This audio mp3 book and text can be downloaded from audio mp3 books dot com. tHIS AUDIO IS MILES MATHIS MUSINGS PART FOUR. More of Miles Mathis's Musings can be read at Miles Mathis Musings and All of these extracts are from Miles Mathis's website Miles W.

"I encourage you to visit that page at Wargs , to see how close all those relationships actually are.  In the mainstream sites, if they admit these relationships—which they rarely do—they try to convince you they are very distant.  But they aren't.  For instance, Bush is related to Abe Lincoln through his 11g- grandfather Edward Gilman. 

His daughter married Edward Lincoln, who was the 5g-grandfather of
Abe.  It may look like a distant relationship, but it isn't.  By genealogical standards, it is
very  close.   It is hard to tell, but it looks like they are 2nd  cousins 6 times removed.
Some readers have written me after going to or Geneanet.  They say something like,
“Gee, Miles, the peerage is huge.

"Your surname and mine are both there, so the question is, who
isn't from these lines.  It just proves we are all related, right?”  No.  As I have said before, we are all related, but not closely like these folks.  Yes, the name Mathis is in the peerage a handful of times, but all are recent and none link to major lines. 

So the question is, if your name is there, how many times is it listed and who does it link to.  Also, you can't just find your name there and stop.  You actually have to link yourself to these nameholders through your own genealogy.  When I do my research, I show you the links from the real people I am studying to these nameholders in the peerage.  Usually it is pretty easy to do, and the links are short and direct.

" If you and your ancestors are not famous, then you probably can't say that.  Most likely, you probably come from “nobody” lines, and there are a lot more of those lines than there are of these famous lines.  Yes, there are thousands of famous lines, and we see many of them in Bush's genealogy. 

But there are millions of nobody lines, and you are far more likely to be from those.  Think of it this way.  Go back in time to any period, say the time of Shakespeare.  There was only one King in England, right, and only a few dukes.  There were a few thousand rich and famous people.  But there were hundreds of thousands of regular people, and they bred just as much or more than the famous people.

"So we can't all be descended from kings or rich people, can we?  These genealogy sites tell us the further we go back the more likely we are to be related to royalty.  They say that everyone in the world is related to King Edward or something like that, so my research is meaningless.  Or they say that every Irishman is descended from Niall.  But that is only true to a very limited extent, one that doesn't matter.  Yes, the further we go back, the bigger your ancestry is, since we double it in each generation.  

So mathematically you have a better chance of having one ancestor that was rich or famous.  But that is just one guy out of hundreds in your ancestry at that point, so it doesn't do you any good.  For instance, Bush doesn't just have one guy in his ancestry in the 16 th
 century who was rich and famous, he has hundreds and hundreds. Plus, if your lines were poor at the time, the odds are they won't snag anyone  famous, no matter how many lines there are.

"As now, the rich married the rich and the poor married the poor, so you won't find
one noble among hundreds of peasants.  One of your poor ancestors didn't just get lucky and marry a
prince.  It doesn't happen.  We have seen that the rich were always rich, and if that is true, then the poor were always poor. 

They don't want you to recognize that, so they just lie to you.  We have seen that these rich kids from the families are guaranteed success, whether they are talented or not.  Well, that coin has to have two sides, doesn't it?  It is a zero-sum game, which means that if they are guaranteed success without talent, then you are guaranteed failure even with talent.  Every dimwit like George Bush must displace some person with real ability.  In my field, every fake artist destroys a real artist.  That's what got me on this tear, remember?

" I was brought up to think we had some sort of limited meritocracy in this world, but finally realized that wasn't true.  I realized that the real world has very little use for or interest in the truth or in talent.  What it has a use for is profit, so the only way to succeed as an artist is to make a quick and easy buck for some jerk in the artworld—usually a Jewish gallery owner who doesn't know art from Garfunkel.  And the same can be said for every other field, including science, literature, music, history, politics, reportage, etc. 

They can't really stop you from doing anything real, but they aren't going to underwrite it, support it, or promote it.  In fact, they are going to do their best to bury you, because you threaten their hegemony.  If they are selling fake art, the last thing they want is some real artist setting up shop next door.     

"For this reason, I don't recommend you waste your time entering contests, applying for grants, or
seeking any other mainstream confirmation.  I did that to no real effect except heartache.  No matter
what you are trying to do, that isn't the way to do it.   Go your own way early on and expect no stroking from the mainstream. 

