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                            All those beauty sites telling you how to age gracefully also have it
mostly wrong.  Yes, you have to take care of the body as well as the spirit, and they get some of that right.  You have to sleep a lot, drink a lot of water, eat good food, refrain from smoking and drinking, and all that.  But that isn't enough.  That isn't even half of it, as the movie stars and models know.

Some of them do all that and still look like garbage by 40, and it is because they neglect their souls. They rot from the inside out, and no amount of moisturizer can counteract that rot. You can't moisturize photons.  You can only channel them or block them.  Somehow and in some way, it appears that goodness channels them and wickedness blocks them.  I can't tell you exactly how.  I can't point to a clear mechanism.  But in some way and by some set of terms this has also been known for millennia.Furthermore, each of us knows this from birth.

It is part of our set of instructions, like the ability to walk or talk.  You couldn't possibly learn to talk if you didn't already have a fundamental understanding of language hardwired into your brain.  you couldn't possibly learn morals—right and wrong —if you didn't already have a fundamental understanding of morality from the beginning.  in our culture you have to be
untaught  basic morality.  Your natural instincts have to be subverted in order for you to
thrive in our “civilization”. 

No one really esteems the rich.  The plutocrats have always been hated and they always will be—for good reason.  They are detested because they are detestable.  They are liars and cheats and thieves.  Once the world reaches a true age of enlightenment, they and all like them will be forgotten forever.  If they are remembered at all it will only be as examples of what paths a wise man avoids.     -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
H.P. Lovecraft  7/3/18
by Guest Writers David Kasady and Leaf Garrit

That thesis is that we are monsters because our creators   are   little   more   than   monsters   themselves, a   universe   ultimately   devoid   of meaning, morality, or love. The horror/sci-f genre can be viewed as a precursor to Operation Chaos, since chaos and fear have   always   been   the   main   objective   of   science   fction.

the   universe   is ultimately   irrational   and   ruled   by   incomprehensible   monsters   that   exist   in   other   dimensions and who are, at best, ambivalent toward the humans they created. To comprehend these horrifc cosmic entities drives the human mind to insanity, so it’s best not to ask any big questions or pretend that there is ultimate truth.

Of course, to really believe such a thing would make life almost impossible to cope with, at least not without serious doses of antidepressants and lots of material comforts to distract and dull the mind. And that’s exactly what the rulers want.

They want to turn us away from asking serious questions about how the world operates, since we would then discover that it is, in fact, ruled by monsters that are completely ambivalent to the human race. Only, these monsters aren’t higher-dimensional, tentacled blobs of slime. They’re just other humans whose minds are sick enough to think up such offensive creatures.

The Jews were brilliant in their classes—calculatingly and schemingly brilliant—
but their ideals were sordid and their manners coarse. Bahá'í, a fake religion created to discredit religion in general;  Avant-garde   is   just   a   fancy   word   for talentless.   Foundation fellowships have always funded and promoted fake scholarship, science, and art.
The Company paid all the costs of establishing each colony, and in return controlled all land and resources there, requiring all settlers to work for the Company. The   frst   leader   of   the   Virginia   Company   in   England   was   its   treasurer,   Sir   Thomas Smythe,   who   arranged   the   1609   charter.  

He   had   been   governor   of   the  East  India Company  Shareholders   could   buy   stock   individually   or   in   groups.  Almost 1,700   people   purchased   shares,   including   men   of   different   occupations   and   classes, wealthy   women,   and   epresentatives   of   institutions   such   as   trade   guilds,   towns   and cities. 

Investors, called “adventurers”, purchased shares of stock to help finance the costs of establishing overseas settlements.  Virginia  Company  –   America’s   frst   colony   was   not   established   for religious   freedom   or   political   liberty,   nor   was   it   established   as   an   outpost   of   the   English government. 

It   was   a  business  funded   by   a   private,   for-proft   company   with   very   wealthy shareholders  most European governments had already been taken over by the super-wealthy crypto-Jewish bankers and merchants by this time, who arranged for all important political offces to be flled with   either   their   puppets   or   their   own   family   members. 

Defenders   of   capitalism   want   you scared of government taking control of private industry, but in reality it is the industrialists who control   government,   and   have   controlled   it   since   at   least   the   time   of   the   London   Virginia Company.

This is the very defnition and model of fascism, operating under the guise of “free-market” capitalism. Spiritualist was a fake movement promoted by the U.S. Government to delegitimize Christianity and religion in general.
by Miles Mathis
June 14, 2018

It is being leaked that I may have been a topic at Bilderberg last week.  I have received an anonymous tip that my work was discussed under the topic “The Post Truth World”.  What is a post-truth world and what does Bilderberg mean by that?   Well, mainstream sources are telling us Bilderberg is “concerned about” a post-truth world, but my guess is that is an inversion.

They aren't concerned about a post-truth world, they are concerned about a world where more and more people have access  to the truth.  They are concerned about a post-lies world.  What happens if people don't believe the lies anymore?  I call it a post-Hawking world.  The crash and burn of that project back in January obviously got these people's attention.  

But we have already seen their response, since it is already out there, and has been for a long time. They have been in crisis mode since 911, since nobody bought that one.   Their response was not to back off the fakes for a while, it was to ramp up the fake events.  If they couldn't create belief, at least they would create confusion. 

They have been trying to bury the truth under an avalanche of competing lies, surrounding every truth with a thousand lies.  But even that isn't working, since the truth tends to shine out with its own light.  It is like the Arkenstone hidden in a vast dark hall.  But introduce one moment of light—let Smaug roar for the tiniest moment—and the jewel flashes out. 

Anyway, if we have learned anything about the opposition in the past decade of engagement, it is that he is his own worst enemy.  The Bilderberg bozos are also their own worst enemies, since they seem to have the uncanny ability to do the wrong thing  at all times.  They haven't seemed to recognize that Project Chaos only works on a slow burn. It doesn't work as a 24-7 conflagration.   The past decade has proved that.   Yes, a lot of confusion has been created, but that has just made people more hungry for the truth and more hungry for normalcy. 

The governors seem to have forgotten how well the pre-911 project was working before they kicked it into overdrive and broke the mechanism.   Just to remind them: were they losing money back in the 1950s?  Not that I remember.  Were we right on the cusp of a revolution?  Not according to the history books. 

Things were pretty quiet, and it wasn't because of the recent war.  It was because the levels of propaganda were so much lower then.  Yes, everything was a lie even then, but it was a smaller, less noisy, more believable lie, so fewer people questioned it.  The propaganda now is way too in-our-faces, and we are spitting it back out.  The blue pill ingestion requires a subtle massaging of the throat, not a violent force-feeding.  
The older shows were infinitely subtle, quiet, and tasteful compared to the newer ones.   All were and are intended to create an audience of complacent consumers, but there are many types and levels of complacent consumers, as we now see with hindsight. The point is,   I   am   not   the   problem.  The   governors   themselves   are   the   problem,   since   they   have forgotten how to govern.  They are creating their own problems with these overblown projects.  If they wish for things to calm down, all they have to do is calm down themselves, and order Intel to calm down. 

If they want more stability, they can create it.  All they have to do is quit creating instability on purpose.  Insert people back into families, create some normalcy, and slow things down. 

They know you are hungry for the truth, so they should try to trump me by making you think they are coming clean.  If they want to be trusted again, this is their only hope. They don't have to admit to all the lies, do they?  They just have to once again make some real effort to appear like white hats instead of black hats.

Most of us now think these people are evil, which is not surprising since they make very little effort not  to look evil.  But since they have all the resources of the media, it seems like they could cleanse their image if they wished.  

Apparently they have forgotten how. In other words, the hired PR firms are failing.  Intel is failing.  The whole structure of governance is unwinding, and it would be unwinding with or without my papers.  As I have said many times before, there are many splits in the ruling families and in Intel, and we see that again here. The ruling families are worried about their image, as they should be.  

But shutting me down won't change that.  They need to do some housecleaning.  Whoever thought it was a good idea to go down this current path in 2001 should be fired or sent to Elba or something.   The faction promoting the post-911 world needs to be purged.
As I have also said before, it is one pretty obvious faction that is creating all the problems from top to bottom, and it is because this faction thrills in the jackboot.  They figure why massage your throat when they can ram it?  They will lie even when they don't need to, because the lie tastes better to them. 

