think the Communists did it, but there never were any Communists.

The Communists were just a papermache front hiding the bankers. Which is why the problem continues: they have got rid of most of the Communist actors, but they still have the bankers and other capitalists raping them daily. So nothing has changed but the sets and the backdrops. We in the West are supposed to think it can only happen to those stupid Russians, or those stupid Chinese, while we witness it happening here as well.

Under Trump, do we have more hope for the future? Not much. A large percent of our population is on anti–depressants, just like in Russia or Eastern Europe. We are the same type of stupid children, watching people lie to us on TV day by day, and tuning in tomorrow for the next lies. People can easily imagine a better world. It isn't hard to do. What they can't see is how to start the revolution. They can't, because they have been so thoroughly miseducated about who the rulers are. When they talk about such things, they mention the President, or Congress, which is what they have been hynotized to do. But the President and Congress are just actors.

You might as well attack Hollywood. Even if 100 million people marched on DC, the real rulers could ignore it, because they aren't there. There is no fortress to attack. Even the Pentagon generals are false targets: you could arrest all of them and it wouldn't make any difference. The old methods of warfare are useless, you see.  we know Hitler and the Nazis were actually cloaked Jews, we realize our own governors are spending our tax dollars to create these massive fictions, lying to us so that they can spend more tax dollars: for nothing.

All of us are going to work everyday and paying enormous taxes, to subsidize worldwide theater and a military industrial complex that is nothing but a mirage. A very large part of our economy is a fetid mist.  Those running the world don't want you to realize there are any alternatives. They want to keep you corralled in this little pen, where Communism and Capitalism are the only choices. This makes it easier for them, because they can then keep the dialog limited and bilateral.

Their -ruling rich class only risks are being held accountable for their crimes, and they must keep society stable (read asleep) to make sure they never are held accountable. That is how they see their roles as governors, which means their future really is dark and frightening, despite all their yachts and polo ponies.

They can never sleep well, since they have to sleep surrounded by a constant guard. They can never look in the mirror with any sense of ease, since a liar will always be peering back at them. And they must live in a constant fear of death, because the one judge they cannot bribe or drug is waiting for them. You and I (supposing you are honest) don't have those problems. We don't fear the mirror or the future or even death, because we know we have done our best. Yes, we have made mistakes, but we have not screwed over the entire world for personal profit.

The real threat is the same as it has always been: the wealthy robbing you blind with these fake projects. The computers are just a way for them to redirect your gaze in one more way. They want you talking about aliens or computers or the President or Congress or Russia or Libya or Syria or North Korea. Anything to keep you off the truth.

90% of the world now believes 911 was a false flag. And I don't mean 90% of the third world. I mean 90% of the Western World. Very few real people in the US, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Italy, or Australia believe the mainstream story of 911.  The journalists have circled the wagons, supporting each other, but no one else is buying it. a lot of us caught on due to 911. We Know They Lie because of 911.

It looks to me like the rulers are in a real jam, since it is hard to see how they will continue to sell their fake projects in the future. Without belief in the military projects, the art projects, and the science projects, how do you justify continuing to tax us for them?

I have said before that CIA should not have loaned DHS their media tools, since DHS has broken the tools inexorably. DHS has flubbed so many major projects, all belief in the governors is gone. People aren't watching the news, aren't reading newspapers, aren't buying magazines, and aren't biting on the propaganda. They simply aren't believing the lies. This isn't 1938 and people are no longer that naïve. They are still just as stupid in many ways, but they are too technically savvy to fall for another War of the Worlds trick".



"I encourage you to visit that page at Wargs , to see how close all those relationships actually are.  In the mainstream sites, if they admit these relationships—which they rarely do—they try to convince you they are very distant.  But they aren't.  For instance, Bush is related to Abe Lincoln through his 11g- grandfather Edward Gilman. 

His daughter married Edward Lincoln, who was the 5g-grandfather of
Abe.  It may look like a distant relationship, but it isn't.  By genealogical standards, it is
very  close.   It is hard to tell, but it looks like they are 2nd  cousins 6 times removed.
Some readers have written me after going to or Geneanet.  They say something like,
“Gee, Miles, the peerage is huge.

"Your surname and mine are both there, so the question is, who
isn't from these lines.  It just proves we are all related, right?”  No.  As I have said before, we are all related, but not closely like these folks.  Yes, the name Mathis is in the peerage a handful of times, but all are recent and none link to major lines. 

So the question is, if your name is there, how many times is it listed and who does it link to.  Also, you can't just find your name there and stop.  You actually have to link yourself to these nameholders through your own genealogy.  When I do my research, I show you the links from the real people I am studying to these nameholders in the peerage.  Usually it is pretty easy to do, and the links are short and direct.

" If you and your ancestors are not famous, then you probably can't say that.  Most likely, you probably come from “nobody” lines, and there are a lot more of those lines than there are of these famous lines.  Yes, there are thousands of famous lines, and we see many of them in Bush's genealogy. 

But there are millions of nobody lines, and you are far more likely to be from those.  Think of it this way.  Go back in time to any period, say the time of Shakespeare.  There was only one King in England, right, and only a few dukes.  There were a few thousand rich and famous people.  But there were hundreds of thousands of regular people, and they bred just as much or more than the famous people.