You will find some positive feedback and encouragement from the margins, but since there is very little money in the margins, don't expect much in the way of finances from there. Like Thoreau, learn to live on less and learn to value your own judgment.  You are your own best critic, not some stuffed shirt from the big city.  Being surrounded with good work is a much greater reward than any figure in a bank account.

"What you will find out sooner or later is that it always comes down to a variation of this question:
would you rather be a real artist and poor or a fake artist and rich?  I saw a long time ago that that was the actual split in the road, whether I liked it or not, and that I had to choose.  I made my choice, and I have never regretted the choice.

"You will say, “Then why do you continue to complain?”  Because I am a problem solver.  I don't regret
my choice, but I see the fact that such a choice had to be made as a problem.  The world works that
way, but it shouldn't  work that way.  The future doesn't have to be like the past: that is another lie they have told you.  If we all decide to do better, the future will be better.  If not, not.  At some point, the future will be better, the only question is when.   Will it take a hundred years, or a thousand, or a million?

"I don't know, but since I want it to be better I try to make it better.  So while I am trying to
paint the best pictures I can, I am also trying to make it so the next generation doesn't have to live in the same world I did.  If I am reincarnated, I don't want to come back to this mess, so I better do what I can to make sure I won't have to.  Think of it like that.  I actually believe in reincarnation, but if you don't, think of your kids or grandkids instead.  If you aren't here in the near future, they surely will be.    To be honest, I am not afraid of death.  But I am deathly afraid of having to return to this culture in the near future, as a recycled spirit.

  "Yes, it will be great to have a new body, if it is a good one, but would anyone look forward to going through this shit again?  I am being serious, since I really think that is the question.  We have this fear of death pounded into us by the mainstream media, but shouldn't we really be afraid of something else entirely?  Life is a cycle: a circle, not a line.  Rain comes back and leaves come back and the summer returns, so logically we will, too.  Do you really want to come back and live in this crap movie again?

 I don't.  This is what Nietzsche was up to with his eternal recurrence, I think: he was trying to scare you into doing better next time.  He wanted you to think, “Oh god, I can't live this same life over and over through eternity, so I better do something interesting immediately!” The Hindus and Buddhists were onto something similar, but they wanted to escape from the cycle altogether.  Not to improve it, but to ditch it.  Not a terribly brave response, is it?  My feeling is that a bit more is expected of us.  We don't have to come back to the same D-movie, since we are free to make any movie we like.

"That is to say, we can change any time we like.  We don't escape from the cycle, we improve  it. When you have problems at home or at work, do you just give up and leave town?  No, you fix  them. Humans are problem solvers: that's what they do and what they are meant to do.  They create order.  I have to imagine gods do the same thing, on a larger scale.  They don't flee the cycle, they embrace  the cycle.   So if you want to become more godlike, try to create order on a larger scale.  And using that logic, we do not have to wait until our next lifetime to do better, we can do so immediately.  Your next lifetime is tomorrow. 

Think of your sleep as a death and your waking as a rebirth (which is literally true, just on a smaller scale).  Stop doing all the things you don't want done in your next lifetime and start doing all the things that must be done to make it better.  If you can do that, you can dissolve your own fear.  If I thought my next lifetime was going to be much much better, my greatest fear would be gone.

"You will answer me, “But Miles, my greatest fear isn't of my little life, and that isn't your fear either.
Your greatest fear is having to live in a world of assholes again, and I don't see what you can do about
that.  You only have control over your own life, and maybe of a few things within your reach.  You
can't fix the whole world.  Problem solver or not, that problem is too big for you.”

Maybe.  The thing is, everyone wants to live in a better world, even the assholes.  They are just lost
when it comes to actually achieving that.  They think money is going to do it for them, or privilege, or
fame, or a new house, or a new car.  But many of them already have a great deal of that, so they know the promise was empty.  So they are seeking just like you are.  They are just as afraid, probably moreso. In my experience, the rich are the most afraid of any of us.  Assholes are assholes
because  they are afraid.  

But this fear leads them to desperate measures.   Although they are snake-oil salesmen themselves, ironically they get tagged by other snake-oil salesmen, who convince them eternal life is the answer, or eternal youth, or something equally absurd.   Or maybe they are just trying to sell immortality to us, as part of the long confusion.
"Regarding immortality, I have news for them or you: it is the scariest concept of all.  It should be the
thing you want the least .   Immortals don't get to have children, which means they don't get to have sex. Two of the nicest things about life are gone off the top.  Immortals don't get to be reborn, which means they don't get to be children again themselves: the best time of your life is gone. 