They prefer theater to reality, since their own private realities are so paltry and unsatisfying.  But this faction is a new phenomenon, as we can see by the rapid changes of the past 60 years.  Yes, the world has long been run on theater, but not the pseudo-Satanic theater that has completely taken over.

It used to be that was a small part of the entertainment offered, but now it is pretty much the whole package.  This indicates the worst faction was not in charge back then, and they are still only a part of the machine.

They have been resisted and are still being resisted, but not forcibly enough.  I would say the families must deal somehow with this faction if they are re-create any semblance of stability, not only for us but for themselves.

It is time to reign Loki in.  There is no possibility of such an overthrow, given the state of the world. My job is to promote a successful revolution, not a failed one, right?   In my opinion, a successful  revolution will be achieved by talking sense to everyone, them included.

I am not just talking you off the ledge, I am talking them  off the ledge If they do that, they may find their lives are not so paltry and unsatisfying after all, and they may not need to hide out in a dark theater, rolling their dice and spinning their webs. 
Anatoly Fomenko and New Chronology
by Miles Mathis
First published June 12, 2018

What is fraudulent peer review?  However, even this is misdirection, since in admitting to some small amount of fraudulent peer review they want you to think
there is non-fraudulent peer review.  There isn't.  It is all fraudulent.  Meaning, it is all rigged in favor of mainstream science, which is owned, controlled, and manufactured by the trillionaire investment groups like Blackstone. . . and more specifically by the individuals behind them.  Peer review is nothing more than institutional protectionism and gate-keeping.  If you are a real outsider like me, your chance of being given a fair hearing by the mainstream is zero.  

That is not a theory or an empty claim. My entire career is proof of it.  My readers—who are now legion—know this firsthand, and there is no use trying to convince them otherwise.  It would be like trying to convince sensible people that banks are not rigging the interbank rates or stealing from retirement accounts, or that major sporting events are not being fixed.  The entire world is rigged and everyone now knows that.  So although some may think there are some broad similarities between Fomenko and me, I draw your attention instead to the major differences.  He is a mainstream mathematician, a member of all the clubs, and is published by the largest science publisher in the world, which is a subsidiary of one of the largest conglomerates in the world.  While I am. . . not.

 He is a fake outsider and revolutionary, while I am a real one.  Which is why I have no institutional affiliations, no mainstream promotion, and am actually as fiercely anti-promoted by the mainstream as anyone alive.  For those reasons alone, you should not expect me to be an ally of Fomenko.  You should also not expect to be able to accept us both.  You have to choose.  I already publish my work “open access”, don't I? And I don't pay a fee to anyone.  I have driven right around the gatekeepers, which is why they are so mad.   Many of my physics papers have gone viral, with no help from these institutions, peers, or publishers.  Why?  Because I have good ideas that no one else has.  That is what real science is.  Showing that the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian are both Unified Field Equations has been one of my greatest triumphs.

I have proved that the charge field is embedded in both equations, which means they are not gravity-only.  At the quantum level, they are unified as well, though there the important thing is that they include gravity.  So you can see yet another way that New Chronology is aimed at me.  It is wild misdirection away from not only real problems of historical analysis—which I have done—it is also misdirection away from the real science and math I have done.  It is another eyes-off project, meant to divert your attention to manufactured problems.  This keeps you off the real stuff. 

 “If Fomenko has been working on this for decades, how can it be aimed at you?  You weren't even working back then.”  Well, it wasn't originally aimed at me.  Originally it was just another project of misdirection and opposition control.  It was part of the worldwide Project Chaos.  But once I hit the scene, New Chronology was accelerated and turned in my direction, hoping to snare me and my readers.

Very few people had heard of Fomenko before about 2008, but now he is being promoted like never before.   But whether or not you agree I am right to take this stuff personally, I recommend you  take it personally.  Whoever you are, this crap is aimed right at you, and it just a small part of an ever-increasing storm of agitprop and disinfo.  If you are not angry in my defense, be angry in your own defense.  You should be furious these projects are being run against you. 

The father of John D. Rockefeller was “con artist” William Avery Rockefeller, who was also known as Dr. William Levingston. it links us to the prominent Livingston family, which had previously been Earls of Levingston. That would mean the whole descent from Rockenfelders of Germany is fiction, inserted by the Rockefellers and promoted to hide theirancestry. the Rockefellers are Jewish. Given the spelling Levingston,we can see that the Livingstons are probably the same as theLevinsons.

The sons of Levi. The Schuylers and Livingstons later became linked to (or spawned) the Roosevelts,Kennedys, Bushes, van Cortlandts, and van Rensselaers. So, the Rockefellers didn't come out ofnowhere, as we are led to believe. They came from the old Jewish families of the East India Company
But the ancestors of the Livingstons predate even William the Conqueror. They were Kings of Scotland, Kings of the Hebrides, and Lords of the Isles back before the year 1000. the same families have been ruling the West for more than 1500 years. TheRockefellers were kings in 400AD, and they are still kings. Nothing much changes except the formand extent of the con.

But why would William Levingston change his name to Rockefeller? If he was from these rulingfamilies already, why hide it? Because these ruling families don't want you to realize the extent towhich they rule. They prefer to remain in the dark, so when things get too obvious, they hide. This is especially true where banking and similar conjobs are involved. It is not the exception, it is the rule.

That is why we have seen so many name changes from the top families. Remember, the Windsorsaren't really Windsors. They are Saxe-Coburg-Gothas. Saxe is just a variation of Sachs, which shouldget you started there. Lenin wasn't a Lenin, Stalin wasn't a Stalin, Hitler wasn't a Hitler, the Romanovs weren't Romanovs*, and so on and so on and so on.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   may 29, 2018


Want you to get the message:

 One, stop resisting.  The message: whatever the police or anyone else tells you, don't resist.  Just say yes sir and go limp.  That is where they want you.  They want you to be a ragdoll the rest of your natural—or unnatural—life.
They don't want you to know you have any rights, especially the right to remain silent.

Two, they don't care if you are shocked or offended, as long as you are very afraid of the cops. They want you policing yourself, due to fear of a beating.  This keeps you in line without them having to do anything real. 

Three, it once again plays into the “Men are Pigs” project, since of course this fake-violent policeman is a man.  So it makes women distrust men further, adding to the already bloated economy of compensating products for sexless people.

Four, if you are following this, you aren't following real events.  They have to have a certain number of fake promoted events each week, enough to fill up the front pages, so they don't have to report on important real events. 

Well, then what should be on the front page instead of this?   The death of science, the death of art, the looting of worldwide treasuries by the rich, the falsification of history, and so on.  As just one specific example, whatever happened to the LIBOR scandal and surrounding scandals, where we found out the banks have rigged pretty much everything and are stealing trillions in a wide variety of illegal schemes?  Funny how we haven't gotten any updates on that.  As usual, the trillionaire families got off by paying some small fines and it was all swept under the rug.

No one went to jail and we may assume they are still doing it, simply rerouting the stolen money in slightly different paths.  What about 911?  Why wasn't anyone ever prosecuted for that?  It is now 17 years later, and nothing was ever done, except a faked killing of Osama bin Laden. Thousands of people should have been subpoenaed for that, including Cheney, Rumsfeld, Silverstein, Guiliani, Rice, Bush, the Joint Chiefs, and about half the Intel agencies.  What about TARP and PPIP and all those other scams, by which various big companies illegally dipped into the treasury?  Did they do anything about that?  Any updates on that?  No, the only thing they did is raise the debt ceiling, so they could steal more.

What about the growing disparity between the rich and poor?   No one is rash enough to suggest that it could be solved by preventing the rich from stealing so much so easily.  All we would have to do is pass some laws and enforce them.  Instead of using the military to harass the third world and the American middle class, we could use it to locate the illegal stashes of the billionaires and trillionaires, returning the stolen monies to the people. 

Instead of using Intel to manufacture the media and the news, we could hire it to crack down on real fraud of all kinds, forcibly relocating all the caught criminals onto organic farms, where they would be compelled to help us grow healthy and natural food without chemicals.  They could start with the owners and upper management of GoldmanSachs, JPMorganChase, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, PhilipMorris, Dupont, Monsanto, Freeport McMoRan, Pfizer, Glaxo, Merck, Abbott, and so on.
It isn't complicated, but I honestly don't see it happening.  Why?  Because I don't see any strong honest people left.  They simply don't exist, not in government, not in military, not in Intel, and not anywhere else.  Yes, there are some relatively decent people left in the world, but they don't get into positions of power, and they aren't a majority.  So the probability that Congress will somehow magically be repopulated by conscientious people, who will then pass sensible laws, is zero.