"So we can't all be descended from kings or rich people, can we?  These genealogy sites tell us the further we go back the more likely we are to be related to royalty.  They say that everyone in the world is related to King Edward or something like that, so my research is meaningless.  Or they say that every Irishman is descended from Niall.  But that is only true to a very limited extent, one that doesn't matter.  Yes, the further we go back, the bigger your ancestry is, since we double it in each generation.  

So mathematically you have a better chance of having one ancestor that was rich or famous.  But that is just one guy out of hundreds in your ancestry at that point, so it doesn't do you any good.  For instance, Bush doesn't just have one guy in his ancestry in the 16 th
 century who was rich and famous, he has hundreds and hundreds. Plus, if your lines were poor at the time, the odds are they won't snag anyone  famous, no matter how many lines there are.

"As now, the rich married the rich and the poor married the poor, so you won't find
one noble among hundreds of peasants.  One of your poor ancestors didn't just get lucky and marry a
prince.  It doesn't happen.  We have seen that the rich were always rich, and if that is true, then the poor were always poor. 

They don't want you to recognize that, so they just lie to you.  We have seen that these rich kids from the families are guaranteed success, whether they are talented or not.  Well, that coin has to have two sides, doesn't it?  It is a zero-sum game, which means that if they are guaranteed success without talent, then you are guaranteed failure even with talent.  Every dimwit like George Bush must displace some person with real ability.  In my field, every fake artist destroys a real artist.  That's what got me on this tear, remember?

" I was brought up to think we had some sort of limited meritocracy in this world, but finally realized that wasn't true.  I realized that the real world has very little use for or interest in the truth or in talent.  What it has a use for is profit, so the only way to succeed as an artist is to make a quick and easy buck for some jerk in the artworld—usually a Jewish gallery owner who doesn't know art from Garfunkel.  And the same can be said for every other field, including science, literature, music, history, politics, reportage, etc. 

They can't really stop you from doing anything real, but they aren't going to underwrite it, support it, or promote it.  In fact, they are going to do their best to bury you, because you threaten their hegemony.  If they are selling fake art, the last thing they want is some real artist setting up shop next door.     

"For this reason, I don't recommend you waste your time entering contests, applying for grants, or
seeking any other mainstream confirmation.  I did that to no real effect except heartache.  No matter
what you are trying to do, that isn't the way to do it.   Go your own way early on and expect no stroking from the mainstream. 

You will find some positive feedback and encouragement from the margins, but since there is very little money in the margins, don't expect much in the way of finances from there. Like Thoreau, learn to live on less and learn to value your own judgment.  You are your own best critic, not some stuffed shirt from the big city.  Being surrounded with good work is a much greater reward than any figure in a bank account.

"What you will find out sooner or later is that it always comes down to a variation of this question:
would you rather be a real artist and poor or a fake artist and rich?  I saw a long time ago that that was the actual split in the road, whether I liked it or not, and that I had to choose.  I made my choice, and I have never regretted the choice.

"You will say, “Then why do you continue to complain?”  Because I am a problem solver.  I don't regret
my choice, but I see the fact that such a choice had to be made as a problem.  The world works that
way, but it shouldn't  work that way.  The future doesn't have to be like the past: that is another lie they have told you.  If we all decide to do better, the future will be better.  If not, not.  At some point, the future will be better, the only question is when.   Will it take a hundred years, or a thousand, or a million?

"I don't know, but since I want it to be better I try to make it better.  So while I am trying to
paint the best pictures I can, I am also trying to make it so the next generation doesn't have to live in the same world I did.  If I am reincarnated, I don't want to come back to this mess, so I better do what I can to make sure I won't have to.  Think of it like that.  I actually believe in reincarnation, but if you don't, think of your kids or grandkids instead.  If you aren't here in the near future, they surely will be.    To be honest, I am not afraid of death.  But I am deathly afraid of having to return to this culture in the near future, as a recycled spirit.

  "Yes, it will be great to have a new body, if it is a good one, but would anyone look forward to going through this shit again?  I am being serious, since I really think that is the question.  We have this fear of death pounded into us by the mainstream media, but shouldn't we really be afraid of something else entirely?  Life is a cycle: a circle, not a line.  Rain comes back and leaves come back and the summer returns, so logically we will, too.  Do you really want to come back and live in this crap movie again?

 I don't.  This is what Nietzsche was up to with his eternal recurrence, I think: he was trying to scare you into doing better next time.  He wanted you to think, “Oh god, I can't live this same life over and over through eternity, so I better do something interesting immediately!” The Hindus and Buddhists were onto something similar, but they wanted to escape from the cycle altogether.  Not to improve it, but to ditch it.  Not a terribly brave response, is it?  My feeling is that a bit more is expected of us.  We don't have to come back to the same D-movie, since we are free to make any movie we like.

"That is to say, we can change any time we like.  We don't escape from the cycle, we improve  it. When you have problems at home or at work, do you just give up and leave town?  No, you fix  them. Humans are problem solvers: that's what they do and what they are meant to do.  They create order.  I have to imagine gods do the same thing, on a larger scale.  They don't flee the cycle, they embrace  the cycle.   So if you want to become more godlike, try to create order on a larger scale.  And using that logic, we do not have to wait until our next lifetime to do better, we can do so immediately.  Your next lifetime is tomorrow. 