Truly, the gods or muses look down upon with the greatest pity and wonder at our fascination with immortality.  Gods are not immortal and aren't stupid enough to want to be.  That is my best guess. Gods are a part of Nature like we are, and because they are far smarter than we are, they understand how Nature works.  It cannot work with immortality, it goes without saying.  Immortality and cycles are mutually exclusive.

"Don't read the Buddha, read Lao-Tze, who understood this.  
At any rate, because the rich are as lost as anyone, or moreso, they are as ripe for a solution as you are. They hate themselves far more than you do, and for good reason.  They have far more to account for, in real terms, and they know it.  The secret is, there is no such thing as an atheist.  Atheism is just the denial of a bad conscience.  It is the pathetic attempt to dodge karma.  The moderns have tried to convince us that belief is the ultimate in bad faith (see Sartre, for instance), but that is just another reversal. 

Lack of belief is the real bad faith, since it is a pretense.  Everyone is born knowing that life is not meaningless and that not everything is allowed.  It is not taught, it is innate.  But a profession of atheism seems to free some sad people of this responsibility, at least superficially.  It makes them think they are unaccountable for their lies and thefts.   

"You will say I am sounding like an old-style preacher, and maybe in some ways I am, but you have to
understand that even the old-style preachers were fake.  We have seen that the rich have infiltrated and corrupted everything, and we saw it again in this paper, with the Jews pretending to be Episcopalians. But this has ended up biting them in the butt, because they can no longer tell the real thing from the fake.  What they need is a good dose of real morality, but that word has lost all meaning for them.

They think of Billy Graham or someone preaching morality and just chuckle to themselves, knowing
his entire spiel was a project.  They have created so many fake prophets they can't recognize the truth when it bites them.  They have spun and respun everything so many times they can't abide stillness.   Well, they can do as they wish, but for myself I know that there is a truth, and a reality, and a better and worse.

  "I have not lost contact with my Muses, and they tell me to continue on my path, counting no
costs.  I have been given an assignment, as I see it, and that assignment is not to save the world, it is to simply tell the truth and do good work.  If that helps save the world, fine; if it doesn't, fine.  The truth is, I don't really know what is too big for me, and you don't either.  None of us knows how big we
really are, so the measurement isn't possible. 

We can't know what the outcome of our work will be, so we can't possibly judge the work by the outcome.  That is, we can't refuse an assignment because it seems impossible.  We don't know what is possible.  We do what we do because we deem it necessary, and let the outcome fend for itself.  Yes, saving the world is too big for anyone, but doing right can be fit to any size.



Harry Potter  benefited from an unprecedented level of promotion no book ever written had been promoted on these levels.  

  it was one of the first to benefit from a newly upgraded, upsized, and fully coordinated media arm of Intelligence.  In the decades leading up to the 1990s, Intelligence had finally realized its centuries-long dream of absolute control of all media.

Even after gaining control of “The Mighty Wurlitzer” in the
1960s and 70s, it took a couple of decades for Intelligence and its masters to decide what they wished to do with it.  They needed some time to compose their “great songs”.  But by the 1990s, they had completed not only the apparatus, but a playlist.

Over the past 20 years this playlist has been put into
heavy rotation, at first slowly but with accelerating speed.  Not only was a vastly enlarged repertoire of faked events made possible, but a vastly enlarged library of manufactured artifacts was as well.

Intelligence has dumped an impressive load of pseudo-science, pseudo-literature and pseudo-art on the shores of the world in the past score of years, all of it composed by ghost committees in the bowels and dungeons of the various linked agencies.

No “art” or “science” now gets done that isn't imagined, moulded, and promoted to advance some nasty and shallow agenda.   That is your New World Order in a nutshell.

Interestingly, we do see a continued turf war within Intelligence, despite its monopoly on the world. That is, although outsiders no longer have a say about anything, we do find agents sometimes attacking each other, for whatever reasons.

The only truth that still gets told is told when one agent attacks another.
Potter  is “patchworked” because it is composed by multiple authors at a large table.  It is “derivative” because anything written by such a committee is going to be derivative.

 Committees do not create real art, have deep or new ideas, or show any independence of thought. . . because they are not paid to do so.  They are paid to cobble together semi-convincing propaganda.  And of course this propaganda is going to be written for and appeal to artistically limited people: it was
meant  to.