It ain't gonna happen. But that doesn't mean I have lost all hope.  I hope to continue to see the rich and powerful self-destruct in ever more fantastic ways, which they will.  Although the most prominent destructions right now— like that of Harvey Weinstein—appear to be fake, behind the scenes the destructions are very real.  Vice eats away at these people, with no help from you or me.  We do not need to curse them, since they have cursed themselves.  Nature takes these people down, and she is far more relentless and pitiless than any human could ever be.

 So do not lose faith.  That is what they want you to do.  Remember, the value of life is not judged on a worldwide scale, a nationwide scale, or a citywide scale.  It is judged one soul at a time.  The unjust may have fooled you into thinking they have prospered, but they never have—not even once.  Although you should help others as widely as you can, you cannot right the world and are not responsible for its wrongs.  You are responsible only for your own uprightness.  See to that and all else will take care of itself. 


NEW PAPER, added 5/1/18, Is the Electrical Universe Controlled Opposition? As it turns out, yes.
Is the Electric Universe Controlled Opposition?
Schwartz, Talbott, Shermer, Thornhill by Miles Mathis  May 1, 2018

I was watching some videos on Youtube of Stephen Crothers, when I noticed a Thunderbolts video in the sidebar called “Michael Shermer meets the Electric Universe”.

Michael Shermer Meets the Electric Universe

Thunderbolts (EU in its current incarnation) happened to arrive on the scene at the same time I did.  They arose in 2005, at the very time I was first publishing on tides and the orbital ellipse.  Previously, I had published big papers on the calculus, orbital dynamics, and Relativity. 

I had already made a name for myself at Walter Babin's site, and had started my own website.  In 2010 I published my first book and in 2011 my second.  The Thunderbolts held their first conference the next year.  Coincidence?  Until now, I would have said so.  Now, I no longer believe in coincidences. 
 The Thunderbolts were set up to lose: not to me but to the mainstream.  They are there to soak up dissatisfaction with legacy physics and to misdirect it into useless channels and responses.  They pull you into their alliances and then cut your feet out from under you. 

After Scientific American thoroughly eviscerates you and everything you stand for, it is hoped you will give up and slouch back to the mainstream.  After the newpapers and magazines refuse to report on the proceedings of your 40th national conference in a row—since it hasn't achieved anything worth reporting—it is hoped you will slouch back to the comfort of academic physics, holding your balls in your hands.

controlled opposition was created specifically to stall the revolution.  The mainstream doesn't want you reading and following me, since I am a genuine threat to their hegemony.  So they underwrite alternative ideas like those of Arp or the Thunderbolts.  They give you an alternative second path to travel, hoping you won't ever recognize there are always more than two paths.

Yes, the Thunderbolts were created to draw attention away from me and any like me.  Those who run the world saw me coming.  
I doubt they saw me personally, but they knew someone like me would come along eventually.  It has happened before and it will happen again, and they have schemes pre-manufactured to deal with it.

They have cadres of agents specifically trained to deal with outbreaks of real science or any other truth, and since my arrival on the scene all the horns have blown and we have gone to DEFCON1.  All the psychological units worldwide have suited up and been helicoptered in. 

The Thunderbolts are just a small part of the worldwide response.  You may think I am joking, but just search on my name online and witness the number of ridiculous and pathetic psyops being run against me, from the Thunderbolts forums to Cluesforums to Ex Falso to RatWiki to Blindlight to Weisbecker and on and on and on.  Most people would wilt under all that, but I just laugh it off.  I see it as a sign of my success, which it is. 

To see how the mainstream is losing, and to prove I am doing what the Thunderbolts are only pretending to do, I send you here, to remind you of what is really going on.  This is what the mainstream doesn't want you to know.  My science papers are not only outperforming anything the Thunderbolts have ever published, they are outperforming the mainstream university sites. 

On many topics, they are outperforming the encyclopedia sites themselves. Despite the fact that the numbers of many mainstream sites are padded using hidden links (see my outing of Facebook's fake numbers on my other site), on many topics my papers are outranking Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica, or ranking just below them. 

This is unprecedented, and is so astonishing it should be frontpage news. But don't expect to read about it anywhere but here, since you won't.   Crothers is the only real thing at the EU conferences.  All these people are using the same shallow slurs because they are reading from the same scripts.

Graham Hancock  was no threat to the establishment, since he was one of them.  pomoted to serve up popular alternative theories that seem to question the establishment while doing them no real harm and threatening their hegemony in no real way.  These theories are long on colorful historical examples, but never get around to addressing any specific problems.

No one ever takes the time to slog through mainstream equations like I have, for instance, showing the specific errors and correcting them line by line.   the proposals stay in the same state for decades, and no one in any century ever gets around to proving them or disproving them.  That by itself is very curious.  they create and promote any other opposition: to prevent you from discovering any truth.

 As we have seen in my papers on both sites, the truth was classified a long time ago as something too dangerous for normal people.  Therefore, they create a mainstream version of everything which is a believable fiction, and pound it into you from the crib.  But they know that some people will gag on this fiction, eventually seeing through it.  So they have to create a second fiction for these people.

To do this, they test the wind, to see exactly what people aren't buying.  They then create a second story, and in the first chapters of that story they tell you what you already know: much of the mainstream story is garbage.  In this way they hook you into the alternative version.

Because they have admitted the mainstream is wrong, you trust them as an ally.  They then lead you back out into the bushes, and you are lost for another few decades.  By the time you figure out the second con, you are too old to do anything about it.

They hook you by admitting what you already know: the upper levels of the mainstream are composed of a bunch of liars and frauds, and textbook physics is little more than an embarrassing edifice of fudged math and bad theory.  Using real plasma physics as ballast, they then cobble together an electric universe replacement for the old tinkertoy gravity model, and you feel like you have made some progress.

 But your progress is illusory, because the Thunderbolts were created to fail.  Not only are their theories shallow and extremely limited, but they are purposely created to self-destruct upon any serious reading. Compared to me, these guys are one-trick ponies, who keep publishing the same ten sentences over and over.  In 40 years, they haven't solved a single actual problem.

 Conversely, in less than half the time, I have solved hundreds of major problems in physics back to the time of Euclid.  While these bozos are wasting their time in conferences and chatrooms and Youtube videos, I am solving new problems, doing all the math and theory from the ground up.

 If you don't like the way that sounds, tough.  That is the way it is and you are going to have to get used to it.  I have published roughly 500 articles, many of them ranking on the front page of Google on a search on that topic.   These larger questions about earlier times in the Solar System or Galaxy can't even begin to be answered until we debug all our basic physics and math equations. 

For the same reasons I refuse to be diverted into the first moments of the universe or the interior of a Black Hole, I also refuse to be diverted into this popular catastrophism. Yes, these questions are somewhat more sexy, which is why people can be diverted into them, but they are far more squishy. 

We simply don't have the data or tools to answer them, for the most part.  Using the naïve single-field celestial mechanics we had when I entered the fray in 2000, there was no hope of answering any question about earlier states of anything. 