Think of your sleep as a death and your waking as a rebirth (which is literally true, just on a smaller scale).  Stop doing all the things you don't want done in your next lifetime and start doing all the things that must be done to make it better.  If you can do that, you can dissolve your own fear.  If I thought my next lifetime was going to be much much better, my greatest fear would be gone.

"You will answer me, “But Miles, my greatest fear isn't of my little life, and that isn't your fear either.
Your greatest fear is having to live in a world of assholes again, and I don't see what you can do about
that.  You only have control over your own life, and maybe of a few things within your reach.  You
can't fix the whole world.  Problem solver or not, that problem is too big for you.”

Maybe.  The thing is, everyone wants to live in a better world, even the assholes.  They are just lost
when it comes to actually achieving that.  They think money is going to do it for them, or privilege, or
fame, or a new house, or a new car.  But many of them already have a great deal of that, so they know the promise was empty.  So they are seeking just like you are.  They are just as afraid, probably moreso. In my experience, the rich are the most afraid of any of us.  Assholes are assholes
because  they are afraid.  

But this fear leads them to desperate measures.   Although they are snake-oil salesmen themselves, ironically they get tagged by other snake-oil salesmen, who convince them eternal life is the answer, or eternal youth, or something equally absurd.   Or maybe they are just trying to sell immortality to us, as part of the long confusion.
"Regarding immortality, I have news for them or you: it is the scariest concept of all.  It should be the
thing you want the least .   Immortals don't get to have children, which means they don't get to have sex. Two of the nicest things about life are gone off the top.  Immortals don't get to be reborn, which means they don't get to be children again themselves: the best time of your life is gone. 

Truly, the gods or muses look down upon with the greatest pity and wonder at our fascination with immortality.  Gods are not immortal and aren't stupid enough to want to be.  That is my best guess. Gods are a part of Nature like we are, and because they are far smarter than we are, they understand how Nature works.  It cannot work with immortality, it goes without saying.  Immortality and cycles are mutually exclusive.

"Don't read the Buddha, read Lao-Tze, who understood this.  
At any rate, because the rich are as lost as anyone, or moreso, they are as ripe for a solution as you are. They hate themselves far more than you do, and for good reason.  They have far more to account for, in real terms, and they know it.  The secret is, there is no such thing as an atheist.  Atheism is just the denial of a bad conscience.  It is the pathetic attempt to dodge karma.  The moderns have tried to convince us that belief is the ultimate in bad faith (see Sartre, for instance), but that is just another reversal. 

Lack of belief is the real bad faith, since it is a pretense.  Everyone is born knowing that life is not meaningless and that not everything is allowed.  It is not taught, it is innate.  But a profession of atheism seems to free some sad people of this responsibility, at least superficially.  It makes them think they are unaccountable for their lies and thefts.   

"You will say I am sounding like an old-style preacher, and maybe in some ways I am, but you have to
understand that even the old-style preachers were fake.  We have seen that the rich have infiltrated and corrupted everything, and we saw it again in this paper, with the Jews pretending to be Episcopalians. But this has ended up biting them in the butt, because they can no longer tell the real thing from the fake.  What they need is a good dose of real morality, but that word has lost all meaning for them.

They think of Billy Graham or someone preaching morality and just chuckle to themselves, knowing
his entire spiel was a project.  They have created so many fake prophets they can't recognize the truth when it bites them.  They have spun and respun everything so many times they can't abide stillness.   Well, they can do as they wish, but for myself I know that there is a truth, and a reality, and a better and worse.

  "I have not lost contact with my Muses, and they tell me to continue on my path, counting no
costs.  I have been given an assignment, as I see it, and that assignment is not to save the world, it is to simply tell the truth and do good work.  If that helps save the world, fine; if it doesn't, fine.  The truth is, I don't really know what is too big for me, and you don't either.  None of us knows how big we
really are, so the measurement isn't possible. 

We can't know what the outcome of our work will be, so we can't possibly judge the work by the outcome.  That is, we can't refuse an assignment because it seems impossible.  We don't know what is possible.  We do what we do because we deem it necessary, and let the outcome fend for itself.  Yes, saving the world is too big for anyone, but doing right can be fit to any size.



Harry Potter  benefited from an unprecedented level of promotion no book ever written had been promoted on these levels.  

  it was one of the first to benefit from a newly upgraded, upsized, and fully coordinated media arm of Intelligence.  In the decades leading up to the 1990s, Intelligence had finally realized its centuries-long dream of absolute control of all media.

Even after gaining control of “The Mighty Wurlitzer” in the
1960s and 70s, it took a couple of decades for Intelligence and its masters to decide what they wished to do with it.  They needed some time to compose their “great songs”.  But by the 1990s, they had completed not only the apparatus, but a playlist.

Over the past 20 years this playlist has been put into
heavy rotation, at first slowly but with accelerating speed.  Not only was a vastly enlarged repertoire of faked events made possible, but a vastly enlarged library of manufactured artifacts was as well.