Potter  when in fact it is a smashing success.  Judged as literature, it is garbage; judged as propaganda, it is brilliant.  While Possession ( a book by Antonia Byatt ) is superior in every conceivable way to  Potter, such books will have no possible life in the FutureWorld now being put into place.

 The witchcraft in Potter  has been attacked by Christians as Satanic, but in my opinion that misses the point—probably on purpose.   Potter  is indeed linked to Wicca, but in the way I showed above: not through Satan but through Intelligence.  As I have shown in previous papers,  Wicca was manufactured by Gerald Gardner in the 1950s, and Gardner was an MI6 protege of Aleister Crowley.

Intelligence has been hiding behind the Occult for centuries, as we saw very clearly with the fake Salem Witch Trials
The Christian critique of Potter mostly doesn't fly, because, like Christianity itself, the books create a battle of good and evil, and Harry isn't  on the side of evil.  Voldemort is the Satan substitute in this story, and he is Harry's opposition.  It has been argued that Potter  blurs those good/evil lines, which is true, but Christianity itself is blurry on most of those same issues and always has been.

 If you want clear answers on any questions of morality, I don't recommend Christianity (or any other major religion).  That won't win me any friends, and will only score me a mailbox full of attacks, but I call it like I see it.

 I don't see Potter  promoting Satanism or even Gnosticism, since either one would imply a depth it doesn't have.  What Potter  is promoting is a shallow fascism, one where all real religions and moralities are eventually jettisoned as getting in the way of business and total control.

In the world being made for you, the only moralities that will be kept will be the cracker-jack moralities that propel Hollywood movies: those moralities help them sell products and move people around in the short term.

Ironically, both Gnosticism and Satanism are too deep and complex for the FutureWorld: both might require study,
discipline, and a belief in something beyond immediate gratification.

I have to think that even Satan would require something from his followers.  But the new masters don't want any of that: there will be no text for you to memorize, not even any real bows to make.

 They don't need worshippers or devotees, only buyers.  They want you to buy their products, including their art, stories, histories, and bios.

Beyond that, they just don't care.  In this way, Satanism would actually be preferable to the FutureWorld.  I have no interest in the dark side and never have, but I have to think Satan would be able to create a more interesting world than the one upon us.

Being a fallen angel, he would be bored stiff by the flabby life most people now lead.  I don't see people rushing out to become Satanists.  That isn't the trend.  The trend is people becoming slugs.  The government is not promoting Satanism, nor does it fear a rise in Satanism.

According to Crowley, the first tenet of his fake Satanism was “do what thou wilt”.   But that requires courage and decision, something most people no longer have.   The government is not promoting that: it is promoting the opposite.  It is making sure you have neither courage nor decisiveness.  That is what all the propaganda is about, including Harry Potter.

It is not about making you a Satanist who will do what he wishes.  It is about making you a slug who will do nothing important.  It is about making you too scared to question anything you are told, so that if you have any residual courage or decisiveness, you will waste it getting a tattoo or piercing your belly button instead of resisting the world in meaningful ways.
I live in a very “liberal” town with lots of “progressive” people, but none of them want to hear about anything I have discovered.  They simply don't want to know, and say so.  They prefer the blue pill. People like that don't become Satanists.   They don't “do what they wilt”, because beyond a few immediate appetites, they have no idea what they wilt.  Since all they wish to do is pay the bills, watch movies, and order pizza, the government is not getting in the way of their grandest desires.

What do they care if the government is preventing science, art, or literature?  Those  aren't on their lists of things to do, so what's the difference?   

Besides, unless what you wish to do is murder people and feast on their blood, Do What Thou Wilt isn't Satanic anyway.  If you are evil, Do What Thou Wilt is evil; if not, not.  An angel who does as he wishes will do angelic things, by definition.  So even that morality is blurred.

What I mean is, consider this possibility: maybe Crowley set up that tenet and labeled it Satanic just so that it would be shot down.  He didn't  want you to do as you wish, and neither does Intelligence.  They want the opposite.  They don't want you to do what you wish, they want you to do what you are told.

Therefore they teach you doing what you wish is Satanic and doing what you are told is Godlike.  That isn't the opposite of Christianity, is it?  No, it is pretty much the same thing.  Yes, Christ himself was a rebel, but mainstream Christianity hasn't encouraged rebels throughout history.