Miles Mathis has:

 solved Bode's problem;

 the Metonic Cycle, doing all the math;

corrected Mercury's perhelion, doing all the math;

shown the cause of the 4% error in Relativity;

 corrected the foundations of the calculus;

 diagrammed the nucleus;

proved that dark matter is charge;

 created a quantum spin equation that unifies all the quantum particles;

redefined all of plate tectonics as a function of charge;

calculated the heat of the Earth using charge;

pulled apart the Lagrangian, showing it is a Unified Field Equation;

explained superposition with simple diagrams and math;

explained the orbital ellipse;

rewritten the Raleigh equation

resolved the vacuum catastrophe

corrected Bohr's equations

the Schrodinger equation

the Rutherford equation

Coulomb equation

Balmer equation

Stefan-Boltzmann equation

Avogadro equation

destroyed the strong force, asymptotic freedom, and all of quark theory

unwound the fine structure constant

shown the physical cause of eccentricity, axial tilt, tides, the rising of sap, galactic rotation, solar cycles, the Saturn anomaly, the icecaps on Mercury, the burning atmosphere of Uranus, the brightness of Enceladus, and the shine of comets

rewritten all of solid state physics

overturned the Drude-Sommerfeld model and the Anderson model

rewritten the models and equations of nuclear magnetic resonance

redefined the Stark effect, the Hall Effect, the Sagnac Effect, the Coriolus Effect, the Dynamical Casimir Effect, the Allais Effect and the Meisner Effect

rewritten the Klein-Nishina Formula

outed Hawking as a fraud and an impostor


In regards to the Santa FE Shootings Mathis has this to PREDICT:

"And again, the reason they are running these fake shootings is threefold:

 1) They are preparing the public for the installing of body scanners at all public places, including all schools, sporting and entertainment events, casinos, and—very soon—grocery stores.  I predict that soon after the body scanners are installed in schools, we will see a spate of fake grocery store shootings.  As proof of the first part of that, note that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick immediately went on TV and said that schools “have too many entrances and exits”.  Obviously, he wants to limit the entrances, so that he can place body scanners there.  But ask yourself if that makes sense from the point of view of fire safety.  Do you want to block off most exits?  

2) This is part of the longrunning [and partially declassified] Operations Chaos and Cointelpro, by which the public is kept in a constant state of fear.  This fear has many benefits for the governors, including the swelling of Intel, military, police forces and jails.  This fear also keeps gun sales astronomically high.  Some tell you these events are run to promote gun control, but that is misdirection.  Have you seen any meaningful gun control lately?  No, any real gun control would cut into their sales, so you won't see it.  The governors know they don't need to do anything about gun control, since these events are faked.  The governors know that because they are faking them.   This fear also keeps sales of many others products brisk, since frightened and divided people spend far more money on compensating products than social and happy people.  Social and happy people can entertain themselves, with sex, conversation, and simple inexpensive games.  But divided and frightened people require a slew of new drugs, potions, porn, media, cosmetics, and surgery to get them through the day.

 3) The New Yorker has already posted a piece on the “Ordinary Terrorist”.  Here is the subtitle: The notion of a regular person committing horrifc acts of violence, such as the Santa Fe High School shooting, for petty human reasons is terrifying in itself .   Surely you can see through that. More fear creation.  Everyone is a potential terrorist.  Don't just be afraid of really bad guys, be afraid of everyone.   Be very afraid of the boy next door who mows your lawn or sits your cats. And—especially—be afraid of men and boys.  This is an important part of the project to split the sexes.  Make women terrified of all men and boys.  Joined to the Men-are-Pigs project also now in high gear—where every famous man is allegedly groping or raping all the women
around him—these two projects are incredibly powerful.  But only if you believe them.

MEANING EXTRACTS FROM "Adam Curtis and HyperAbnormalization" by Miles Mathis First published March 16, 2018
"The trials were staged to create fear, just like now. Now it is terrorists; back then it was revolutionary anarchists. The governors want you to hate and fear leftists and revolutionaries, since it is the best way to keep you from becoming one. So they control the opposition by creating these fake revolutionary thugs, whom no one could respect or follow.

Nixon wasn't paranoid. The CIA did pull Watergate and they were out to get aren't paranoid either. All those things you suspect may be happening really are happening. Your governors really have faked all of recent history and they really do want you to be miserable. From their perspective, everything is going as planned (almost).

The very wealthy are doubling their portfolios every other year, and they run the world. They are buying bigger beachfront houses and more Roll Royces and more polo ponies and filling more offshore accounts. They profit hugely from a fake world but would not prosper in a real one.  The counterculture is ineffective because it was created to be ineffective. all these people we thought were radicals were actually CIA and MI6 agents. 

the banks now run everything via loans. the bankers and industrialists have been running everything from the start. The only question then is, why weren't they as predatory in the past? The apparent answer is: only because they didn't think they could get away with it. They once feared a backlash, but they no longer do. Thanks to the media, they have far greater control over society than they had in the past.

Now they can manipulate people in ways they never dreamed of then. This film is part of that control. Via such projects, they think they have infiltrated all opposition and utterly detoothed it. Which means they can now do whatever they wish. With no fear of the smallest uprising. There is no real counterculture, no real opposition, no real anything. Everyone has been hired as an extra. They only care about profit for themselves.

The markets very efficiently (and illegally) move money to the already rich, which is very inefficient for everyone else. But since everyone else isn't in the accounting, this doesn't matter Trump coming in and gentrifying Manhattan with his towers for the plutocrats. The decisions made in the 1970s and 80s in New York had nothing to do with markets or efficiency, they had to do with taking the city for the very rich and moving everyone else out.

Since the 70s, only the extremely wealthy have mattered: everyone else is collateral damage. The union leaders are and always have been Jewish moles. The radicals and leftwingers who had dreamt of changing America through revolution did nothing.” That's because those “radicals” were fake radicals, planted by the bankers.  these people weren't disillusioned in the 1970s—They were paid to stand down.

Their “cool detachment” and “individualism” was part of the script. Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and all the other fake leftists were more Jewish moles, child actors from the families trained to lead us all astray. So it isn't that no one did anything in the 1970s. Many tried to do something, but the media only reported what these other phonies were doing. The industrialists have planted all these fake leaders, and the real revolutionaries can't see how to get around them, to this day.

The governors have very successfully marginalized all opposition, by control of the media, mass drugging, constant psyops, increasing levels of fear, and widespread buy–offs. They don't need to kill or threaten anyone anymore, since they can hire or buy off most revolutionaries. The rest they can just ignore. al–Assad was always an ally in the theater being produced. All the leaders of the Middle East had been installed by the West many decades ago, including the leaders of Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

Many or perhaps all of them were and are of Jewish heritage themselves. After Lawrence of Arabia installed Faisal as King of Syria in 1920, pretty much everything else has been manufactured there by the West to benefit themselves, including all the phony wars and suicide bombings. Orwell told us how it was done in 1948: create fake wars and fake enemies to keep military spending high and control the populace. But for some reason people keep thinking 1984 is in the future.

unilateral world domination by one sector, which is the opposite of a balance of power. who balanced the power of the US/Israel. The Russians, the Chinese, the Arabs? No, all are now owned/managed by the same few families that own/manage the rest of the world, so there is no balance of power like they are talking about. The only talk of a balance of power might be among these families.

Do they share power, and if so how? But we know almost nothing of that, countries have been immaterial for a long time. Country outlines are only kept as useful fictions, but countries don't decide anything. The national governments of the world are just Punch and Judy shows, meant to keep your eyes off the real players. What is  pursued: continuous manufactured controversy, via a Hollywood–style delivery of propaganda to all sides.

Why? Because fake war is very profitable. With the rise of cinema, these guys finally figured out they didn't have to manufacture real wars. Fictional wars paid just as well, with fewer side effects for all involved. They now have the upside—draining the treasuries—without the downside—real murders that might cause bad karma for someone. Gaddafi came out of England and was our created enemy. But you could say the same thing about Syria, Jordan, China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea.

They are all created enemies, actors propped up by us. Irrelevant to the structure of the current system? The Africans, the Iranians, the Egyptians, the Russians, the Chinese, the Indians, the Europeans, the Israelis, and the Americans. All the citizens of the world are irrelevant to the current structure of the world, except for the very wealthiest families. The system was created to benefit them and them alone, since only they count. Everyone else is as relevant to the system as a gorilla in Tanzania. That is your true balance of power.

we are told the original dream of the Soviet Union had been to create a glorious new world, where the society and people would be transformed.  No one ever wished to create a glorious new world, there or anywhere else. What they wished to create is the world we are in now, and they have done that. As far as Russia goes, what these Jewish moles like Marx and Lenin wanted was to drain Russia of all its tangible resources, making their families even more fabulously wealthy than they already were. Which they have done and continue to do.

We are then told that the Soviet Union had soon devolved into a hopeless state, where no one had any hope for the future. We are supposed to believe that had something to do with the failure of Communism, but of course it had nothing to do with that. The Russians felt hopeless because they had just been raped by the bankers and industrialists for many decades, and they couldn't figure out what to do about it. And the reason they couldn't figure out what to do is that they didn't understand what had happened, or who had done it. Most Russians still think the Communists did it, but there never were any Communists.