Intelligence has dumped an impressive load of pseudo-science, pseudo-literature and pseudo-art on the shores of the world in the past score of years, all of it composed by ghost committees in the bowels and dungeons of the various linked agencies.

No “art” or “science” now gets done that isn't imagined, moulded, and promoted to advance some nasty and shallow agenda.   That is your New World Order in a nutshell.

Interestingly, we do see a continued turf war within Intelligence, despite its monopoly on the world. That is, although outsiders no longer have a say about anything, we do find agents sometimes attacking each other, for whatever reasons.

The only truth that still gets told is told when one agent attacks another.
Potter  is “patchworked” because it is composed by multiple authors at a large table.  It is “derivative” because anything written by such a committee is going to be derivative.

 Committees do not create real art, have deep or new ideas, or show any independence of thought. . . because they are not paid to do so.  They are paid to cobble together semi-convincing propaganda.  And of course this propaganda is going to be written for and appeal to artistically limited people: it was
meant  to.

Potter  when in fact it is a smashing success.  Judged as literature, it is garbage; judged as propaganda, it is brilliant.  While Possession ( a book by Antonia Byatt ) is superior in every conceivable way to  Potter, such books will have no possible life in the FutureWorld now being put into place.

 The witchcraft in Potter  has been attacked by Christians as Satanic, but in my opinion that misses the point—probably on purpose.   Potter  is indeed linked to Wicca, but in the way I showed above: not through Satan but through Intelligence.  As I have shown in previous papers,  Wicca was manufactured by Gerald Gardner in the 1950s, and Gardner was an MI6 protege of Aleister Crowley.

Intelligence has been hiding behind the Occult for centuries, as we saw very clearly with the fake Salem Witch Trials
The Christian critique of Potter mostly doesn't fly, because, like Christianity itself, the books create a battle of good and evil, and Harry isn't  on the side of evil.  Voldemort is the Satan substitute in this story, and he is Harry's opposition.  It has been argued that Potter  blurs those good/evil lines, which is true, but Christianity itself is blurry on most of those same issues and always has been.

 If you want clear answers on any questions of morality, I don't recommend Christianity (or any other major religion).  That won't win me any friends, and will only score me a mailbox full of attacks, but I call it like I see it.

 I don't see Potter  promoting Satanism or even Gnosticism, since either one would imply a depth it doesn't have.  What Potter  is promoting is a shallow fascism, one where all real religions and moralities are eventually jettisoned as getting in the way of business and total control.

In the world being made for you, the only moralities that will be kept will be the cracker-jack moralities that propel Hollywood movies: those moralities help them sell products and move people around in the short term.

Ironically, both Gnosticism and Satanism are too deep and complex for the FutureWorld: both might require study,
discipline, and a belief in something beyond immediate gratification.

I have to think that even Satan would require something from his followers.  But the new masters don't want any of that: there will be no text for you to memorize, not even any real bows to make.

 They don't need worshippers or devotees, only buyers.  They want you to buy their products, including their art, stories, histories, and bios.

Beyond that, they just don't care.  In this way, Satanism would actually be preferable to the FutureWorld.  I have no interest in the dark side and never have, but I have to think Satan would be able to create a more interesting world than the one upon us.

Being a fallen angel, he would be bored stiff by the flabby life most people now lead.  I don't see people rushing out to become Satanists.  That isn't the trend.  The trend is people becoming slugs.  The government is not promoting Satanism, nor does it fear a rise in Satanism.

According to Crowley, the first tenet of his fake Satanism was “do what thou wilt”.   But that requires courage and decision, something most people no longer have.   The government is not promoting that: it is promoting the opposite.  It is making sure you have neither courage nor decisiveness.  That is what all the propaganda is about, including Harry Potter.

It is not about making you a Satanist who will do what he wishes.  It is about making you a slug who will do nothing important.  It is about making you too scared to question anything you are told, so that if you have any residual courage or decisiveness, you will waste it getting a tattoo or piercing your belly button instead of resisting the world in meaningful ways.
I live in a very “liberal” town with lots of “progressive” people, but none of them want to hear about anything I have discovered.  They simply don't want to know, and say so.  They prefer the blue pill. People like that don't become Satanists.   They don't “do what they wilt”, because beyond a few immediate appetites, they have no idea what they wilt.  Since all they wish to do is pay the bills, watch movies, and order pizza, the government is not getting in the way of their grandest desires.

What do they care if the government is preventing science, art, or literature?  Those  aren't on their lists of things to do, so what's the difference?   

Besides, unless what you wish to do is murder people and feast on their blood, Do What Thou Wilt isn't Satanic anyway.  If you are evil, Do What Thou Wilt is evil; if not, not.  An angel who does as he wishes will do angelic things, by definition.  So even that morality is blurred.

What I mean is, consider this possibility: maybe Crowley set up that tenet and labeled it Satanic just so that it would be shot down.  He didn't  want you to do as you wish, and neither does Intelligence.  They want the opposite.  They don't want you to do what you wish, they want you to do what you are told.

Therefore they teach you doing what you wish is Satanic and doing what you are told is Godlike.  That isn't the opposite of Christianity, is it?  No, it is pretty much the same thing.  Yes, Christ himself was a rebel, but mainstream Christianity hasn't encouraged rebels throughout history.