It has encouraged obeying God's laws—which are of course the governors' laws put into the mouth of God.  You may think I am blurring, but I am clarifying.  You will say, “How do we know what is good or who is angelic without those laws of the governors?”  And I answer, “If you have to ask, you are already

As with language ability, morality is innate. You don't have to be taught morality: you have to be untaught  morality.   Most people can tell a good law from a bad law, or a good government from a bad one, which means that neither the laws nor the government create morality.  Laws simply codify what people already know.

If people didn't have an innate sense of good and bad, you couldn't teach it to them.  You may think that God put that innate sense there, and maybe he did, but it doesn't really matter
how you think it got there.  What matters is that you know it is there and can tap it.

Your entire ability to resist a bad government comes from that place.  If your entire understanding of good and evil came from laws—either civil or religious—you could never resist those laws.  You would be exactly as you were educated to be, and could never question your education.

The current governors aren't promoting Satanism, they are unteaching innate morality .  They are short-circuiting your inborn abilities on purpose, because those abilities get in their way.

You may call that Satanism if you like, and maybe it is.  But in my mind, Satan would not unteach morality.  According to my understanding of the various scriptures, Satan preened on his ability to promote evil.

You cannot promote evil if it doesn't exist.   In other words, Satan and the various demons of other religions accepted the division into good and evil, but chose and promoted evil.  They didn't unteach morality, they flipped it.

The current propaganda isn't teaching you to choose evil.  It is teaching you to forget that there is any difference, or any division.  It is teaching you to not care one way or the other.  They are not teaching you to embrace evil, they are teaching you to do nothing as they do as they wilt
Aha, you will say.  “So  they  are evil!”  If what they are doing is evil, yes.  But it isn't evil because they did as they willed, or because everything they do is evil.  It is evil because it goes against that innate morality, and they know that as much as you do.  But they have untaught  themselves morality—or tried
to—in the same way.

In most cases, they aren't embracing evil anymore than you are.  They are telling themselves that evil doesn't exist.  In that way, they can do what they do without calling it evil. And even as they are doing evil things, they are still not Satanists.  Again, there is a big difference.  A Satanist does evil things on purpose, and believes they are good.  A Satanist will have flipped morality, enjoying doing harm, causing pain, and destroying beautiful things.

But as little respect as I have for those running the world, I do not think that applies to them.  They don't appear to me to have the character it would take to be Satanic.  Satanists don't push moral relativism, for one thing.  Moral relativism is for the weak of will, not the strong of will.  Satanists would embrace the negative
consequences of their actions, but those running the world prefer to ignore  the negative consequences.

They are constantly in denial, telling you and themselves those things aren't really happening.  They are only a little less squishy than you are, the major difference being that their births have given them the power to do things, even while  they are being indecisive and pusillanimous.   

There may be real Satanists running the world: I have no way of knowing.  But I see no evidence of it. A world run by Satanists would be far less squishy at all levels.  It might be a horrible place, but at least it would be firm to the touch.
As I see it, the current Elders aren't Satanists.  They are just thieves.  They want to steal as much easy money as possible, as far as possible without you noticing.  They then use Satanism as another scare tactic, in case you notice.  They want you to think they are powerfully evil people, so that you don't even think of taking them on.  In other words, it is all a bluff.

Yes, they currently control a lot of armed people and may rub you out if they feel they have to.  I am not saying they won't.  But as individuals, they are not powerful wizards.  They are just the opposite.  This is what Frank Baum was telling us in The Wizard of Oz , though few got the message.  They are weak and shallow people in a precarious and vulnerable position, and they know that.

Their position will always be vulnerable because they are always fighting that innate sense of right and wrong inside everyone, even themselves.  You may think you cannot win, but it is they who cannot win.   Because they have set themselves against Nature herself, even as they win they lose.

As they reach out to take in their hands all they have worked for centuries to achieve, it slips away like mist.  What they had thought would taste sweet tastes only bitter.

My MY Genealogy
by Miles Mathis
I see Mark Tokarski published this on his site. Some have said I am misdirecting away from the Holocaust.   I have shown the Nazis were fake themselves, which is a step up from the Holocaust.  I have shown both World Wars were managed and at least partially faked themselves, which is two steps up from the Holocaust.
  He had access to our highschool yearbook pics—which indicates to me we are dealing with Intel hereAnyway, when Mary and I were married we lived in a tiny house in Austin, and I will even give you the address:  2410 West 7th.  We were paying $350 a month in rent.  She was working for the Sierra Club as a secretary, making next to nothing, and she supported me on that salary for about two years.  I then began to sell some paintings by about 1990.  Upon our divorce, she moved into an efficiency in Hyde Park, Austin..  My maternal grandparents lived in Amarillo, When you can barely pay the rent and don't have a car,
My other grandparents lived across town in Amarillorts. 