The Communists were just a papermache front hiding the bankers. Which is why the problem continues: they have got rid of most of the Communist actors, but they still have the bankers and other capitalists raping them daily. So nothing has changed but the sets and the backdrops. We in the West are supposed to think it can only happen to those stupid Russians, or those stupid Chinese, while we witness it happening here as well.

Under Trump, do we have more hope for the future? Not much. A large percent of our population is on anti–depressants, just like in Russia or Eastern Europe. We are the same type of stupid children, watching people lie to us on TV day by day, and tuning in tomorrow for the next lies. People can easily imagine a better world. It isn't hard to do. What they can't see is how to start the revolution. They can't, because they have been so thoroughly miseducated about who the rulers are. When they talk about such things, they mention the President, or Congress, which is what they have been hynotized to do. But the President and Congress are just actors.

You might as well attack Hollywood. Even if 100 million people marched on DC, the real rulers could ignore it, because they aren't there. There is no fortress to attack. Even the Pentagon generals are false targets: you could arrest all of them and it wouldn't make any difference. The old methods of warfare are useless, you see.  we know Hitler and the Nazis were actually cloaked Jews, we realize our own governors are spending our tax dollars to create these massive fictions, lying to us so that they can spend more tax dollars: for nothing.

All of us are going to work everyday and paying enormous taxes, to subsidize worldwide theater and a military industrial complex that is nothing but a mirage. A very large part of our economy is a fetid mist.  Those running the world don't want you to realize there are any alternatives. They want to keep you corralled in this little pen, where Communism and Capitalism are the only choices. This makes it easier for them, because they can then keep the dialog limited and bilateral.

Their -ruling rich class only risks are being held accountable for their crimes, and they must keep society stable (read asleep) to make sure they never are held accountable. That is how they see their roles as governors, which means their future really is dark and frightening, despite all their yachts and polo ponies.

They can never sleep well, since they have to sleep surrounded by a constant guard. They can never look in the mirror with any sense of ease, since a liar will always be peering back at them. And they must live in a constant fear of death, because the one judge they cannot bribe or drug is waiting for them. You and I (supposing you are honest) don't have those problems. We don't fear the mirror or the future or even death, because we know we have done our best. Yes, we have made mistakes, but we have not screwed over the entire world for personal profit.

The real threat is the same as it has always been: the wealthy robbing you blind with these fake projects. The computers are just a way for them to redirect your gaze in one more way. They want you talking about aliens or computers or the President or Congress or Russia or Libya or Syria or North Korea. Anything to keep you off the truth.

90% of the world now believes 911 was a false flag. And I don't mean 90% of the third world. I mean 90% of the Western World. Very few real people in the US, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Italy, or Australia believe the mainstream story of 911.  The journalists have circled the wagons, supporting each other, but no one else is buying it. a lot of us caught on due to 911. We Know They Lie because of 911.

It looks to me like the rulers are in a real jam, since it is hard to see how they will continue to sell their fake projects in the future. Without belief in the military projects, the art projects, and the science projects, how do you justify continuing to tax us for them?

I have said before that CIA should not have loaned DHS their media tools, since DHS has broken the tools inexorably. DHS has flubbed so many major projects, all belief in the governors is gone. People aren't watching the news, aren't reading newspapers, aren't buying magazines, and aren't biting on the propaganda. They simply aren't believing the lies. This isn't 1938 and people are no longer that naïve. They are still just as stupid in many ways, but they are too technically savvy to fall for another War of the Worlds trick".



"I encourage you to visit that page at Wargs , to see how close all those relationships actually are.  In the
mainstream sites, if they admit these relationships—which they rarely do—they try to convince you
they are very distant.  But they aren't.  For instance, Bush is related to Abe Lincoln through his 11g-
grandfather Edward Gilman.  His daughter married Edward Lincoln, who was the 5g-grandfather of
Abe.  It may look like a distant relationship, but it isn't.  By genealogical standards, it is
very  close.   It is hard to tell, but it looks like they are 2nd  cousins 6 times removed.
Some readers have written me after going to or Geneanet.  They say something like,
“Gee, Miles, the peerage is huge.

"Your surname and mine are both there, so the question is, who
isn't from these lines.  It just proves we are all related, right?”  No.  As I have said before, we are all related,
but not closely like these folks.  Yes, the name Mathis is in the peerage a handful of times, but all are
recent and none link to major lines.  So the question is, if your name is there, how many times is it
listed and who does it link to.  Also, you can't just find your name there and stop.  You actually have to
link yourself to these nameholders through your own genealogy.  When I do my research, I show you
the links from the real people I am studying to these nameholders in the peerage.  Usually it is pretty
easy to do, and the links are short and direct.

" If you and your ancestors are not famous, then you
probably can't say that.  Most likely, you probably come from “nobody” lines, and there are a lot more
of those lines than there are of these famous lines.  Yes, there are thousands of famous lines, and we see
many of them in Bush's genealogy.  But there are millions of nobody lines, and you are far more likely
to be from those.  Think of it this way.  Go back in time to any period, say the time of Shakespeare.  There was only one
King in England, right, and only a few dukes.  There were a few thousand rich and famous people.  But
there were hundreds of thousands of regular people, and they bred just as much or more than the
famous people.

"So we can't all be descended from kings or rich people, can we?  These genealogy sites
tell us the further we go back the more likely we are to be related to royalty.  They say that everyone in
the world is related to King Edward or something like that, so my research is meaningless.  Or they say
that every Irishman is descended from Niall.  But that is only true to a very limited extent, one that
doesn't matter.  Yes, the further we go back, the bigger your ancestry is, since we double it in each
generation.   So mathematically you have a better chance of having one ancestor that was rich or
famous.  But that is just one guy out of hundreds in your ancestry at that point, so it doesn't do you any
good.  For instance, Bush doesn't just have one guy in his ancestry in the 16 th
 century who was rich and famous, he has hundreds and hundreds. Plus, if your lines were poor at the time,
the odds are they won't snag anyone  famous, no matter how
many lines there are.

"As now, the rich married the rich and the poor married the poor, so you won't find
one noble among hundreds of peasants.  One of your poor ancestors didn't just get lucky and marry a
prince.  It doesn't happen.  We have seen that the rich were always rich, and if that is true, then the poor
were always poor.  They don't want you to recognize that, so they just lie to you.     
We have seen that these rich kids from the families are guaranteed success, whether they are talented or
not.  Well, that coin has to have two sides, doesn't it?  It is a zero-sum game, which means that if they
are guaranteed success without talent, then you are guaranteed failure even with talent.  Every dimwit
like George Bush must displace some person with real ability.  In my field, every fake artist destroys a
real artist.  That's what got me on this tear, remember?

" I was brought up to think we had some sort of
limited meritocracy in this world, but finally realized that wasn't true.  I realized that the real world has
very little use for or interest in the truth or in talent.  What it has a use for is profit, so the only way to
succeed as an artist is to make a quick and easy buck for some jerk in the artworld—usually a Jewish
gallery owner who doesn't know art from Garfunkel.  And the same can be said for every other field,
including science, literature, music, history, politics, reportage, etc.  They can't really stop you from
doing anything real, but they aren't going to underwrite it, support it, or promote it.  In fact, they are
going to do their best to bury you, because you threaten their hegemony.  If they are selling fake art, the
last thing they want is some real artist setting up shop next door.     

"For this reason, I don't recommend you waste your time entering contests, applying for grants, or
seeking any other mainstream confirmation.  I did that to no real effect except heartache.  No matter
what you are trying to do, that isn't the way to do it.   Go your own way early on and expect no stroking
from the mainstream.  You will find some positive feedback and encouragement from the margins, but
since there is very little money in the margins, don't expect much in the way of finances from there.
Like Thoreau, learn to live on less and learn to value your own judgment.  You are your own best critic,
not some stuffed shirt from the big city.  Being surrounded with good work is a much greater reward
than any figure in a bank account.

"What you will find out sooner or later is that it always comes down to a variation of this question:
would you rather be a real artist and poor or a fake artist and rich?  I saw a long time ago that that was
the actual split in the road, whether I liked it or not, and that I had to choose.  I made my choice, and I
have never regretted the choice.