It has encouraged obeying God's laws—which are of course the governors' laws put into the mouth of God.  You may think I am blurring, but I am clarifying.  You will say, “How do we know what is good or who is angelic without those laws of the governors?”  And I answer, “If you have to ask, you are already

As with language ability, morality is innate. You don't have to be taught morality: you have to be untaught  morality.   Most people can tell a good law from a bad law, or a good government from a bad one, which means that neither the laws nor the government create morality.  Laws simply codify what people already know.

If people didn't have an innate sense of good and bad, you couldn't teach it to them.  You may think that God put that innate sense there, and maybe he did, but it doesn't really matter
how you think it got there.  What matters is that you know it is there and can tap it.

Your entire ability to resist a bad government comes from that place.  If your entire understanding of good and evil came from laws—either civil or religious—you could never resist those laws.  You would be exactly as you were educated to be, and could never question your education.

The current governors aren't promoting Satanism, they are unteaching innate morality .  They are short-circuiting your inborn abilities on purpose, because those abilities get in their way.

You may call that Satanism if you like, and maybe it is.  But in my mind, Satan would not unteach morality.  According to my understanding of the various scriptures, Satan preened on his ability to promote evil.

You cannot promote evil if it doesn't exist.   In other words, Satan and the various demons of other religions accepted the division into good and evil, but chose and promoted evil.  They didn't unteach morality, they flipped it.

The current propaganda isn't teaching you to choose evil.  It is teaching you to forget that there is any difference, or any division.  It is teaching you to not care one way or the other.  They are not teaching you to embrace evil, they are teaching you to do nothing as they do as they wilt
Aha, you will say.  “So  they  are evil!”  If what they are doing is evil, yes.  But it isn't evil because they did as they willed, or because everything they do is evil.  It is evil because it goes against that innate morality, and they know that as much as you do.  But they have untaught  themselves morality—or tried
to—in the same way.

In most cases, they aren't embracing evil anymore than you are.  They are telling themselves that evil doesn't exist.  In that way, they can do what they do without calling it evil. And even as they are doing evil things, they are still not Satanists.  Again, there is a big difference.  A Satanist does evil things on purpose, and believes they are good.  A Satanist will have flipped morality, enjoying doing harm, causing pain, and destroying beautiful things.

But as little respect as I have for those running the world, I do not think that applies to them.  They don't appear to me to have the character it would take to be Satanic.  Satanists don't push moral relativism, for one thing.  Moral relativism is for the weak of will, not the strong of will.  Satanists would embrace the negative
consequences of their actions, but those running the world prefer to ignore  the negative consequences.

They are constantly in denial, telling you and themselves those things aren't really happening.  They are only a little less squishy than you are, the major difference being that their births have given them the power to do things, even while  they are being indecisive and pusillanimous.   

There may be real Satanists running the world: I have no way of knowing.  But I see no evidence of it. A world run by Satanists would be far less squishy at all levels.  It might be a horrible place, but at least it would be firm to the touch.
As I see it, the current Elders aren't Satanists.  They are just thieves.  They want to steal as much easy money as possible, as far as possible without you noticing.  They then use Satanism as another scare tactic, in case you notice.  They want you to think they are powerfully evil people, so that you don't even think of taking them on.  In other words, it is all a bluff.

Yes, they currently control a lot of armed people and may rub you out if they feel they have to.  I am not saying they won't.  But as individuals, they are not powerful wizards.  They are just the opposite.  This is what Frank Baum was telling us in The Wizard of Oz , though few got the message.  They are weak and shallow people in a precarious and vulnerable position, and they know that.

Their position will always be vulnerable because they are always fighting that innate sense of right and wrong inside everyone, even themselves.  You may think you cannot win, but it is they who cannot win.   Because they have set themselves against Nature herself, even as they win they lose.

As they reach out to take in their hands all they have worked for centuries to achieve, it slips away like mist.  What they had thought would taste sweet tastes only bitter.

My MY Genealogy
by Miles Mathis
I see Mark Tokarski published this on his site. Some have said I am misdirecting away from the Holocaust.   I have shown the Nazis were fake themselves, which is a step up from the Holocaust.  I have shown both World Wars were managed and at least partially faked themselves, which is two steps up from the Holocaust.
  He had access to our highschool yearbook pics—which indicates to me we are dealing with Intel hereAnyway, when Mary and I were married we lived in a tiny house in Austin, and I will even give you the address:  2410 West 7th.  We were paying $350 a month in rent.  She was working for the Sierra Club as a secretary, making next to nothing, and she supported me on that salary for about two years.  I then began to sell some paintings by about 1990.  Upon our divorce, she moved into an efficiency in Hyde Park, Austin..  My maternal grandparents lived in Amarillo, When you can barely pay the rent and don't have a car,
My other grandparents lived across town in Amarillorts. 