I did meet my great-grandparents Ramey and Werne, since they both lived into their 90s. both my parents were CPAs.  They ran their own small business, with only a few clients.  They did all the work: the firm was just them.  The house I grew up in in Lubbock  We hate to waste money. 
I went to public schools in Lubbock.  I have been living handto-mouth since college.  Almost 35 years now.  I have no savings and never have had any.  I have no insurance and never have had any.  I have owned three cars in my life. wththout a car when I moved to Taos.  From 2007-2018 I did so, which makes almost 14 years with no car.  A couple of months ago I bought an old Audi for $3000, but it doesn't run very well so I don't take it far.  It is handy for getting big paintings to Fedex, though.  The guys who have attended my three physics conferences   Tokarski knows that, since he was one of them. 

KevinII says that the fact that Mary and I didn't have children is another sign I am gay. .  We didn't have children because no woman wants to have children with a guy without a steady income.  Most artists don't have a steady income, and I never yet have.  That is just the way it is.  I wanted children almost as much as Mary did, but I wasn't willing to quit art and get an office job to do it.  I made my choice and I have had to live with it.  As you know, it is one of the reasons I am angry, and anger drives my research. 

I have always admitted that.  I am angry that despite being very good at what I do, I have never been able to make a decent living at it— except for a few months here and there.   And the reason (I believe) I wasn't able to do that is that I wasn't connected.  One, the kind of art I do was replaced by Modernism, so I have written a lot about that.  Two, the art markets that have survived are tightly controlled, and those who succeed in them are the children of the very rich and connected.  I never had an easy foot in the door anywhere.  What I later discovered is that it is even worse than that: the door had been closed on me and anyone like me on purpose long before, regardless of talent.  I have not only failed to be promoted by anyone, I have been strongly anti-promoted no matter what I was trying to do.  
Everyone has been telling me NOT to do what I am doing my whole life, whether it is art, poetry, science, or history writing.  Even my parents have told me that.  They didn't want me to be an artist, and they aren't happy I write what I write.  So in some ways I am the opposite of a project.  I am what am I despite a lifetime of projects being run against me.  If you don't believe that and want to think it is just self-pity, go to it.  I am past caring what anyone thinks.  I know who I am and how I got here  Since Mary took me for about $25,000 at a time when I had nothing.  It took me many years to pay that off.  my Dad (who is the eldest one alive) knows this either.  I have asked him where the name Miles cJersey, allegedly belonging to my 9th great-grandfather.  It is a shack.  His runs at the names

 Why are they trying to bury me?  That's the really interesting question, isn't it?  And yes, someone was trying to bury me before I started writing.  I started writing because I was being buried.  My art career wasn't going anywhere, so I began by writing about that.  That eventually took me to other   Only real lives last that long.  Only real websites look like mine, which is why you see so few of them.   Someone spent a lot of time and money trying to smear me here, didn't they?  Why would they do that if I were just a small-time crank, a deluded windbag, or tinfoil hat wearing loony?  no amount of lies can prevail against the truth.  An honest guy is pretty much invulnerable, as long as you keep your head up.  Remember that.  

I may not always be right.  No one is.  But I am not a limited hangout or a front for anyone, and I write all my own stuff.  Therefore it is impossible for anyone, or any team—no matter how large or well funded—to prove that I am.  That is what made me a guaranteed winner going in here.  Of course the fact that I can write and think better than any one of these people—or all of  them together—also helps. Which, come to think of it, is just more proof I am not a committee front.  Think about it.  Committees don't write like this.  There is the same damnable sense of self in everything I write—which is what infuriates the Kevins of the world more than anything.  Committees don't have a self.  Which is why I can always beat them.  I am a self.  
Postscript:  I wrote this in a couple of hours last night, but I always let things sit overnight to mature. We can already see that this latest project is going to backfire, and we can see why.  Clearly, someone thought it was time to take off the gloves and really lay one on me.  But the gloves have been off for years.  They have been running these projects against me for a long time, to no effect.  Yes, this one takes the cake for dishonesty and misdirection (and length), but it is just a bigger example of the same
thing.  These little boys can't stand toe to toe with me and talk science or art or history or anything else, but anonymity gives them a false sense of security, and they think that digging through

