Electric Motorcycle Links

If you want an electric motorcycle, but don't want to build it - click HERE for an available production e-motorcycle.  (this link is not working right now for some reason - check back another day)

eMoto Specific Links:

Instruction Manuals for eMoto's Batteries, Controller, etc.

eMoto on EVAlbum 

More pics of eMoto: 

http://picasaweb.google.com/lennonro...=cTQsoO56 5Rg

e-mail Lists, Info from other builders, etc.: 

electricmotorcycles.net: e-mail ist for Electric Motorcycles (search the archives - great info)

DIY Electric Car - Motorcycle/Bike Section: e-mail list 

EVAlbum: Electric Motorcycle Album (a bunch of self-made e-motorcycles) 

News Sites:




Check out the Parts & Cost section for all the online stores I used.


Basic theory of DC and AC motors


EV Classifieds

E-motorcycle book ("El Ninja", general how to build info)

EV Charging Locations in California

A bunch of links from taken from here:

http://www.barefootmotors.com Barefoot Motors - Electric ATV
http://www.evtamerica.com EVT America
http://www.evt.com.tw EVT Taiwan
http://www.electric-bikes.com Electric Bikes - San Jose, CA
http://electricmotorcycles.net Electric Motor Cycle - Web Portal
http://www.electricmotorsport.com Electric Motorsport - Oakland, CA
http://www.electricmotorbike.org Electric Motor Bike, Santa Rosa, CA
http://www.electricross.com Electric Cross - Electric Dirt Bike
http://www.enertiabike.com Enertia Electric Motorcycle - Bramo
http://www.extraenergy.org Extra Energy E-Bike Web Portal
http://www.genxt.com Gen XT - Indian Electric Bikes
http://www.goblade.co.uk Go Blade - Electric Dirt Bike
http://www.boomerbents.com Raptor 3 Wheel Electric Trike
http://www.killacycle.com Killa Cycle - Drag Racing EV Bike
http://www.quantya.com Quantya - Electric Dirt Bike
http://www.thunderstruck-ev.com Thunderstruck - Bikes, Cars and Boats
http://www.vectrix.com Vectrix Electric Scooters
http://zeromotorcycles.com Zero Motorcycles - Electric Dirt Bike
http://www.zongsheninternational.com Zongshen - Electric Scooters - China

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