I did meet my great-grandparents Ramey and Werne, since they both lived into their 90s. both my parents were CPAs.  They ran their own small business, with only a few clients.  They did all the work: the firm was just them.  The house I grew up in in Lubbock  We hate to waste money. 
I went to public schools in Lubbock.  I have been living handto-mouth since college.  Almost 35 years now.  I have no savings and never have had any.  I have no insurance and never have had any.  I have owned three cars in my life. wththout a car when I moved to Taos.  From 2007-2018 I did so, which makes almost 14 years with no car.  A couple of months ago I bought an old Audi for $3000, but it doesn't run very well so I don't take it far.  It is handy for getting big paintings to Fedex, though.  The guys who have attended my three physics conferences   Tokarski knows that, since he was one of them. 

KevinII says that the fact that Mary and I didn't have children is another sign I am gay. .  We didn't have children because no woman wants to have children with a guy without a steady income.  Most artists don't have a steady income, and I never yet have.  That is just the way it is.  I wanted children almost as much as Mary did, but I wasn't willing to quit art and get an office job to do it.  I made my choice and I have had to live with it.  As you know, it is one of the reasons I am angry, and anger drives my research. 

I have always admitted that.  I am angry that despite being very good at what I do, I have never been able to make a decent living at it— except for a few months here and there.   And the reason (I believe) I wasn't able to do that is that I wasn't connected.  One, the kind of art I do was replaced by Modernism, so I have written a lot about that.  Two, the art markets that have survived are tightly controlled, and those who succeed in them are the children of the very rich and connected.  I never had an easy foot in the door anywhere.  What I later discovered is that it is even worse than that: the door had been closed on me and anyone like me on purpose long before, regardless of talent.  I have not only failed to be promoted by anyone, I have been strongly anti-promoted no matter what I was trying to do.  
Everyone has been telling me NOT to do what I am doing my whole life, whether it is art, poetry, science, or history writing.  Even my parents have told me that.  They didn't want me to be an artist, and they aren't happy I write what I write.  So in some ways I am the opposite of a project.  I am what am I despite a lifetime of projects being run against me.  If you don't believe that and want to think it is just self-pity, go to it.  I am past caring what anyone thinks.  I know who I am and how I got here  Since Mary took me for about $25,000 at a time when I had nothing.  It took me many years to pay that off.  my Dad (who is the eldest one alive) knows this either.  I have asked him where the name Miles cJersey, allegedly belonging to my 9th great-grandfather.  It is a shack.  His runs at the names

 Why are they trying to bury me?  That's the really interesting question, isn't it?  And yes, someone was trying to bury me before I started writing.  I started writing because I was being buried.  My art career wasn't going anywhere, so I began by writing about that.  That eventually took me to other   Only real lives last that long.  Only real websites look like mine, which is why you see so few of them.   Someone spent a lot of time and money trying to smear me here, didn't they?  Why would they do that if I were just a small-time crank, a deluded windbag, or tinfoil hat wearing loony?  no amount of lies can prevail against the truth.  An honest guy is pretty much invulnerable, as long as you keep your head up.  Remember that.  

I may not always be right.  No one is.  But I am not a limited hangout or a front for anyone, and I write all my own stuff.  Therefore it is impossible for anyone, or any team—no matter how large or well funded—to prove that I am.  That is what made me a guaranteed winner going in here.  Of course the fact that I can write and think better than any one of these people—or all of  them together—also helps. Which, come to think of it, is just more proof I am not a committee front.  Think about it.  Committees don't write like this.  There is the same damnable sense of self in everything I write—which is what infuriates the Kevins of the world more than anything.  Committees don't have a self.  Which is why I can always beat them.  I am a self.  
Postscript:  I wrote this in a couple of hours last night, but I always let things sit overnight to mature. We can already see that this latest project is going to backfire, and we can see why.  Clearly, someone thought it was time to take off the gloves and really lay one on me.  But the gloves have been off for years.  They have been running these projects against me for a long time, to no effect.  Yes, this one takes the cake for dishonesty and misdirection (and length), but it is just a bigger example of the same
thing.  These little boys can't stand toe to toe with me and talk science or art or history or anything else, but anonymity gives them a false sense of security, and they think that digging through

my trashcans may give them an edge.  So although I have annihilated everyone else who previously tried to blackwash me, and they know that, they just keep coming.  They don't have anything else, so they keep coming back with the same gambit: take the argument at me instead of at what I have written.  Slander is the only thing they know.  Here, they have gone beyond that.  Since they couldn't find any dirt on me, they go after Mary and my family.  Cowardly beyond belief, but that is what they do.  It is all about fear, you know.  They haven't been able to scare me into silence, but they haven't given up on you. They know you will read this hit piece on me and see it as vicious beyond belief.  You will be afraid that if you speak out like I have, they will do this to you.  You may think they will dig through your files at the NSA, and you may not be able to respond like I have. 

They hope this will send you scurrying back to the safety of the mainstream.   
But if anything, this just gives me a greater sense of security, and it should you also.  They threw everything they could dig up here at me, and none of it stuck.  Do you know why?  Because it either isn't true or isn't to the point.  This is why I have never feared this sort of “outing”.  There is nothing to out.  If they had anything better than a bad high school yearbook photo, we may assume they would have led with that.  But they don't.  So we could read the project even before the first word.  Leading with that photo was a clue they didn't have anything, and would have to

make up the rest from bluster and fudge.    
And this shows their other mistake.  Clearly, what they want most is for me to shut up.  But do they really think this will accomplish that?  Attacking Mary and my family won't silence me.  It will just rile me up even more.   It is a guarantee that I won't quit.  If they were smart, they would have done just the opposite, but they aren't smart.  As I have said before, they could have avoided this from the beginning if they hadn't killed real art, and therefore any possible career for me.  The governors could have kept people like me busy.  I probably would have been satisfied with a midlevel career in art or science and a family.   Growing up, I had no idea of becoming a physicist or historian, much less a revolutionary.