my trashcans may give them an edge.  So although I have annihilated everyone else who previously tried to blackwash me, and they know that, they just keep coming.  They don't have anything else, so they keep coming back with the same gambit: take the argument at me instead of at what I have written.  Slander is the only thing they know.  Here, they have gone beyond that.  Since they couldn't find any dirt on me, they go after Mary and my family.  Cowardly beyond belief, but that is what they do.  It is all about fear, you know.  They haven't been able to scare me into silence, but they haven't given up on you. They know you will read this hit piece on me and see it as vicious beyond belief.  You will be afraid that if you speak out like I have, they will do this to you.  You may think they will dig through your files at the NSA, and you may not be able to respond like I have. 

They hope this will send you scurrying back to the safety of the mainstream.   
But if anything, this just gives me a greater sense of security, and it should you also.  They threw everything they could dig up here at me, and none of it stuck.  Do you know why?  Because it either isn't true or isn't to the point.  This is why I have never feared this sort of “outing”.  There is nothing to out.  If they had anything better than a bad high school yearbook photo, we may assume they would have led with that.  But they don't.  So we could read the project even before the first word.  Leading with that photo was a clue they didn't have anything, and would have to

make up the rest from bluster and fudge.    
And this shows their other mistake.  Clearly, what they want most is for me to shut up.  But do they really think this will accomplish that?  Attacking Mary and my family won't silence me.  It will just rile me up even more.   It is a guarantee that I won't quit.  If they were smart, they would have done just the opposite, but they aren't smart.  As I have said before, they could have avoided this from the beginning if they hadn't killed real art, and therefore any possible career for me.  The governors could have kept people like me busy.  I probably would have been satisfied with a midlevel career in art or science and a family.   Growing up, I had no idea of becoming a physicist or historian, much less a revolutionary.

 I fell into this role due to circumstance or default.  No one else was doing these things and I felt they had to be done, so I nominated myself.  But guess what, they have also destroyed science, history and the family.  They have created these problems, not me, and silencing me won't make them go away.  Were I to fall, another ten would arise.  This is because the governors have taken things way too far.  Killing art and science

was bad enough, but killing the family is what is going to lead to the revolution.  To keep people dormant, you have to keep them satisfied to a large extent.  They admit that in The Matrix. The blue pill is about simple pleasures.  So they can't kill all these things simultaneously for profit and hope to get away with it.  I am just the canary in the coal mine, though they aren't getting that message. They have sent me into the mine to see if I could stand the bad air, and I have flown out like an radiation-enhanced eagle, chewing their faces off.   That should have told them something was wrong, but these people never learn.   They just read from their scripts, spin, and tell increasingly larger lies.  

  Addendum May 6:  Apparently there is a follow-up over there, but I am not going to read it.  I have had my say.  They have already lost anyway, and most of the rats are already leaving the sinking ship. Very soon nobody will be left but the original cast of Spooks.  I did wish to point out that I have heard from my readers that POM has closed all comments across the entire site, to keep from being thrashed by my defenders.  Typical.  We have seen that before, at bautforums (physics) and other places.  Being sensible or consistent or open is outside their pay grade.  Also interesting is that apparently KevinII isn't on hand to defend himself.  He was probably offered a one-time payment for this hit-piece, but wasn't paid to defend it in comments.  So he has already moved on to the next project.

This left POM high and dry—without their top kitten—and without the protection of his little paws they understandably had to go stand in the closet or hide under the bed.  But for myself, I encourage them to keep writing over there.  Positive emails and donations have gone way up over here, and I hope to achieve a tidy windfall before they inevitably close up shop.


Miles Mathis has:

 solved Bode's problem;

 the Metonic Cycle, doing all the math;

corrected Mercury's perhelion, doing all the math;

shown the cause of the 4% error in Relativity;

 corrected the foundations of the calculus;

 diagrammed the nucleus;

proved that dark matter is charge;

 created a quantum spin equation that unifies all the quantum particles;

redefined all of plate tectonics as a function of charge;

calculated the heat of the Earth using charge;

pulled apart the Lagrangian, showing it is a Unified Field Equation;

explained superposition with simple diagrams and math;

explained the orbital ellipse;