"You will say, “Then why do you continue to complain?”  Because I am a problem solver.  I don't regret
my choice, but I see the fact that such a choice had to be made as a problem.  The world works that
way, but it shouldn't  work that way.  The future doesn't have to be like the past: that is another lie they
have told you.  If we all decide to do better, the future will be better.  If not, not.  At some point, the
future will be better, the only question is when.   Will it take a hundred years, or a thousand, or a

"I don't know, but since I want it to be better I try to make it better.  So while I am trying to
paint the best pictures I can, I am also trying to make it so the next generation doesn't have to live in the
same world I did.  If I am reincarnated, I don't want to come back to this mess, so I better do what I can
to make sure I won't have to.  Think of it like that.  I actually believe in reincarnation, but if you don't,
think of your kids or grandkids instead.  If you aren't here in the near future, they surely will be.   
To be honest, I am not afraid of death.  But I am deathly afraid of having to return to this culture in the
near future, as a recycled spirit.

  "Yes, it will be great to have a new body, if it is a good one, but would
anyone look forward to going through this shit again?  I am being serious, since I really think that is the
question.  We have this fear of death pounded into us by the mainstream media, but shouldn't we really
be afraid of something else entirely?  Life is a cycle: a circle, not a line.  Rain comes back and leaves
come back and the summer returns, so logically we will, too.  Do you really want to come back and
live in this crap movie again?  I don't.  This is what Nietzsche was up to with his eternal recurrence, I
think: he was trying to scare you into doing better next time.  He wanted you to think, “Oh god, I can't
live this same life over and over through eternity, so I better do something interesting immediately!”
The Hindus and Buddhists were onto something similar, but they wanted to escape from the cycle
altogether.  Not to improve it, but to ditch it.  Not a terribly brave response, is it?  My feeling is that a
bit more is expected of us.  We don't have to come back to the same D-movie, since we are free to
make any movie we like.

"That is to say, we can change any time we like.  We don't escape from the
cycle, we improve  it. When you have problems at home or at work, do you just give up and leave town?  No, you
fix  them. Humans are problem solvers: that's what they do and what they are meant to do.  They create order.  I
have to imagine gods do the same thing, on a larger scale.  They don't flee the cycle, they
embrace  the cycle.   So if you want to become more godlike, try to create order on a larger scale.     
And using that logic, we do not have to wait until our next lifetime to do better, we can do so
immediately.  Your next lifetime is tomorrow.  Think of your sleep as a death and your waking as a
rebirth (which is literally true, just on a smaller scale).  Stop doing all the things you don't want done in
your next lifetime and start doing all the things that must be done to make it better.  If you can do that,
you can dissolve your own fear.  If I thought my next lifetime was going to be much much better, my
greatest fear would be gone.

"You will answer me, “But Miles, my greatest fear isn't of my little life, and that isn't your fear either.
Your greatest fear is having to live in a world of assholes again, and I don't see what you can do about
that.  You only have control over your own life, and maybe of a few things within your reach.  You
can't fix the whole world.  Problem solver or not, that problem is too big for you.”
Maybe.  The thing is, everyone wants to live in a better world, even the assholes.  They are just lost
when it comes to actually achieving that.  They think money is going to do it for them, or privilege, or
fame, or a new house, or a new car.  But many of them already have a great deal of that, so they know
the promise was empty.  So they are seeking just like you are.  They are just as afraid, probably moreso.
In my experience, the rich are the most afraid of any of us.  Assholes are assholes
because  they are afraid.   But this fear leads them to desperate measures.   Although they are snake-oil salesmen
themselves, ironically they get tagged by other snake-oil salesmen, who convince them eternal life is
the answer, or eternal youth, or something equally absurd.   Or maybe they are just trying to sell
immortality to us, as part of the long confusion.
"Regarding immortality, I have news for them or you: it is the scariest concept of all.  It should be the
thing you want the least .   Immortals don't get to have children, which means they don't get to have sex.
Two of the nicest things about life are gone off the top.  Immortals don't get to be reborn, which means
they don't get to be children again themselves: the best time of your life is gone.  Truly, the gods or
muses look down upon with the greatest pity and wonder at our fascination with immortality.  Gods are
not immortal and aren't stupid enough to want to be.  That is my best guess.
Gods are a part of Nature like we are, and because they are far smarter than we are, they understand
how Nature works.  It cannot work with immortality, it goes without saying.  Immortality and cycles
are mutually exclusive.

"Don't read the Buddha, read Lao-Tze, who understood this.  
At any rate, because the rich are as lost as anyone, or moreso, they are as ripe for a solution as you are.
They hate themselves far more than you do, and for good reason.  They have far more to account for, in
real terms, and they know it.  The secret is, there is no such thing as an atheist.  Atheism is just the
denial of a bad conscience.  It is the pathetic attempt to dodge karma.  The moderns have tried to
convince us that belief is the ultimate in bad faith (see Sartre, for instance), but that is just another
reversal.  Lack of belief is the real bad faith, since it is a pretense.  Everyone is born knowing that life is
not meaningless and that not everything is allowed.  It is not taught, it is innate.  But a profession of
atheism seems to free some sad people of this responsibility, at least superficially.  It makes them think
they are unaccountable for their lies and thefts.   

"You will say I am sounding like an old-style preacher, and maybe in some ways I am, but you have to
understand that even the old-style preachers were fake.  We have seen that the rich have infiltrated and
corrupted everything, and we saw it again in this paper, with the Jews pretending to be Episcopalians.
But this has ended up biting them in the butt, because they can no longer tell the real thing from the
fake.  What they need is a good dose of real morality, but that word has lost all meaning for them.
They think of Billy Graham or someone preaching morality and just chuckle to themselves, knowing
his entire spiel was a project.  They have created so many fake prophets they can't recognize the truth
when it bites them.  They have spun and respun everything so many times they can't abide stillness.  
Well, they can do as they wish, but for myself I know that there is a truth, and a reality, and a better and

  "I have not lost contact with my Muses, and they tell me to continue on my path, counting no
costs.  I have been given an assignment, as I see it, and that assignment is not to save the world, it is to
simply tell the truth and do good work.  If that helps save the world, fine; if it doesn't, fine.  The truth
is, I don't really know what is too big for me, and you don't either.  None of us knows how big we
really are, so the measurement isn't possible.  We can't know what the outcome of our work will be, so
we can't possibly judge the work by the outcome.  That is, we can't refuse an assignment because it
seems impossible.  We don't know what is possible.  We do what we do because we deem it necessary,
and let the outcome fend for itself.  Yes, saving the world is too big for anyone, but doing right can be
fit to any size.



Harry Potter  benefited from an unprecedented level of promotion no book ever written had been promoted on these levels.  

  it was one of the first to benefit from a newly upgraded, upsized, and fully coordinated media arm of Intelligence.  In the decades leading up to the 1990s, Intelligence had finally realized its centuries-long dream of absolute control of all media.

Even after gaining control of “The Mighty Wurlitzer” in the
1960s and 70s, it took a couple of decades for Intelligence and its masters to decide what they wished to do with it.  They needed some time to compose their “great songs”.  But by the 1990s, they had completed not only the apparatus, but a playlist.

Over the past 20 years this playlist has been put into
heavy rotation, at first slowly but with accelerating speed.  Not only was a vastly enlarged repertoire of faked events made possible, but a vastly enlarged library of manufactured artifacts was as well.

Intelligence has dumped an impressive load of pseudo-science, pseudo-literature and pseudo-art on the shores of the world in the past score of years, all of it composed by ghost committees in the bowels and dungeons of the various linked agencies.

No “art” or “science” now gets done that isn't imagined, moulded, and promoted to advance some nasty and shallow agenda.   That is your New World Order in a nutshell.

Interestingly, we do see a continued turf war within Intelligence, despite its monopoly on the world. That is, although outsiders no longer have a say about anything, we do find agents sometimes attacking each other, for whatever reasons.

The only truth that still gets told is told when one agent attacks another.
Potter  is “patchworked” because it is composed by multiple authors at a large table.  It is “derivative” because anything written by such a committee is going to be derivative.

 Committees do not create real art, have deep or new ideas, or show any independence of thought. . . because they are not paid to do so.  They are paid to cobble together semi-convincing propaganda.  And of course this propaganda is going to be written for and appeal to artistically limited people: it was
meant  to. 