 I fell into this role due to circumstance or default.  No one else was doing these things and I felt they had to be done, so I nominated myself.  But guess what, they have also destroyed science, history and the family.  They have created these problems, not me, and silencing me won't make them go away.  Were I to fall, another ten would arise.  This is because the governors have taken things way too far.  Killing art and science

was bad enough, but killing the family is what is going to lead to the revolution.  To keep people dormant, you have to keep them satisfied to a large extent.  They admit that in The Matrix. The blue pill is about simple pleasures.  So they can't kill all these things simultaneously for profit and hope to get away with it.  I am just the canary in the coal mine, though they aren't getting that message. They have sent me into the mine to see if I could stand the bad air, and I have flown out like an radiation-enhanced eagle, chewing their faces off.   That should have told them something was wrong, but these people never learn.   They just read from their scripts, spin, and tell increasingly larger lies.  

  Addendum May 6:  Apparently there is a follow-up over there, but I am not going to read it.  I have had my say.  They have already lost anyway, and most of the rats are already leaving the sinking ship. Very soon nobody will be left but the original cast of Spooks.  I did wish to point out that I have heard from my readers that POM has closed all comments across the entire site, to keep from being thrashed by my defenders.  Typical.  We have seen that before, at bautforums (physics) and other places.  Being sensible or consistent or open is outside their pay grade.  Also interesting is that apparently KevinII isn't on hand to defend himself.  He was probably offered a one-time payment for this hit-piece, but wasn't paid to defend it in comments.  So he has already moved on to the next project.

This left POM high and dry—without their top kitten—and without the protection of his little paws they understandably had to go stand in the closet or hide under the bed.  But for myself, I encourage them to keep writing over there.  Positive emails and donations have gone way up over here, and I hope to achieve a tidy windfall before they inevitably close up shop.
positive comments about Miles Mathis
In Defense of Miles Mathis  in defense of miles mathis
Miles Mathis bio 


Miles Mathis has:

 solved Bode's problem;

 the Metonic Cycle, doing all the math;

corrected Mercury's perhelion, doing all the math;

shown the cause of the 4% error in Relativity;

 corrected the foundations of the calculus;

 diagrammed the nucleus;

proved that dark matter is charge;

 created a quantum spin equation that unifies all the quantum particles;

redefined all of plate tectonics as a function of charge;

calculated the heat of the Earth using charge;

pulled apart the Lagrangian, showing it is a Unified Field Equation;

explained superposition with simple diagrams and math;

explained the orbital ellipse;

rewritten the Raleigh equation

resolved the vacuum catastrophe

corrected Bohr's equations

the Schrodinger equation

the Rutherford equation

Coulomb equation

Balmer equation

Stefan-Boltzmann equation

Avogadro equation

destroyed the strong force, asymptotic freedom, and all of quark theory

unwound the fine structure constant

shown the physical cause of eccentricity, axial tilt, tides, the rising of sap, galactic rotation, solar cycles, the Saturn anomaly, the icecaps on Mercury, the burning atmosphere of Uranus, the brightness of Enceladus, and the shine of comets

rewritten all of solid state physics

overturned the Drude-Sommerfeld model and the Anderson model

rewritten the models and equations of nuclear magnetic resonance

redefined the Stark effect, the Hall Effect, the Sagnac Effect, the Coriolus Effect, the Dynamical Casimir Effect, the Allais Effect and the Meisner Effect

rewritten the Klein-Nishina Formula

outed Hawking as a fraud and an impostor


MILES MATHIS 2008 INTERVIEW AT Thunderbolts Forum

Miles Mathis

AsI have been blessed by a pestilence of critics. But while they have been paid to
devour my grain, they have only managed to fertilize it with their droppings, further increasing my harvest. As one example, we have seen them dismiss me by saying I have no support, no readers, etc.So let us test that claim scientifically, shall we?
Something for my Critics.


Miles Mathis (a new 14th Recommendation)

Original Content: ★★★★★ 

Updated Content: ★★★☆☆ 

I am going to start by saying that the website of this dude is NOT a conspiracy website and I am not sure how he feels about being listed here. Miles Mathis is many things many accomplished things. An artist, a photographer, a painter, a writer, a critic…..(the list goes on), and this website is a personal website (Not a blog). What Miles is truly exceptional at is producing well-written critiques on the many facets of modern American culture. The problem is, modern American literature, music and culture in general is so heavily compromised by conspiratorial interests that the line is now completely blurred. It is difficult to tell which is genuine American culture and which is the production of The Powers That Be. Now most American writers and critics know when to draw the line and keep quiet when they notice unusual things. And they always know which side their bread is buttered (They can even smell butter several continents away). It comes with the cultural programming. But it seems Miles somehow escaped the dragnet.  Here’s an explanation of this puzzling phenomenon in Miles’ own words (he is referring to the fact that Beatles star John Lennon is very likely alive). To quote,