rewritten the Raleigh equation

resolved the vacuum catastrophe

corrected Bohr's equations

the Schrodinger equation

the Rutherford equation

Coulomb equation

Balmer equation

Stefan-Boltzmann equation

Avogadro equation

destroyed the strong force, asymptotic freedom, and all of quark theory

unwound the fine structure constant

shown the physical cause of eccentricity, axial tilt, tides, the rising of sap, galactic rotation, solar cycles, the Saturn anomaly, the icecaps on Mercury, the burning atmosphere of Uranus, the brightness of Enceladus, and the shine of comets

rewritten all of solid state physics

overturned the Drude-Sommerfeld model and the Anderson model

rewritten the models and equations of nuclear magnetic resonance

redefined the Stark effect, the Hall Effect, the Sagnac Effect, the Coriolus Effect, the Dynamical Casimir Effect, the Allais Effect and the Meisner Effect

rewritten the Klein-Nishina Formula

outed Hawking as a fraud and an impostor


Miles Mathis (a new 14th Recommendation)

I am going to start by saying that the website of this dude is NOT a conspiracy website and I am not sure how he feels about being listed here. Miles Mathis is many things many accomplished things. An artist, a photographer, a painter, a writer, a critic…..(the list goes on), and this website is a personal website (Not a blog). What Miles is truly exceptional at is producing well-written critiques on the many facets of modern American culture. The problem is, modern American literature, music and culture in general is so heavily compromised by conspiratorial interests that the line is now completely blurred. It is difficult to tell which is genuine American culture and which is the production of The Powers That Be. Now most American writers and critics know when to draw the line and keep quiet when they notice unusual things. And they always know which side their bread is buttered (They can even smell butter several continents away). It comes with the cultural programming. But it seems Miles somehow escaped the dragnet.  Here’s an explanation of this puzzling phenomenon in Miles’ own words (he is referring to the fact that Beatles star John Lennon is very likely alive). To quote,

It doesn’t really matter, since the media is now so controlled there is no way to blow the whistle on something like this. This paper won’t get any traction, since most people prefer to believe what they are told by the mainstream. Most people won’t read this, and even if they do they won’t be convinced because they don’t want to be. Most people are very uncomfortable being in a minority, and the minority capable of following my argument here is very small—something under 5%. Those running the world don’t concern themselves anymore with the small percentages, since they have found they can be ignored. If a few smart people see through the scams, so what. The rest won’t follow them. Most people follow the mainstream propaganda because it is louder, and for no other reason. And that will not change. That’s a sad fact of government, and doesn’t give us much hope for democracy; but at least it allows people like me to write what we want.

And to quote him again (I really have to),

The question remains: why do I feel safe revealing such a “deep and dark secret”? Because the takeover has been so complete and so successful, these people have nothing to fear from you or me. We are to the point that people like us can think whatever we like: it just doesn’t matter. There isn’t the faintest possibility of a revolution coming from the American public or American intelligentsia, so harassing people like me is counterproductive. They know that if they messed with me, that would just be giving support to my claims. They don’t respond because they have no need to respond. There is no intelligentsia, so “purging the intelligentsia” is no longer necessary. It is a thing of the past, like cobbling or leechcraft. Or art. [………..] The trillionaire families are not worry-free, even now, but it is not truth-tellers like me they are worried about. There are very few left who have an ear for the truth. In the past, they were more concerned with maintaining the great lie, but now it is just another thing on the budget, there because it is there. We see that by the way they leak their own stories now, often just for a kick. What started as a serious and necessary enterprise is now just a game. They aren’t worried by the truth anymore. No, they are worried about other trillionaire families, and maybe occasionally by rogue bankers and ex-Generals. Things can still happen, that is, but they don’t happen from the grassroots—and you don’t hear about them anyway. You will never again hear news of any real event. The only way to know of any such event is to monitor the tremors. To do that, you have to do what I did above: sift a million lies for a grain of truth. Most people aren’t interested enough in the truth to go to the trouble. Most people aren’t interested enough in the truth even if you do all the sifting for them, handing it to them for free.

Since Miles is a genuine aficionado of American culture, his writings come with a certain density, and richness of background information. And unlike the writings of some conspiracy theorists, his are completely free from any anger whatsoever. His website stands testimony to two things. Firstly, American intellect did not die with Mark Twain and David Thoreau. It can still be found in some nooks and corners (but you have to look really hard). Secondly, a liberal arts degree may not always be a case of money being wasted.

Update: Cabal Times has reviewed a gamechanging theory of Miles Mathis on the assasination of President Kennedy. According to Miles, he faked his death and took the *REAL* American Presidency underground!