Potter  when in fact it is a smashing success.  Judged as literature, it is garbage; judged as propaganda, it is brilliant.  While Possession ( a book by Antonia Byatt ) is superior in every conceivable way to  Potter, such books will have no possible life in the FutureWorld now being put into place.

 The witchcraft in Potter  has been attacked by Christians as Satanic, but in my opinion that misses the point—probably on purpose.   Potter  is indeed linked to Wicca, but in the way I showed above: not through Satan but through Intelligence.  As I have shown in previous papers,  Wicca was manufactured by Gerald Gardner in the 1950s, and Gardner was an MI6 protege of Aleister Crowley.

Intelligence has been hiding behind the Occult for centuries, as we saw very clearly with the fake Salem Witch Trials

The Christian critique of Potter mostly doesn't fly, because, like Christianity itself, the books create a battle of good and evil, and Harry isn't  on the side of evil.  Voldemort is the Satan substitute in this story, and he is Harry's opposition.  It has been argued that Potter  blurs those good/evil lines, which is true, but Christianity itself is blurry on most of those same issues and always has been.

 If you want clear answers on any questions of morality, I don't recommend Christianity (or any other major religion).  That won't win me any friends, and will only score me a mailbox full of attacks, but I call it like I see it.

 I don't see Potter  promoting Satanism or even Gnosticism, since either one would imply a depth it doesn't have.  What Potter  is promoting is a shallow fascism, one where all real religions and moralities are eventually jettisoned as getting in the way of business and total control.

In the world being made for you, the only moralities that will be kept will be the cracker-jack moralities that propel Hollywood movies: those moralities help them sell products and move people around in the short term.

Ironically, both Gnosticism and Satanism are too deep and complex for the FutureWorld: both might require study,
discipline, and a belief in something beyond immediate gratification.

I have to think that even Satan would require something from his followers.  But the new masters don't want any of that: there will be no text for you to memorize, not even any real bows to make.

 They don't need worshippers or devotees, only buyers.  They want you to buy their products, including their art, stories, histories, and bios.

Beyond that, they just don't care.  In this way, Satanism would actually be preferable to the FutureWorld.  I have no interest in the dark side and never have, but I have to think Satan would be able to create a more interesting world than the one upon us.

Being a fallen angel, he would be bored stiff by the flabby life most people now lead.  I don't see people rushing out to become Satanists.  That isn't the trend.  The trend is people becoming slugs.  The government is not promoting Satanism, nor does it fear a rise in Satanism.

According to Crowley, the first tenet of his fake Satanism was “do what thou wilt”.   But that requires courage and decision, something most people no longer have.   The government is not promoting that: it is promoting the opposite.  It is making sure you have neither courage nor decisiveness.  That is what all the propaganda is about, including Harry Potter.

It is not about making you a Satanist who will do what he wishes.  It is about making you a slug who will do nothing important.  It is about making you too scared to question anything you are told, so that if you have any residual courage or decisiveness, you will waste it getting a tattoo or piercing your belly button instead of resisting the world in meaningful ways.
I live in a very “liberal” town with lots of “progressive” people, but none of them want to hear about anything I have discovered.  They simply don't want to know, and say so.  They prefer the blue pill. People like that don't become Satanists.   They don't “do what they wilt”, because beyond a few immediate appetites, they have no idea what they wilt.  Since all they wish to do is pay the bills, watch movies, and order pizza, the government is not getting in the way of their grandest desires.

What do they care if the government is preventing science, art, or literature?  Those  aren't on their lists of things to do, so what's the difference?   

Besides, unless what you wish to do is murder people and feast on their blood, Do What Thou Wilt isn't Satanic anyway.  If you are evil, Do What Thou Wilt is evil; if not, not.  An angel who does as he wishes will do angelic things, by definition.  So even that morality is blurred.

What I mean is, consider this possibility: maybe Crowley set up that tenet and labeled it Satanic just so that it would be shot down.  He didn't  want you to do as you wish, and neither does Intelligence.  They want the opposite.  They don't want you to do what you wish, they want you to do what you are told.

Therefore they teach you doing what you wish is Satanic and doing what you are told is Godlike.  That isn't the opposite of Christianity, is it?  No, it is pretty much the same thing.  Yes, Christ himself was a rebel, but mainstream Christianity hasn't encouraged rebels throughout history.

It has encouraged obeying God's laws—which are of course the governors' laws put into the mouth of God.  You may think I am blurring, but I am clarifying.  You will say, “How do we know what is good or who is angelic without those laws of the governors?”  And I answer, “If you have to ask, you are already

As with language ability, morality is innate. You don't have to be taught morality: you have to be untaught  morality.   Most people can tell a good law from a bad law, or a good government from a bad one, which means that neither the laws nor the government create morality.  Laws simply codify what people already know.

If people didn't have an innate sense of good and bad, you couldn't teach it to them.  You may think that God put that innate sense there, and maybe he did, but it doesn't really matter
how you think it got there.  What matters is that you know it is there and can tap it.

Your entire ability to resist a bad government comes from that place.  If your entire understanding of good and evil came from laws—either civil or religious—you could never resist those laws.  You would be exactly as you were educated to be, and could never question your education.

The current governors aren't promoting Satanism, they are unteaching innate morality .  They are short-circuiting your inborn abilities on purpose, because those abilities get in their way.

You may call that Satanism if you like, and maybe it is.  But in my mind, Satan would not unteach morality.  According to my understanding of the various scriptures, Satan preened on his ability to promote evil.

You cannot promote evil if it doesn't exist.   In other words, Satan and the various demons of other religions accepted the division into good and evil, but chose and promoted evil.  They didn't unteach morality, they flipped it.

The current propaganda isn't teaching you to choose evil.  It is teaching you to forget that there is any difference, or any division.  It is teaching you to not care one way or the other.  They are not teaching you to embrace evil, they are teaching you to do nothing as they do as they wilt

Aha, you will say.  “So  they  are evil!”  If what they are doing is evil, yes.  But it isn't evil because they did as they willed, or because everything they do is evil.  It is evil because it goes against that innate morality, and they know that as much as you do.  But they have untaught  themselves morality—or tried
to—in the same way.

In most cases, they aren't embracing evil anymore than you are.  They are telling themselves that evil doesn't exist.  In that way, they can do what they do without calling it evil. And even as they are doing evil things, they are still not Satanists.  Again, there is a big difference.  A Satanist does evil things on purpose, and believes they are good.  A Satanist will have flipped morality, enjoying doing harm, causing pain, and destroying beautiful things.

But as little respect as I have for those running the world, I do not think that applies to them.  They don't appear to me to have the character it would take to be Satanic.  Satanists don't push moral relativism, for one thing.  Moral relativism is for the weak of will, not the strong of will.  Satanists would embrace the negative
consequences of their actions, but those running the world prefer to ignore  the negative consequences.

They are constantly in denial, telling you and themselves those things aren't really happening.  They are only a little less squishy than you are, the major difference being that their births have given them the power to do things, even while  they are being indecisive and pusillanimous.   

There may be real Satanists running the world: I have no way of knowing.  But I see no evidence of it. A world run by Satanists would be far less squishy at all levels.  It might be a horrible place, but at least it would be firm to the touch.
As I see it, the current Elders aren't Satanists.  They are just thieves.  They want to steal as much easy money as possible, as far as possible without you noticing.  They then use Satanism as another scare tactic, in case you notice.  They want you to think they are powerfully evil people, so that you don't even think of taking them on.  In other words, it is all a bluff.

Yes, they currently control a lot of armed people and may rub you out if they feel they have to.  I am not saying they won't.  But as individuals, they are not powerful wizards.  They are just the opposite.  This is what Frank Baum was telling us in The Wizard of Oz , though few got the message.  They are weak and shallow people in a precarious and vulnerable position, and they know that.

Their position will always be vulnerable because they are always fighting that innate sense of right and wrong inside everyone, even themselves.  You may think you cannot win, but it is they who cannot win.   Because they have set themselves against Nature herself, even as they win they lose.

As they reach out to take in their hands all they have worked for centuries to achieve, it slips away like mist.  What they had thought would taste sweet tastes only bitter.