It doesn’t really matter, since the media is now so controlled there is no way to blow the whistle on something like this. This paper won’t get any traction, since most people prefer to believe what they are told by the mainstream. Most people won’t read this, and even if they do they won’t be convinced because they don’t want to be. Most people are very uncomfortable being in a minority, and the minority capable of following my argument here is very small—something under 5%. Those running the world don’t concern themselves anymore with the small percentages, since they have found they can be ignored. If a few smart people see through the scams, so what. The rest won’t follow them. Most people follow the mainstream propaganda because it is louder, and for no other reason. And that will not change. That’s a sad fact of government, and doesn’t give us much hope for democracy; but at least it allows people like me to write what we want.

And to quote him again (I really have to),

The question remains: why do I feel safe revealing such a “deep and dark secret”? Because the takeover has been so complete and so successful, these people have nothing to fear from you or me. We are to the point that people like us can think whatever we like: it just doesn’t matter. There isn’t the faintest possibility of a revolution coming from the American public or American intelligentsia, so harassing people like me is counterproductive. They know that if they messed with me, that would just be giving support to my claims. They don’t respond because they have no need to respond. There is no intelligentsia, so “purging the intelligentsia” is no longer necessary. It is a thing of the past, like cobbling or leechcraft. Or art. [………..] The trillionaire families are not worry-free, even now, but it is not truth-tellers like me they are worried about. There are very few left who have an ear for the truth. In the past, they were more concerned with maintaining the great lie, but now it is just another thing on the budget, there because it is there. We see that by the way they leak their own stories now, often just for a kick. What started as a serious and necessary enterprise is now just a game. They aren’t worried by the truth anymore. No, they are worried about other trillionaire families, and maybe occasionally by rogue bankers and ex-Generals. Things can still happen, that is, but they don’t happen from the grassroots—and you don’t hear about them anyway. You will never again hear news of any real event. The only way to know of any such event is to monitor the tremors. To do that, you have to do what I did above: sift a million lies for a grain of truth. Most people aren’t interested enough in the truth to go to the trouble. Most people aren’t interested enough in the truth even if you do all the sifting for them, handing it to them for free.

Since Miles is a genuine aficionado of American culture, his writings come with a certain density, and richness of background information. And unlike the writings of some conspiracy theorists, his are completely free from any anger whatsoever. His website stands testimony to two things. Firstly, American intellect did not die with Mark Twain and David Thoreau. It can still be found in some nooks and corners (but you have to look really hard). Secondly, a liberal arts degree may not always be a case of money being wasted.

Update: Cabal Times has reviewed a gamechanging theory of Miles Mathis on the assasination of President Kennedy. According to Miles, he faked his death and took the *REAL* American Presidency underground!


to do:



                                page 11-12 of author's preface

The Ethical State:
An Essay on Political Ethics
by John David Garcia


"the ethics and teachings of Moses, Jesus, and Spinoza were one and the same. Furthermore, I realized that the most beautiful and greatest expressions of the teachings of Moses, at the mystical level, were those of Jesus, and the most beautiful and greatest expressions of the teachings of Moses, at the intellectual level, were those of Spinoza"


pg 94 (of 194)

"It remains to point out the advantages which the knowledge of our doctrine bears on the
conduct of life; this may be easily gathered from what has been said:

1) It teaches that we act solely according to God's decrees and partake in the divine nature, and so much the more as we act more perfectly and understand God more and more. Such a doctrine not only tranquilizes our spirit, but shows us also where our supreme happiness is, namely, in the sole awareness of God, whereby we are led to act as love and devotedness shall bid us. We may thus see how far astray from true virtue are those who expect to be richly rewarded by God for their good actions, as for having endured the direst slavery; as if virtue and devotion to God, as such, were not supreme happiness and freedom.

2) It teaches how we ought to comport ourselves towards chance, or things which are not in our power and do not follow from our own nature. For it shows us that we await and endure fortune's smiles and frowns with an equal mind, seeing that all things follow from the eternal decree of God with the same necessity, as it follows from the nature of a plane triangle that the sum of its three interior angles equals two right angles.

3) This doctrine protects social life, in as much as it teaches to hate nobody, neither to despise, to deride, to envy, or to be angry with any. Further, as it tells us that each should be content with his own and helpful to his neighbor, not from any womanish pity, favoror superstition, but solely under the guidance of reason, according as time and occasion demand, as I will show in part IV.

4)Lastly, this doctrine confers no small advantage to the nation, for it teaches how citizens
should be led and governed, not though as to become slaves, but so that they may freely do
whatsoever things are best. I have thus fulfilled the promise made at the beginning of this
scholium, and I thus bring part II of my treatise to a close. I think I have therein explained at
sufficient length, the nature and properties of our mind and, considering the difficulty of the
subject, with sufficient clarity. I have laid here a foundation whereon may be raised many excellent conclusions of the highest utility and most necessary to be known, as will be partly made plain in what follows."

pg 152 (of 194)

Lenny Sanchez,
Dec 12, 2018, 2:24 PM