eMoto Specifications

Range: 25-30 miles depending on conditions

Top Speed: 45 MPH (though the front gear can be easily swapped out to go faster)

Weight: 480 lbs

Transmission: Direct drive 72 teeth sprocket in the rear and a 12 teeth pinion/gear on the motor

Braking: Regenerative and friction (regen is activated with the right thumb using the old starter switch. It is varied using a throttle on the left grip by twisting forward).

Charging Time: ~6 hours

Energy Requirement: 70 to 75 Watt-hrs/mile

Electricity Cost: 1.5 cents/mile

Batteries: 6 x 12 Volt Lead Acid (Sealed, AGM)

Voltage: 72 Volts

Motor Power: 7 kWatts Continuous (9 HP)

See this Excel spreadsheet for a bunch of interesting engineering calculations.

Check out the parts and cost list for more details.