My MY Genealogy
by Miles Mathis
I see Mark Tokarski published this on his site. Some have said I am misdirecting away from the Holocaust.   I have shown the Nazis were fake themselves, which is a step up from the Holocaust.  I have shown both World Wars were managed and at least partially faked themselves, which is two steps up from the Holocaust.
  He had access to our highschool yearbook pics—which indicates to me we are dealing with Intel hereAnyway, when Mary and I were married we lived in a tiny house in Austin, and I will even give you the address:  2410 West 7th.  We were paying $350 a month in rent.  She was working for the Sierra Club as a secretary, making next to nothing, and she supported me on that salary for about two years.  I then began to sell some paintings by about 1990.  Upon our divorce, she moved into an efficiency in Hyde Park, Austin..  My maternal grandparents lived in Amarillo, When you can barely pay the rent and don't have a car,
My other grandparents lived across town in Amarillorts. 

I did meet my great-grandparents Ramey and Werne, since they both lived into their 90s. both my parents were CPAs.  They ran their own small business, with only a few clients.  They did all the work: the firm was just them.  The house I grew up in in Lubbock  We hate to waste money. 
I went to public schools in Lubbock.  I have been living handto-mouth since college.  Almost 35 years now.  I have no savings and never have had any.  I have no insurance and never have had any.  I have owned three cars in my life. wththout a car when I moved to Taos.  From 2007-2018 I did so, which makes almost 14 years with no car.  A couple of months ago I bought an old Audi for $3000, but it doesn't run very well so I don't take it far.  It is handy for getting big paintings to Fedex, though.  The guys who have attended my three physics conferences   Tokarski knows that, since he was one of them. 

KevinII says that the fact that Mary and I didn't have children is another sign I am gay. .  We didn't have children because no woman wants to have children with a guy without a steady income.  Most artists don't have a steady income, and I never yet have.  That is just the way it is.  I wanted children almost as much as Mary did, but I wasn't willing to quit art and get an office job to do it.  I made my choice and I have had to live with it.  As you know, it is one of the reasons I am angry, and anger drives my research. 

I have always admitted that.  I am angry that despite being very good at what I do, I have never been able to make a decent living at it— except for a few months here and there.   And the reason (I believe) I wasn't able to do that is that I wasn't connected.  One, the kind of art I do was replaced by Modernism, so I have written a lot about that.  Two, the art markets that have survived are tightly controlled, and those who succeed in them are the children of the very rich and connected.  I never had an easy foot in the door anywhere.  What I later discovered is that it is even worse than that: the door had been closed on me and anyone like me on purpose long before, regardless of talent.  I have not only failed to be promoted by anyone, I have been strongly anti-promoted no matter what I was trying to do.  
Everyone has been telling me NOT to do what I am doing my whole life, whether it is art, poetry, science, or history writing.  Even my parents have told me that.  They didn't want me to be an artist, and they aren't happy I write what I write.  So in some ways I am the opposite of a project.  I am what am I despite a lifetime of projects being run against me.  If you don't believe that and want to think it is just self-pity, go to it.  I am past caring what anyone thinks.  I know who I am and how I got here  Since Mary took me for about $25,000 at a time when I had nothing.  It took me many years to pay that off.  my Dad (who is the eldest one alive) knows this either.  I have asked him where the name Miles cJersey, allegedly belonging to my 9th great-grandfather.  It is a shack.  His runs at the names

 Why are they trying to bury me?  That's the really interesting question, isn't it?  And yes, someone was trying to bury me before I started writing.  I started writing because I was being buried.  My art career wasn't going anywhere, so I began by writing about that.  That eventually took me to other   Only real lives last that long.  Only real websites look like mine, which is why you see so few of them.   Someone spent a lot of time and money trying to smear me here, didn't they?  Why would they do that if I were just a small-time crank, a deluded windbag, or tinfoil hat wearing loony?  no amount of lies can prevail against the truth.  An honest guy is pretty much invulnerable, as long as you keep your head up.  Remember that.  

I may not always be right.  No one is.  But I am not a limited hangout or a front for anyone, and I write all my own stuff.  Therefore it is impossible for anyone, or any team—no matter how large or well funded—to prove that I am.  That is what made me a guaranteed winner going in here.  Of course the fact that I can write and think better than any one of these people—or all of  them together—also helps. Which, come to think of it, is just more proof I am not a committee front.  Think about it.  Committees don't write like this.  There is the same damnable sense of self in everything I write—which is what infuriates the Kevins of the world more than anything.  Committees don't have a self.  Which is why I can always beat them.  I am a self.  
Postscript:  I wrote this in a couple of hours last night, but I always let things sit overnight to mature. We can already see that this latest project is going to backfire, and we can see why.  Clearly, someone thought it was time to take off the gloves and really lay one on me.  But the gloves have been off for years.  They have been running these projects against me for a long time, to no effect.  Yes, this one takes the cake for dishonesty and misdirection (and length), but it is just a bigger example of the same
thing.  These little boys can't stand toe to toe with me and talk science or art or history or anything else, but anonymity gives them a false sense of security, and they think that digging through

my trashcans may give them an edge.  So although I have annihilated everyone else who previously tried to blackwash me, and they know that, they just keep coming.  They don't have anything else, so they keep coming back with the same gambit: take the argument at me instead of at what I have written.  Slander is the only thing they know.  Here, they have gone beyond that.  Since they couldn't find any dirt on me, they go after Mary and my family.  Cowardly beyond belief, but that is what they do.  It is all about fear, you know.  They haven't been able to scare me into silence, but they haven't given up on you. They know you will read this hit piece on me and see it as vicious beyond belief.  You will be afraid that if you speak out like I have, they will do this to you.  You may think they will dig through your files at the NSA, and you may not be able to respond like I have. 

They hope this will send you scurrying back to the safety of the mainstream.   
But if anything, this just gives me a greater sense of security, and it should you also.  They threw everything they could dig up here at me, and none of it stuck.  Do you know why?  Because it either isn't true or isn't to the point.  This is why I have never feared this sort of “outing”.  There is nothing to out.  If they had anything better than a bad high school yearbook photo, we may assume they would have led with that.  But they don't.  So we could read the project even before the first word.  Leading with that photo was a clue they didn't have anything, and would have to

make up the rest from bluster and fudge.    
And this shows their other mistake.  Clearly, what they want most is for me to shut up.  But do they really think this will accomplish that?  Attacking Mary and my family won't silence me.  It will just rile me up even more.   It is a guarantee that I won't quit.  If they were smart, they would have done just the opposite, but they aren't smart.  As I have said before, they could have avoided this from the beginning if they hadn't killed real art, and therefore any possible career for me.  The governors could have kept people like me busy.  I probably would have been satisfied with a midlevel career in art or science and a family.   Growing up, I had no idea of becoming a physicist or historian, much less a revolutionary.

 I fell into this role due to circumstance or default.  No one else was doing these things and I felt they had to be done, so I nominated myself.  But guess what, they have also destroyed science, history and the family.  They have created these problems, not me, and silencing me won't make them go away.  Were I to fall, another ten would arise.  This is because the governors have taken things way too far.  Killing art and science

was bad enough, but killing the family is what is going to lead to the revolution.  To keep people dormant, you have to keep them satisfied to a large extent.  They admit that in The Matrix. The blue pill is about simple pleasures.  So they can't kill all these things simultaneously for profit and hope to get away with it.  I am just the canary in the coal mine, though they aren't getting that message. They have sent me into the mine to see if I could stand the bad air, and I have flown out like an radiation-enhanced eagle, chewing their faces off.   That should have told them something was wrong, but these people never learn.   They just read from their scripts, spin, and tell increasingly larger lies.  

  Addendum May 6:  Apparently there is a follow-up over there, but I am not going to read it.  I have had my say.  They have already lost anyway, and most of the rats are already leaving the sinking ship. Very soon nobody will be left but the original cast of Spooks.  I did wish to point out that I have heard from my readers that POM has closed all comments across the entire site, to keep from being thrashed by my defenders.  Typical.  We have seen that before, at bautforums (physics) and other places.  Being sensible or consistent or open is outside their pay grade.  Also interesting is that apparently KevinII isn't on hand to defend himself.  He was probably offered a one-time payment for this hit-piece, but wasn't paid to defend it in comments.  So he has already moved on to the next project.

This left POM high and dry—without their top kitten—and without the protection of his little paws they understandably had to go stand in the closet or hide under the bed.  But for myself, I encourage them to keep writing over there.  Positive emails and donations have gone way up over here, and I hope to achieve a tidy windfall before they inevitably close up shop.
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